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Malakoff, Texas
May 14, 1931     The Malakoff News
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May 14, 1931

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THE MALAKOFF NEWS : .< THE MALAKOFF NEWS STRANGE AS IT SEE"S--By,., Hi: . A Ga ttl C/ TOS l I Entered at the Postoffice at Malakoff second class I b. I. Sctlou,, EDIVOI , IS 80 FEET gifitt I .,, .00 a Year Advertising Rates onrequest~ :1 II @ I il aponsible for more than the cost of the advertisament. 1 LOWtN TEiN. "= 1.11t !1 I/:' > I] Mctrch_l t{ aerlbewithout, wirdcer II WELL, nowthatthemmmot ~ub~itted~~thev~ter~~~~ex~s~nereisnoreas~n~~dwe~~~urther~db~~di~~ueisn~t~~~ngt~beI ill, 1,1!11, , ,, /t ', . ; ..o. II Actuary I k(Tco -/Ofi _ 2 / Chilly / for I still I w rmer II II li 2, i,,l ] feels I ...... I I needed t He ter I Trifle II on the subject. However since we don't know anything in particu-I lar to fill this column up with for this issue we would take this op-I I i ' II ]2 I 121' I "14 / 1$ I 16 I l? I II ! .per. First. we'llsay that our recent editorial concerning the, / those who pay to read this column We did not expect it too, and t neither did we want itto, for in that case there would be nothingI i . !1 . ke [b lray / r'Lr g / Sr w / pri.n9 Iseasor n I I / / / tl to argue about Some of our readers took the opportunity to tellI lithe I - I that we were right and that they appreciated what we said con- I m I 0. ; , coming the issue. Others managed to tell us just how far wrong I " " - I w.... wt, we were in opposing Mr. Sterling's plan to lighten the burden of I I I was ouno 5 taxation on Texas counties We may have been wrong, but weI Lili"_?y- ,i o,,, .,,,,-,, It / 1 o(/ l tod~v! I _~,,I~,X" I don'tthlnk so. Anyway whateveris said in thiscolumn is purelyl ! .,.,,:" t i I / I i iflii I the Views of ye editor and we trust that our readers will not fall I ,wm Sorvlc,.i II -- ! ! | | ---- -- Jl I _ . II outwith us when our ideas appear to be somewhat warped. ' - ....... ~,,~:, ~.~,v ~:, ~ I~I "- - We gladly offer "free space" to any and all of you who feel dis-I; ....... " II t I posed to disagreewith any issue, Or, if there is any subject thatI Ro--b -d __- ----J .._. II I sp.i.g / Still llk in Cold / I YOU would discuss that tends for the betterment and the upbuilding I II Colder !t z evez- t chilly I tltl " ' I of the community in which we live, we gladly offer you the use of I oureolumns without cost. The News is a community newspaper I Ill.Heaters on[ Come .7 / / / I I-- i' I and belongs to us all, It will be what we make it, We invite your I ..... _, ,i , / l | , l:I criticism. [ INTexas and Oklahoma there s an old saying, "Only " that straw hats looked silly. According to official wea~ -~ strangers and fools predict weather, ' and it was cer- records at a representative point in the Southwest, ~h~ ANOTHER Henderson Count '~r~ -: - -:-- = -- - _[/ tainlyprovendur!ngApril.ltwascoldonedayandhotthe was 2~times more heating weather this A~ril, thanin ~ 'i; Sheriff has ;een asked t~ SOFT PLACES next, and several times it was cold and hot in thesame April a year ago. And that means 2~ times more gas, day. During the month, most Somhwestcm cities had consumed. So remember that April was a eold-ho~ resign his position. This makes ~ - ~ their official straw hat days. Then a;couple of days later (mostly cold) month. And your bill is just as rea~onabl~ those courageous souls who had purchased new straws in proportion, as it will be in August. Them was sire the ec0nd such request madeby sz THOMAS ARKLE CLARK ~ were digging out the old felt hat, because it was so chilly more gas used in April.