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Malakoff, Texas
May 19, 1932     The Malakoff News
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May 19, 1932

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THE MALAKOFF NEW8 mme ~ atatant ; ~ ....] _ls " I [ Odd--but TRUE [ " .usm m,v m soA [ High i. I I I Cotton Bell SchedulT, ...... [ After the terrible drubbing she has ] ,~=s/'~ 5==~=, ~='h%~=~d~ ttoflice at Malakoff as second class matter. [ taken in the last fe~ yearn at the [ -I hands of authors, tra~-eling salesmen ] NORTH BOUND [~. J. SCltOLL, ]~DITOR [ and economists, there Is a laurel] Train No. 104 ........ 12:43 A. M. ~~ -J wreath for New England in an artlele,l .1.00 a Year. Advertising Rates on requesre- ''_'l'tarper s Magazine by Bernard de ] ~/j~~ ~0~:~: ! Train. " SOUTII BOuNDN"102 ........ 4:06 P. M. and Cards Of Thanks must be paid for at regular ra _l .x,e,v E land iSra ..fl/,tiSheedaglace ; : " " - "" - th" a e ill not be re-] declares t e write s" d y i Train No. 101 ....... 12:46 P. M. ....bWillour own le TPhL Y2"a ?d?:aff-et "hi W- l !e 1~vyrou h tim'-- "streetstn of t m t [ " TrainourNO.Delicious103.... .8:2011/%A. aM" t error m aaverlasemen m p p r w that of Florence, of Venice, not Milam,! i for more than the cost of the advertisement, ] while the American empire eareens ard toward its unpredicted end. i "~1 "It is the first American section to i I ATENT A alp alp mm -- ~ ~.~ _ ~ [I be finished, to achieve stability in theI ~ ~P~J~l~ir~qilwdlPmLmm~llr~.~ ~[8r ~ ~ [[ conditions of its llfe. It is the flrst l ~mr AND TRADE=MARKs -- II old civilization, the first permanent' [] C.A.$NOW & COe tt ~ " mmmlmm"- ..... "- ~ .... I[ ClV, iHzat[on in A|uerica. . - - ............ I "If the world Indeed faces into Successful Practicesince1875. darkness, New England has the re-, I -=-, -* Road, And the of these small losses that gradu-l a:rces of the Yankee nature. They :~~~'~--J~-~~'~'~-~,,A .~. - ~~" ~I Over 25,000 patents obtained for inventors in every section ,, ally drain the life blood out of a[ are not only the will to tlgllten one's, of country. Write for book t :W:o0 toh?nugtt 2!)hii2 yT, chiYjlt / let telling how tO obtain d roads .uanumte~reugt,a wa~.pu, ifin:lI tal,:htoh: _ . W--'~ ~ : a patent, with list of clients hilt section, means that the forward. The destiny of The] :The Yankee has experienced noah- [ t - [ :Y~ / i in your State. Iss end of The Lignite City Lignite City is in our hands. ]lug but what lie was taught to expect.' ! --~" 4' ,.'~t ~.~ {~ | \- ~ / ng to be confronted with What shall we do with it ] out of thin wisdon',, in IHs frigtd eli- I f 5try. .... .......[ " I 710 8th St., Washington, D. C, com-et{tion that it " lmate, agatnst the resistance of his I /[//~ ~. f~-ff'~l 3atilt J,e. "lt~W=~ ~'t~ ~"'~~-'~"~ t ~ ..... ,erexpermneea, anfl ilMaI - wealth It ~as a superb equipment ~t~ ~ " THE Kidnapping a n d brutal[we: . ' I ' I e I J.A. BALLARD i$ to continue to thrive, it stlrd~a~, nt iittl~ ~h.a A I.;.,.L [for his past; it may not be a futi e, ~ --,~bWMm~t" //~//x,~' __ ~-:~s~i~-~-t~/f.,~ v.-'..~ l that"" we, as nuslness': men bergh"'" ........................ Jr, is doubtless one of the[ f'-r,, our future". :I " [ r ttW" ,ttt) I a - UNDERTAKER fizensof this community, mos ; heinous crimes that haSlNorse i _ 6RO llttG Embalming Caskets--Hearse : labor In perfect harmony ever been committed i n this[ __ .,P . P, . , - .... " :':))"."t and Ambulance Service common of ell..We country. There is no doubt that[ The ane~t ~h=~?flrUe |~lsT~va~e?i - f Day Phone 100 Nite Phone 25 mrougn unite effort, lena ...... ssible every member of the gang that] U;-Helly-aa, which means the last ofl [ "tM~ "~4~"~k~ I~RE ~ ~ ~[ ~:M~O'~'T.~'~'f~D iN THE ]~i] me eneouragemen~ po was responsible for this crime [ the holy yule days, Is annually eele- i | .~t tO P.t~[M'~.% .~ ~ .~[ z ~--.-:l ~(3~N 05 "~-- |~~~').",~ f~ people of our trade territo- will be brou-ht to "ustice sooner[hrated in Lerwlck, Shetland Islands. I I ............ [[~ ~'7_~." ,"~ff [ ~?_:'..~'JftW~/~ ,continue to avail them- . . g , J.. ,' ., vr[in-the last celebration three hundred i | t tt XCt) Try Our Delicious Light . or la er, ano wnen tney oo, they .... r . ,,7 a ..... r- d ~Yl"Gulzers, carrying six-foot to cites, ~ | tm~v t~ ~..,, [t]l~...