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July 3, 1975     The Malakoff News
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July 3, 1975

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r.-in| i, )] t ais : fibrot t l'leSl ?- TExAs%RESS ' .1974 Malakoff The Hetbca of tlJ Pr,ri, TcrriJCcy of 10 Sin00e Copy  'Y-FOURTH YEAR - NUMBER 26 MALAKOFF, HENDERSON COUNTY, TEXAS THURSDAY - July 3, 1975 School Fund Sha!e To Tr00!P!e In Next Two Yea b  Herhne funds for Leachers will double school able effect o "s ' g ore in school costs during unfair. u'iple, more light for the 1976-77 school year. next year unless some relief is Jack Murray, Malakoff financing problems facing school year's local fund the 1976-77 school year. Murray estimates that next Preliminary figures School District's granted by the Commissioner superintendent, interviewed Malakoff as well as many assignment, Malakoff's up- Murray indicated the dis- year's local share of the cost released by the Texas Educa- assignment-the of Education. And for 1976-77 this week after a briefing by other school districts in this dated tax equalization pro- trict can appeal to the Com- of the program willgo up from tion Agency, and confirmed district must put school year the local fund Texas Education Agency re- area and all across the state, gram will very likely cost the missioner of Education if it $75,000 last year to $150,000 figures for Malakoff School state-supplied assignment will probably presentatives in Kilgore, shed Though it has no appreci- district as much as $20,000 feels the valuation figure is this school year and $225,000 See SCHOOLS, Page 10 .... .......... Fourth Of J ly Patriotic U ara e, Pici 0 Tap Today Story n c n Herline he retells with a self-conscious : Malakoffwill turn back the pitching contest and a general chairman of theBicen- the parade as well as a group grin andas matter-of-factly as calendar in many ways this husband-calling contest in termini, of Malakoff musicians man who'd rather he might tell of dropping that .... afternoon as it puts on an the park. Two trailers will be parked gathered together by Johnny fish than fight, squirrel from a tree 100 yards Independence Day (one day There are other games at the entertainment site so Julian. went off to away. early) parade and picnic in being planned for all ages, that the Trinidad Band can A number of local volun- a dead serious war Teaming up with Audie in City Park. according to Luther Ellis, provide entertainment after See FOUR', Page 10 who wanted very B company of the Third Using themes that hearken keep the boots of Division, Onclo at different backtoour nation's and the 'R |' i off the shores of his times and different places city's beginnings, the parade : MU l-|U + homeland, destroyed truckloads of the will draw every type of * 'ear-old lad from enemy with a single shot of an participant from bicyclists to Texas, who could anti-tank grenade, or rescued old cars and decorated floats. Named the fly with a a full division of French i Then as the parade winds who shot squirrels soldiers or wiped out an ( down in City Park on Cedar I00OIU'00 '*ran Ly, or killed impenetrable pillbox'full of f+ Street, the old-fashioned Top on the run with the German machine gunners, or  picnic begins, with speakers, e rifle had no diffi- shot the head off a German to music, hot dogs, apple pie, learning the Army's win a $10 bet .... soft drinks and contests. Malakoff News publisher af marksmanship, and Today, at 57, and recently The parade will begin Donna Scheibe received state- 1 the rifle, and an out of the VA hospital in assembling at 3 p.m. at the wide recognition for her eat of the Armv's. Dallas for a cataract opera- : :  park and is due to move   writing skillslast weekend as i light weaponry -- tion, Onclo admits he's not i: the Texas Press Association ak guns, flame the marksman he once was iiii:i atthrugh3:30, downtOWnzip on backMalakffto the Y" : ......... awarded her and the Malakoff s, and the like. with a rifle, but he's just as park where the picnic fixings ANOTHER PLAQUE--Don- Press Association eompeti- News a first place plaque for teaming up with a willing to go if his country Onelo Airheart- A Modest Hero are available