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June 30, 1932     The Malakoff News
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June 30, 1932

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'PWE MALAROPF N] W8 H ~ - I RHHI~HmI~~ Hi , qAN LIVES ": I LIFE OF FRUGALITY :* ........... m Prince Is Called "The [ Miser Maharajah." - - ......... ........... I erabad, Indla.--The world's rich- VOL. I Trinidad, Henderson County, Texas, Thursday, June 30, 1932 No. 27 m watches his pennies and wears i p Meeting To clothes. . What W '11 Be Taught In Vacation Bible School Ba fist Vealthlest and most powerful of Ia- 'a 700 maharajas, ruling prince andOur Bible School Begin On July 7 [ ml chiefs is his exalted highness, ~. i Beginning Tuesday following ~ ] India.Nizam of Hyderabad, largest, state..^1 The construetiol of the Bible the fourth of July, at 8:30 a. m, We are very glad to announce{ He is ewner of tile renowneaBy this we mean, hatonce uponthere will be a Bible school con-,that the Baptist Revival meet-/ diamond fields, a time the inspirat onal part of[ uric| ?t the Methodist Church. Ilng will begin July 17 and con-] With the subterranean vaults and tes el groat here bulging the Bible was in t ,e mind and tins scnooi is especially for the[tinue through weeks, Rev./ several hundred million dollars' heart of God. Mat did rot know[children and young people of[j. C. Blalock, former pastor of] ~th of gold bullion, diamonds, rubies, about it, How did man get it in our entire community. Mutters [ the Baptist Church here andt .1 )phlres and other treasures, and i~o not whether you are a member now pastor of the church at Roy/ ' an annual income from his es- " FI"iJ%as it been preserved? !theMSthdmthurchrsme]N, Mexico, will conduct the[ m kes FUSSY es of something like $25,000,000, the mm ls sald to bemuch richer than ! How has it becn passed on; from o ner church,or !)ernaps you}meeting" We are all glad to[ D. Rockefeller or an,- of the century to century; from tan- are not ot any cnurc.n[welcome Rev. Blalock back againI ~rlcan multimillionaires,guage to language Lrntil today it you are mvl ed to attend .mS]and know we will have a won-[ The Nizam is described by his . " " a school This does not mean that derful Revival l~ads as the only "billionaire" in the IS laid in th. lap of every Inn- . ." . . I " aid. . the auul s oi our communiw are guage and dialect throughout the ....... [ In the war he gave many millions nO~ invi ea, Ior mey are, ann- . the British cause, ia recognition earth. We believe that the knowl- . . . I M vs. ,lee Morrmon was the dren. Castoffs acts so gently you can urged to come along with the . . which King George of Fngland gave edge of how all this come about .......... I honoree at the surprise birth-give it to young infants to relieve . cnuoren, as iar as possiole, in . . . colic. Yet it is always effective, for Nizam the title of "exalted high- IS of a very great mportance es- . .... I day Pmmc the pas Friday even-older children, too. Remember, Cas- ~" and allowed him to sign himself ," . zact, au our people, young ann toria contains no harsh drugs, no rag at the T P & L Pmmc thful ally of tim King-Emperor." peclal]y at this particular time ........... I " " " " narcotics--is absolutely harmless. Pin, OI all aenomlna~lons,along the other 700-odd princes in India We believe the knowledge of the ....... , , _ lgrounds. Those attending were When your baby is fretful with theNizamtitle comesnly Offrom"his onehighness"'of the construction, " of the Bible is v ers' anyWimchurch,alI WHO arem aYurgenO d elOnattend g to ,] daughter,Mr . "and MrSMr JOeandMOr mqOnMrs" Roand teething or a food upset, give a clean~ vi al to a useful and successful ...... 9 30 [ . , . Y inggenuinedOSe Castoriaf Castoria.withBesurethe name:yen get illustrious families in India, . . . earn morning, o:ou : . Gould a d " ng descent" on iris fatller's side christian life. We want to give .......... [ n children, Mr. and Hazrat Abu Bakr Slddlq, the . 