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May 5, 1933     The Malakoff News
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May 5, 1933

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THE Mt T; KOFFNEWS ; ; rsPt~l~fll CV I/AI~CDg~ Hearing Through Skull, I Art Not Guided = ' ' nl Ul-rl I;;A-B/AIOKN O Scheme to Assist Deaf I by AnM 'tSp~tl Sense" CAHNII~ N/N (tW~P~I It has been figured that In tho I ited observations of the be- [~IIIUUO ~LU uIsrlss.K- United States there are about 14,000.- [ of migrating birds have con- 000 persons who have defective imar- an Investigator t Sheffield unl- - ..... ~ffir lag. One-third of these are so seri- | , that they re not guided by Last l)ivlne ~ervlce was ously affected that they are unable ] "sPecial sense" but that they find ncess. to enjoy talkies or similar ehtertaln. FLAGG DRUG COMPANY Marmage of Pm ment. Many devices have been made [_ way by wtchlng their surround- and by profiting from experience. 14 Berlin. -- The ex-k--'--~dser's former to help these unfortunate persons, I m-~ ~ f~.~.~,-~.~ .. ~ ' ilrds Possess an 'eye-brain,'" he chapel atop the Iml)erial castle in Bar- and as a rule they operate on the in. Us ~. UW~-.~,,[~ Ms L). "Their sense of vision is ez. Ill, after being closed for ahnost 20 terlor of the Impaired ear. In some [ D ............. ~- ..... rdinarlly acute and by no means years, has been opened to the public, cases they are successful, but many / . rlX~IUIAP4 anti ~iUI'~t~I~UN IcrImlnatlng It seen~ unrealon- i I #1 | The last divine service hehi in the are not given relief tn this way.. Au. ] Office with Flagg Dru Co, to brush'Ulde the Men that ~ al ~lP"el was in Ms,, 1913 on the pc- other invention worxs on an entirely t "~ "ants may obthin guldnee b$ taw I I ~J | ca;~on of the marria~,e ~)f' l'rincess'Vlc- new principle. The sounds are con- ] MALAEOFF stock of landmarks. Furthermore, toria Lulse, the kaiser's only daugh- ducted througb the bone structure of [ ....... .-- _ ~nse of bearing cnn play a part. The Asingle Tube or a brand new table.model or ter, to tim duke of Brunswick, de- !he head. The.outfit .consfst.s.of a/ I t I~zllls r.n s, r~ h of the waves is reminder to .q t vnn will be "monev head" scendant of the dukes of Cumberland, trans.mltter.wmcn m.ay ne carrma con- O.A. FUffLEK l)l. V. the toast--the guide-line of pH. ,.~..w~..,~-....~-.-, J ..... ' - --~, ...... ~ .. +~,,~ ~ - zollern dr- cealeo tn tne cmtnmg a battery and ] .............. Y Importance. The courses o bybuying nere. nasty an oscillator. The latter may be worn [ rH|~it#lAi~l anu 3UKUEUN ,t rivers Ire followed by overland ..... The chapel Is located beneath the on a headband or mounted on ? con- / O~.~ with W~ir'~ 15vnc, lqt~..,.,~ ~antt Philco or Cunningham luDes at new 1o~ prices, fine cupola crowning tile imperial veto eat nan.ole rot occamonm use / ..... ._"'_- _~'_~- "'_--_--'~ .... "Birds band together .for the trip, . . castle on Unter den I.lnden, a familiar when It is neld in contact with the / ALAKOFF, TEXAS, ml giving the untraveled young an PHILCO table model Radio .... $18.15 sight to every American tourist who mastoid bone back t,f the ear. 