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June 13, 2001     The Malakoff News
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June 13, 2001

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PAGE 4A - The Malakoff News - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 Community Today is the 7th of June al- ready (as I write) and it still feels sorta like Spring most of the time. The small showers keep on coming to help the grass grow again, after it has been mowed. The yard people are re- ally getting to work this Spring. I got 1/2 inch of rain last night, and I didn't even know it was raining! Bat I love it, and hope it does this all through.. summer. We all had a pleasant surprise at the center Wednesday. Henry Hicks was thee. He lo,es to dance, and he dances with most of the ladies, or as mmy as he can get around to. When you dance with Henry yoir are getting your exercise! He is a good dancer, but he really puts all of his energy into it. He is a fun fellow! He said that his wife, Ruth had the grandkids, so there was no room for him, so he got out for the day. Welcome anytime, Henry. Carlie B., and A.C. West in the nursing home. But Charlie still brings her out and takes her for rides and such. She is a lovely person and I know it breaks Charlie's heart to have her that way. Those of us who have no Reppond's Roundup one with that dis- ease should thank God every day and also say our prayers for those who do. Dean Parker was back for an- other visit. It is MaryReppond hard for him to come out since his wife died. but he really needs to be with friends. Maybe soon he will be able to come out more often. Dorothy and A1 Barlow were back again. They took a trip North. Dorothy has a brother still living in Minne- sota, so they visited with him and his family, and then they stepped over the border into Canada and visited with some friends. I am glad they had a nice time, but I am glad they are back home. I called Gertie Alderman this morning to see how John is I them at the center. After coming, home from the center Wednesday, Johnnie and I went to Dorothy's and played 42 nearly all afternoon. Dorothy had called Theo to come play with us but she is ill, so Belle Jenkins was called. Just by accident Belle was available, so we had a very good time. But Belle told us that she and Frank are planning on buying a place in West Virginia, and move there. Soon, I think. I hope she does not forget her friends here in Texas. Now, about Theo. She is having an awful time with ar- thritis. The doctor first said it was rheumatoid type,, but later tests proved that to be false. But the kind she has is really dealing her some misery, so please say your prayers for Theo. Last weekend Johnnie Rhoades, along with her daughter, her granddaughter, and her husband and their young son, went to Whmsboro to the Rhoades family re- union. They visited family graves while they were there. I talked to my niece, Hilda were out for adanee or two. doing. He sort of faltered a - JoAnding-the otherday, after Neither of them have been well lately. Also, Charlie Hall- mark brought his wife Clara out for a short while. Clara, as you probably know has Alzheimers disease, and lives little last week, but seems to be doing better now. Now Gertie has problems. She has the singles. So both of these friends still need your earnest prayers. We really do miss several people told me that she was ill. I first talked to her younger sister Betty and found out she was better and then to Hilda and she said she was feeling well enough that i .Crossword TIMBER LINE II "-- Ik at III IJIw I "The -- 44 TIw gudu, II1' PtIKl 1111 WIs II 11 POlio aloist 10  4?  lawn Stezstc Im "The 14 18 Hotml8 106 Bind 10t dlot 8,uoy.  .,eum" IT plllllmnllXl 11 1, liult al 1. t .aied denimm 41 Fllald 1111 / F . '111 12 BolJn 40 mlllo # M Knlme. il = T Ollm 1MIMy 13 Cul, In nmld C4)dr mmrmlrt M Monk'm . 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So when summertime came and the watermelons got ripe, we couldn't waito cut into one, hoping it was really good and ripe. Daddy would bring a bunch in from the field in the wagon and place them under the house and porch, so they would be in the cool. At the same time be would put one in a wash tub and draw up cold'wmerfromthe well and  cover the melon and leave it for a while before cutting it. Then everyone would get a spoon or fork (I always used a spoon so I could dip up the delicious juice that was left in the bottom of the rind. When everyone was through eating, daddy would scrape the inside of the rind for me, making - more sweet-:juice. At 6 or... 7 -o/id thatamlon tasted ntuch btt, titan,any candy or ice cream did. And I still love watermelon. Someone else needs our prayers this week; Tina Segler is in the hospital undergoing tests. I really don't know any details, but she can use all the prayers she can get. I would like to congratulate Clara Jo for being able to re- tire and start doing a few things she really wants to do. I hope she has fun along the way, I am trying to figure out a way to retire, but the-only thing I have left to retire from is this column, but as I said I am trying to figure out a way l I thought that as long as I kept writing for her paper that I would see more of my sister, but that tunas out to be not true. I think I see less of her. But I will work something out, l guess. See you next time, maybe. i .... x .......  ............. BY CLARA Jo DAVIS June will be over before we know it, wonder why time passes so fast. Years ago when I was small, it seemed like a year was long time. R. J. Trammell, had surgery last week, not doing well, may have to take leg off. Say a special prayer for him and wife. Joyce (Barton) Trammell. Cross Roads News Notes Clara Jo Davis We had a wedding at the C.R. Baptist Church Satur- day afternoon: George Jamieson married Holly ? Margie Summers was an invited guest (next-door neighbor) said Ana Jamieson. George's daugh- ter, looked so pretty (she was the bride's attendant. We wish them much happi- ness. Saturday, at the Union Cemetery, saw a lady that is special to me. 57 years ago, June the eighth, she was at my wedding to Osburn Davis. Charlesie ifhe was sure, I would take his name off my list, no need to play, knowing you were going to get beat! I didn't know that I was going to get beat so bad that day. I guess I've got to plan some time with the Malakoff Cedar Lake home too: I want to say much more about my bean patch - they make your back and legs hurt so badly - picking them. A lady by the name of Irene Boyd, went to school at Cross Roads, has been in Green Oaks Nursing home 25 years. Said they didn't go to school long at Cross Roads. I asked if she had brothers or sisters , she had a brother named George Wheeler. George used to go home with me lots of times. I only had one sister, Bobble (MorriSon), no brothers. George was from a broken home, had a bad home life. Of course, Merci (Tolbert) went to every one teased me! We scii''ol" ai" Cross Roads, ................. never ......... mstreated'"": ......... him," * anti " ....... C.W. Harton, and Lora (Turlington) later, Mr. and Mrs. Were our attendants. C. W. is my first cousin, and Lora was my husband's niece. I'm their Aunt! Lora and C.W. had over- night guests, Sandra, "Big Evelyn's" (Turlington's) daughter, her husband, -l,6(,,14er-dau ght er;' il I arid  ScfOtftiil Oflmdkids, ' Sin ,qtr,al:. They.areuhe same kin as Lora is to me'. Grandparents were the late Ollie and Carrol Turlington. Ollie was a Davis, my sis- ter-in-law. I did go to Green Oaks Nursing Home Tuesday and Wednesday, had so much funI Got there at 9:00 S.M. and stayed until 3:30 , took fingernail polish off for several ladies, ate lunch with them, played"42", then they had an afternoon Chip and Dip party, stayed for that! Visited with sev- eral people, Burnell Trammell, Rachael Hopkins, Addle Wylie, J anice ( Pin ke r t on ) Crawford, and Maury Crist. hlso Colonel Turlington who watched us play "42", Asked him if he thought he could beat me in 42? Said yes, I said are you sure? Said yes again, so I told him I had wohdered about him thru the years. Irene said he had died, that all her family was gone. Little Tyler Turlington, Mary Frances Turlington's great grandson, only six months old, will have tubes put in his ears, has a lot of ear trouble. Our kids that went to MOrning 'Star'Rarrelv really .had, a good ime. 'They lilt steps, cut down trees with chain saw, painted some, and clearect out trails. They were gone 5 days. Tipped by an informant, officers find some crack in the LibertyBell. With school out, several are on vacation, don't know who all. Mary Ruth Pettiette, the late Harold's wife, said the last of Harold's horses, died last week. They bur- ied it on their place. They loved to ride horses, said this was the 6th one they had buried, all died from old . ., age. Pearl and T.C. Williams are not feeling very. good this week. I picked and carried them a big mess of green beans. If 1 do pick and gi-ve you a mess, feet honored, that is hard work! Got to be on my way, for today to see what I can get into! Thanks for reading! :il Pvt. Mallord graduates basra tratnlng Army PVt. Rodney R. Mal- lard has graduated from basic infantry training at,Fort Benning, Columbus, Ga. : The soldier received training in drill and ceremonies, weap .... on s, map reading, tactics, mili- tary courtesy, military justice, physical fitness, first aid, and Army history and traditions. " During infantry training, he developed basic combat skills . and battlefield operations and  tactics: and experienced using various weapons and weapons defenses available to the infan- try crewman. :: Mall d is the son of Biuy and Kathy Mallard of 1410 N. Pal- :: estine, Athens, Texas. He is a 2000 graduate of - Harcourt High School, Athens.