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Malakoff, Texas
May 25, 1934     The Malakoff News
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May 25, 1934

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M A LAKOFF NEWS =,==~==, ,,=, ~=,.~...,=,.,, ,~.~..=. NEWS l-'latlorm ol rkogcr avm, .L . Service Cert ic tes, commonly nd, think, that except in case be most concerned about the w... c~,,n.~.o~ ~'r,,m qeventh District known as "bonus" is a just obli- of actual invasion of this coun- problems of this district and .~JBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY r )t ~.~u11~,~oo ~,-,,~ ~-~ gation due the veterans by the try, the people should have a shall ever have uppermost in mY ~OtOffi:~:S ' Ce at Malak~ff second class matter. ~ - " Government, and in the light of right to determine whether or mind the needs of my own peo- - " "s th latform of Ro-er - -- the liberal relief policy of thenot we would enter another war, ple. If honored by election to . ~ _ . tlelow I e p ~; e Foreign Debts. Government, I favor the imme- if same should arise, this important office, I shall ~. J, ~CHOLL, ~DITOR Davis, of l~acogdoches, candidate A fo"~'" "~*'* " "us " a- "in-~ d "e " 11 a ment he ad venth -.--s .... ~,~ ~ j t ~ u u- ia~ Iu p y of t just- The Seventh District. ~ naturally realize my duty as a for Congress from the Se ing an obligation as an individual ed Service Certificates. I also Naturaly, I shall be concerntdmember of the National Law a Year. Advertising Rates on request, n~ "rt ~, "r " 1 des Hender debt I advocate reciprocal trad~ favor the continuation of pay v:ith the above outlined National Making Body, but more important .- .... rl~., ,.hLh inc u - . son county: . aid for at regular rate. " agreements between the United ments bv the Government to vet-problems and =thcrs that may ,:till, I shall be concerned pri- .... States and other debtor Nahons erans for disabilities service con- arise amt upon all :~ueh i~sue~marily with the needs, problems . Humanity must be clothed and indebtedness which they owe us hospitalization for disabled vet- vote, guided by the wishes of my 'I exas counties which comprise in advertisement this paper will not be re- agncmt~re that will enable them to pay the nected and also favor adequate shall conscientiously cast my and wants of these twelve East ~an the cost of the advertiso.ment, lea irom me ~roaUC~oOthl~e and will at the same time create erans, constituents. But at all times, I this new district. farm. Continua" n of g " and maintain friendly relations Suppression of Crime. wish to assure the voters of this (Political Advertisement) : ~21S~rn:c~dr e: f f :;2~slcn ot d: ~; ~hgt 2~le roe~ U~tu lrn stu~i:u feUs:cha s la :i oe~ dt::~ ::g ett N:til:;gle leg~e for the sake of the ~armer, butControl of Echan ' -- '__ ^~ "1- .... teethe- "~ -~anufactur g ges. power and jurisdiction of the De- ~'~" "'~'~ ..... 'v'"--"-" ...... d I advocate the enactment of partment of Justice in the ap- mg. 2fomerce, tolfs. e legislation effective close govern- prehension of desperate criminals ' :~ ' worasmah'~"'ol ouri"~"*f"~"'~'W-~alona/l~emocrauc':: ment sunervision,_ of stock andand believe that if necessary, in 1] [platform, I believe ....... m me encta - farm products' exchanges , and order to stamp out these desper- * "-en" o" ~" e'-" constitutional mea the passage of stringent measures ate criminals, that even more I Y EARS ., ~ .~v .. - " abolishina the present gambling latitude should be given the D~- l[ ,-,AGO-- [ sure thafwill aid the producers . ~" .... o ..... ~. ,; .~. for hasic commodities in ~arm proaucts ~x~rough such par~men~otJus~ice, totheena ~~~i ~:~ prices in excess of me cost ox. ? T. ...... |~ ClT"[I" [ ...... " .... exchanges bv those who have no that this strong arm of the Na- ~ --^-~..