~.~t....~__~#~]l}[t{ | ~., ~. ~ ~" ~, [~t.~..~..:~ Ot gne iaCllltles arto ae s on ". .... : should be punished In such a [took part In the torchlight proces 1 ,*~ [ [ L U N O H E $ city--and these Iacilitles wearing brilllantly*~:olored costumes.' manner as wdi be an example - k s be made better, in order ............. trney were led by stalwart vi ing. i Calf Sandwiches .... UC yes tram tlae competition ed civilization frnwns unon the l and orange cloak, aluminum east: .............. Hot Dogs ............ I0C business places of the oth- methods- to "'inf]ici" death thetiS,t. mail. and slh, er helmet surt uounted: ,, ms, that be brought were used by some of the peopl'e I Yse t p :ade h :dnt!,eW' -s zne , our ': . . Ham Sandwiches___ UC inearer to us as the result of bygone days for a simple]war galley Frithr, .meaning friend-,: ,-~ . # . ~ Famous l*i,h R.. Co... Ogops rteaaacno HamandEgg 11~.~ concrete nignways With- ~l~otrio fl~=h nt- . f]'~nn fvnm ~ I nhip, with its towering aragon neaUr t.urrenI commolli rrom a'he word "eurragh" derives the at,- : " " .,,.~. t ....... ~ur..~,.~.^w . " I :rod fish-like tail. ]The Jarl sto d a e~ent Gaehc cuirrech. Cmrrech means t 11~ WIILFa~ MIYItll~fi per order ........... & . rope will be entirely too easy for] solitary figure firmly grasping, the star-. iJ chltltrtflrl ra,'e course and also h,w-h'ine or - Chili lff " " " . " . J TV ~.l ~,.~,m a a n m ,tram ...... - ": nO !t impossible to remain such wcrime. The crime is I h~mrd steering oar of the ship. A bu-{ 6 marshy grouml. The double meaning -- per dish ............ OC and still--she will either eafl~ot|nn nnrl ~ rti~crva~a nn th~[ gle call gave the signal to light t.lp~ t.4~+41~+~.4.~1,+41,+4~+0441~4.~+~I,4 iS undersl'mdable in that flat land ~ Wonderful Formula Ends Achell ......z r no " .................. - , ~ ...........' .the .... t,,rch-s and then, accnm, tmnled by. ......... ,,' ........ ,,,',' -,aturallv he selected for a and Pains Almost Like Magio. Coney Island .......... 5c zorwara or oac wa o, a l Changes In the enate person 8omethln Better and Safer ..... Natlonand IS the natural out tbe singing of martial airs and band. - race course Th'e Curragh of Kildare g . . ve shall take wincome of our failure to administer ,rod pipe mffslc, the procession movedI nei include the coming of John one of the most famous race courses ..Thousands or_ men ann wom~ Maxwell House Y P P aura nuni~hmant far erim~ If g " l own. Ft-i S. Cohen, who has been sworn in tl e wo'ld. Beside the River Liffey. Coffee, per cup ....... PC .... " ................... -- nell the torchen are thrown into that ne It Dublin it Is ~ " ~ ~" ' passed, when an criminals knew that sure pumsh- valieYy, wbieb is thus consigned to Vat-, ,n to take the place of Senator irish derby aml mJ~; :~hon: L, tl~: =a:he?xcru~-~tt?gtoPa[~:c~af,rh~z ui's Place :~or i genu 1" are gc tl Bayer A dI US depres! at~er-e~ SEND your "Congratulations" in the form of a GIFT FROM WEIR'S. What have they to offer in the way of Ideas? Many of them. For instance: For Girls: --Wrist Watches --Fountain Pens Perfumes --Stationary --Perfumizers --Beads --Vases --and many others For Boys': --Bill Folds --Shaving Sets Rings --Pen & Pencil Sets --Wrist Watches --Humidors --Watch Chains -and many others "A Pleasure to Please" Tuesday Wed., May 22- 23 Ted Browning's "FREAKS" An Amazing Inside Story with Wallace Ford and Lelia Hyams Thursday, May 26 He had the world at his feet --a girl In his hero worshipers in his hair,- It's Tough Be Famous Douglass Fairbanks, Jr. and Mary Brian Ladies' Matinee 10e-- --Men's Night 10c icy sing Slag or Slntslnk Indians who Jesse James off a taxi in which With Dam y Frocks once lived In tllat vicinity. But In they were riding. the community w il I ill 1901 the name of the town was era. every invested in. cially changed to Oulning. The in- RE habitants objected to the name Sing Gen. Pershing is on his way become more stable TA K E C A ing because of its popular a.ocia- to Europe, to have his first look , by patronizing home "ion with the penitentiary. Osslnlng we can reap the is merely another form of Sing Sing, atthe