'Iests| Portunlty to be guided over tha Beautiful Cabinet Radio ....... $15.00 visited the German capital. Tile of this uevtce nave proved generally t ..... y ~te by adults who have lready ~ chapel and cupola rest on the giant very sat!sractory, but In one case In | DR t. H n[T T[ tha ground. .... +o~ ~,~ H,,, ~,~ hie of tim castle t~ve the none structure ts non-tongue, l ~ . .a~ ~J.a~.a.La.) ~_L~ thick weather migrating Mrds . |'Y modeled after the famous Constantine~ tlve so that little or DO benefit Is de- I uENJ.'][S'I'~" " "- cutsreed haunts, are classified U ' .......... "......Y-ars" portal the necessary foundation 3000 I X-RAY DIAGNOSIS ." and a tden.I vagrants. Wheogloo. the voygers tor/m:W i I ; l;i mT:o:m i I New S%:h::sOa n. ,olon w,ll put i i e ~k~ effeetUalll on migrtion'-- ..... ' " by the rivers Spree and Haw.l. I ...................... ntreal Herald. ........... n Diameter Teach others Edward TeachHIs pl- | __=.==....=.= ....... . ~1 ~y rive r~ I ' " -, , ~ }~ " ~s...w w.=..ws,~uww........ ra tieaI name was Blackbeard. He ... =. ~-'M. =. =.... n MPUUt lenAU YnlMll i,Ii The octagonal chapel measures (%5 ,iv,~.,.tlP~orl..~p.~. ..... ,...~.n,ir..]," .............. ~~ rarn'.mttoCoalMh ers I, Jl IlL Nr.wo rlivm /fllNll vii f,eetJndXameter:sar!n o t : nf m and"c uised l "t e'A ;n "anfe;p [ $ by Gramophone R.{wdl = ' ........... ' .... t_n.e .oo..r to tne::::nttoO[ the E*,y~la: clally around the West Indies. He i~ ~ . , .. .mm=.=mm. tgy ~pe~lal orresponuept Tile attar, a p ~.'l, was exce-'tloliali" fierce and took I~ - : - _ a nOVel plan for cutting down the , viceroy Mehemet AlL Is made of a Y .-..~ .... I~ -- - t % ~mber of accidents in mines lu~ L ' ....... ~ .... '~" mas many pmzes tim prmctpat -oaring I - - _ - I ~ii Drownfsn yellOW aml);t~ter, xn~ - en adopted at a South Wales ol- l'rcu I AROUND TRINIDAD ...... on six --lllars consisted, however, In the fact that ]~ l~~i 'r IFl~i~O~Jt~a- aL.tVa,,, I ~ rove altar roof, resting " P ' ~b~" ' h-lf ~f "h~ tlm~ h~ s'-~-t ashore I~ ~~ Y: and may shortly be in general .... The altar ~' "u' " " ~ = "~ = v=- ~ , .in .Oalfleld . --- I ....... Is ca.r~ed ou_t~f Owni~lyi:uC~;erous. semi where he passed aS a prosperous I$ ~TL I ~ ~'amophoheAStheminereareabutrecord Is puttg sown.on, wrn. Mrs. Clyde Eaton at,d soul ROM t.o w. ;=,2s,W,;=,s~ ~o. costly candela- P~avne~r'r'He :eee~ll: :lsmh~lmber:f:he I~ t. ~k~ |~'~J~ |2o men. of the prlnclpl dangers Happy spen~ the week-end with[are pourlng in nereior an more brits are supported by antique, Roman g~ortn:rngaronnaC. ........ t,tvmg mgmy reY' ~ ~~k~'~ -,,r~ unaerground. It be ~i _^,_.:_A_ ,_ I wont be any room Y pillars excavated hi 1 ompeii. More ..... .... ~: ~ V ~li~l~ . ginny lldgeway jarrea than p -. v ......... ' ~.- u4a t~ -m -- ~l~allol Manager eglling~ Sfety [-~m~tv~m ~u ~$~~, I ......... a hundred Ictures re-resenting spectetl In that community ne wouto ~= I~'ffff" :-/~A I'. - i.-'- ....... ht a Biblical scenes and Prusshm rulers, perloulcally msapper: glvmgout that t~ C~t~~V Search your pock rot x,. ..a u.. .... Imse a mc ei ooug de(,orate tile walls, he was wa.y o.n .