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The Malakoff News
Malakoff, Texas
May 22, 1930     The Malakoff News
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May 22, 1930

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THE MALAKOFF NEWS I Will This Sum. 1 >" "'n'"" "",.,.",,t,.. mer Mean To You?l la " -- I ..|8 'l Mrs. Eva McDonald has been] ...... ..... ' ' ; ', ublic school teacher for more I Edited by M H. S, Students Malakoff, Texas, May 22, 19 0 Volume I Number 22 | n @ an fifteen years And with a I I ' ' ' ' " ' " - ! ( Years of schooling and ex r q k I " '" ' w,o IFAI:ULIY GII I ,, PLI|Y FqlR TRO HY UND, Set .. rJ! , und her working under a eon-[ ...... - =1 ..... ] ] ,I " act that called for a monthly [ ..... , .. I I hA,It, taft Tn D I tYcheck for $90foronly eight~ r~vr~'~r~r 4, r } ,~)U~IIUIIIUI'OII~IIIUI l/~UUb #'tU.Ul/ IU I, ] ~ mm ira a:ahts, 7ty:futh:i wo : ember ] ' Banquet } T. A, lrophy FundI p! - | asth. .... ... '[ In their eagerness to get al _. I I II y A / j, co, r In~ nlcrl wages m~. ~ Paid ." passing grade, some students,tEnter ining the Senior Class[ Featuring Mr. Edwin Bowen[ Ik [ IIIID l:" IIs Common andskdled labor ...... 1 oared to hei hts never before]temprarily at least, put amdelwtth a banquet at the Htgh[asthe married man and Mms[ ]) [kaown Fo:geed'to kee u with [their honorand make too liberal|School Building Moudav night.[Aleen Paul as his eternal mother- [ tl .... P p [auseofafello,vstudent's note-lThe Sophomore class began, thelin-law, the Faculty, under the] II tL a. mg.cs saner meager [ book and materiai, We do notlseriesof festivities which will [ sponsorship of the P T,A, pre-[ =" - - ; -~,Y, seeing former s~uoen~s t " at her% without experience [Prpse to brand those studen s[mark the close of the present lsenteO a three Act Comedy [ Chevrolet dealers offer- ou an ..... ': earni o . .. as being wholly dishonest, but, [school session. Guests were re-!the high school building Friday I used car purchase serviceYbecaus:: :pt nral ! : ilqcomm, ng ........... mo.e the. she could [certalnlyltlsnotthe best p I y|celvedlnthe Expresst n Roomlnght. Theprogram nett 1" " " o ic " "o i ed over -- underaunlformfactoryplapthatmakesused ..... sotv. rs. M cuonaia re-|tO become delinquent in class[whtch had been elaborately set|Forty dollars which will go to-[ \. cars as important partof their business as ;|her;hip. nno a way to increase|work, and then copy directly that[for the occasion. Games andlwards buying Trophy case for[ newcars. | She :mg power . }work at the last minute. In our|songs were the order during the}the school. The audience voiced[ The famous "OK that-Counts" tag assure [had;-- ve.d teaching .work ann [business of going to school let us [first part of the evening. Tablesltheir approval of the perform-l every uy,er tnaz eacn useo.c.r earing it I | aestre to give up. t)om / " -" :ud-ment in ......... n--d i- the halls and a ance b- m heerin" andI ' ' ' t has tmen tngrougmy reconojuone expert i i morels, ........ /exercme the same j g . were arra ge n , x pc. c ..... mechanics to -'ive th--u-anus --f --"-- -- -" " , eacnlng o rerea ner a . " " la s a v ut oe . " IS lway to . _ . l:hese seemingly small matter. [dehghtful serving was had. Re-I ughter, as the Professorwa [ | pendable, economdcal service J still grea a teacner ano [that we expect to exercise late, ]marks by members of the gradu-Iled through various marital trib [ t P,,t, h I " "~ "~ Inn |When he/' "cC r oTec eo::dC h % |on. i ating class and faculty provedlulations. Miss Ca, y Johnson, a [ I . .