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May 10, 1935     The Malakoff News
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May 10, 1935

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* ner the uo vorse h Family Autogyro Due Before Long IV. How the Church Grows (Ep. Earning Public Praise ,:,110) ,t l, th,oug,, the ministry of certain officials having the gifts of the Spirit. 11811 1. Gifts bestowed upon the Church Devoting one's self to winning the praise of the pub- (v. 11). ,,, " , . . ... .. . .. ..... , a. Apostles. Tlmse were appointed lie 18 aceomplisnea more readily tnrougn otners With IiOel- bv Christ to superintend the preaching ity; this is sure to gain praise and admiration, of the gospel in all tile world and the Ii (~ ' creation of an authoritative body of I P __ teaching, the Scriptures. h. Prophets, These mlnlsters were BALLARD FUNERAL HOME given for the expounding of tile Scrip- p fores. Now is the time to have your winter hone 25 blALAKOFF, TEXAS Phone 100 e. Evangelists. These seem to have clothes Cleaned and Pressed and away been traveling missionaries. d. Pastors and teachers. The pas- for the summer, _~_=_____ tor was a shepherd-teacher, the two .......................... functions Inherent In the one office. Let do ' 2. Tile object of the ministry of the US this work and we ill return i Cl,ll,' h (,,. your winter garments in a bag that you will I hllll DI a. 'Terfectlng of the saints." Per- I raut a rtHbr_ fecting means the mending of thaf find to be absolutely moth proof. [ /11~1 ~ " mm..~mm wMch has been rent; the adjusting of , something dislocated l Next to Jackson s Garage , . I b. 'For the work of tile ministry" We have only a limited number of these (v 1) 'Ihe perfecting of the saints [ We always carry a complete line of Cold Drinks, Candies, . - " . , '! .. ' . bags and would suggest that you take ad- I 'r~. ~" -- ~, ~ t .'-~. 1"!. .. ~ rn . lidS as its object the qualincation tO [ x-ms, UaKes, anawlcnes, ugars, lgare[tes ann xo[)aecos, render ellicient service vantage of this offer at once. I ~ ,, ....... . . c. "Edifying of the body of Christ," I Gun.tad "PulP' ~ont],,T;~h 3. *The duration of the'Church's min- I I, u att, VU~A oQltuanWl~,14 Istry (v. 13). It Is to continue until , ,,, a. There lsunltyoffalth. CITY CLEA [we also handle several flavors of-- b. We come Into tile knowledge of [ Velvet Ice Cream the Son of God. Unity of faith can [" only be realized when tile members of F.E. HARDY, Prop. Telephone 21 ! --_~.~1 o,~,.,,~ ~h,~ "i~,.~,~ot 1~,~1,~;..,~o,~ ;. , .... the Church come to know Jesus Christ | ,~.u o~L.~ ~,.~,..~o~ --~,p~-l~o .~ ~uvv.. as the very Son of God. ; ]n lhe near iulme the family atnogyro may be taken from tile garage on 'tl~,[~r'.~lulmld.~.~ld.~l,-m.~.~llmn~.~IL~l~l~ p?:md ~ln~ i n di:f:~ h a ~|In' it|Fo,'electr,calw~r,ng, ca,,me.[ r p Sa " y service I/I /I , c.E. IRBY i Times Herald Circulator I CROSS CHILDRN /' MAY HAVE: WORMS I -- . .I Watch f~ up~mt~ltttle ~tomachs..rHW bad b~md% ii] mmm fret~utne~, loss of weight, i,~l~ns around | i .... 