~usln.ess. u n. tnese |~ ~ Ittehes before you go down the ,us. ~uu .u.o ....... j .~ |~a~.taln ~nnn~, lady here in town .,.,,. ,,to+ ......e ,h,~ ~h--el is comnar- traps ne jomea tits pirate snip and t~ L Don't go in front of trams ,. ...... j-..- ,~ o ~,,~ ....... ~ .......v * ,- om field and children. Mac Langford| ...... r am coils ati~el new While the ohiest parts I commanded It In its raids on c - I~ : . a dOUble clip-ice c e .... " Y "- .t~ the grdlent three and wife and Edgar RldgewaVlThe home of Mr and Mrs Theo the castle go back to tim days of ~:rc:~ Hith ~s crfle~ally taken and I~ /taint.re. W s" yard. You must not work are visiting relatives here a fewl ...... '. . " .. tile renaissance, the chapel and cupo- g tram [ll- [lll -m r overhanglnl coal or ground un- da s. , I Mattnews caugn~ on nre tvlon- la were added in the years 1845-1853 I~ ~Vl~illll['ll Uraly ragged. , . .,, y Iday afternoon but was soon put according to the de.slgn.s of the Prus: [ Camel,, Are P.I /~ nun uramophone record& spochiily de- to Prevent panic In ca. of tire, Miss Judy is s ndi.rlof' The damage was shght._:_ :l;:rak onugs re e:t: ar tlit'em nsc ln n . i ,y::y22:, or.. zool rooms and public in the week m Electr with friends.l ::go h; ::Y:mhe2Y:i:nbg : en :hh2 ;::re:, a:dtht:eb GET the "jump" on Mr. 1 ~2.~lreun~tances, have bean mde, ,- me Idea Is oN)able ef othtr p0U ......... |ing to be summer time.... The I ....... ,ya ..... r^-e Whenever a new is that thousands of these beasts re i~ Fly and hi~ army soon due tunas. ' DO w, v', ueageoecnJr, is nome/_t.^^..in_eou.hisalI over our gntLertug~utuu .S7hsta was leeted[ running wild, having been turned I~ . ........... , c~__:__.-_ .......... I w~,ut, ~ - ~ t vrusman diet or re~c g e I ..... t" e nets who [~ [0r I,n~ u,l|[IUU, l ~prmg lll- -e VO tbly mnstnt expect t Wsttmg his parents mm weeg. ] school .... Business is growing [ the new members assembled in tile [ vsey unr ern or em The vasion Up with Screen Ueh from m~ch methods. The rat- -- " the fish chapel in the presence of the kaiser t " may have an effect at tirst, but .. ........ / rawdly every minute as t ............vine service [ animals have thrived and multiplied It~ Doors and Screens Now Miss onte acMurrey spen |o .men keen nouring into town] .... w re con I intil the country of Syria ts overrun t ..... - .............. s childrene non the novelty wears off they may Ignored. Just as printed warnin i the w~vek-end with her grand-[ It wont be long now untill firmed In the chapel The confirms IwLth them nd the natives regard them t~ ~ 1 1 DO ~-'-'4n~n~ers Maga~ne. g mother Mrs / .... . .... i tion o Prince Joachlm of I uss" cost I , I~ ~QIQ~ ~ C H Eaton. f ~r la as a pest In some parts of the coun ' " " |school will be out. Tins sprnng[ ....... of ~ulius Pruewer one of Ger ~ try the agricultural people are com. I~ I"I.QIQ~VKI "" --'----* weather is making it hard for t lea("lln~, orcbestra' conductors I pelled to stand guard over their grow- t~ 1 1 II =t- tl,s Fro= Flow.,. Mrs. Brad Stacy who has/ ....... ..... ,-- -,*--, inside[ At t~lat tlme he wns or-'m "la'~er in I Ing crops to prevent the droves of 1.11mtt l I.A : Yha enSeurgn method ot extract- .... i t | conducted the choir sln~,Ingat thecere n arAtr, FF . been per nil for the ast week is [ the cathedral and in this canacit~ h~, ] camels from devourlng the grain. The I~ leents from flowers for perfume Y P ~-- " " " in e rch ' ,, animals roam far and wLde s a .