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July 14, 1983     The Malakoff News
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July 14, 1983

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! ii 1@A--The Mminknff News, Thursday, July 14, THE On Sports By Benny Rogers The countdown begins YMCA. ASan jets way at 7 p.m. at Pet and the Athsm School basebaU field. The game ls ut for 8 p.m. Saturday at the AH$ field. Tmmmmmt play resmnm at both aita at 7p.m. Friday and begins at 7 a.m. Saturdey as t uns hand towards tba tmmNy finale. Teams entered in the denbl diminatien INant Sam's Slammer',,, Let's see... It says on my desk calendar NFL training camps opened July 11, h/gh school ceaches will be at coaching school July 25-29 and high school athletes orseat to twos-day workouts August 8. Could it be the countdown to the 1983 foot- son has commenced? It's always interesting as football season nears, to listen to the questions that start pepping up. It's also interesting to listen to the speculations offered as to how certain teams will do. There are other interesting aspects to this time of year, all of which are pert of the countdown. They all mean one thing... Football onis near ..... Tlmd , It hardly seems possible it's time for another chapter of gridiron history to he Thurs. written. It seems like just yesterday this scribe was writing about how glad he 1@ p.-., was that school was out and things would slow until football season arrived. Weldl., for all practical purposes, it's here. It must be. Just this pest week I received a relsase from the Cowboys concerning the opening of training camp. I also ru.mived a notice reminding me it was time to order the Harris Rating System s Shields Tel-comm, Auto Body, Mildred, J&L, Chapel Hill Const. Co., Athens Tra miMlen, G mMI , Minds, MeKen Lumb , Holiday Inn, Bandits, Tin- eley's, Penk by Pool, Malakoff l d ls, Lendmarkm, Renega , Carroll- Lehr and Ens rch. First round pnNs for Cain Park Thursday night include Pools "Pre-Season Forecast." In a week's time the newsands in the local stores will start to fill with sports publications. All will offer predictions as to which teams will be the big winners on the professional, collegiate and high school levels. All will guarantee their guesses are of the "can't miss" variety. Most won't be, but again, it's all Just pert e ii PoolsbyP ! d the countdown. Thurs. ' .... Two weeks from now the major daily newspapers and television stations will ? p.m.r CP devote large amounts of space and Ume toward the preparations of teams for the season. You'll hear the same thing you hear every year. One coach will be Euserch | p.m., HS Sat. S a.m., 118 heard saying, "I think we'll have a pretty good team this year." Or another will lay, "We have a pretty good chance to be pretty good." Notice how always pretty . . . Of course both statements are usually followed by me statement..."If we stay healthy." The pace will really pick upin three weeks time. By then we'll have reached the first week of August and the countdown will he reaching me zero mark. NFL teams will be a few days away from the dreaded pre-season games, college players will begin reporting to the practice field and high school athletes will he concluding their summer preparations and awaiting the beginning of twos-days. From then on, It will be non-stop to the Super Bowl. Once the regular season begins, we'll stert getting the answers to the pre- season qunstlons. Some will he answered qutckly, while others will take a long time. Either way, they'll all be answered. So, what are the questions already being asked about the 1963 season? Here's a Ip.m.,llS Atlmus Tram .... chrism Thm. I ........ Ip.m., llS ....... J Carrell-Lehr JId, Sat. Thurs. I a.m., KS by Pool vs. Emmarch (7 p.m.), Carroll-Lehr vs. Renegades (8 Malakoff Rebels vs. Landmarkers (9 p.m.)and 'rinsley's vs. p.m.). Thursday's games scheduled for the AHS field include McKee Lumber (7 p.m.), Chandler vs. Athens Transmission (8 Chapel Hill vs. J&L (9 p.m.). Games set for the high school field Friday include Shields vs. mers (7 p.m.), Mmda vs. the Pools by Pool-Ensenrch wlnner (8 vs. the Carroll Lehr-Rnnegadea winner (9 p.m.} Lndmerkm winner (10 p.m.). Loser's bracket James will be Perk beginnt at 7 p.m. Team trophtns will be prm tod [o the top five finishing on the first, second and third place squads will All tournament teams will receive T-Shirts, according to sample, Will Gary Hogeboom challenge Danny White for the Dallas quarter- backing Job? Will Tom Landry's new no-nonseuse approach help the Cowboys Landmm'kera 1 i. [ past the NFL title game? Can Washington repeat as Super Bowl champions-: Thurs. '1 10p.m.,HS J Which team will be the surprise team of the year in the NFL? are also qumtions on the college level. Who will win the national cham- 9p.m.r CP 1 p/omhip? Will SMU run out of miracles and sllp back into the rest of the SWC Rebels Melds ck? Will the Universlty of Texas find a quarterback who can put the 'Horns ..... ck on top? Will Jackie Sherrill's "Twelfth Man ' gimmick at A&M make the Director Tommy Tucker. 8 p.m., CP J Renegades | p.m., H8 i Mndred Sat. _ Auto Body p.m., HS tesa contender again? What SWC team y!!ohave Ctnderalla as an escort? will life he like In college football after the uear: As for the Texas schoolboys... Will 1963 finally be the year Malakoff sends a team into the playoffs? Who will step forward to become the starting MHS quar- torback? Will the Tigers finally he able to open district play with a win over SaL 10 a.m., H8 Rusk? Is Trinidad ready to return to its glory days of yesteryear? Will Cross HS = HighSchoel CP = Cain Perk ?p.m,,HS S..m mffiffi-ers Roads' rebuilding program show improvement? Which area school will have the best team? For the answers... Stay tuned. It's not Iong now. i "i J i.