at really old- na Scheibe adds her latest tion, to the wall of the her column, "ad lib", and a hmed Audie Murphy, needs him. tradition that goes back to the his private-first-class foxhole fashioned prices or free, first-place plaque, won for Malakoff News office, third-place award for editorial rmed acts of heroism And thus he carries on a uncle for whom he's named, buddy Airheart and the two whichever suits you most. column-writing in Texas writing. O+M. Airheart, a Civil War took a wild, drunken, happy The foodisbeingprovided Malakoff Blood Drive The newspaperplacedthird captain who came to what is week-long tour of the entire + by Roya]l Chevrolet in keep: .... in the entire state of Texas in now Trinidad and purchased 9 continent of Europe. There ing with their "baseball, hot Division VI, competition tracts of land, all the land now probably was no zanier Grand dogs, apple pie and Chev- between newspapers in towns occupied by the town, his Tour ever taken, and the rolet" advertising theme. Succe; ooC Donate ofless than 2,500 population. nephew relates. A modest conquering heroes were Tickets are available in It was the third first-place i Confederate headstone marks greeted with schnaps and advance of the parade at award in two years for Mrs. his uncle's grave in Trinidad's cognac at every crossroads, Royall Chevrolet that will Malakoff residents bled a of negative type blood which Scheibe, two of the first-place cemetery, and the five pounds of coffee entitle visitors to the park to whole lot Saturday. was badly needed by the awards coming in the pres- Onclo's list of honors and they stole from the mess hall get their goodies for free. Bur A blood collection drive, blood bank. tigious Texas Press Associ. medals includes the Bronze as they bid adios to the war if you don't have a coupon, sponsored by local civic The large turnout was ation competition and the Star. the French Croix de was used to wash down every it'll still only cost you a organizations, the City of somewhat overwhelming to other in the North and Ease / Guerre with Palm, American imaginable type of free food nickel, a really old-time price Malakoff and Stewart Blood Stewart, according to Gary Texas Press Association. : : Defense Service Medal, they received as the blast in the hot dog, apple pie and Bank of Tyler collected 68 Ashlock, who superivised the I,ast .year, Mrs. Scheibe ' " ' EAMECampaign Medal with marked their return to a soft drink business, pints of blood-that's eight local drive, was awarded a first place 4 Bronze Stars, Bronze peacetime existence. Jerry Hinklewill be master and a half gallons. Ashlock paid a particular plaque by the Texas Press i Arrowhead Purple Heart with Behind them were mem- of ceremonies for the program The Stewart Blood Bank's bouquet of thanks to Terri Association for editorial :: one Oak Leaf Cluster, and ories of tense moments when in thepark, inevitably dressed mobile unit spent the day on Shelton who helped with the writing, and she received a yes folks, the Good Conduct Onclo and Audie and the in his patriotic coat of many the Royall Chevrolet new car drive as well as the many first place award in North and .... Medal. other fiveremainingmembers colors (red, white and blue), lot and an average of 10 donors. East Texas Press Association To Onclo the war is a of B company, shot their way There will be appropriate persons per hour went for her "ad lib" column. : patchwork of reminiscences, through a Division of Ger- pirizes for the best float and through the unit. A list of donors was not Earlier this year she was told with simple honesty and roans and escorted a truck- the best bicycle in the parade, Stewart spokesmen said the immediately available. If it honored with several awards an aw-gosh-it-hadda-be-done load of weapons to a be- to be presented at the park Malakoffcollection, one of the becomes available next week, at the North and East Texas modesty, sprinkled with a leagured division of French after the parade, few such drives ever, had the list will be carried in the Press Association convention smattering of country-born troops. There will also be a washer produced a large percentage Malakoff News. See AWARDS, Page I0 :: colloquialisms and grammat- Audie and Onclo and their icalerrors, companions utilized two Trinidad Jaycees Named Best In Nation He met Audie Murphy bazookas and two rifle when he first reached the grenades as they rushed Third Division, and for the toward the beleaguered rest of the war, they were Frenchmen. "foxhole buddies". When the Did you draw fire, Onclo? peace was announced, Audie "Yep, we drawed fire." by then a Captain, com- Miraculously, none were Views Namesake Hero's Grave mandeered a jeep, picked up See PATRIOTIC, Page 8 ".;::: ':':':' :':': :':':':: ':':':: :::::::; ::::::: :::::::: ::::::.':: ::: ::::::::: :.:;!:i: ;i;;. >. i!i ::: (4 ::' ..