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June 9, 1983     The Malakoff News
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June 9, 1983

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SA--The Malakoff News, Thursday, June 9, 19153 q @ By MARY HUNTER Karen Ashlock of Maiakoff is special. She teaches first grade. In these turbulent times when schools and teachers are under attack and much is said of problem children, Karen is like a refreshing breeze on a hot summer day. She loves children and loves to teach. "Children are just plain old in- teresting," the attractive Trinidad Elementary School teacher said. "I never dread going to school in the morning. First graders are so anxious to learn, anxious to please and willing Imve grown, both physically and men- tally." A contagious excitement seems to flow as Karen talks about "her children." "It is really exciting when they learn to read," she said. "I get out the tape recorder." 'She says she begins to think of the children as "my children" about two months after school starts each year. "If you feel like that about the children, they sense it. I get real possessive about them." She has taught the first grade at Trinidad for the past 12 consecutive years. The graduating seniors this year the items come in, the sl~op is set up in Karen's sparsely furnished formal living room and is open about four days. The Christmas show was held in Oc- tober and in March they had a spring sale. This summer, they plan an education toy show and a tree trimming sale is set for September. "It is fun going to market," she said. "We want people to tell us what they want and we will get nice things." Someday Karen thinks she might go back to school and get her master's degree as a reading specialist. But that is only a look into an interest for the "Children have a natural desire to smile, she learn and a natural curiosity which there a boring day makes teaching interesting," Karen graders. said. you are, you that With a slight shake of her head and a (students) make WEEKLY With damp weather and cool nights, foliar diseases on vegetable crops are increasing, says Dr. George Philley, powdery mildew is r~es, crape myrtle and Care shored be taken to towork. It's fun to teach them." were in her initial class of Trinidad first future, plant pathologist for the Texasfestations as soon as When Karen was growing up in graders. . . She is more than content teaching Agricultural Extension Service. Sep- follow all label directions Garland, she thought of becoming a Next year she will have the xargest "her first graders" at Trinidad. toria leaf spot is infesting tomatoes and fungicides. nurse, The aptitude tests she took in class she has taught. Another challenge "Trinidad is an easy school in which other diseases are showing up on Many producers are al high school pointed toward a career in she will experience is to teach one of to teach," she said and explained, numerous vegetables, get the first cutting of ha public service of some type. her own children, 6-year-old Cagey. "because the administration is so good Most fungicides cleared for a par- stored. Dr. Sim Reeves, Jn At Stephen F. Austin State University The Ashlock family lives in Malakoff. to you and good to help you in any way. ticular vegetable will do a good job of agronomist, says that real in Nacogdoches, she took general cour- Karen said she previously thought that The classes are small and we do not controlling the diseases Hot dry ting is very critical to hay ( weather should eliminate or slow down controlling weeds in ha~ ses for a while before she decided to go she should not teach in the same school have the urban problems of the larger the developement and spread of many more nutrients, water arm into teaching, her children a ttended, schools. As she began observation of classes, Because of transportation problems, "In this school, the parents are in- of the diseases, available for the growth d l she found she was partial to younger she took Cagey to Trinidad for his kin- terested in their kids and that is very Diseases tend to increase rapidly in species. . _.