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June 9, 1977     The Malakoff News
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June 9, 1977

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Page 4 ' Did You Know? By Lu Ten Napel The history of dolls m almost a history of man hinfself. Although we have little proof, it is safe to say that dolls have been around as long as people have. Stone age relics of clay that have been found show just a hint of the shape of the body and face. In the Bronze age, from 2,000 up to 1,000 B.C. the dolls were fiat and carved from marble, limestone, bone, slate or alabaster. The earliest dolls were undoubtedly connected with the warship, of the pre- historic people. Some, representing the gods whose favor they were seeking. These primitives hoped that the gods would grant them good crops, success in war and even children to childless couples. Other images were made to house the souls of a "dear departed" relative, to keep those unseen spirits from bothering the living members of the family. Most of those remaining in museums, and private col- lections are terra-cota, or hard baked clay.  One custom that is known to ihave been prevalent in ancient times was the burying of live members of a dead king's or prince's family as well as his best loved servants in the tomb with him when he died. One horrible tale is told of the dying agonies of these helpless victims of a Japanese Prince. The wise emperor decreed that someone must plan something to change this custom. A potter was found who could fashion figures suitable to substitute for the family and servants. Many such figures have been found in ancient tombs. Because the ancient Chinese have left more recorded history than other nations we have another bit of interesting information. Soon after the invention of paper, which has been traced back to the second century Before Christ, images were cut from paper, rubbed all over the body, then thrown into a river. The sins of that person would be absorbed by the paper image and those sins would float calmly down- stream with the image and finally be lost at sea, leaving behind a pure and unstained soul. Another ancient Chinese custom was the use of an ivory image of a woman in diagnosing illness. A Chinese lady must never expose any part of her body to any man except her husband. When she became ill she sent her maid to the doctor and the maid told the doctor where er mistress had pain by pointing to the area on the ivory image. These useful ivory images would date back many centuries. An ancient doll of our own country is the Indian Kachina which is found in our own Southwest. Kachinas are most closely associated with the Hopi people on the high mass of Northeast Arizona. The old people of the tribe say that the Kachina gods live in the heights of the San Francisco peaks, north of Flagstaff. All of the young men of the tribe are warriors. At anytime, one of the warriors may he visited in his dreams by one of these sacred gods and told of a new and acceptable ceremony of worship. The young man upon awakening tells his fellow tribesmen of his dream and fashions a model of the cos- tume that the god told him should be worn. He must carve this from driftwood picked up along the banks of the Little Colorado River. If he uses any feathers they must come from the sacred eagles that the tribe keep as captives, tied to the roofs of their Oat roofed, sunbaked, adobe homes. After the great ceremony is over, the model may be given to a favorite child as a plaything, Since this custom dates back many centuries this is the first mention, that I have found, of an image of a human being used as a play 'toy. I would say, knowing little girls, however, that r limi imaginations had invented dolls to play with for many centuries before their elders got around to making life like toys for them. A handkerchief or shawl, or any piece of cloth stuffed in the center with almost anything and tied with a string to form a head would serve an imaginative child very well. Or even a stick, or a cob, with a blanket wrapped around it, could come alive in a child's fertile mind. The oldest specimens of dolls of our own culture and saved through the genera- lions or told about in ancient diaries were crudely carved from wood by some member of the family. As craftsmen perfected their arts, finer specimens of toys began to appear. As early as 1600 there were 17 workshops in Germany devoted to the manufacture of dolls. By 1700 there were six "Master Doll- makers of Nuremburg-- Germany." The most common materials used in this doll making, besides carved wood, were wax, China, and paper-macbe. By the middle 1700's the Germans were fast becoming past masters in the art of China firing. During this period, Catherine de Medici was a power in France. She and her French dress designers decided to make and dress dolls and send them to foreign countries to show the latest Parisian styles abroad. At first these doll's heads were fashioned from paper-mache with elaborate hair styles and stiff jointless wooden bodies. Later they were refined to have bisque heads, molded and jointed bodies which were more often than not covered with kid. These were known as "Fashion, Dressmaker or milliner dolls." The costumes were correct to the smallest i, evep  jewelry. These ambassadors traveled duty free and records to their dispatch are still seen in old account books of the French Court. However, it was not until the 19th century (the 1800s) that dolls ceased always to represent men and women and came to take the form of babies. The baby doll was first taken into Germany from England in the 1850s. Bby dolls were first introduced at the Crystal Palace Exposition in London in 1851. Several of these earlier baby dolls are highly prized possessions today. The Schmidt doll from Germany is mostly an 1880 to 1890 production. The one my cousin owns, she bought in an antique shop just because she fell in love with it. It is mentioned in Coleman's Encyclopedia of Dolls. The Bye-lo baby, was sculptored by Grace Story Putman off a three day old baby's face. It has at times brought as much as $70,000 in yearly royalties. You can see why doll making has become big business. It was in the 1800s, during the industrial Revolution that