- II st II II st i st istmIMMliimMMimm .p st st m m st st m m st st st m st By CHUCK GAICIt]MON swimtosate,ty+L,,,-+ .I,. int Tim's cast was true. Pabst jumped BilIB dl y's As the boat uruum b,,,,, ,,,, last po down an embankment and grabhed the On at least three oeca mm last of land before open water, the men line Just as the lure was slipping back a e ,,_ an angler's rao t spotted two fishermen on shore. They into the water. He started pulling hand T|X S fishing line turnedout to be a lifelina, yelled for someene to call the Coast overhand. AS --D.R. Russ, of Grmmsboro, N.C., Guard. One of the onlookers turned and Moments later, after thq initial shock AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSBNS Was drift flah~g with two htends on the ran for e telep~e, wore off, Pabst realized he had pulled a Outer Banks off the Carolina coast. On The boat was taking on water fast. 1,200 bess boat, foot by foot, for 70 feet their last pass down the channel, the Fearing the Coast Guard would arrive against a 20-mph wind. And very likely, t983 Carburetors, Tune-Ups, Brakes engine on their 16-foot ball boat failed too late, Ruu picked up his rod and he saved his son't llfe in the process. and Auto Air-Conditioning .-- totart. Thetidestlrtadtoe.arrythent, made a perfect 50-yard cast to shore. --Juan Valldo and several fishing out to sea, where rouilh wat4r' The fishermen pulled on the line hand buddies were surf fishing on a sandbar Local Hwy. 31 East Malgkoff threatened to swamp the boat.over l nd antll they oould grab the hew about 100 yards from the beach off The waterwas41)feetdeep, andthe rope and haul the bcat to shore. Captree State Park, on Long Island, wins first i st st st st st st st st ms St st st st st st st " st st st st st three anglers saw they had no chance to The lifeline was a 10-pound test Stren last August. -mmmmmmmmmm mono. After several hours of battling strong ...... ' When the Coast Guard arrived, the undercurrents, Valido's companions anglers weresafelyashore, headed back to shore. No one bad --Irl Pabst, of Granite City, Ill., had caught any fish. But Valid wasn't Malakoff resident taken hts 13-yur-old son, Tim to Bond ready to throw in the towel, claimed first place in County Lake, about 60 rrdlas east of St. He kept flshlng until about 1:30 p.m. of a 6.2 mile nm held in LoUIS. It was a cold March day and a Then he noticed a man swimming about Uy. The race was surf breeze was blowing. Because of 50 feet to his right. He assumed the the chilly temperatures they had man must have been a tremendous practically the whole lake to them- sw/mmer to stay afloat in the fide. selves. A moment later the swimmer began of $):17, which is perreal best time, of Tim was stating in his boat at the to struggle. Valldo knew there was no place flnlsh is Clark s first. IN @ml to IllUMe. dock, waiting for his father to climb way to reach the man without being The Malaknff runner aboard when the knot in the dock line pulled into the tide himself. So, as the X/ith Call W Jting, you won't miss 8ny slipped, casting TLm adrift. The wind swimmer swept directly in front of him, .area runners in the calls because you're on the phone, was pus/ng the boat sideways toward Val/do cast his llne and lure and yelled . A sisnol tells you when someone is deep water, for the swimmer to grab hold. At first, calling. It's like having a second Pabst yelled to his son to ue the boat's the frightened man didn't react. Then phone line, for a lot less money, motor to get back to shore. But in desperation, he reached for the line Um motor wouldn't start. No one else and got a grip. I~;lY ]~ wu on the bike. He could see Tim was As a crowd gathered on the beach, z,111 frighened. The father fmu'ed VaUdo reeled in the biggest catch of his l kl If his peicked son could't survive a swim llfe. With Call Forwarding, no more rush- to shore in the 40-degree Fahrenheit A 62-pound iI 1 water. POPS 18 TOP8 landed by Henderson ins beck to your phone for calls. You The youngster was 70 feet from shore. Pittelmrgh Pirates' superstar Willie Stefan Smith J just dial in the phone number where Pabet shouted to to pick up of"Pops" Stargell hit more homeruns certified as a new you can be reached and your calls the rods on board and cast to shore, than any other player during the 1970's. unrestr/cted division. will be forwarded immediately. The senior Pabst had filled all the reek Stargeg clouted 296 round-trippers to Smith shot the fish ( "" with 12"pound test line the naght herre, earn the decade's hemerun crown" arrw in the Sabine Longview. The buffalo and 36 inches qld for buffalo in the which is reserved for !- ! With Speed Calling, one digit in- legal means other iotaI+,qI~ The rod and reel stantly puts you in touch with fre- buffalo is a 58-pounder quently called numbers. No more farm pond in ll~9. phone numbers to remember, and emergency calls are much e sier. Jake AU, manager League Fort Worth changed his name Fred Summeroll Tom Dismukes Jr. Atz because usually paid A LITTLE MORE alphabetical order With Three-Way Calltn you ln talk We recoil a kind old grocer, money with two people at same time. It When the sog r he would bolance, makes conference calls and family How he'd, tip the scoles to balance, talks convenient. Then he d add a little more And his business how it prospered, IMIIR, INIIRmk A. Folks were olwoys in his store; WII Cldlll , For he lOVe an honest measure, and he d add a Iiffle more. So It is with life, my Brother, We would write a better score, When we've done what is expected, if we'd add o little more. II There ko MI S i , An AUTO INSURED United Telephone of Texss J COVEk GE, GOOD @@@ " : N0tlNG 0F US TODAYI Jock Conner ! * 202 Dallcm Hwy. I I II I I I III E