[!!i, ::::::: ::::: ::::..::; ::::::. .:.:.:.: :.:.:.: :.:[[![i ,:...:.: i, ..; Counterfeit ! :tom This Corner ! Bills Show By Tom Herline I Up Here ,: i eYn uB 'tet %ak f :h :Is: l:n ff oughto have a 20 dollar ill Ends: stand up to the criminal termini observ ee n to these days, it could be elements and bask in the fact return to basic old formulas counterfeit. Richard Wilson as for what I stand for. Glad for marking Independence Citizenss State Bank Presi- the following clip- that I can be a citizen and a Day. dent Steve Sutton said three another newspaper, Law Enforcement Officer, for Old-fashioned town picnics or four had been passed in the :is worth reproduc- God and country. No one can with. feasts of food and Malakoff area in recent weeks. "Pig" as the change that. contests in the park are Two serial numbers have each paragraph I like the slogan added this taking place everywhere this appeared on the bills: a police officer, year to advertisements for weekend. Red-white-and-blue K00865337A and .of being a part of U.S. Savings Bonds: "Take bunting is again acceptable as K01843752A. Some of the IMMEDIATE Past Texas Miami Beach, Fla. last week, presented at the convention extensions during the 1974-75 and enforcing Stock in America, 200 years in a decorator item for fairs, bills have the number B4 on Jaycee President Frank Zie- is to the Outstanding U.S. naming them the Outstanding year and setting a new and maintain- the same location." parades and celebrations. The the front right corner and 864 bell and newly elected United Jaycee chapter in population First Year Jaycee Chapter in national record. Hughes also Today's (Thursday's) Bicen- flag is again coming into use on the back, he revealed. States Jaycee Vice-President, division one. Dock HankS, the United States. Mike presented personal awards to ITy, to pursue tennial parade and picnic in as a symbol of this country's Some of the counterfeit bills center, was in Trinidad Tues- immediate past administra- Hughes, National Director for Arthor Arnold, A.C. Morman, task of uphold- the park should be something foundation and freedoms rath- do not have the words "In day evening for a special tive National Director of Area lib and named one of Phil Stevens, and Bobby tellect, to deter- no one misses--it's an attempt er than patching for the seat God We Trust" on the back as cared meeting of the Trinidad District II of the Texas the Ten Outstanding Vice- Rounsavall, who were recog- of one's self to recapture some of the zeal of a pair of blue jeans, is normal, Sutton said. Jaycees for the purpose of Jaycees and named one of the Presidents in the U.S. Jaycees nized on the national level for to face each and and patriotism exhibited in And thankfully, people are Anyone suspecting they presentation of the Clarence Outstanding National Direc- at the convention, presented "service and accomplish- new outlook, this country in our earlier again saying, "I'm proud to have received a counterfeit Howard Memorial Award. tors in the nation at the Trinidad Jaycees with a ments in the field of recruit- the fortitude to days. Be sure and be there, be an American." bill can bring it by the bank The award, presented to the convention, presented Trini- special national extension ment". Each man signed up life, liberty and I think it is significant that And it would seem, just in for verification of its authen- Trinidad Jaycees at the Na- dad Jayeees with a trophy award plaque for making 16 50 members during the year. of happiness. To all over this country, Bicen- the nick of time. tieity, tional Jaycee Convention in