-.- ---- mm m -- -.-- |Year, - ....... I -- lthe cordial relationship betweenlblack face, also brought much [ Good Condition I / li IE T All E | l Eli she tOOK a t ommermai . . . IF 1 lil | rainin " . [ Serving Kraut and We[rues for |all the classes of the h gh school, [laughter. Many Oronounced the [ I II lr k , "t,~ t/ , . , ourse. was m . " h t la " | Maro;,, ..... [Germany, Spaghett for Italy, land expressed behef t a such]p y as the best produced by l ] [] [] I I -.- uat sne receivect net cn . . 1,= n I r | Ploma ]Yea for England, and Ice Cream[would continue to be the case. [home talent m many years. _ | l[] [] , ["Imali - _ [for Alaska. The Junior Cias [ -- [Mesdames Ady and Willis di- 1929 DcSo,o Coupe I m--liB : g ne her surprise ...... t.i./ ,-..,,o .,,.. ....... I m *',]- rue school implo-ment depart- / t.= o .,o,o ,, . v| 1 111 mart vlsnts ampus / Kuns ano roOKS new. ! m Jr' mm m "around the world, Tuesda3 f[ . [ h:/to;:dk:dher,.the very day of/.,fi ht. Two wagons furnished[ mu o.o, $42 I 3 days [~ 1~ Utl~tlOn~ 1I sne wouztl 111~2 [ . . .. . L _-_ ,." t L*;tt *Jtttatt~ tt~ ~..,,owuo,y ,t o"~tl= -d~ " tOwork im -me transportauon to nomes ot Up'- , " ' ' medmtely at $120 a/ ........ If rexas, was a ery pleasantt That ever- --e--ber of the1930 ..... I i::hoffShe acce.ted the po-/:ahr:;:Sthem v: ;y :: :[v!sitor on the campus Fridav:/graduating class ;ians definitely 1929 MODEL A COUPE--Late model, first- 1927 CHEVROLET TOURING Perfect con. ahu;, ered.. Because of herl e,.ved" Barrin=the excitementl vir. martspozeto me,. s.tua.en ]on some higher form of educa- class condition, wire wheels, 1930 dition and guaranteed to be one ofd t 'rt :-: ! ...... Yasa short hand writerl." . Ibody, fis well as to several elas-ltion next ..ear is not onl.. unusu license plates and other extras $275 the best bargains in town and ty ist sown own, a merry evening was . . . y x - ............ ^ P , sheearns about $300 II ..... Ises during hm short stay. He mini for'this school bu" in ,t.^ ' moreeach year, doing spare-,[nau nyam , ,[widely known as a living poet, |opinion of th'eStaff; it is -u t: 1925 MODEL T SEDAN--Fully recondition- 1926 CHEVROLET COACH--Just as clean : !!r r :dti ;S:n;fmr::::tm tl] ? HE( AT'S EYE , Ilb;'::eaE::l:;m dl eP;:ke:n tti:l / ngS: t2s r any current gr:tua $150 tc" . ..... / Can you imagines Junior boy|n httle honor that,wehave him/ The Seniors are selecting a :!': ztb a' wonoertut oiviaeno . _ . lviany stuuen s collect;eo a U |wide ran-e of v -a'i . . ..=m m..==---- A -=--=.=--... --... . ,aerbusinesseducationhas paidlg ngw]tha. .Phmregn . [n m during the intermission pe-lmostas an,, d?;er::: :n:at- IflNNI;R X, TINFI/ Mfllfl@ INIMPflltlI : ner,.and what a.