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June 19, 1975     The Malakoff News
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June 19, 1975

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Pqe 2 - MALAKOFF NEWS - June 19, 1975 ======================================= t + Published Continuously Since 1913 + Donna Scheibe, Publisher Editor & General Manager .......... Tom Herllne ! Advertising .................. Barbara McKee Production ......... Beverly Ends, Sheron Carroll Subscription Rates: 4.50 per year in Henderson and adjoining counties, $5.50 "per year elsewhere in Texas, and $6.50 per year outside Texas. Entered in 1 the Post Office at Malakoff, Texas 75148 as a second" . class matter. Published by Territory Times Publishing Co., Malakoff, Texas. T '' ..... ................... i,.o?l,,, a o =,,,T, o , j,+'.--'.'+-,+. ad lib by donna scheibe Moralists have a mighty  low opinion of money. Just think of all the bad things you've heard about it. Money is the root of all evil; it doesn't buy happiness; it won't get you into heaven; it causes more arguments between husbands and wives than anything else: the government spends too much of it; and we all know it's not worth as much as it used to be. Money has had a bad reputation ever since it was invented by the Lydians, an enterprising race of people in Asia Minor who dreamed up the idea--before 700 B.C.-of making coins which repre- sented so many ounces of gold, silver, or copper. By the time the Lydians came along people had learned to place value on such things. Before then, exchange of goods and services was done through bartering. Most folks wandered around the country living in tents and off the land. If a man wanted a wife, he picked out a likely lass from a neighboring tribe, went to her daddy and offered him so many horses, cows, camels, silk shirts, and bottles of home made wine -- accord- ing to how young and beauti- ful the girl was. After they were married, they traded what they couldn't eat or use to someone else for their surplus. It was an efficient system which worked real well as long as folks lived out in the country and raised animals and vege- table gardens, In a culture of total consumption, nobody needed money. Then folks started living together in towns and it got too cumbersome to carry a sheep around town to ex- change for olive oil, or store bought bread. By this time women had discovered that gold and silver made pretty ornaments and since the metals were rare, it got so you could trade gold and silver for whatever you wanted almost any place in the world. That's when the Lydians came into the picture. You might say they had a corner on the world's gold and silver market. They were so rich that one of their kings set a permanent standard for wealth. Croesus was a com- bination of Getty, Onassis, and the Arab oil sheiks all rolled in one. The Lydians were probably motivated to invent money tcause they got spoiled. They had all the food and essentials they needed so they started changing their gold and silver for luxuries -- big marble palaces, imported wines, dulcimers, silk night- gowns, peacocks and nightin- gales, Greek sculptures...and such as that. They got tired of hauling around those big sacks of metal to exchange for tiger skin rugs and swansdown pillows to cozy up their cold marble palaces so they said, "Let's invent money." And they did. Their invention was so handy that other kingdoms started using it and pretty soon. some of the Lydian coins found their way to Persia where Darius was king. He took a look at all those Lydian coins pouring into his country to buy Persian luxuries for the rich Lydians, and immediately he broke the commandment, which he probably didn't know about anyhow. So Darius equipped an army of poor morcenaries, got them all steamed up by describing the piles of gold lying around the Lydian homes, and they double timed across Asia Minor to Sardis where Croesus was living it up in his gold and ivory palace. Well. the Persian army destroyed the Lydians and took all their money...and eventually someone defeated the Persians and took all their money, and the process has been going on ever since. As soon as somebody gets a lot of money, then lots of other folks want it and try to take it away from him. Things haven't changed much in the last 3,000 years... except that in our country, when somebody gets a lot of money, the government takes it away from him. Americans are the richest people in the history of the world...richer even than the Lydians, and our government has striven mightifully to avoid the sad fate which befell the kingdom of Croesus. The rulers on Capitol Hill have taken a large part of the money they've taken from us and given it away to less fortunate