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May 12, 1977     The Malakoff News
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May 12, 1977

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Page 4 . . . / .......... . .......... .... ,. iiDid You Know? MALAKOFF NEWS Water Safety Information By Lu Ten Napel It would be difficult to isolate the historical moment when someone acquired a clock as a curiosity rather than as a timekeeper When a clock- owning family united through marriage, there would be a marriage of clocks as well, which would be treasured as herilooms and form the nucleus of a collection in the same way as the family china and silver At a time when computers work in picoseconds, antique clocks take on a deeper meaning-- they have measured the days of simpler, more leisurely eras. Antique clocks are not works of a single craftsman or shop. The man who made the clock&apos;s movement did not, except in rare circumstances, make its case. These were two entirely different trades; clockmaking and clock-case makings, wit,,. the twain meeting only out of dire necessity. Clockmakers ordered cases from cabinet- makers or joiners, who supplied them to specificat- tions. The earliest clocks were large iron constructions, mounted inside churches curfew towers and stately homes. The clock at Salisbury Cathedral, in England, the earliest still going, was made around 1386. This type of iron clock is called a turret clock and they have no pendulum. 1400 to 1550 vertical frame clocks were made in the West Country with iron frames and in the Midlands with wooden frames. The construction is similar to the earliest German small iron wall clocks of the earlier 15th century. On the continent, the iron-framed clock was scaled down for use by important public officials and richer families, to become the first domestic clocks. The first English domestic clocks, of 1600, was made much smaller and the mechanism was enclosed, the 'latten.' The bass or latten clock has become corrupted into the 'lantern' clock. All early lantern clocks were driven by weights. All had the bell on the top. The idea of employing a short( pendulum instead of a balance arrived in England from Holland in 1658. For several centuries, English clocks were rated among the world's finest, with a reputation second only to Germany. What made the English so good at clock- making? First, they were dedicated craftsmen. Aside from a lack of able oil painters until the q8th century (there are no Old English Masters), Britain kept pace with other nations in crafts. Once the spring movement had been devised, it was only a short time to making clocks smallel" and smaller. By 1485, pocketwatches were being sold in Italy Since the days of weighted clocks, case makers had been trying their best to hide the workings, building little fortresses to keep them out of sight. When the pendulum appeared, this sort of thinking was revised. Instead of being closed in, many clocks were left with an open panel at the front and sometimes at the sides. Pendulums were often made of silver or gilt bronze, worked into ornamental shapes. In the 17th century the Knibb brothers, Joseph and John, were the first to feature in their clocks the so-called Roman striking device which gave them an organ-- like quality. Up to four, the strikes were made on a single belt. The fifth was sounded in combination with a strike on another bell with a different resonance. In the 18th century the French made small movements in drum-shaped containters, which gave enormous scope to the French casemakers. The English were quick to copy these highly decorated clocks. The high winding holes indicate an English fusee movement. Now Seth Thomas wasn't just a Clock-maker. He was a Yankee cleek-walker. He was born in 1785, and his early education was that of a farmer. When he was 12, be was an apprentice of Daniel Turtle to learn the carpenter's trade In 1810, Thomas and a partner, Silas Hoadley, bought out the factory of Eli Terry who wanted to build a different type of shelf clock. Thomas continued to build the Grand- father clocks. In 1813 Thomas wanted his own business, so he sold out to his partner. By 1837 Chauncey Jerome was designing a whole new type of made of stamped brass industry. It also spelled the end of all wooden clocks works. The reason for the wooden parts was the Declaration of Independence in 1776 which caused their supplies to be cut off, and they turned to wood following the pattern of the Black Forest makers over a century earlier. Thomas and a number of his fellow clockmakers did what they could to stop the making of brass parts, since they knew it would mean a complete change in their factory methods. But Thomas quickly adapted to the new idea. He died in 1859, just as a new era "The art