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June 19, 1975     The Malakoff News
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June 19, 1975

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TEXAS ASSOCIATION 1974 YEAR - NUMBER 24 MALAKOFF, HENDERSON COUNTY, &apos;tEXAS THURSDAY, JUNE 19, 1975 Herline Greco was fired Cross Roads Inde- t board Monday night, 30. followed a open hearing in a crowded to vith spectators and executive trustees. was 5 to 0 with [enry Hunter ab- to fire Greco Pryor, Maury Bristow, J.N. Turlington. was recorded by Larry Norris• dealt with five against Greco from board presi- sent to Greco trustees informed were considering his contract a present as well as a court were: reporter who taped the entire On 0u ncil Agenda he had failed to hearing. Greco was repre- sented by attorney Tommy Subjectsii [alakoff Cub Scouts bicycle inspection t, June 21, at at the Elementary old or young, who is urged by the out and make bicycle is safe. bicycle will give hours of a spokes- the clinic said. "See then." School District Prop'erty Appraisal To Nearly Double i Texas Appraisal Service biggest increases in tax valua- values. Although a number Following a discussion by has placed a market value of tions were the utility corn- were placed on the books at a Supt. Jack Murray con- property in the Malakoff panies, very low cost per square foot, eerning expected increases in Independent School District "They were way out of line, and this has been upgraded, school costs as a result of the at almost double the amount and the utilities will be depreciation will pull most of recently-passed school finance listed last year, it was learned coming before the Board of them down near where they law, the trustees agreed at a special meeting of the Equalization," Cope were before, he said. tentatively to the $1.25 as the 'sehool trusteeslastThursday, surmised. Cope estimated that one- rate they hoped to use for Richard Cope of Texas He indicated downtown third of the appraisal value is next year's tax rate. This was Appraisal Service estimated business places would not be in land not in an incorporated broken down as 30 cents for the market value of all taxable affected too much by the new city or subdivision. See TAXES, Page 2 property in the county at $95 Trinity Hearing Tuesday million, an increase from $51 • million on the tax rolls last year. y Foley and Jim Kitties appeared at the request of the Texas Power and Light board president Larry Norris Company will ask the Mala- koff City Council to approve and unofficially represented an electric rate hike which will the school board during the increase the Company's hearing, revenues from the sale of Several board members at electric service an average of first objected to the court reporter recordingthesession. 11 percent. James Kerbo. TP&L but .both-attorneys pointed manager• filed an application out the legality of such recordings under the Open with the City requesting to appear before the City Council Meetings Law. and the trus- to discuss the increase. tees relented and allowed the The increase would be proceedings to be taped by effective with customer bills the reporter. There was also at rendered October 1. 1975. least one other tape recorder This would be th fourth in use in the room. this one general TP&L rate increase in operated by an individual in the 63-year history of the the audience. Company. TP&L has had Norris. Bristow, Crist and several voluntary rate re- Greco were sworn in and ductions over the years, testified individually during Even with the increase, the the hearing. Norris, Bristow average residential cost per In a preliminary planning y [,, Ga0J Lewis PeR. A,$ RJcha[d Cope TJS Tax S session prior to beginning 00unt^000g' work onnextyear'sbudget, County Views Roads School Trustees v i0000icate00 k" t00eo, axa00e m00et value. The future management of Included among the hearings. TRA's effort to They also proposed a tax soil and water resolrces in elements in the 1958 Master bring about a construction Greco As Principal rate of $1.25, provided preli- Henderson County could be Plan effecting Henderson startis, therefore, continuing minary budget estimates are subject to a significant County that have not as yet unabated, but testimony is reasonably accurate. This is change as a result of testi- been implemented are the still encouraged on the pro- less than a rate last year of mony to be received in a June Tennessee Colony Lake and ject. 1.63. Letters will be sent out by 24 hearing in Trinidad. the Multip]e-Purpose Chan- As it is planned "now, the The hearing, which is being nel. Tennessee Colony project will advise the trustees of a letter and ('fist were first ques- failing grade, but the mother the school district to tax- held by the Basin Planning The Tennessee Colony Lake have three primary purposes. from State Accreditation l)ir- tioned by Kitties and then c[ the student, speaking from payers by June 26, indicating Committee of the Trinity enjoys a unique status among They include water supply, ector H.E. Phillips that the cross-examined by Foley. the