~hiS,, ex~oslngP~abef ~[traetlna_ __Her- aole to He up aga n. ]is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Bob] mony. After the prince had been con-] of food, wl~lch hrac~ btenfvthYe 7::::t I~ ~V1~-~la _r~.U : r fat ...... Sorbent~ as fixed ] White here for a few days | firmed the emperor and his family owlng to tile u o lg t ' | ~- . - ' = _-d~ =_- ~ __'y. me lnhalationl Of the Messers Clifford Waldrop and1 | wanted to remain alone In the chapel summers. ~ . - .- - - ~" ~. It Is used with plants whose r-t.--=.. ,~;---- ,.f L Rue were in! " " ] to partake of the holy communion ....................................... - .................................... - In ~!e industry the flowers are imo~ air-tight contact with " [~ [ g P Y" " " John Henry Kyser, Pete Mas- [ emperor ordered Pruewer to have the re Preparation of mutton lard se~, Sidle= Westbrooks And Ec [g. / choir sing ehoral till the last onlook- wbich, being odori.., . ers had left the chapel. The choral i .~uuy Plcks up the scent of NewshAm of Kerens were visit- was sung tl~ree times fn succession; '11 extmlled to tL Whml the sstu. in- lov"d ones here Sund - . - " J~i the audience did t:~t stlr. The c~n. iI | POint hi rtlched the pomsde ts ~ ~ ~ ..--- ~',~ ~ duetor instead of blindly obeying tile on 72. l~ ~Ht~ alCOhol, ~vhleh Ln its ~ "" ' " " evel~D~[. __ ~ orders Of-h|3 inapt.sial master. a~e ,p -mm rml the flower odor. The -- ~ ~ the fight with his majesty% subjects ~**~ " =~ Sill| [a the alcohol hi lrixstlvee (in- Mr, and Mrs. L, A,Pulley and because of the sore throats of his ...... .... ~ singers The onlookers were finally i |&rally were -- """~'^'~ ^"" ^* +~'~ ~'a"~l ~'" " ~'"St I ~.,.~u~ to glvo ptrflime - uorstcAnA ViSitors .,------ ,--,,,, .u .l.Sund v. %;i;e;/' ! are added, and the : t tdy let lurttlieS.Miss Bgnnie McConnico o f Lufkin is isiting G. W. Johneion Teei.r St t" and wife for a few weeks. hi a street In So~th. ~. n~xr London bridal rum, that at some Miss Arvetta Bunn of Mexia Of '--~ ~t~ltement In the early la nllnd. three is here visiting G, B. Bunn and strut Issusd a manl. wife for a days. :_,..m tran suppesed Miqses Ljihan Bradley, Winuie "-~ umors were ml~bltal ore- - Bell Hol i0s and ThelmA Mills !10'C~O~,.-,,- ~ (some ~y ~e ..~"~?='u uurl~I the a~ta~on and Harold nd Travis Denton ,. ,u~oval of Catholic dlmfl~lll- and Bill Bradley were Athens a~ana 81LI~ dictionary ddnas ve.tr . taUor,, as a if-on. visitors SatulMay evening. am~loriotm man. the three ~rUillSed thamNlv by pre- Mrs. G. B. Bunn and Miss q~ 9dtlon for parliament, and Edna Kessen er were visitorsin ~Smy, Pr~mti~g i~ ~ oaly their Mexi /Sunda M gn~tur~ thereto which m- -" we, the ,. 0eellle. oe Re#a George Johnson and wife and Hal Fun Mlsse Bonnie McOonnico and ~neers Who ran the first railroad Thelms Mills Were Kerens visit- w~ gay, devil.may-eara fei- ors Sunday. , aeeordlni to aeeounta printed on .