of pleasing con- sists in being pleased," William Hazlitt .,-    -  -,r -  T - ,Jr  -,- - % - T - OLYMPIC EAGER BEAVER SALE Buy tamous Olympic Redwood Stain today! You'iI save $3 off the regular gallon price! This is the finest quality product you can use to beautify decking, patio furniture, fences., any new wood you want to give the lasting redwood beamy and protection ot America's favorite redwood stain. Reg' =I0" NOW U" Don't settle for ordinary white house paint! Now you can buy tamous, high quality Olympic Overcoat Outside White lor $3 off the , regular gallon price! Remember Overcoat is specially made to go on over old paint.., like the old paint on -,,our house! So it will do the job better than any ordinary hoffse LINDER'S Hwy. 274 432,3331 Seven P of commercialism and low grade, low priced clocks was being ushered in, and his son, Aaron, took over the business. T[e Americans, devised semi- mass- production methods of manufacturing wooden clocks at prices that no other country could match with any type of clock. The Americans invented ticket clocks at the beginning of the 20th century because the public was so intrigued by the new ticket issuing machines of the time. Time is shown by a book of tablets, the pages of one being turned every minute and the pages of the other every hour, to show the time in digits. It is a cycle that repeats itselt over periods of years since the first digital clocks appeared in the 16th century. Available Swimming and boating accidents continue to claim a large number of lives each year. Traffic deaths have declined, possible due to the 55 mph speed limit, but nothing similar has happened on Texas waterways to control boating problems, the Texas Medical Association says. Every year when people get ready to hit the water for the first time, they need to check their boats for safety and run through a quick mental check- list of laws and procedures that could keep them out of trouble. For instance, boats must have a lifejacket or some other flotation device for every passenger. Legal require- ments about lights, horns, fire extinguishers and other safety devices very according to boat size. The Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife, 4200 Smith School Rd., Austin, Texas .. ................................................................ ,..,-.-.-.-.......-.-...*,....%..,.,.,...,-....., ..... .....,......,.,.,:..,.........,.............,......o.%%. .`+<.``..........:..............`...........:..........;;.;.;..;;;;./............'.........% See ,, n By It's amazing how frequently the best laid plans of an ordinary housewife turn out to be something else entirely before the day is over. One recent day I left the house in mid-morning, dressed in my denim work clothes, worn tennis whoes shoes and no make up, to make a quick trip to Mabank to order flowers delivered to my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. 'TI1 be back within an hour." I assured my husband. I wanted to get home to plant a pot of petunias for my front porch. I bought a humming bird feeder to hang out there and I hope those bright petunia blossoms will tempt some of those tiny flying jewels to come visit with me this summer In Richman Florists in Lois Williams myself as I stowed my potting soil in the car. "I'll just dash into Attaways for some milk and then back home." Twenty minutes later I put three large bags of groceries in the back seat next to my new blue jeans and was on my way again. This time I made it to our driveway and while I was unloading my purchases and explaining to my husband why one short trip to Mabank took three hours, Lu Ten Napel stopped and said, "Get in, let's go some- where." My feller said "Go ahead, I'll take your groceries in for you." So, there I was on my way up the road again. "Where are we going, Lu?" I asked. "To the Seven Points CityHall for the Cedar Creek Lake Garden Club meeting." She assured me that garden club ladies were used to work- Tell into the back row, where I tried to think small and be unnoticed among all the finery We watched as Lucia McKee and Mary Frances Bryant installed newly elected club President, Frances Whitback; First Vice President, Lucille Parker; Second Vice President, Allieta Bunch; Secretary, Maxine Nycum; and Treasurer Frances Schultz. Lu said she'd take me home May J2, after a fast at and the and a half later, with loaded with two lawn let me out at my was almost 4 o'clock to think about Such is every day housewife three little petunia still not settled in the the front porch. FARMERS & RANCHERS SUPPLY FEED.SEEDTERTlUZER Call Collect 214-396-2881 or 396-2282 CUSTOM FERTILIZER SPREADING 78744, can provide detailed Mabank I browsed among the a-day denims and wouldn't Owner Kerens Large Group information about water safety speeialMother's