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Malakoff, Texas
June 14, 1935     The Malakoff News
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June 14, 1935

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PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY red at the Postoflice at Malakoff second class matter. L. J. SCHOLL, EDITOR Subscription Price $1.00 a Year. &dvertising Rates on request, , , j Resolutions and Cardsof Thanks must be paid for at regular rate. In case of error in advertisement this paper will not be re- for more than the cost of the advertisAment. sincerely hopes that the election will carry by an overwhelming majority because we believe that by L L STEYEI~-JON Meandering and meditations: The old homes of Washington Square North .... The last downtown stand of aristocracy.... Wonder how long before the5 will give place to apartments? . Washington square, the breathing space of the tenements . . . and of the poets of the tenements and basements .... Wonder what's become of that little place where meals were so good and prlces so low? . . Repeal probably forced it out of business .... Th~ stately pile of No. 1 Fifth avenue seen from a Sixth avenue elevated train . . . and the glimpses into the Third street tenement windows from that same moving viewpoint. . . Dark-eyed girls making artificial flow- era . . and daffydllls blooming on a windowsill .... A push cart loaded with caged canaries .... A hurdy gurdy playing merrily. . Another carload of Chevrolets it will give us the great opportu. WbUe little girls dance on the sl'de: was unloaded here Monday for nity for advancement that can in walk. the Royall Chevrolet Company_. Our idea of a neglected advertis- ling opportunity--Roy Weir, Jr., a dispenser of base ball equip- ment playing himself without a glove .... The nightly baseball games here are drawing large crowds of people, many of whom no other manner be provided. When the time comes there will be found those who will fight the movement, it will be the same folks, hoT, ever, that are against a 11 other progressive moves, so don't let them deceive you with their pessimistic tales are from surroundingtowns and of high taxes There will be communities .... One local mer- taxes, of course, but certainly chant expresses the wish not those of an extortionate na. gt they wouldn't have ball games on tore There will be no need of a Saturday night He thought the high rate of taxes to carry on the teams ought to give the mer- affairs of a city government in a a break now and then. town of this size. Don't let them asked if there were no tell you that your property will people in town Saturday night, be overtaxed to pay for city sew. he said "there never are when stage and paved streets, either, there'sa bailgame" .... In guess- because any one with even a ing at the weight of the huge small amount of brains can read- sack of flour that has been on ily see that Malakoff Is too wide- display in Harbour's window ly scattered to permit of either A tea room that turned beer gar- den . . . and Is now a tea room again .... Basement ice dealers all set for another season of business, . Vegetable peddlers singing their unlntelliglblle cries . . . and a for- eign langual~e newspaper seller crying his wares In his native tongue .... A pretty girl feeding sugar to the sleek horse of a mounted policeman . . . and thns making a pretty picture. . . An artist sketching an old house .... Which has not yet been turned Into apartments .... Young- stern bouncing balls against building fronts, $ S $ Ely Culbertson, who confesses that he helped build up contract bridge by bringing Into play the inferiority com- plex of women . . and by making it 'Impossible for husbands to face tile wife if they coulda't play .... J. Wadsworth Carpenter, former ehalr. man of tbe Rockaway Fisheries com- mission .... Who complains that there are too few federal flounders for Jamaica bay .... Only 3,500,. 