9 ] ~ON ~n~ arms, They may haw pin or round ] [ I~,~i~ |~no,~.~ ~ I worms. ~hites Cream Vermifuge has safely |i x~u~a JUllll~Ull ~ I and for Fears, reliabl~' expelled d~e worms i l and toned the delicate tract. ~hims Cz~tm iI vr ~mDr~ c~Tr~ C~T~ / Vermifuge recommended by dru~sism. | ~.l~&J/2~.~llltt..~ Oll~_/lh ~,,~J[l~Jl7 I PAYNE'S DRUG STORE i[ Expert -- II Shoe and Harness Repair We Serve Only Tke Best Foods here at home; Stews, delicious juicy ..... a a d E e g ee . . . goou i ' .. I] the head Is to the humau body. He Is ~~~~ I I~1~.1 i I I NEW t~JsEum~ m ~] I // li ! t, ompany i,- so vitally Its head as to direct all Its ~~~~ I i/ II In our Market you will always find i Athens, :.: Texas II activities. I / r,t ( U/II an unusual variety of fresh and cured ~k.-_ I Ill. The Unity of the Church (Eph. I I ONE A ~ONT. I! t 4 t meats. ---- I Having In verses 1-3 of th~ chapter ~~~~~i wNtr Service. : ... _. _ * set forth the virtues necessary for the ~-: _--- '~ i # , Thss At Home W th reallzatton and maintenance of unity --:~:__ ,~..:.~ J L ........................................................................... '._= | I~ .......... I In the Church, In wrses 4-6 he sets _-:-:-] _--....~ I - _ ~ ~ ~H It.ltMflN JUICE I'dwn tile fundamental unities which ~J:~: I _ : . ._ I, ' Good Prices on all Fresl] Meats .,,~WU. make unity of the body. ~'~~~ ~ (/VIV Wl~1~trhh'q~" II nr..,....,t..- I :" . "r_ ~, . _t t 1. One body (v. 4). Since all be-~~~iHll I -~ ~,,i~1~1#.~/~.1/ II v ~t~8~lb~vsm I . . . . ). [ /O ~TOp ~gOl'ly O1" " I:llevers bave been united to Christ by ~~Ir~~ I " " II Time Is Near. ] l~Ul~llUlqPId'k rmaalBllIWI I falth,body of whiehtheyarehememberStsthe of tile one ~r~i~~ I 'qY' "~P' I~dVS: ~ff '~ I i I~ bead. I I " f' l[ A n-rm-nentnow I JESSE'S MARKE:I nnr-UlU/41 ib "lr~_ ............ ~-uritisI 2. One Spirit (v. 4). ~hls is the; ~ii:: - ! II .... "'~ - ] p~nszromKneumausmor*~c To o on hut ars I 1 [, ~;~t~e driving you crazy yOu can get re- Holy .Spirit He_is the agent In re-] - = -~: -- -- I upslde l~own llnt Jot xe~t~y fSoet :bt:u~ I and by graduatlon tlme i ..~ with a simple remedy that you mi~ ] generation ann tne oapuzer mto me ] - _ / ................. , .. " ., II your wave will be at its i Nalakoff, -:- Texas " athome, with lemon Juice. lone body and is the animating life unit-I- r" - -_: - " t to: ho~;'~te~e t~s~ tI~lla~'rea:kle water ~1 best Soft, Ri""ling, I t:' Itnply go to your druggist and ask for I tng the believers to Christ and to one I - - / P " " i i. " " " PP I , i i i ~. ~l~;ck.ageoftheREV.PR~.. RI.PT.IQN [ another. [ - I . * " * II Easy to Keep. Expert I : ..~. n lixituoireeted, aaaingtneju~ce I 3 One ho,~e tv 4~ Com-leted re-I [ Add fl~,s, chopped dates, raisins or 11 .....~,~ in ut-tanrl~n,,,~] :~ ~lOurlemonzVouwillthenhaveaFULL. ' .. . ~.'- " " .'" '~ ..'[, .... I Larry S. MaePhall, vice president / nuts to cereal mixtures for varlet,, II ~'~"~""................. I a :" .