~o.A,~.f,,I aivi Terms iamlilar I:o me opfl-l.iod t. hea- his entertainin ,l,,, ,- - # ..... pm~=~:v nnlaillll ~l~ leUlllill lWlV/Vll vvnclnr~lllll i d- -. " ....... " om^res. ..... t zexasrecn, at. LuDbocR, is at- -. ........... ena can pay YOU, or any _ ' ..... itales. Itractin=Valmore Ra,,mo-d lelephone 74 . Malako[f, Texas Other youu. man or - -un- wo Ladies ano t ent]eman __ I " , " , .... g " Martin andFer -- iCharlie and Marvin with their .... .,an With a fozemght, energy and ambi" . Cheeseandb HONOR AWARDS [ca flpE:g ;::: :egr t ;rS Seth de2i _ ! : tmn l ,e Beatrice and , ella Orrick was named by Hospital at Dallas Clarine and The Tyler Commercial Co let, Worn Nov has H ......... ggs many teachers m attend , ,, ,,, .... , trace at V " :,t , . . '," Jeweli and Junior. the faculty to receive the Bal- Glades'are to enter ton Morris ................. ,, .... ned.t[ you are aSCnooiu armg~eacner,eacn Lillie and George C. four medal, indicative of the[at Jacksonville, Beatrice is to go Harris with 91,192 automobi'.e FOR SALE--Scholarship in Ty- D- B. OWEN: M.D.' or if v,," ...... At last Smith has admitted best scholastic record in the Se-[toBavlor U4 iversity at Waco. r.egistrationshas, more automo-lerCommereialCollege. If you ..... ~ ...... ena rage up teacn- . ........ :^. .... ;i, ^..,^. x, ,!, o ,, aires than any omer county in eontempnate a business course aria In that he is the uglles[Doy In mot wltt~-~, uue.a w.t e.tet ,~. x.o.x. w g Work, arrange to )in them ........... } ...... . Texas. Kenedy w th 107 has the let us save you money on theOffice w th ~]agg Drug A few -. , - school marma welter was also awara-lat t enton. Atma Jesse Is spec- fewest scholarshi - THE NwW MALAKOFF monttls training there , '-' can make a life ....... The'Cat s Eye wonders why ed the C P. Davis medal repre-[ializmg in Telegraphy, and al- " = == =..,, ence to you ume or umer- the Junior boys are so interested senting an outstanding work inI ready has'employment in Shreve- Yon- in the Freshmen Class? Can it[the field of Current Events. | port. - m Positio:r::d rb ;t::r'i::ob:t o be the girls of that class These two students have con-/ Many friends join the Staff in e You WOuld ...... a o,. Smith were you lonely at the tributed much toward the better-[wishing them well in their new tielo ,- ............ * *:" n vtv the other night? I ment Of our high School. |enterprises. .. -' r9 maze the first step to ......... " " I e.high6rposit on, fill in and " ..... " ' _ 'l -- tthecouDonfor "Achieving . - E.O. DODSON IW. E. PHILLIPS la~7~S in Business. This I ONLY A DOCTOR KNOWS [ REAL ESTATE d xree book tells of the won , , ,,,,T,,,r- /K:AI , rI K i _ . .. _ . . erfUl oP--rtuniti - red for I WHAI A LPJ IIVI:. ] Pubhc Stenographer and es pyre" l i a Pers and all k nds of haul ng . . _ on whe is trained ior busi- t "SH6U(DBE - ... - 1 Notary Puhhc in Of[Ice aess, ei . Prompt and sat, stactory ser the her for tea hmg or m .......... _ . [ Office over Flagg Drug Store Now omen Send the cgupon vice guaranteed. [ Malakoff, Texas We have no branch schools anywhere. We [cad: others fol- low. Pyler (lommercial College and School of Business Admistra- tion. Tyler, Texas Name Addretm See Editor of News for SchOlar- ~hip. Danger lies in careless selection of ..... --------- , laxatives! By taking the first thing ~' that comes to mind when .bad breath, J. A. FOWLER. M. D. headaches, di iness..ausea ilious- hess, gas on stomach and bowels, lack PHYSICIAN and SUR6EON ofappetite or encrgy warns of consti- Oflie with Weir's Drug Store pation, you risk forming the laxative habit. MALAKOFF, TEXAS. Depend on a doctor's judgment in I. ~..~ , --, our laxative. Here's one the prescription of a DR J. H. 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