000 planted this year. . Last year, the government i~rnished 12,000,000. . .while one Republican admlnlstra- tlon dumped in 18,000,000 one spring. . . Flounders are planted In the spring . ., and caught the next win. Oscar Phillips missed by only 2 of these. Investigate the propo- ter.... Maybe... GeneBuck In a ounces. The sack weighed 150. sition of your own accord and new light tan coat.. lbs. and 12-ounces and his guess then vote as you consider best MaJ Edward Bowes smiling at FINELY BALANCED Q Tie Master De l.uxe Coupe money--get everything--own a Master De Luxe East Niteham Street Phone 22 LOW-PRICED CAR" EVER BUILT Nowhere else, in the entire field of motor cars, will you get such balanced design, balanced riding qualities and balanced performance . . . at such sur- prisingly low prices . . . as in the new M aster De Luxe Chevrolet! It's tbe only car in its price range that brings you Body by Fisher, Turret-Top con. struction, Knee-Action Ride and Blue-Flame valve-in-head engine. See this finer car today! CtlEVJ(OLET MOTOR COMPANY. DETROIT. MICHIGAN Compare Ch~'rtslet's low dd~ pric~s and easy G. 31. A. C. terms. A Cenertd Motors Valu# DEALER ADVERTISEMENT Supt,, Floyd G. Betts, plant. Prin., Misses Bertha Ramsey, Francis Knutson, Willie Cotten, Mrs. M. T. Dodd and Mrs. L. Halakoff, Texas and Alice Finney. J. Scholl entertained the latter's I was 150-10. The guess brought for your own interests and for Broadway.... H!s WHN. amateur Sunday School class with a pic- him in the first prize=a 30-piece the future value of your own lo lr .lsialnta:U S nnal lgetCntlle;.e en Ten Years Ago n.ic dinner on Cedar Creek Mon. offTregSet fromf silverwareandtheBObsoftDaviShall gametkCharlieMon.time tamYr!r iPn ! r y :h :~[~h: ~!~.ilt .hie. ih ! bi tei illS:i: gE day night tO subscribe for The loins ;:; IF you saw a tree in the summer time without leaves -you would say it was useless ,, think of old north'ern Michigan days. ~ appendicitis at the St. Paul Sani- cumbered up the ground-should be cut Malakoff News .... A want-ad in ................................................... . . . When May and I went out and . . . . . C-nadlan RoTs! Pal:-- gathered t ose fragment pink blooms [ The first msue of The Trlmdad tarlum in Dallas. down: for the purpose of a tree is to accumu- the Dallas NewsSuuday morning .... . ..- ..:.~--~. --v t~o . . . and never dreamed that some ITranscript was issued this week " late leaves and fruit. [e ls t hat one of the local bus- Will Add Dogs to Force day we "would be living In the City of |by J H Cooper The paper is Misses Theretta Bartlett, Cal Ottawa,--Royal Canadian Mounted the Seven Million. . |. " " .... ' ...... " iness concerns is forsale ..... Re- police will use highly trained dogs of * , laevotea co me Interests west lly Johnson and Nell Sanders, So it is with human beings. If the child sn sial ds f t ski ~r nn na a An apple-cheeked old gentleman Henderson and East Navarre who have been attendm school member, tomorrow afternoon _~e ..... breeu_ _or _tacit.no ~_r,.~se. [ ] g grows up and accumulates no money in the e tooling a fine trottter up Madison ave- particularly in casE of persons lost |countiesUntil enuinment can lQt Ro.l P.ll a tha oot .oo bank--saves nothing from what he earns from sue be "a t- -- . ~* --~ Is-- ~ v'~*u j ~-, marks Malakoff's third big Trades lwno/:ieMb~Sl~e:nd ~r ge:1~tln,PO/l:~e lady'in a |nJous'l elng t.apatsltC et/beinstalled, thepaper is bein [ arrived home this week for the the community, of what use will he be to him- Day The hour is set for 3:30. missioner of the force announced her: flower venders on every corner.... A |printed at the Kerens Tribune l summer vacation, self and to the community in which he lives? ........ ,,~ , _ Training of dogs will begin at posts tall man in a green silk suit. . . , Ad- | , ' _ , For accumulation of money in the bank is as vertlsmg a beauty 4)arlor . The in western Canada and at the local . " " ' [. .... .I, . necessary to a man. as the accumulation of Incorporation , Rockllffe R .... C bI P barracks as soon That'schatter afprosperltya pneumatiCslgnrlveter., ' "At" ~1 .......... III I as the ground Is clear of snow. .. - ... /J J. A. FOWLI R, M. D. Ill E. o DODSON, Transier I fruit and leaves to a tree. ~mlth likes aogs t~est ann goats WITH the extensive drilling ac The doberman plnscher and the Get- II ....... . ........ Ill " I man shepherd dog, both bred In Can- next.... Used to play with goats IJ PHYSICIAN ann ~ugucuN Ill and all kinds of hauling | when an East side youngster , tivities that are soon to be visit- ads, will be trained. , , , " {[ Office in Skiles Building [[[ Prompt and Satisfactory Service ] ed upon "The Lignite City" the Little German bands playing on the [[ MALAKOFF, TEXAS Ill GUARANTEEDI i timeis considered, by a good renslon " sgea"~ ~ streets of Yorkvllle .... Garden ll |ll l making up In the Bronx. . . . The ] ' ' } many people, as being fully ripe for Alpine' Dog Hero Hudson sparkling In the sunL'2h' " .... | |~t " - , for the most important move of Grenoble, France---Alpine -uldes Bowery winter dwellers scattering all [j ......... |11 r~D IFtl7 R Ut/il ! IA . .......... L_ over the country Oy-slesta n-" . . ,, ".. ............. MS I xNatsenal ;a incorporation. Should success have asked the suvvt'na,nt to " ..... ,, at. ,,. trlT..,,. ,,,. at. .== , award a life ens,o ........... to the opon road In ears. . Coney, ................. " " ...... ' Malakoff, Texas ~, . ru a eaton, island sho ' " " bpeclauzing In eorrecung hero that saved the life of a skier, wing ragas of life .... [[ PHYSICIAN and SURGEON [[ ] : from any of the wells that helpless with a broken leg in the Sheepshead bay busy with fishing boat [[ I| defects of visionl ,be drilled in this vicinitysnow on an Inaccessible peak in a act, lvltles .... "Apartment to sub- [[ ................... ~" [[[ ~ ..;it. ~.~ ..... I m= ------~ ~ ,== rht be that wewillhave oc. temperature of 2" de-reeo b-~-'~ let announcements .... Broadway I MALAKOFF, TEXAS l1 """ [i zero~ " ~ ? ..... looking even more shabby .... l . [~ Every Monday ]I mm =m==m~ =ram ,oo I to wish that this move It ..... Im .i "~-~ 36 hours before rescuers Apartment house dwellers reading seed At Mare Hotel Malakoff Tex arrived. During the nlgl, t the dog catalogues. _ , [~ ............... I i eentaken, should we fail awolfhound, layontl~estrleken TlmesS-uareeaves;ro In "-ur FORCutFlowers, FuneralDe- l ] " ik ke the effort at this time. man, acting as a Urine blanket ...... Y pp g" e ..... ' " " ' i; nreventln~ him from freezl~,. ~z lOOKS nee a new spring outfit. But Slffns, ~riue s u luets, or any [I ~x~ [ "= | number of Malakoffpeople ....... he wore the same clothes In Florida thing in Flowers. Call 178 "" " when he dro~;e a ear down there for a DYTrlprlPI D l/IpqP poration is gaining Park avenue guy," _ .... Sanders Floral and Everfreen ~uxx~x~-xxx~x each passing day and the Company BREAD Happenings of YESTERDAY IN "'THE LIGNITE CITY" Twenty Years Ago Dr. W. W. Beach's barn suf- fered considerable damage when struck by lightning early Tues. day morning. The Texas Clay Products Com. pany is now not only making tile products, but also a first quality brick, John and Carrie Miles have Athens. :-: Texas Made in Henderson County Bob Johnson's ELECTRIC SHOE SHOP Expert Shoe and Harness Repair Satisfaction Guarantee i Electrical Wiring For electrical wiring, call me. Reasonable rates on all work. C. E. IRBY Times Herald Circulator ii ii , Merit is always rewarded; to reach the highest service attainment is our ambition; our record of public service has placed us in a position of which we are justly proud BALLARD FUNERAL HOME Phone 25 MALAKOFF, TEXAS Phone 100 a successful attempt seems brighter than ever been before. The being passed around and local citizens who hereto. fought all such efforts themselves aa favorable to the move and willing to exert their efforts to bring about its success It is our opinion that with the town incortr rated and with com. tmtent men at the head of our city affairs, that a gigantic step have been taken and will mean the turning rut of indifference to a bigger and brighter future for all of us. We believe that the time will.come and come soon when we will have the opportu. nity to vote on this question. "it's g:nerally onsidsred hard luek if the fudge seta before the nuts are just completed a substantial ad- dition to their home place. Boots Payne is limping on ac. count of his foot having come in contact with poison oak. l The school faculty for the corn- ing year, i915-16indude; J. G. And What A When you look at last year's suit and won. der how in the world you're going to make it serviceable this Spring...and you send it to the Malakoff Dry Cleaners .... and it comes back spic and span...incredibly new---oh, hoy --"Ain't it a gr-r.r.and and glo.r.rious feel- ing?" Malakoff Dry Cleaners N. C. VANDAGRIFF, P prietor