scenes of World War con of co.operation, and if both words being corruptions of the flict since the tumult of 1917. whole. Your summer c hiffons and Delaware. Indian word asslnesink, The soldier who drove Gen. meaning, literally, "at the. small prosper, georgettes and organdies stone." Pershing s car in those days is Hded and are of such fragile loveli- likewise making a survey of a the town will move hess as to require the del- Cutting Lumber for Pro t battle field, but of a different maybe but ieate and conscientious at.The forest products laboratory says sor~t. He is in Washington, out that It is more costly to handle small of a )oh, and with part of his be- tention that we can give. trees than large ones, and the lumber longings in pawn. That is not ;that no one can sells for less per foot~ when cut. It where to spend his Any Dress Cleaned gives the following smallest alses that the General's fault, and it is safe shouhl be taken for maximum lmme- tO say that he does not even but theman who sends dlate profit per acre logged: In Ar- know Of his former servant's town can not kansas second-growth forest short-leaf "that by and loblolly pine, 12 Inches; In Lou- plight. The point illustrated is is strtkinft ablow at isiana oldfield lobloll ', 15 inehe~; in thatJ he poor do Dot have to dip Virginia second-growth_ forest lohlol~y, into the past, or cross the seas. North OarolIna oldfleld to get into touch with more strife than they can handle, t o !, establishment [ Ir ., ment always followed gu i I t, halls. This ceremony recalls tO Shet- ~ Harris o f Georgia, deceased, r:,ces. Also, the great Dublin hor~ With a marvelous new formula that prosper vy its ....... [erime would be greatly reduce0 lenders the Norse custom of plaelngi Mr, Heflin and some supporters, fair is hehl there annually. In tiie Is said to be far superior to an~- at Sam's old stand The things mat are =..=--.=.=.----- . .; _ . [the country over.We are bein a dead warrior In his galley, setting' it alight, and launching it on the sea.! of equal respectability and stand- Tenth century the king of Lein~er thing heretofore used. rr ,,h K I x~ h It contains no aspirin, acetanilid, gr~:uted the Cu a~ of "i dare, leh zor tne betterment " [ burned with a flre that we have, ing with himself, were of tl e ombr-ces some 4--aerie etc., and Is abaolutely safo anu iiii community, will re- -- - "'- '-'~'", -- ~' -', ~" harmleBs This remarkable for- , . , [bullt and nursed along. ~ opinion t h a t another change i~rioget, wno gave it to me people as mule cailed A.VOr. io bein- ~re- =" ''=" =='= ial benefit for eacn ] Watt'. Laurel, D|*puted i se in Malakoff, Andt "- ' The laurels resting upon tim head of~ shoul3 be made in the member- a common. For 1,OOO years it has been acribod by thouaan~ "of dot~rs, preserved as open hind. dentists and welfare nurses bo- things are going to be ae-I r~ James Watt, the reputed Inventor of, ship of the upper house, to the .......... cause of the quick, efficient way it m, mmmm----m..m,, 0 " "! "" v ...,-,.,.,} ~,-. J--, the steam engine, are in danger, for~ extent of giving Mr. Heflin the relieves all types of aches and shed ONLYthroughC.]~H I ..... ........... the dlrectoroftheTeehnlealmuaeum: ........ r" ]palns without depressing the heart, J"l:g'l, ........ I ~ ]I~L~ Ai,~ ann e~ur~uN In Stoekhohn has recently announced' seat of Senator Bankhead, but ^. ~ta as n]s L era or causing any other harmful el- ~ a'rtu --our n u s I n e s s . . Office w th Flagg Drug Co, working together. Unit-[ that he has discovered tlmt a steatn the Senate decreed otherwise, who,TheafterStry alS seramnthl of qonYOUngthe divinerectr severefeCts" A-VOlpain, qUicklYleavlng stopsthe patlent re-the most eight years before the birth of James' stand; divided, we fall I MALAKOFF engine was built In Sweden in 1728,, and Mr. Bankhead will remain ch'lracter of the church, vcas ap- freshed and feeling fine. Especially Watt. The constructor was MaaronI As to money matters, the appro-" preached by an ehlerly lady who said ~ffecttve in women's period ImimL a bo k ~To quickly prove to yourself that wrathfully: "How d re a 3" li "e you ......... not the purpose of this] - --''"--" Triewald, a Swedish professor of