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Malakoff, Texas
June 20, 1969     The Malakoff News
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June 20, 1969

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Page Four THE MALAKOFF NEWS Friday, June 20, 1969 Malakoff, Texas When time allows, it is our priviledge (and we do mean priviledge) to visit the many~ developments around Cedar Creek Lake, make tours and take pictures of the lovely homes constructed around the resort area. Some of those we have visit- ed are so beautiful and yet so comfortable, we leave with an ache inside, but the most re- warding factor is the reception and hospitality shown us by the occupants. Of all the peo- ple we have met, not one has given any indication that we might be intruding upon their privacy, rather we have been or if she be deceased, heris condemning for public put- THENCE North 70 34' Off' place, and to appear st amI heirs and legal represents- poses, the following describ- East a distance of 102.00 feet and present such tires, whose names and places ed tract of land situated in to a marker stamped K-32-1;you may wish. You of residence are unknown; Henderson County, Texas, to- THENCE North 45 43' 30" notified to appear and ANNA L E E TENNISON, wit: East a distance of 206.00 feet said petition on or whose residence is unkown or Being a 59.71 acre tract of to a marker stamped K-32-2;date. If you desire to Upper Nedum River Munio if she be deceased, her heirs land in the William H. Wyattt THENCE North 28 06' 00" and answer before . ~J~'~ ipal Water Authority of Texas and legal representatives,Survey, Abstract No. A-844, in East a distance of 122.50 feet do so at the Court vs. Ollle C. Cook Et AI. whose names and places of Henderson County, Texas, and to a marker stamped K-32-3;the County Court of C(mdemnati~ Pnx~ding in residence are unknown; a part of the O. C. Cook, et al, THENCE South 65 14' 30" County, Texas, located i LILLIAN BRADSHAW n. county Court of Hender- TO: SALOME TAYLOR 92 acre tract of land, said 59.- East a distance of 359.40 feet Court House in son County, T.xa$. CHAPIN and husband, HUNT- 71 acre tract being more part- to a marker stamped K-324; derson County, Texas. welcomed most graciously and one of which was "the Better LEY CHAPIN, who reside icularly described by metes THENCE South 840 53' 30" The interest of said always invited to return. Homes and Garden" abode of outside the continental limits and bounds as follows: East a distance of 208.40 feet dants, and their These thoughts were running the Doyle Courtney's. We have CITATION BY PUBLICATION of the United States of Amer- BEGINNING at the south- to a marker stamped K-32-5;legal representatives through our mind on Tuesday yet to meet Mrs. Courtney as ica. east corner of said 92 acre THENCE South 870 34' 30" is that they either of this week as we left the she was in Dallas at the time, You are hereby commanded tract; East a distance of 299.00 feet claim an interest in home of Mr. and Mrs. Peno but we are sure she must be to appear at the hearing be- THENCE South 88 14' 00" to a marker stamped K-32-6;perty subject to Graham in Star Harbor. Theas delightful a lady as her TO: ISABELLA ALSTON, fore the Special Commission- West along the south boundary THENCE South 71 19' Off' crued taxes. gracious lady of the househusband is entertaining. To whose residence is unknown or ers appointed by the Judge of of said 92 acre tract and said East a distance of 124.30 feet If this citation is r~ was a warm, thoughtful host- prove he has a lighter side, he if she be deceased, her heirs the County Court of Henderson William H. Wyatt Survey a to a marker stamped K-27-1 ed within ninety (90 ess and the master, equally has always called us baby." and legal representatives, County, Texas to assess the distance of 1776. 40 feet;set on the east boundary ofafter its issuance, it generous in his welcome and Now the only resemblance be- whose names and places of damages occasioned by the THENCE South 88 46' 50" said 92 acre tract; returned forwith. assistance, tween us and any kind of baby residence are unknown, CO- condemnation of the herein- West along the south boundary THENCE South 00 28' 20" G I V E N UNDER We remembered other homes is the fact that God gave us RENA TENNISON whose res- after described property, to of said 92 acre tract and said East along the east boundary HANDS, at Athens, we had visited and the redtwo eyes, a nose, mouth, ears, idence is unknown or if she be be held in the County Court- William H. Wyatt Survey a of said 92 acre tract a distance County, Texas, this carpet treatment we alwayslimbs and other necessary deceased, her heirs and legal room of the County Court- distance of 2236.00 feet to the of 138.40 feet to the POINT OF of June, 1969. received. There was the time equipment to call us a mem- representatives, whose names house of Henderson County in Southwest corner of said tract; BEGINNING and CONTAIN- Signed: we razooed through the Keyber of the human race. Butand places of residence arethe City of Athens, Henderson THENCE N 00 43' 50" East ING 59.71 acres of land. Mack Stover Ranch Estates and was given we still feel a warm glow unknown, VARRIE TENNI- County, Texas, at 10:00 A.M. along the west boundary ofYou are notified that said J.H. Reynolds a tour of a number of homeswhen Doyle says "Hi-ya ISON STEWART and husband on the first Monday after the said 92 acre tract a distance hearing