~"n" in~erest in me proaucing, hand-tmnal clovernment might aid ann ' g ......... lin~ or ultimate use of such ~ro- assist local officers in their x, al- ~'~ here sball bell IN THE LIGNITE cog has hadI .... ' I believe in the co ntinu~ttc~du~.s, to the end that comm~i- iant attempts to apprehend and po cy . . . ty prices may be based on the convict these dangerous enemies alakoff may[ of the Ii of long-~mae pay- the map, butl _ ments with low rates o~ incere~ - . _ . . natural laws of sunul and de- of socmty. _ I Misses Lizzie and Maggie Lou on farm mortgages; nkewise,.the mand and not fixed'by artificial Abolition of War. of e.auChu~,~ ,~ mainzenanceotmwrateso, mter ...... Right Now is the Time : -, I Evans visited Athens Friday. est on money, Dorrowea ~or pro- financialv controllin~ such ex- vocate of World Peace, and altho here recen ly,[ _ _ . means mr me [aenefit of those I am a firm believer and ad- aters here M" S S R t'~ duction purposes, is just as essen- changes - " our Nation must of necessity oc- D ":.. "'--! ,se u n Finney ahd Lena To Do that epair! - . .. veterans, cupy its proper place in world A tnena .was l Payne left Saturday morning on tial Also the urocessing taxes on " ... farm products for proauc~ve con-The reli,~s ,-~,lie-, ^e .~,,, ~_^,, afairs yet I am opposed to our A Leaking Roof. a Broken Stel), a Hole in the ;he mmres~ ..... _ ... ents should "" ~" ~' ........ " ' .. Inn extenue visit to relatives and trol and l~nen~ paym ,, , ai~i~tlne welfrlend ..... eminent during theNew Deal' country ever again fighting an- I Screens. All of these things Depreciate the _ . "'-- . | S In JJentoll ann venus, be continued as long as necessary gthereto iSannounceagreaz[ .' to establish and maintain parity Value of your Home. A few dollars will make S ek Boh[ Mms Helen Thompson, who prices between farm crops and - -- [ it as good as new. Do It NOW ;'new[has been on leave of absence other commodities. -- , =" _lfromBaylor University on ae- Tariff. * alakoff Lumber C n v ~., rlas openeo .. : . leountof illness, has recovered I advocate an equitable distrl- 0m an, butive tariff for revenue. For- ~ \~V~' ~'~ ~' ao-[ and returned to that institution eign trade has stagnated because )i~.~~.~ ll== A Dwight H, Carson, Manager m me young ]. esterda". desire to wear|y s our high tariff wall discourages ~ ~ . _ __ .... , exch~dage of our neighbors' goods - ~ " hear that the he o '! , T R m" Theatre is giving in payment for ours. I advocate _.. ~ ,~ It to be a dry[gd shws and is having finelwer and rociprcal tariffs sDethere .... Cayugaare der-ls[.l P atrona --o.-- thatand our otherCttn'surpluslUmber'commoditiesWheat' Atnen , lexas i PAUL $ PIA01:' ap as a real oil ] Next to Jackson's Garage -- . . o i The Graduates o f the 1914 may be exchanged through regu- S been lots oil ........ lay trade channels for our neigh- . tl gn cnool were" . hers' commodities. | We always carry a complete line of Cold' Drinks, Candies, kilhngs there ." Kay n e . ..... o [ Mms Josephine Swanson ] Our army and navy are now | | De me quesu n . . .[ Mms Mary D. Tanner [ costing near $1,000,000,000 an- I ~ Paul's is Lhc only place in town where you can get a rues--we can ~! ....... ' nually. I advocate a persistant ef- l t4~- ~. "-J~ ...... ~ I ] ton,. _Dut2_,^zrm:_ If' mr.lVlr" tmarmswmmm artonmaalesperger I" fort to effect international treaties [ e i< 5 C) N b I ] Genuine "Calf" Sandwich the pt~up~ m| [ for an equitable reduction of [.~_~ ...~.-----2x~/ | t seem to[ _ ] such expenditures, both to re- Nt~''" /. /ff OJ x,t! Ivl ] We also handle sevora] flavorsof-- , duce this enormous tax burden [r II Velvet Ice Cream wouldn t I . . . / he is put[ Recital At Trinidad / forand toimpair destructive cap~cRythetaking of human lives in [[ Lt 4t WIQ[Z [i -] --and serve the ' largest helpings" in town.