~[ KAREN ASHLOCK children. This could have been influen- dergarten classes. She decided to let important, areas where the same vegetable has ]Reeves says that pro~n~',~ A ............................................................................. ced she said, because she had a brother him continue school there. Since she is been planted for a number of years, plan to store approximate~d~ ~{]~ l~ Home construction 14 years younger than she is. the first grade teacher, she will play a TTI crash tests particularly ff disease problems have and one-half tons of quality m~ll~ ,L ~,JL Karen met her husband, Gary, at dual role: teacher and mother, been experienced in the past. cow for feeding next winu~ SFA. He is now the Lady Cardinal Daughter Michel is a recentshow wheel chair Vhilley says that ornamentals are amount depends on the ~ ~L called a "disgrace" basketball coach at Henderson County Malakoff graduate and ll-year-old also being affected by diseases. Black cows and the type and |J']5 Many new homes in Texas are con- Junior college. After they married, he Greg is a freshman at Cross Roads restraints unsafe spot has been prevalent on roses and being utilized, w~jw structed so poorly that they constitute a taught school until she received her High School. disgrace, says a state specialists in degree. Then she taught and he retur- training city building code inspectors. ' ned as a student. Although nearly three-fourths of all She taught a year at Lttfkin and Texas towns and cities have building taught the third grade at Trinidad for codes, there are not enough inspectors twoyears. to approve new construction, said When she came to Trinidad she also George Stock of the Texas Engineering taught 8th grade history and goDr- Extension Service (TEEX), which con- nment. ducts year-round ciasses for inspoctors. "I was scared," she said as she The poor quality of some new homes smiled, "but I found the older children stems from a heavy influx of new were Just as lovely and as much fun as people into the Sunbelt and from flrstgraderss." political pressure from the housing in- Karen explains, the rewards of a first dustry to relax building code enfor- graae teacher, erom me re'st ox me cement where boom times are best. year to the last, you can see how they A'U'CTION SALE " MAZY & A SOCIATES Sot., June 11, 1983 11:00 A.M. J & W Trade Corner 1 blk. N. of Courthouse (.behind Pheasant Nest Restaurant) Canton, Tex. Complete L,quidation of Inventory. This is a partial list only/ 1974 International 1 ton truck with 200 amp Lincoln welder furni- ture, lamps, antiques, metal shelving, primitives, tools, hand tools, motorcycle, lawn mowers, boxes of books, boxes of gloss- ware, much, much more than can be listed. 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Three-way calling can make conference calling easy, and right in your home. Custom Calling Features. Just another way United Telephone Company of Texas can help you get the most out of your phone. Easily. In nslvely. Conveniently. The choice is yours, United Telephone of Texas Karen smiled as she admitted that Crash tests conducted at Texas A&M t ,,,..A~.t she likes sports. "You are almost for- University reveal that handicapped IS mob nun ced to in this family," she said and persons riding in wheelchairs inside - , Yearly t laughed "I like the outdoors." automobiles face serious injury, even . -- ~tI In the summer, the family spends a during collisions of less than 30 mph, e cannot t~ J'i lot of time at the lake water skiing, bedause of inadequate restraints. ",= egil This year, as they have for several The tests, performed by the Texas Although aspirin is perhaps the most liver disease or a virus id ~e~t geaUl~l years, the family will go to Glorietta, Engineering Experiment Station and popular drug on the market, some liver should not take the drt~'Jml ,.., ." N.M with a group from the First Bap- the Texas Transportation Institute, people cannot take it because of an As with the over-the-CO~_~1~w m,'~rtt tist Church in Malakoff. were conducted on an instrumented allergy or certain other disorders. For aspirin and acetamin01~J ~,."