1~. m. ~m&tr~L~, ras ar, , [Mrs J A MeCollumanddau h Khalifa of the Prophet Me- to our people this foundation " . g - and on his ,nother's side uoon which the christian may ter. Imogene, Mr, and Mrs. F. C A S T 0 R IA MALAKOFF the prophet himself, stand. Let all our young people Miss Goldie Noble of Kerens E. Eider and daughter and Mr. Nizam is one of the most re- and children attend, was in the city Monday. ]and Mrs. John Stacy. figures in the modern world. Is Just past forty-five. IIe has R. E BEAIRD, Pastor. palaces in India and is reputed ,~:.:~ ~:,~ , t , ~. a hare,u of liSt, wives Ferr Ii Ins. Agency would be natural to assume that. Protracted Meeting WHEN IN ATHENS--- e view of the Nizam's staggering __ Make the Snow White Cafe tie " " 'four Su~ orl he lived in tim most luxurious , Athens, Texas It is ahnost the oppo- Beginning the second Sunday HEADQUARTERS " in August, the people of the would call him "stingy." " Delicious foods prepared by ex- # # he Is known throughout India Methodist Church will carry on . . Miser Maharajah." for he for two weeks a protracted meet- pert chefs will satisfy the most ' ' Thoughtful and provident hems the pennies and lets tim gel- lag for the good of the whole fastidibus appetite. The big- ' owners can see in the other fel. take care of then~selves, gest little care in Texas. ' ]; lese Iow's experience a weighty at. stories are tohl of tim Me- community. Services will b e gument for the protection ot held each evening The hour for , , their own home. Tomorro the Nizam himself is most ~,~:~ the special service for the chil- lntl ematterfdress" HemaY drenwillbe7P' M" 2he hur SnwWhite Cafe , : Y i t{ s maybet late" InSUrW; hINSURENO seen any day at the l)alace In au i against loss or damage. 8 P. M.. I am writing this no- Athens, Texas tics somewhat aheaa of time but I want to keep the people m s. . ,t s ' . m! Boston Firemen to Be .... : ,, - ,, ,,. UOIIOfl Dell 3cfle ule : trainee as utvers Boston.--Divhig appai'aIus and a NORTH "- ------"-Y~ .sq~md of firemen specially n'ahmd h| L~OUND deep sea diving were rvcently added Train No, 104 ........ 12:43 A. M. to the Boston fire department. The Train No. 102 4:06 P M new equlpment can be utilized in SOUT-H'fi-OdND " : freeing persons trapped in submerged Train No 101 12"46 P M veh|cle Train No: 10"3:.--:: :.8 20 A: Physic,ans of a Sort.... .. That s what we are. We take the shabbiest, most forlorn.looking clothes, subject them to a few scientific treatments, and dismiss them., re- juvenated. Our eo[qsistant care of clothes makes for an unusual longevity. Let us clean and press your wardrobe into perfect health. Maguire's Dry Cleaning Is Largest User of Silver, U. S. Reports ton.--Tlm larzest single aonstantly reminded, that el: J.C. Penney Company Pace Harket movement of ,~ih-er is across preparation may be made and ocean fr,)m San Francisco all the people shah hr~ve arrang- 104 S. Palestine Phone 197 1 1 orient, the Commerce depart- . 205 N. Prairieville. Phone80 ires amlounced In a world sur- ed to attend this meeting. I am Athens, Texas of silver production and distribu- pleading the good of our corn- Use discretion--its the better Athens. Texa, today Is mined el,icily I. munity, the salvation of the un- part of value. When in Athens flood news is in store for the buying public of Henderson County, Forthelast several yearew an(? South America and is con- saved, and the edification o f next come around and let us have paid to the farmers principaib" iu ti e Far East God's church in our community, show you our wonderful assort- and surrounding territory. Plans have been made for the great. Henderson County more mo.e, ran.con for this is adherence to a all our people take notice n3eat of Men's new style sum. : instead of a gold standard by est season of value giving in the history of this county. You will than any other market in this oriental nations, and make all preparation to do, n:er suits just received, They county. We maintain our owa .ow of s,i. r from continent eaebanda., their part in this are in Tans, Greys, Snu find the merchants on this page well qualified candidates for your . ando er tot . continent is affected by tt|e exist- meeting, that the purpose of it Browns, Olive and other smart of an important sliver market in may be accomplished, colors. Priced support. It's going to be a convention in which party lines, planks public only the very beat o! and the existence of refining R.E. BEAIRD, Pastor, quality meats. Out of town In Germany. 1~ the largest world pro- $9.90 to $14.75 and platforms will play no part what-so.ever, and no matter what business appreeiat ed. of sih'er at present and exports Jolly Junior Sewing Club all silver mined. Most of your party affiliations may be, you'll want to cast a vote for these ' ,,,, is shipped through San Antonio, ~ San Francisco and A,.izona A Ciubcomposed of the fol- Candidates of Economy. posls opt in, Athens Hotor Service from Mexico throuxh San An- lowing members, Marzelle Pharo R bi Drug St e totaled 27.254.000 onnces. Phillis and Betty Gould, Amy 24 hr. service all kinds repair, 0 nson ]Low sliver prices imve resulted ,n RuthandJoyceTolbert, Hildred 1 i I West Side Square Phonel of worhl