countries...and now we're 60 billion dollars in the whole. Maybe the moralists are right. There's no way to avoid the perils and pitfalls associ- ated with the possession of money. The greatest enigma of all, however, is that although we know that money createss problems, excites envy, arouses greed, causes arguments, and won't buy happiness, our greatest fear is to be totally without it. m _ -- _ _ - DaI.Worth Paint Your Local OaleWorth Paint Oealer For The Greater Cedar Creek Area Welcome Painters & Contractors Come By For A Cup of Coffee & Get Our Prices No. 1 Place Hiway 85 Gun Barrel City West of Hiway 90 Intersection 887-9603 - J__. /I I II II I II L editorial :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::TRINITY Squealing Wheels, . .o.,,o. : ston were operated in conjun- rolls and available jobs from a progressive population de- The future of Henderson County could be very much tion the total water yield recreatmn remtea mausmes, cline from a high point of 1940 affected by a hearing coming up Tuesday night in Trinidad. wouid far exceed the sum of Another possible result the of 31,822 to a low point of That is the date set by the Trinity River Authority's Basin both overated independently, construction of Tennessee 21,786 in 1960. The 1970 Planning Committee for a hearing on the Trinity River Extension recreational Colony Lake could bring Henderson County census Master Plan. development of the Tennessee about is an increase in the totaling 26,466 documented There is a growing danger that Trinity River projects could Colony Lake is also being Henderson County popula- the trend reversal. be abandoned by default. A highly vocal, well-organized group of special-interest people, some of them environ- mentalists, are making the circuit of the individual county hearings, voicing objections to the entire project. Perhaps you agree. Then again, perhaps you don't. But this is for sure. The Authority will make its decisions concerning future directions on the basis of input at these public hearings. And if you do not tell them what you want, then it is entirely likely that special interests from outside the county will decide what is best for Henderson County when the smoke has settled from these hearings. You may file written reports or opinions, or if you'd just rather talk, there will be a reporter on hand to record what you have to say. The important thing is to make sure you and your fellow Henderson Countians are heard. The wheel that squeals gets the grease, the saying goes. Let's make sure that the squealing wheels at the Henderson County's hearing are Henderson County wheels. Attend the hearing, and register your desires concerning the entire project. to the editor To the Editor: We enjoyed your column about your half beagle-half dog pet in this week's paper, especially since we went through the same thing not quite a year ago, with one big difference--we had two of these "cuddly little dears" - half beagle and half who- knows. We were frequently blessed with one slipper on our doorstep in the morning, along with the neighbors newspapers and dead moles Sales Tax Rebates Sent To Area Towns they had dug up out of the neighbors yard. An added attraction was the nightly barking at anything that stirred, and our getting out of bed in the middle of the night, shivering in our night clothes, yelling at the so-and-so's to knock off the noise. But they were the cutest dogs-very loving-and pretty smart, too. They knew when they'd "done wrong" and they found their way home twice after we gave them away twice. But take heart! We found someone with a dogless family who fell in love with our hounds, and they were as happy as can he to take them home. The dogs have apparently AUSTIN--Comptroller Bob Bullock sent checks worth $28.8 million Friday to more than 800 towns and cities in the third round of monthly cit sales tax rebates. Bullock said the June pay- ments were considerably higher than the previous two months because of big end-of- the-quarter tax payments made by merchants following the April 30 deadline for reporting taxes they collected from the public in January, February and March. Area cities receiving sales tax rebates this month, and the amount paid to date were: Caney City $2,191.39: Eustace, $894.98; Gun Barrel City, $2,641.87; Kemp, $1,362.57; Kerens, $1,585.55; Mabank, $8,176.33: Malakoff, $3,547.90; Seven Points, $5,013.61; Tool, $925.08; Trinidad, $522.58, and Athens, $23,632.45. been on pretty good behavior, because the family didn't bring them back. So keep your hopes up-there's bound to he another dogless family around somewhere who likes piles of newspapers every morning. Merri Yeager Frankston, Texas planned. While residents from Henderson and the sur- rounding