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July 9, 1981     The Malakoff News
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July 9, 1981

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10__A..Th_e Ma~koff News, ThU~day, July 9, !~!_ from another suitable site, which will affect the budget because we haven't budgeted any building costs." Precinct 1 Commissioner Jim Blakeney said that he'd seen "in the press that if there's just one ambulance it would be in Gun Barrel City. Now that people know there'll be one in Athens I think you'll get a lot more people from this area." Miller said he thought they would "pick up another $2-3,000 from new members and another $2,500 if the schools sign up like they did last year." County Judge Winston Reagan said the court would talk with Athens Mayor Tommy Smith about helping with the utility bills. I "If we could just get up to that $80,000 figure, I'd be comfortable," Miller said. "That $8,000 bothers me. We'll stay in with the two ambulances and keep our fingers crossed that we don't lose a lot of money like we did last year." Miller also suggested the court "approach funding for next year in a different way. I don't know how long we Saturday, July 11th, CORSICANA TOYOTA will be in the Cedar Creek Lake area at Gibson's parking lot in Seven Points all day. Come by and drive a 1981 economy leader, Toyota. ~l~:] r h:!l We're also bringing to you our finest line in travel trailers. RECREATIONAL VEHICLES Dick Metzler, Owner 14 years at Toyota of Irving Now a resident at Cedar Creek Lake HEW HOURS: Weekdays 8:30-9:00 Saturday 8:30-6:00 IIIIII II i HOME IIII 2901 W. 7th 872-3061 metro 227-6150 can go on selling subscriptions. Am- bulance service can be funded through a hospital district or a fire district." He went on to say that fire districts can be created as a taxing authority for county ambulance service. Reagan told him a hospital district had been voted down 8-to-1 several years ago. The court unaimously voted to join with Harrison and one or two other counties in the East Texas Council of Governments to form the East Texas Housing Finance Corporation. Jim Newman, a Houston attorney, presented the plan to the court. Local attorneys Bill Kugle and Damon Douglas were part of the presentation, as well as Athens Federal Savings and Ix)an Association President Don Wylie and Rep. Elton Bomer. "The purpose of forming this cor- poration is to establish an entity that can issue tax-exempt municipal bonds for low interest mortgage loans to low and modest income people," Newman told the court. He went on to say that the state legislature had authorized cities and counties to form these corporations to help stimulate the real estate market and other industries. The interest rates for these loans will be "at least 4 to 5 percent below the rates now available," Newman said. "To qualify for a loan, you're not eligible unless you have not owned a home for the past three years and a maximum purchase price has been set." He said the maximum loan was 90 percent of the average purchase price of homes in the county. The average price in Henderson County was between $55-56,000, Newman continued, so $50,000 would be the maximum. "These are not expensive houses, but middle and lower-middle income homes, primarily for young people who can't afford to buy because they haven't had time to build their savings." Newman explained the workings of the corporation to the court and said the corporation would be run by a board of directors, made up of two represen- tatives selected by the commissioners courts from each of the participating counties. "When the bonds have been sold, the money will be deposited in a hank selected by the board of directors. The lending institutions will then enter into contracts with the corporation and receive a fee for their services. It will be business as usual for the savings and loans, but instead of using depositors' money to make the loans, that money will come from the bond issue." Bomer told the court "the bill passed THESE A,RE OUR GR.b,ttD OPENING pP.tZE WtttttEP-S, "" I. JOllll 6R41141 STEEL BELTED RADIALs 2. IllS. JESS BEBERSTElll 4 SHOCKs POWERSTREAK , ?~os B78-13 Tubeless '~" Whitewoll plus $2.28 F.E.T. NO TRADE NEEDED mmmmmmmmmmmmmm SlZE DESCRIPTION SALE PRICE F.E.T. POWER STREAK P18580R13 Custom Polysteel $42.00 $1.91 P19575R14 Custom Polysteel $60.00 $2.26 P20575R15 Custom Polysteel $63.00 $2.50 P21575R15 Custom Polysteel $75.00 $2.78 GR78-15 Custom Polysteel $58.80 $2.78 P22575R]5 .... Custom polysteeI $77: ...... $2.78 H78-14 TubelCs White Poly Plus $2.52 F.E.T, NO TRADE NEEDED MONROE MATIO Installed BRAKE OVERHAUL Front & Rear - Parts & Service mmmmmmmmmmmmmm overwhelmingly in the House and the Senate because they saw the bottom- line benefit to the first-time home owners. The difference of 3-5 percent on the interest rate on $50,000 can make the difference between being able to buy or not. I'm certainly supportive of it." Wylie said he thought "it's a great benefit. Real estate has sagged in the past 12 months, making it difficult for some to stay in business. I think it will help stimulate the whole economy." The court appointed First State Bank President Pat Neili and First National Bank Senior Vice-President David Monk to the board of directors. The court signed a resolution from Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Carl S. Smith concerning Senate Bill 621, the tax