production. Crews, Margaret Ruth White Merrell Barber Gordon Smlth 1930 318.300.000 fins ounces of were mined. Last ye.r lhe and Imogene McCollum, and Athens, Texas Athens, Texas dropped to .25:~000.,~, fine given the name of the Jolly NO effort has been spared by the merchants whose names appear Juniors Sewin Club, have been With every completed auto- ' Out of town business aPl:a'ee[. Ban Is Now Placed entertained by members t h e mobile repair job goes our un- 011 this page to make of this season an event long to be remem, ated. We main ina servk past week. conditional guarantee that the on Movie Stars Flying Misses Amy Ruth and Joyce work is of first quality. On bered in the merchandise activities of Henderson county: Today's conscientiousness and correct. Angeles.--In sharp contrast to l"olbert, assisted by their moth- that basis it is economieal also. prices are the lowest in fifteen years and quality is the best ever. hess in supplyi.g yOUr every years ago whell movie star~" probihRed then, front rid- e,, rs. V. H. To,bert enter- Good Gulf Gas and Oil N0W is the time to store commodities...not dollars. Cast year n.d. in airplanes Is a general use of tLiue~l with an8 o'clock break- form of transportation by film fast at their home toe past Fri- . ho, n in a oml, i, ti,,u o, Thrift Vote today and get that working dollar on its way to thrift ' movie people who travel by day morning m honor of the ..... Among recent trav ,ers wore: clob. Dr. H. Tucker purchases. Kelp I Cr am Co. Falrbanks, Mary I'ickfont, Miss Margaret Ruth White , en ce e Barthehness. Will Rogers, Ann Over Guaranty Bank. Athens 1 i i Wholeaale, Everett Itorton, Wallace assisted by her mother, Mrs. W. Res. Phone 40 Office 63 Lll Dagover, I,awrence Tlbbett, ~. White entertained the past Carroll, Dolores Del Rio. Bebe l'hursday at her home for the Athens, Texas You're missing something I;upe Velez, Zazu Pltts, Victor ~ igh richness, purity and fIav " tin: Clah'e Winds.r, harry Jolly Juniors Sewing Club. An Start this bargain season r t---make that old rusty dollar do its specify Ke]i n Sally O'Nell aml Marie Dun announcement was made that You toocan bewel]. No guess letm you Hi!dredCrews will be hostess work, no halfway measures, best, and remember, anything that you can't find in your own Cream for your deserts, brtdgt We simply diasnose the ease refreshments and evening pL , for the next meeting at the home of Mrs, R. K. Hooter. and set about eliminating the home town try one of these candidates next. insist on quality ties. When best i, fob, had at the same cost as "mereN ailment promptly. Regainyour first and that new low price next. Remember, store commodlhes NAYBELLE health by scientific application good" ice cream naturally you Personal lention of Chiropractic treatments ....not dollars and we'll all win in this campaign, wi, get the habit of asking for Kelpen Iee Cream. BEAUTY SHOP -- Mr. and Mrs. Louis Haynes ,i , , ,,, ed 2.00 and son attended the Revival in Gauntt & Lacy Brookshire Brothers Ma ako Sunday evening. Link's Garage Peterson. Food Store MARBLE YARD Butter-Kist Bread Permanent 5.00 Mr. and Mrs. Toby Counts 321 Palestine St. Phone 429 Formerly Morris System. 315 N. Prairieville treet "Leaders In Low Food Prices" ............ and daughter visited friends in Athens, Texas Athens, Texas Athens, Texas Athens, Texas Made in Henderson County ran.poe and Finger AO (dried) ........ Kerens Sunday. __. ,.--.,-, " True And Loving Tribute . PECIAL attention given to Never has there been fine Wave W.B. Thompson of Arlington, Expert Auto Repair To A Memory i read baked than 'Butter.Kilt dried) ............... "Pexas visited here a few days. TM LET'S get acquainted--we are out of town customers, It contains but the finestin All given by a graduate We,have the kind of servicenewcomers to Athens and wish A Ga ntt & Lacy Monument is M alinello ooerator, you II like in every respect-- to take this opportunity to in- the last outward tribute to a loved When in Athens come around gredients and is scientifiealt every thing from the s mple rite the people of Henderson i and revered memory. See us at and introduce yourself, We'll baked to a perfect turn. You't' Four years experience, adjusting to complete over-county to come in and inspect your earliest convenience and let help you stock your pantry find it sold at all the leadin| MRS. MAi tc61NNI$ hauling and satisfaction guar. [ our store and line of quality us erect a monument to that loved with quality merchandise andfood stores. Insist on' Butteli anteed, groceries, bne. at pricesredieulous]y low, Trinidad Texas i r " II i I I I III II