~, m - =lPgil~ Raising a family and teaching school dummy seated in a typical wheelchair, many of these people, the answer to generally safe to take if_l~ leaves Karen with little time for hob- The dummy was subjected to simulated relieving pain or reducing fever is andwarningoniabelsarexoJ" l .... bies, but she likes to do things with her front, rear and side collisions, acetaminophen. -- , j ~.Cl~ hands. The handwork she enjoys most Several generic types of widely used Familiar brand names of this non- Texas A&M is crochet and she had made several wheelchair restraints were tested, prescription drug include Allerest, ~'- ~J 'b~ c~ Ill afghans, She also sews and does During the crashes, the dummy was Tylenol,.Datril'. . Bromo-Seltzer, Tem- build thew O~ l~ _ dlvidv needlework, thrown to the floor head-first, launched pra, Lzqunprnm and Anacin-3. _.~ ~.'~rizhiz The Trinidad teachers have done into the dashboard and windshield, or Acetaminophen also is combined with Dismayed by the $50,000 ~ .z~. Evq recent projects for fellow tedchers, was somersaulted backwards in a back- aspirin in such products as Excedrin a conventional industrial ro~'~ g~e When a couple of teachers retired, their breaking movement, and Vanquish. chers and engineering ~,~ IZ~)er fellow teachers each took a section of On the basis of our tests, our opinion is In many ways acetaminophen andTexas A&M have createa ~ ~ cloth which they embroidered. Thethat none of the devices as currently aspirin are similar, but they also have less than $1,000. .... ~ ~]TIFII1 homemaklng teacher then set them configured offer acceptable protection some important differences, says the Called "Aggie 1", the fiv e~# -" Texas Medical Association The main is a community roject together as gifts for the retirees, in a crash at 20-25 mph," says the . P l~'~tl~q~ ~te The teachers also used th~s method to esearchers report, similarity is that they both lower fever wsed by Dr Robert make special gifts for two teachers who Most manufactures of adaptive " ' ' " had babies. One was an embroidered equipment for the handicapped have baby quilt and the other crocheted, small businesses, the researchers said, Karen looks forward to a project and do not have facilities for testing planned for this summer. She is going crashworthiness. Many manufac- to learn to quilt, turers, as well as the public, are not With her love for children, Karen ex- aware of the safety problems, they tends her time to teach Mission Frien- said. ds, a class of preschoolers at her chur- . ~. . . ldesi~ _._.., b~-~:..-n~c~~ ch,. Serendipity House,, is a fun business rro,ess.or cmnms ~n~hae~omiidhev ~{ t~n~ gh omm:t ~e ~ : :s~:)Cn fioatmeda~i io~ obU, with a fun name conceived by Karen ' some rmne owners " o g ay arise, tware and hardware. In ..~'t~ a~Dabl and friend, Peggy Farmer. -- -- People with certain disorders should handle on it we decided w- I lz,,,~... ' ""~l ~ She laughs delightfully as she recalls may spend too much not take aspirin unless told otherwise own, he said .~ ~to some responses the name has " = by a doctor. These include flu and ........... t,il~'~ ~t,,_ r nrovok~,d "When nl~cino nrd~r~ nvpr Strip mine owners may he spending chicken pox in children, ulcers, asth- the;ep::e~re~a~ S~arr[ue~v:a;~'~ ~,,.~ [he nhon--e so"me" or~'~r-ator~"'~ ~=i",~ ~ thousands of unnecessary dollars in the ma, gout, bleeding problems, and kid ..... ~ -q*.~ _ vod~J ~i,-'~~ 'Sararh who?" r ....... . ."=" process of reclaiming some depleted hey or liver disease s[uaents nave worxen oni~,7!~ ~Y an The business, a hobby, is a seasonal mine sites, says a Texas A&M Univer- One of the main o'~ .... * ..... ' ox me machine, xoung s= , ~ "~rvo ....... ,s~o u, ' obot s~[y mnnscapo arcmmct acetamin,,,,h=n i= ",o* it ha t ...... ~,~ono breakthrough m r : ~ W~lld gift shop. She and Peggy go to market " " " ' " " effects ~as i~ "~ ...... :?,~. ..... ? does offer reasonable a~ ~ater i at Dallas and order for the shop. When Dr. Harlow t, andpnalr, as soclaze irri*ote the ot~Pmz]~n~ecausez~,,%~, no z relatively easy for studeSl~ ~ that ar~ professor ox mnuscapo arcmr~cture, .................. : """"~ with a~be;. said under the right conditions many allergic reactions, acetaminoph~en can " " Give love June YOUR PICK.) strip mined sites will revegetate with a he taken by people with ulcers or minimum of help from man. Predic- aspirin allergies. tions are that a million acres of Texas Acetaminophen's main disadvantage Tastes in Father's land will be stripped in the next 40 or 50 is its effect on the liver. 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