reform act or Peveto Bill. Harris' resolution calls for those serving on the board of directors to be elected officers of a taxing jurisdiction within the district; a simple majority of taxing units or voting entitlement can disapprove a budget; a simple majority of voting units can disapprove a board action; and homestead exemptions may be claimed anytime within a year." Blakeney said the like it's pretty good." Reagan said this "Just one of many Peveto Bill in the People are already real u seen anything yet." County Clerk Joe Dan | letter from Postmaster requesting "the turns off FM 2495, Just Bennet barber shop of repair. A citizen living on court he thought the deeded to the county. "We've been trying time to get the by the county. As taxpayers, we'd county take over." Precinct 4 Tarrant said he was road and would take as he could. The court Commissioner Saint to advertise for bids for Y 6egle Finch, CountU Extension Agent A number of Henderson County cattlemen have caJled recently regarding problems with grasshoppers. In a number of areas grasshoppers have become enough of a problem that chemical control measures need to be initiated. If young grasshoppers are heavy (8 or so per sq. yd.), don't wait until the adult winged hoppers are eating everything in sight before ap- plying controls. There are a number of insecticides cleared and recommended for grasshopper control in pastures. They include: Seven 80 percent WP, Sevimol, diazinon, malathion, Naled and parathion. Be sure and check the label prior to application. Some of these insecticides have some severe limitations, such as parathion. For the last couple of years, I've been getting good reports from local cat- tlemen who hp.ve used Sevimol at the rate of 2-3 pints per acre. They've gotten good grasshopper control. There are a couple of other Sevin formulations that producers in West Texas are getting good results with. They are: Sevin XLR and Sevin 4 Oil. They are used primarily for aerial application and have a long residual, up to 3-4 weeks under ideal conditions. According to the .company, Sevin SLR is a water-based formulation which has stickers in it to prevent it from being washed off by up to 4-5 inches of rain- fall. If you have a heavy hopper population and need control of them, I'd suggest using one of the above men- tioned materials out in the pasture plus along tree lines, ditch hanks, fence rows and other areas from which hoppers may be entering the pasture. Along with this, I'd treat areas around the pasture, where I think future boppers may enter, with a bait in- secticide. A good one is: Mill-run bran "100 lbs. Toxaphene 6E 1%pt. Water 7-8 gallons Blackstrap molasses 2 gallons *Sawdust may be substituted for up to % the mixture, i.e., 75 Ibs. sawdust plus 25 Ibs. bran. Spread the bait uniformly at the rate of 10 to 20 Ibs. per acre. The most ef- fective applications are made in the morning hours and when the bait is still moist. One special word of caution - be sure not to make applications where they might wash into your farm pond. Toxaphene makes a good fish eradicator. Some producers have asked me how long the bait will be effective. I don't know. Anyone having experience along this line is invited to let me know how long the bait worked for them. If you're in doubt about taking control measures, think about this. Seven to 8 hoppers per square yard will eat as much grass as a mature cow. On the other hand, we've had more rain than normal, you may have more grass than you need and fewer cows than you want and there's enough grass for both. That's a judgement .you'll have to make. CATTAIL CONTROL With the summer season here, the time is at hand to control cattails. Cattails are an aquatic plant which is a problem around many farm ponds. If cattails were a problem last year, they will be again this year. Small patches of cattails can be pulled by hand but care is needed to get all the roots, including the rhizomes from which new plants sprout. Larger patches of cattails can be controlled with dalopon at 7 pounds per 55 gallons of water. Best control is achieved when a surfactant (any household detergent will do) is added to the spray mixture. One cup of household detergent will suffice for the 55 gallons of spray mixture. One ap- plication of dalopon may not com- pletely eradicate the cattails, so a second or third application at 21 day intervals may be required. Before sure to properly involved. A Agricultural B-1018 will aid in vegetation and in propriate chemical bulletin is availal agent's office - just writ by for your copy. WINTER PASTURES Many of you will temporary small and/or clover pastures just a little over 60 important step you now to ensure sample and send it to testing lab for analysis. No one can look tell you how much or potassium it available for plant true for pH and ma But, by simply sample and laboratory, is and how much is present and know from research hoe nutrient is required to Armed with this results of a recent easily determine how kind of fertilizer to apply desired yeilds. The same is true from research, what range is for most optimum range, 1 from a soil test, much, if any, limestone is soil's pH hack to the plant you desire AG 13 HendersOn pm. July 13- Leaders and Parents thouse, Athens, July 12-15 - Texas Ass'n, Seguln July 14- Club, Lion's Club 8:30p.m. July 14-17 - State Worth July 17-19 - boree, Athens. 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