has been set for the L.H. Lawler - baby!" EDGAR STEWART, whose expiration of forty-two (42) of 957.90 feet to the Northwest above stated hour, date, andSpecial -"- Then there is Duke Doyle residences a r e unknown days from the date of issuance corner of said tract; (his wife wasn't home either) or if they be deceased, hereof, that is to say 10:00 THENCE North 88 15' 00" who stopped his work of prun- their heirs and I e g a 1 o'clock A.M. on Monday, the East along the north boundary *ii ing shrubs and trimming grass representatives, whose names 4th day of August, 1969, and of said 92 acre tract and said :::: SPECIAL! For our Continental Auto Insured* on the lawn of the couple's and places of residence are answer the petition of the Up- William H. Wyatt Survey a home in Star Harbor, just to unknown, ETHLEAN TENNI- per Neches River Municipal distance of 2159.80 feet; chat with us and invite us SON COX and husband, Water Authority of Texas,THENCE South 14 08' 00" A Dim TWO ABI)lrln8 back when the madam was in. CHARLIE COX, whose rest- Plaintiff, in the suit styled West a distance of 10.10 feet | And the maid at Frank Jonesdence is unknown or they be Upper Neches River Municipal to a marker stamped K-35-1: residence who treated us asdeceased, their heirs and legal Water Authority of Texas vs. THENCE South I1o 25' 00" ~~:i.i though we were royalty. We respresntatives, whose namesOllie C. Cook, et al wherein East a distance of 576.80 feet 7-= " ~ failed to get her name butand places of residence arethe Upper Neches River Multi- to a marker stamped K-21-a-3; ~~~ ~ ~ must remember to on our unknown, T. C. TENNISON, cipal Water Authority of Tex-THENCE S uth 09 50' 00" next visit. The Raymond whose residence is unknown or as is Plaintiff, and Isabella East a distance of 301.70 feet Smith's; Leroy Kirby's; Hor- ff be be deceased, his heirs Aiston, Corena Tennison, Var- to a marker stamped K-32-a- ace Manning's; Glenn Coop-and legal representatives, rie Tennison Stewart and bus- 2; ers; Harry Barton's and whose names and places band, Edgar Stewart, Ethlean THENCE North 86 31' Off' - ~ many, many others have allof residence are unkown, Tennison Cox and husband, East a distance of 424.50 feet ~ ~ opened their doors wide to the M E R C Y D. TENNISON Charlie Cox, T. C. Tennison, to a marker stamped K-32-a- ~-~V = i ~ tousled haired, no make-up, GREEN and hnsband, BUBBA Mercy D. Tennison Green and 1; slack clad gal with a camera GREEN, whose residences arehusband, Bubba Green; Ada AND AN EMERGENCY PHONE slung over her shoulder, unknown or if they be decease- G. Tennison Daniel and bus- NUMBER TO CALL COLLECT ed, their heirs and legal re- band Jelly Daniel; Fayrene -~ ~ presentatives, whose namesTennison, Roy Lee Tennison, C~,~ <. IN CASE OF ACC[OENT CAMPBELL'S and places of residence are Wilma Tennison, Anna Lee unknown; ADA G. TENNISON Tennison, whose residences Expert Watchmaking and DANIEL and husband, JELLY are unknown, if they be de- Jewelry Repair DANIEL, whose residence is ceased, their heirs and legal It'S0uP frBe DIAL CLAIM Phone OR $.3132 unknown or they be deceased, representatives whose names =A" ATH,N$, TEXAS their heirs and legal repre- and places of residence are DRESS SHOP EmergencyKit Good Busin Book sentatives, whose names and unknown; and Salome Taylor , places of residence are un- Chapin and husband, Huntley WILSON OIL known; FAYRENE TENNI- Chapin, who reside outside the St0p by the office and get your kit keep it ill COMPANY SON,whose residence is un-continental limits of the United H F t MOlPe ASPHALT -- ROAD OILS known or if she be deceased, States of America; are Defen- 0 n P. O. Box 4010 her heirs and legal represnt- dants, which petition was ill- um L--es Y Phone LY4-$051 atives, whose names and ed with the Judge of the TYLER, TEXAS places of residence are an- County Court of Henderson PAYNES SPRINGS known; ROY LEE TENNI" County, Texas, on the 16th Insu :ance SON, whose residence is un- day of June, 1969, and theLADIES known or if he be deceased, nature of which suit is as fol-DRESSES Malakoff,Tex, his heirs and legal represent- lows: SHORTS r pr.env.t - - atives, whose names and The Suit is a proceeding in PANTS Continental Insurance places of residence are tin- eminent domain in which the For Sale at discount prices known; WILMA TENNISON,Upper Necbes River Munic- beginning June 24 through whose residence is unknownipal Water Authority of Texas J open 7 a.m. 'til 10 p.m. service Station W. Hwy 31 Malakoff @ Y During 1968, fifty-six industries decided to locate new plants in the TP&L service area. When in full operation, these new industries will offer more than 5,000 job opportunities jobs which will mean new payroll dollars for homes, goods and services, and new tax dollars to help provide and maintain schools, libraries, police and fire protection and other facilities and services. TP&L's Industrial Development Division, in cooperation with local arid area organizations, constafftly endeavors to inform industries on the advantages of locating plants in the area served by the Company. TP&L pledges its efforts in the years to come in promoting the industrial growth of North, Central and East Texas. I IT'S A FACT: During 1969 and 1970, Texas Power & Light Company will invest approxi- mately $160 million in new and improved facilities to keep pace with its customers' constantly increasing needs for electric power. TEXAS POWER & IJ(;HT COMPANY A ~veOtor-owned ~t ~