~dAR "- medicinemone can I uempuon at [ne coming o[ tne Lord mI ~' Tofthefinest Y , and general manager of the Clncln- tl I lot.yourpa .l.t .... Y ... I ................... Inau Reds, goes In for baseball farm- The ralIln-of bannisters'ma~ bell .... I f " " costs onl a few tile Christian s hope. Also, make an appoint- o.o. _.,.,,e..o...-- . ore,. o, me or o Te'v Ir~pain~48hours.Hundredsofsut. I oftheChurehlstheLordJesusChrlst.[lngJn a.blgway:. Hehas connect!ons cleaned by washing off all tile dirtli ~. n[I ash amp oancl I ~~ri"htin"urwnlcalityacclaim' 5 One falth "v 5" This faitl~ ts the' at ~rnz ~rt 'vrtn an many t~er ~vlth saP ant1 ~'ater ~Vl~e~ dt'v rtl' I 'lnger waive ~aaY ~v" I Like ,~t~glo~us ~nd amazingway it stops [ one" doctrine w~deh'centers in Christ I points, enabling him to nurse" young~ with two parts of linseed oil and one i eryone welcomed. I mepain. The REV PRF_.SCRIPTIONis I and the one lnstrmnent which unites I players along from their teens up part turpentine. A good rubbing will II I ; ~t and harmless to take, andyouI ,~,,, h,.,, ..... +,~ o~,.,,~ I through the minor leagues until dmy bring up tile polish as If the rails had I I I m~ it right in your own home No fuss, ..................... ~ l o ed into bi lea uels. Larr e enr o h -- ~'---~'~ --------~'-- ~~/~/~I " "" I m v 5 Th s ha "e deve p" g g ." Y b ep lls ed. !~ bother, no cooking. Just add buffing 6. One bapt s ( . ). I means - , , , .-,.,.Moo. hao ,.a.t..You. It,,e haptls,u of the .o y Splrit--tbatlsed t es tba'i rferbut " II "h"-- I .- dr~stearriesREVins~orcanget I soverei-n act of the St)lilt which "n .... [his baseball duties take all his time It may save you ninny failures to II _ I / it. --e aehance within;" "-"~you from his jobberordrugs, wh~,Oa short no-] believer% to JesusC| hrlst as h'ea~ Ine~ . and attenrin'l T raias and automobllwhlch take himeS' know that a fruit cake mlxtuln It. re must '| Owner and Operatr l~'annie |,l ' I1~" --___ ~ "~~~%~~/' Before you suffer a,,day longer or I tO each other as members of Ills b:d~' I are I~oo slow for hlm so he flies on be stiff enough for the spoon to ~Jtand 11 Mae Key. Phone 56 I dope 7 ^ne ~od and Father of all "v 6"" most of his Journeys. 'Prinid.d T,~.~ ~ & ~ give this lemon juice trea..tment. I ..... "- '~ "~? ...................... ~ ~r'-' I from coast to coast and from Texas t Assoc,atod S~,y~r,a~or,. I| ............... , And W. " a I . 111t~ |~ LIIU UILLII~III.~ ~t-,l'Clll, rt~K ~IIIU 0 i~" "~VNU S01"V CO i _~-~n~. See your ~ruggmt tea y I I and Florida to Canada. ] - " .......... I .,., Fe ng! TEXAS HISTORY MovIES "The Nezt Thing That Happened was Fever. LaSalle became Very Ili." By Dr. Pepper " "1 S ".i. When you look atlast year s suit and won. , der how in theworld you're going to make ,.I,/"-" ] / it serviceable this Spring...and you send it to ' the Malakoff Dry Cleaners .... and comes back spic and span..incredibly new--oh, boy Malakoff D Cleaners ' ' " TWO MObiXH I. P.R I ,.,[ ......... . i "1'0 AL.I.I N.C. VANDAGRIFF, Proprietor TAKi N WIT, r[v[R WAg C01'IVALEgCINe rut u ruuu anu amMUr P[ION tOW . XC-AiI RF-TVRI "Io F rr