Day arrange- notice my jeans, wind blown ments and placed my order It hair and lack of lipstick. We and boating. The department seemed to take just a fe walked in late to find an Nighfg also may have a regional office minutes. Next door is Paula s installation of new officers Attends Tea in your area. Law requires children age 12 Dress Shop and on the way to underway. The new and old and under to wear lifejackets my car I stuck my head in to officers were all dolled up in in a boat. However many older, experienced swimmers drown because they do not wear lifejackets and are tied, injured or get cramps. If a boat accident occurs, the easiest and safest thing to do is hang onto the boat because it takes less strength than swimming and people can spot an over- turned boat faster than a swimmer. Another big problem is care- less handling. Even in the wide open spaces of a lake, boats hit skiiers, logs and other boats. Drinking, too much speed, and watching the skiier instead of looking ahead are common causes of accidents that could be avoided. say hello to Barbara Bonsel and jokingly said, "Bet you don't have a pair of blue jeans a full grown woman can squeeze her broad beam into." She said, "Bet I do." I had a try-on session and she found a pair to fit me so I bought them for a Mother's Day gift to myself. Heading back toward home on Highway 90, I decided to make a quick stop at the new Ben Franklin Store and get some potting soil for those petunias. This nice store, located next to Attaways Supermarket, opened just a few days ago and any red blooded housewife just has to investigate the contents of a Forty five members and guests attended the Annual Senior Citizens Tea held on May 4 at the Women's Building in Athens, This is the tenth year for this annual event which is sponsored by the Henderson County Home Demonstration Council. Rev. and Mrs. Don Bell of the Lakeview Assembly of God Church in Seven Points opened the program with songs of inspiration. In addition to being fine vocalists, they are adept instrumentalists. Mrs. Bell plays the piano and Rev. Bell, the guitar. Rev. Bill Robinson, minister of the First Christian Church in Athens brought a message on new store in her vacinity. the theme, "Home, our hope in Naeaih/ PlII "That was fun." I thought to a changing world." mmm,mmL ml,m wuAv,m.m,ruv At the close of the inspira- [ .j .... tional talk, Rev. Bell tam " ,i- ma m ............. accompanied by his wife, women /0 WOrK T 1 Elaine, led the audience in  *=_=,,,'v singing their favorite hymns. Research indicates most 7 ""'U.L"- '' J  part of the prggram w women  work away from   "= entered into most enthusi- home to do so out of neces: astically. Door prizes were won by Mrs. Kenneth Atkins and Mrs. Chester Johnson. West Center Home Demon- stration Club was host club for the reception. sity-- only seven per cent said they work to keep busy, reports Debby Johnson, family life education specialist, with the Texas Agricultural Exten- sion Service, The Texas A&M University System. I ATHENS FORD TRACTOR Complete Line Ford Equipment Terrain.King Cutters Servis Cutters i I New Holland Haying Equipment tl Parts-SeiceSales Ph. 675-2688 ST00ZSu pretty, long summer dresses for the ceremony. We slipped W'llllllllll, n.  510 Coil Ortha-Rex Poweramic Twin or Full S59 Size  FUIIIITIIIE  | Wunnnnununa Kenneth Lewis West HwY MUffler Center Guaranteed For Life Of Car Custom Duals Shocks & Undercoating Monday thru Friday 8 a.rn.-5 p.m. Saturday 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Toke an good LOOKI PRIVATE SPACIOUSNESS AND PRICED TO SUIT YOUR FANCY. PARK HIGHLAND Comer Beat0n & 7th Cmsina A NURSING AND OONVALESOENT CENTER ... IS OFFERING PRIVATE ROOMS AT SPECIAL RATES... 71 1 Lucas Athens 675-8538 Open House Sunday 2to4 MELBA EDWARDS Still a But, conserve electricity and save Forty or fifty years ago, the electric bill was most often referred to as "the light bill." In thousands of homes, Mr. Edison's illuminating invention was not the only electrically operated device in use, but people associated its benefits with their costs for alectricity. Today, higher costs for electricity seem to overshadow the many benefits of electricity. The majority of American homes now have at least 14 different electric appliances, in addition to lighting: radio, television, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, clothes washer, iron, toaster, coffeemaker, mixer, range, frypan, bed coverings, can opener and some type of air conditioner. Whether you have 14 or 40 electric appliances, we believe that if you will compare their benefits with your costs of operating them, you'll agree that electricity is still a good buy.. all over the house. I F.XAS P()WER & I.I(,H i COMPANY A tax*paying, mvestor--own elecAric ublity Adrninistrotor