-- l:is get-] ] time of war. " ] "" '"'- II : all hm . .. [ Miss Golda Noble presented ] Anti-Trust ! l: l De la{l ,[her pupils in Music recital Fri-[ I advocate the revision and 1~-~-~__/ -~,~,~ .x HO~/~E SEWERS [ ) JDD 1 ; --/day evening and many lo~ely/ strict enforcement of anti-trust - i la I [selections were Dlayed bypnp|IsI lawsfor the prevention of mono- r ,I and revision thereof for the bet- Make Something New for Summer [of both piano and violin. These[ poly and unfair trade practices I"Kt::i-i-K MCL,,P LLI Is'rodents showed much improve.[ ter protectidn, of the labour, the [ z [mentover the last few months[small producer and distributor" / o,0,., of the Colorful land much credit should be given, Cm'r.ey. L" '*'" ' "b " hu' Cotton Fabrics [their teacher as well as to the| We need a sound eurrenc,, ,et g;v, her most a.~stance os ~' "1 ~ the most satisfying fashion~. That's why [ pupils. [ ~hore should be as nearly as pos- " the s~eadfa~ usm's of McCall PHn~d Pai- l Several dance numbers were sible a stabilized comparative ter are legion. Many of them are nov- I """" g^~" .... "g^ a^l o,...p.. Priced The Yard .ore ...... .... -:-, o_ 25c [town and were received with[ lay ann eommodiues, ann t an- :" #urn our hlngs that re u[fra-~h~e., and vocate legislation to accomolish ~ correct in fit. And they marvel themselves [much enthusiasm by the audi-[ ......... "i "* " arit "?sed * at the short time they spend ~rt theh" ma- ~rLtS m, ao~ :~a~lon at p y, va i .g;.,,,....~ ~ha ....,..hi-,,.. h~..~.. of ~ |anee. Those takiug part on the[ ......... ................................ on l~U'J-l~l,t prlces, z{ing or bother they enioy, wh~m they ~se [program for these numbers were[ Unemployment and Relief. McCall PriMed Pffertm /Dorothy Anne Braly, Tap o co bined na ral, our. 40 Inch Printed Voile.-40 Inch Printed Batiset |hers and vocal number; Shirley[ and knowledge of production [Ann Hensyn, Military Tap Ntm-[ enable us to produce all the corn- 40 Inch White Nainsook--'36 Inch Print- [ber, and John Noble Henson to-[ modities essential to the ,comforts |gether with Shirley Ann also| of life of all the people, and I ed Linene--36 Inch Printed Broad- -presented a Diane duet, Marie[ advocate the enactment of every constitutional measure necessary cloth. 36 Inch Printed Pongee Fell Holmes also gave a Tap] for the equRableflistribution of number. These children were[ our wealth and" commodities, 36 in.White Broadcloth food 19~.., all from Kerens. based on servlees rendered. I When tile gong clangs where are your Insurance Policies? You protect your property with insurance. How are you protecting your insurance policies? You will need them to get your insura.ce. YOUR insurance policies and other valuable papers will be absolutely safe if you keep them in a private safe deposit box in our vaults. You alone have the key. Our vault is fire.proof--burglar proof-mob proof. Malakoff, Texas BE RELIEVED OF PRESSING TROUBLES Don't be bothered with things that we can do for you. It's easier for us to call regularly for your ck/thea, clean, press and repair them, than it is for you to be troubled thinking about them. We positively guarantee.satisfaction. A Trial Will Be the Test Of Our Statementl Malakoff Dry Cleaners N. C. VANDAGRIFF, Proprietor 36 In. White Pique - 25c and 29c This pique is of excellent quality and you will get a real value in either price range that you select from. Ideal for dresses or suits 36 in. Narrow Wale Pique 39c and Here are two outstandinu values in fine quality, narrow wale white pique. See these cloths by all means before you make your purchases for summer. 36 Inch Wide Wale Pique Here is a very fine quality, wide wale pique in white and dainty pastel shades. It is ideal for dresses, suits and skirts and is a remarkable value at this price. The yard 36 Inch Organdie in Shadow Stripes and Checks Truly, summer's most favored fabric for blouses and trims, and this offering is of such excellent quality that you must be sure to supply your needs from tl is lot. Yard @ PANY. East Side of the Square Athens, Texas