counties would be albe to take the greatest advantage of the recreation facilities, they would also benefit from the increased tax .:;:.::::: ':?. bond retirement and 95 cents for operating funds. Murray estimated that the proposed rate would give the school district a total of $427,000 local funds, with $102,000 going to retire bonded debt, and $325,000 to operating the school district's program. Turning to other matters, the trustees established a policy of school bus pickups within the two-mile limit if the students can be picked up without leaving the estab- lished route and provided there is room on the bus. State law limits the respon- sibility for student trans- portation to those living beyond 2 miles from the school. The trustees also agreed that younger students would be transported down side roads to homes in cases of inclement weather provided a turn-around space is avail- able. The board also agreed to pick up the bill for extra premiums on student insur- ance for football players, and required school insurance for every student in the athletic program. The student would dams. The Cedar { which was built Tarrant County trict, supplies cities of Fort ton, Mansfield and The four small tion. This would be the same As a flood control project, funded and built type of increase that was Tennessee Colony would have Department of experienced following the its greatest effect down- Soil C July 1965 completion of Cedar stream. It would provide These darns serve Creek Lake. additional protection to control measures Until that time Henderson Trinity Basin farm land from means of County had been experiencing the lake to the Gulf Coast. and erosion. TAXES Presently, the Tennessee Individuals Colony project is in the testify at the :$$::>'.:z.: advanced planning and design register with the stage. It is now hoped that sistant Secretary. from page one construction could begin in as tion will begin be responsible for the basic soon as two years. High School policy, at a cost of $6 and the Another element of the P.M. school would pick up the Master Plan the Basin Plan- Written added premium for football ningCommittae would like to submitted, but is risk. There is no added risk solicit opinions on is the that they be typed premium for other sports, it Multiple-Purpose Channel. The Authority was disclosed. Presently the Plan calls for requests that The trustees postponed the the construction of 40 miles of kept relevent to next board meeting from June channel and a navigation lock of the hearing 16 to June 23 in order to get in Henderson County. four minute span tl bills processed prior to the Construction required for clocked. This time t regular monthly meeting, this project, other than that be exclusive of a Homer Lee Trimble asked required for the lock, would question and the trustees if they would be primarily involve the straight- between the willing to allow the City of ening and widening of the fying and the Malakoff to use a portion of river channel. Director of the the school's 80-acre tract A spin-off benefit of ,'7--7'Z. between Highway 31 and Star channelization in Henderson Harbor Road for a possible County would be flood con- West End park site. trol. This would be provided No vote was taken, but by the considerably wider Up, sluggard, and members of the board indi- channel and the flow regn- life; in the cated they would be willing to lating characteristics of the ing enough. listen to any proposition the navigation lock. city might make. It was Elements of the Master BOOKKE pointed out that now the only Plan that were proposed and AND TAX use being made of the land, completed in Henderson purchased as a possible future County include the Cedar PH. school site, is for grazing Creek Lake and four small I I9N. some 20 head of FFA cattle. Soil Conservation Service DWIGHT A. JONES, O.D. OPTOMETRIST 220 S. Palestine, Box 889 Closed Wed. Afternoons Pho. 675.2697 Athens, Tx. I IIII e.... Sue Barnett For: HOME COMMERCIAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE Representing: Employers Casualty Employers National, Motors Insurance Corp. Royali Insurance Agency Ph. 489-0520 510 W. Royall Blvd. Thanks To Our Customers We're Having Our 1st Anniversary _  sl0 0 =, Sculptured Outdoor u Purism_st r= Patio & Boat Shag- Grass mTom ,= $5.",., PlmJmc.IJqe Pizza Shag mo R $6.99 $4? $3? All Prk For Matml Omly- Labor& Pmddl Not Included No kb To0 Sml. Lar Slmck Of Matmial To Chm From From. $I.00 Per Yard And Up,  Mmmmmwdd Dm mmw. sm 0 s.m. 0s Tram S mmt Cedar Creek Carpet 432-2231HW Hvq. 85 at 274 Sm Pekds mtw New Business In Town June 21 Everyone Invited Machine Tool Work Tool & Die Making Sheet Metal Athens Machine & Metal Works 1513 W. Comicana 675-8176 Applications Now Being Taken