audience, corrected him,. what the proposed new valu- River Authority {TRA) will the other elements of the recreation and flood control. school's accreditation was Greco was called by Foley as saying it had been the boy ation will be. The letter will being terminated June 30, the only witness in his own who called her who was also explain how an indi- start at 7:00 P.M. in the Master Plan. Included in the Tennessee Colony has 1975, a year earlier than a behalf, threatened with the failing vidual can meet with the Trinidad High School Audi- TRA Board of Directors reso- potential for being used as a • torium. I will be an op- ludon calling for the Master water supply by cities in the deadline placed by Texas Foley questioned each of grade, appraisal service to discuss portunity for local residents, Plan review was a provision Mid-Trinity as well as Hous- Education Agency earlier this the three trustees repeatedly Much of the questioning the value and how to meet orgnaizations and govern- that a maxium effort%ould be ton, Dallas and Fort Worth. year to bring the school up to about whether there were from both attorneys centered "with the Board of Equali. ments to voice their opinions made to support implementa Additionally, if Tennessee certain standards, other reasons for the firing, on circumstances surrounding 'zation. on existing elements of the tion and construction Colony Lake and Lake Living- *That Greco had repeatedly and elicited from Norris the the signing of a request for an _ The. d!strict's Board I o! Trinity River Master Plan as throughout the period of the See TRINITY, Page 2 failed to place a new school information that the board emergency teaching< certifi-quauzat!on sworn,,ln, as t well as suggest additions that. • bus in operation as ordered by was alsoconcernedaboutan care for. Jack Jeter. The. -Ttaursuay, mgnt,,, _win ,negan., .... ...... Hot rrq"alr the board, incident in which a teacher request, signed by then-presl- meeting on ,#my 1, ano wm Reports reaching Hender- *He had failed to open and allegedly struck a student, dent Maury Crist and secre- meet daily until all who wish son County indicate thatlarge close the school building each The teacher was not repri- tary Hollis Bristow, was to be heard have appeared numbers of anti-TRA Project day as instructed by the manded and a student was listed by l)r. Phillips asthe before the body. Anyone groups are bussing large --May Climax Parade hoard, threatened with a failing reason for moving up the wishing to discuss this new numbers of their supporters *That Greco had failed to grade by Greco for having threat of accreditation loss by valuation or question how it to various county meetings. attend school board meetings called the student's parents, a year. was reached, may talk to one A recent hearing at A hot dog party in the the parade, along with the on certain occasions. Norris said. Crist and Bristow both of the appraisors at the tax tluntsville was completely Malakoff City Park between special free or at-cost refresh- *[te had provide Norris initially indicated claimed in testimony, as they office between June 30 and disrupted, it was reported. Cedar and Maple Streets is ments, Ellis said. each member of the school the student who had been had earlier in open meetings July 3. Mayor A.M. Thompson of tentatively scheduled to Ellis also indicated plans board with a home phone slapped was threatened with a See GRECO. Page 12 Members of the Board of Malakoff said that "'out- climax the July3 Bicentennial are progressing for the Ski number. Equalization. appointed siders" packed a meeting at Parade through the down- Show being co-sponsored by A courtroom atmosphere Power Rate Hike earlier this year are Marles ,'airfield with a 2 to 1 town area, it was disclosed the Bicentennial Committee prevailed throughout the Drake, Joe Faulk, O.D. majority, this week by Luther Ellis. and J & J Enterprises at R.H. hearing, with two attorneys Smith. Sam Scott. executive general chairman. Lee Park July 12. The Bicen- In reviewing the propoa assistant to the general The Parade. scheduled for tennial Charter is expected to values. Cope indicated that manager and treasurer of the 3:30 p.m on July 3, will be presented to the Malakoff farm land, formerly listed at a Trinity River Authority, assemble beginning at 3 p.m., mayor and the Bicentennial real value of from $90 to $100 visiting in the area this week and will start from the north Committee by a state Bicen- was now listed between $350 said the engineers were side of the park on Maple; go tennial representative during kilowatt-hour will be less and $400 real value. It will primarily interested in getting down Maple to Smith, south that celebration, he said. than in 1955. appear on the tax rolls at 40 local input and ideas con- on Smith to Dewey, west on Also on the agenda tot the per cent of the real value, cerning the projected pro- Dewey to Highway 90. down Ellis said that Mayor A.M. Monday night meeting of the Cope admitted the increase grams, so they can have 90 ('Ferry Street} across High- Thompson and Park Director Malakoff City Council is