doll making changed from an individual basis, like father whittling out his daughter's Christmas doll and Geppetto in his little toy shop designing Pinocchio and carving him from wood. Dollmaking went into the factories and became a world wide industry. Collectors usually site the year 1830 as a guide date for this change. It was around this date that the highly valued china and bisque (which is unglazed china) were first produced in any quanity in Germany, and then later in France. You may be surprised to know that the talking and walking doll is not new, only improved. In 1823 the French Industrial Exhibi- tion had dolls that said mama and papa. In 1825 the earliest known sleeping doll was marketed and in 1826 the first doll to walk by itself appeared. It was known as an "Autoperiptetikos" and moved by a key wound mechanism inside the body. CONTINUED NEXT WEEK .In China, at one period, there were 3,000 rules of conduct to be learned and obeyed. MALAKOFF NEWS The Corner See By Amy '.Brown ii! i! I 1 Mthers whose ,children cind f pudn YU want and i n Tell were in Mrs. Brewer s second stir and put in the iebox. By grade class at Mabank this Penny. year received an unusufil - By Lois Williams Mother's Day gift. Boys and girls decided what their mothers cooked that they liked best, then they asked their mothers for the recipe. The second graders wrote their versions of the recipes and put them all together in a cook book. One of the mothers shared her treasure with us and we're sure you'll enjoy these culinary masterpieces concosted by the second graders. Cookies seemed to be the favorite treat for the second graders and their interpreta- tion of Mother's recipes is fascinating. Dewain, for instance, offers some very practical advice in his cookie recipe. COOKIES suger, milk, Flower, egg, vainlla. You cook it before you eat it. Rex takes the same approach with his unusual recipe for cony cooies You mix the opmil with the cholt and cook it then you eat it. Coockies by Robert Do you wont to know how to make coockies. If you bo ill tell you. You take shoger, flower vanela and buttermilk and eggs. DOUNUTS You get some bisquits and make a hole in the middle and put them in a meddle pan with holes in it and put into a cooker-frier and cook it for about 1 minit. You'll never find a more unusual recipe for fudge than Tina's. FUGE You put milk and flawce and you need shogr and shornen to and you will need two eegs and sam riscrespes and butter and two more eeg. Wade prefers Bar Q chickan I've been hearing tales about a place called Red's Barn for several months. Edna Malone, who used to own Malone's Hobby House in Gun Barrel City was the first to mention it. She said that is where she buys economy priced denim shirts on which to paint, embroider or applique lovely designs. Another friend told me that some local folks nick named it "Little Neimans." Their economy priced stock of western clothes for the whole family is very popular with people shopping for work clothes for ' is very popular with people shopping for work clothes or the kind of jeans that kids like to wear. I've been promising myself I'd go roaming in the country someday and find this source of real bargains. One day last week "someday" arrived. Despite a thermometer that was trying to blow it's top, I persuaded a friend to go exploring and we headed for the back roads and finally did find Red's Barn. My informants had told me that it was hard to find the first time and they were almost right, but once know the I. You need chickan. 2. bar Q sos 3. a grill 4. cholco 5. fire starter. You won't go wrong if you follow David B.'s recipe for Strawberry Shortcake Whipped Cream Stawberrys Shortcake You take the shortcake, put it on a plate then put straw- berry on it and spray it with whipped cream. Laure's Choocklet cake You need some flower and some milk. And ster it up. And you need one egg, 3 cups of flower too. And you need some vinella. And then you Jason gives a few more cook it about 3 minits and details for his Cholchet chip then take it out. And 2 more You put some chips in it and ster it up and you put it in the over, then you keep it in the oven and you bakes it about I0 means. Kasey's tea cakes might be a little explosive. :. c. buttermilk 2 c. suger 4 c. flower 2 eggs 1 c. shooting 1 tsp. venla You ster to a stef dogh. You can put 2 c. flour, bake at 250. How about a big bowl of Penny's pudon? PUDON Put water in a bowl and the First Savings Has Money To Lend. ForA New Camper. eggs will do. And some suger, And then cook it 3 more minits. Budget Guests The make an entertainment budget "behave," when planning a party of any type, allow a certain amount of money to be spent per guest-- and don't go over the amount, sggests Claudia Kerbel, consumer information specialist Malakoff Branch SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION OF ATHENS Malakoff Branch 219 North Terry, Ivlalakoff An%ua'0991t Opportunity Lerer An Affiliate Of Invest-Tex, Inc. LENDER it's not really careful notes of if you keep a sharp' signs you can drive through Highway 198. get to Phalba, Farm Road 316. several miles to miles further on See SEE, Page MYWAY Free QuaUty Caney City TRADE'S DAY Highway 90 in Caney City No charge for dealer spaces.... ALL traders welcome... Eustace Every Saturday and Sunday beginning May 28-29 Plenty of FREE parking! SHAPE "21" HEALTH CENTER MABANK, TEXAS 887-5313 R SPECIAL $9 95 per SUMM .. For 4 Month Crash Course lIEN WOMEN ,llAll 2 re4 ikMN | re4 inokes in skeuiders, in keel dt arm LOSI[ | te4 LOU | te 4 inekes inekes ill waist in waist OALL OR OOME BY TODAY liND BET STARTEO OR YOUR EXEROISE PROGRAM. ONARTER PATES STILL AVAILABLE. I,g19[ Z LOSE | tt 4 inokos inokee in in htp= ilho We IKe to positive that you can achieve these results bY following our perlorlized program of figure shaping end food consultation that we will give you 3 MONTHS FREE IF YOU FAIL! . hmttl oxord** oroo . ilosnrt O . Ultra Room STUDENT PATES ALSO AVAILABLE. NURRY SUMMFR IS M.NOST NERE. y AI ,Ioo W,mN .. PdvatO .- -, . . Mgd ox .,,., o,,,... " apparahls " =" "-':':'- . Fipro . '+"'-' "-: .... , -. Oonteud= .,I--\\;\-----"oE,':'2 IY ]  . iT 1 ,, Maohinoa *'"+ +..,, .... Ponud ' + + l+'+' "+" ..+'+"'o,,''.,:" "i Pro.m ,,- - ,,, -,- . Porlo ,o. ,.. ,, F.xtroe