as-; priation bill for the Departments ...... . t~,- ............. ~,, tams m truly a remarKame tormm~ t to throw cold water, nor [,, un , ..... ,, ............... / R J. H. BURTIS tronomy, aad it ,,'as In active servlee:of'Labor, State, Commerce, and _. ma ,xho still ,,,or h" ,ust step Into your nearest drug cssimistic, butte acquaint l ~ for seven years at the Dennemora ane young n, " ' e ts Sm'l)lice, drew himself up and replied for a few cents Take a couple of lewiththe forthcoming[ yRADErtNTIST ..... lnes in that country until the en-Justice, commonly knownas the " store and get araekage of A-VOL Athens, Texas gine was completely destroyed by [~our Departmeut Bill, has pass with crushing dlg~Hty : "Madam, when tablets right t3aero. If your Imtm -- ~-A~iNU~I~ " I have this on I a,n 1,900 years old. Is not gone in five minutes, tl~ Friday Saturday, May 2C21 0us as we see them It is ] 2~.-~t.m Ilghtning, The engine was never re- ed, and has also a bill which pro --Boron Transcript. tlerk will retttrn 7our mo~o. interests that MalakoffJ New Spencer-Carroll Buildin ullt, hut Trlewald left some drawings' ancl pro s, the same/ Athens, Texas .nda descrtptlon of it and with the: rides an addition to the contin- TARZAN with any other .Imsiness/ ....... aid of his matertal a working model gent funds for the use of the -- "-- fc has been made and It Is now on view; House. "The conference report the Ape Man -', n of our city. It m our de/ . . ntt,..... at the Technical museum, i OU the Department of Agrical- with Maurine O'Sullivan stMalakoff should grow[ J, A. ruwLl:R, M.D. lure Bill is resting until the and Nell Hamilton wegreatprosper.eity' Itfrls thetherein]same PHYSIC[ANe w,th W and s SURGEON l Y.." i House outlines more clearly its - ' ' / Offi a " e'r Drux Store America that Is the .United Btntes* attitude respecting generalplans of America and it is very interesting Saturday," May 21 ch and every other busi-| A| KOI: T Aq ,, Me. A_..rF, aEXA., was throughout the Nlnete'enth cen- for ecouomy in the expenditure mtitution o r inuividuai.| tury beginning living that is" to say of public lunds, and in the con- A New Show at 10:45 believed in our city suf-| " ...... .... they were beginning living being made: duet of public or Federal busi- Saturday Night, May 14 " 66 " 99 , to make investments/ out of the Eighteenth century that ts ness, generally. The finance T| in all the Nineteenth century they '* agree Girl all AI of these investmentsl ~~~it-tqr]t rlL were beghming living boginning and' picture gets a touch from an w|th Renate Muller wc thless if we permit1 - . living In the Twentieth centu'ry. And old-time brush by the introduc- at move backward. " non ~hat are they to do. Having done A Music Sensation some.thing they must be. Looking' lion of a resolution enabling for- ml must meet the com- backward. That is. Natural enough.~ eign debtors of the United States Come at 9:30 Saturday night -o the other eommuni- ~ And how do you look backward? tO end their troubles by paying and see two shows for 35c, d i order to do this, our @ By looking forward. And what do the price of one, yon see? As they look forward. They ill silver. The Senate is think- ! ses rntmt ,be made see what they ltad to do before they ing hard abont Phillippiue inde- nts by way of appearance ~ could look backward. And there we pendence, with a date fifteen Sunday.Monday, May 22-23 te stocks of wanted ~ ~l IL [ have It all.--(Oertrude Stein in Ore-, atlve Art). - years hence as the appointed John and Lionel nd ,e, and prices that will [ time, but has not committed it. BARRYMORE S. qth the competition. ! self, as yet. in :ti s done it then is nec- II['/I LI P.n., ,...t.t. , . Sing Sing, the famous New York Arsene Lupln" iOr alr people to refrain ~1]~.~ It! |t\l ] state prison, Is located at Ossining, Two New York girls have the a town on the Hudson' river about right, idea about the way in which !yi g anything from any --what to get for the All Sunday and Monday munit thal can be 30 tulles north of NeW York cry. underworld bills ought to be Shows reduced to The town Ltself was originally also Children 10c Adul 85c at home Our business ~ ~ called Sing sing, supposedly from the footed, They kicked a modern