a was considerable, but said he direction in future planning, way 31 to the Railroad Track, Eddie Souza had pledged revised ordinance setting con- considered the amount a "Whether local individuals then east on Main to Martin. their cooperation to the struction specifications within conservative value for area favor or oppose projects or north on Martin to Jackson. Bicentennial Committee. the fire limits. The city land. want changes in the projected east on Jackson to College, on Thompson told Ellis the city fathers authorized city man- "Farm valuations are going programs or not. they should college back to Dewey, and would help any way it could, ager Ron Turner to draw up to increase," Cope said, "But attend the meeting and file then disband on the south with labor, funds or support. an ordinance that would I am treating them equally statements outlining their side of the park. 'Everyone is invited to permit all-metalbuildingsand with the man in town who beliefs." he said. "If they A program that includes participate in the parade." concrete block buildings in owns a house and lot. There don't, they may find that they special music and guest Ellis said. "Enter a float. the downtown fire zone, No should not be a double have seen the program take a speaker is planned for the horse, old car. or bicycle, just action is anticipated on the standard for your citizens." different direction by default, park immediately following participate." he said. boundaries of the fire zone. Cope said there was the There is also scheduled a possibility some citizens discussion of alternative sani- might not receive their notice ration service. Turner will of the new valuations as a BRAVES-Members of the Braves Little League team include [front row, left to right] Dopnnell Sumrall, Robert Rene, Kevin Matting- ly, Phillip Suds, Blaine Tanner, Tracy Edwards, Atteberry, Ken Bostic and Keith Robertson, Ricky Billy Atteberry [back row] Proffer and Coach Larry Coach Billy Robertson, John Surls. Chapel A.M.E having its Men's Sunday, June • tn. City Judge Leo speaker. Here ,-wide blood hacking of civic planned for the for Monday, a.m. to 2 p.m. Bank of provides blood in a 100-mile Tyler. will bring its it to the Royall parking lot for the • hlock is chairman local drive. Pledge be obtained from City Council, Rotary Club and ons have drive, and the which meets expected to Ashlock said present data showing that the result of property having city is losing about $1 per changed hands or the tax- customerpresent ratePer monthof $1.50at perthe changed.payer's address having From This 0rfler customer. Cope said be would like anyone who desires to do so to come in to the Tax Office B]/Tom Herline between June 30 and July 3 for a preliminary hearing with Texas Appraisal Service. He said he would have four or five appraisors on hand to meet I wonder if the county chambers recently, I held my commissioners. I hope they with taxpayers. He indicated commissioners paid any breath, expecting a clap of find it all. it was his hope that through attention to what they were thunder and a bolt. of light- Some property, I hear tell, this meeting some of the swearing to recently when ning might descend• hasn't been located for years meetings with the Board of they took an oath in con- "I will not vote to allow any and years. Seems it is Equalization might be nection with their duties as taxable property to stand disguised as a subdivision avoided. He estimated that the board of equalization for assessed on the tax rolls of with real houses on it. Real the preliminary hearings the county, said County for said year at hard to find. you know.. would cut by some 60 to 70 It is no secret Henderson any sum which I believe to be "I will faithfully perform all per cent the number of County's taxation is unequal, less than its true market of the duties required of me persons going before the non-existent in some cases, value," the commissioners under the Constitution and Board of Equalization. and about as muddled up a one and all said--and with a Laws of this State. So Help Asked by Clay Estes how mess as one could find any straight face. Me God." the oath ends on an oMer homes were affected by place. "I will faithfully endeavor ominous note. the valuations, Cope indicated Chapter and verse has been to have the assessed valuation Perhaps, with His help they that values formerly based on cited concerning this several of all property subject to can and will. But on the day $4.70 per square foot were times in the past. And taxation within said County the board of equalization computed at from $8 to $11 supposedly the county's stand upon the tax rolls of makes its final recommen- per square foot, but that this getting things straightened said County for said year at dations known this year, I was offset by applying more out...but ever so slowly, it its true cash market value," plan to sit well back from the depreciation to the property, seems, the oath continued, as did the boardroom table. That bolt of He indicated that the But as I sat in the court monosyllable chant of the lightning still could come. ii;!