- plF Sheriff Baker since he took over Dean of Men, U. nlver,ity of theofli. ein J nu ry, There_is ..../".,:' GAS Com anw memmg evmen wrong in me . - ..... " ........... :ui. Vi'illf and Staid wove tit' king to, eth- i~in tie S department, or puuutuly er and -1 ,din to li~r ..... " ..... ' .... l" "" " P' "' g i ry l-,ypatla ,0 SupplFing Gas Wholesale io ~'~, wltn tile ~nerlrt, nimse i. Mr. t h e A in a 1. an,I s i nandafter s,.idXlilS lloog Baker appoint h's me s , - . COMMUNITY NATURAL he gets what he wants he doesn't t e 'ia ' :slitl[; GAS COMPANY want what he gets Owing to dad "erous ate ~'-".s~-~,.arr :" . "', l:/.ii " P,. ,thelack of information m these , well. hc admitted finally |n Texas produced in 1930 one- Texas 470, 000, 000. the world, part of the eeS, we could not explain the eriff's actions. He may be rfectly justified in demanding these resignations--the chances are he is, but he offers no word Cfexolanation, and we are in- to believe that this attitude to cinch some competi in his race for re.election in Both Jess Sweeten o f Tom Hanna of Poy- t two officers who were then ousted by t h e have a large host of ad- friends in this county, "" to make the for Sheriff m the next cam. likely to prove more BUT TRUE baseball throw on ', is 426 feet, inches. --.o.-- 1730 years, a loses one-half of through radio activity. --o-- t beam which started nearest star in 1927, has the earth. --.o--- h: in a teaspoon- convert itself helium, 100,000 kilowatt , would be set free at 10 cents per hour. explanation of his momentary hesita- tion and weakness, "wlse men are like moorlands- ride as far as you will on the sound grmmd, you are sure to come upon a soft place at last." I huve I!ad little experience in rid- Ing over moorhlnds, but I remember the prairies. They looked as even as a floor, as sinootl~ and safe ahnost as a macadam road. and covered with short grass they spread out as far as the eye could reach, Sixteen miles we couhl see to the southeam over an un- broken plain to where a single cot- tonwood stood. But there were soft marshy places one found if he set out to ride far; there were gopher holes, and lmeven dangerous spot8 where prairie wolves had burrowed into the ground Or where grotmdhogs had slept during the winter. One had to be cau-" tlous and to remember that the appar- ently tmhroken surface of the prairie had its uneven places where a horse might stumble and the rlder's life be in danger. But In spite of Its spots the moor. land Is a very beantiful place; in spite of Its gopher liolcs and Its wolf dens the prairie had Its fascinations; it was wonderful. Impressive, roman- tie and ~atisfylKg. It IS not strange that wi~en we ex- amine the lives and characters of hu, man beings we should find them like the moorland or the prairie--sol; places, occasionally gopher holes. marshy spots, and it should not de. tract seriously from the strength and beauty of their lives to find that they were not perfect---nothing human Is, ,o. Recent bl( ~,raphers have seemed to take most delight lu emphasizing tile soft spots In the lives of tim great men about whom they have written, rather than the beauty an8 the strength nnd the wlde expanse of solid ground. (L~"), 1931. %Veatarn NeW~t~aper Ulllolll.) O110 of the most daring robberies of recent years resulted In the capture of one thief and the escape of anotimr with $3/000 in cash and $25.000 in checks which the.'," had taken from a cashier's cage in the city Imtl of I)etroit, Mich. Theodore Crowley, captured (right), told now he and au accomplice had cut the wire caging and taken the money, mostly tax receipts, from the cage during an unguarded moment, although police assigned to guard the city treasurer's offie~ stood less than 50 feet away. i ii i i We now have in stock the following Legal blanks and would be pleased to have you call us when in need of anything in this line. -Notes With Vendor s Lien, Single --Transfers of Vendor's Lien Notes --Release of Vendor's Lmn - Chattel Mortgages -Chattel and Crop Mortgages --Warranty Deeds --Promissory Notes. Etc. Commercial Printing i For Spring Apparel Smartness tenth of the entire mineral out- )ut of the United States. Totals: States $4,795,Q00,000; Texas is the site of the largest natural gas compressor station in that will convey Texas Chicago and other cities. gas BUDDiNfi TREES... greening putures ..... tresh air .... warm sun- shine. 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