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July 15, 1976     The Malakoff News
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July 15, 1976

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July 15, 1976 -NEWS-BANNER i i See 'n' Tell ' Of Interest To Women By Lois Williams I saw a cartoon awhile back that pictured a man and wife sitting in a boat MABANK Meat Packing Plant Sale of Beef and Pork. Freezer Packs or by Lb. Curing and Smoking of Pork, Scalding and Scraping. 887-0071 Mabank Kill Monday thru Friday Kill and Chill i i m u _ ,,, up to 40% off Thru July SILAJON'S SPORTSWEAR 118 N. Beaton Corsicana I I i il fishing and the woman was saying, "Oh, this is almost as much fun as cleaning a greasy oven." While I chuckled sympa- thetically at her sentiments, I have to disagree with that comment. There's nothing funny about cleaning a dirty stove. On my list of hateful chores, cleaning an oven is pretty close to the top of the list. The tip-top position on that list is still occupied by the worst duty I ever had when I was a young WAC trainee way back in my far distant past. That was clean- ing a loathsome, overflowing grease pit located behind a big Army Mess Hall that fed over three thousand people eoch day. It was the kingdom of a fat slob of an "Archie Bunker" Mess Sergeant who didn't like the idea of having women in HIS Army and Lakeside CB Sales Hwy. 85 G.B.C. (mi. W. of Hwy. 90) Open Mon.-Fn. 10 a.m.- 7 p.m. Sat 10 - 6 Radios.Antennas-Accessories Special July 16 thru 21 Midland 13-853 q19" Kricket Hump Mo/Speaker =21" took great delight in assign- ing the most rqbulsive tasks to the new WAC's unfor- tunate enough to pull KP duty in his bailiwick. The ignoramous maintained that females were almost useless creatures and incapable of doing any job as well as men and was determined to prove it. {Needless to say, we were equally determined to prove him wrong. We were the first of the Womens Army Corps. the guinia-pigs of a new experiment, the pioneers that made it easier for the service women of today. We were proud of it too, despite the fact that we were often harassed in many ways by "Old Army" men who be- lieved women existed only to serve a roans personal needs and had no right to help defend her cotintry. Thank goodness, these types were in the minority and prejudice of any kind is self-destruc- tive. History has proved the worth of the Military Woman. ) Gals, I'm happy to report to you that on that day when my companion in misery and I were assigned to clean that grease trap, we did ourselves proud. When we climbed out of that awful hole, smeared with gobs of greasy, evil- smelling slime and trying to ignore queasy stomachs, The Cooking ..... r With the advent, of Jimmy Carter as the Democratic standard bearer in the forth- coming presidential election, a lot has been said about peanuts. In case you hadn't heard, Carter's a peanut, farmer in his native Georgia. On the unlikely chance Carter gets a chance to dine with you in the months prior to the election, we are providing you with recipes appropriate for the occasion- containing peanut butter. But whether Carter visits you or noL, you may find these recipes appropriate for the season, or as a means to exhibit your savoir faire, or just because they are good eating. Baked Peanut Butter Chicken 1 2% to 3 pound frying chicken, cut up 4 cup flour 1 egg % cup peanut butter [smooth or crunchy[ 1 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon pepper  cup milk  cup dry bread crumbs , cup peanut oi1 Dip chicken in flour. Blend egg with peanut butter, salt and pepper. Gradually add milk, beating with fork to blend. Dip floured chicken in peanut butter mixture then in crumbs. Place on oiled fiat baking pan. Drizzle remain- ing over chicken pieces. Bake in oven [375 F.] 45 minutes or until tender. Serves 4. Peanut Butter Potato Salad % cup vinegar = cup peanut oil 1 teaspoon salt t teaspoon pepper 3 cups diced hot, cooked potatoes I cup diced celery  cup chopped green onions 1 cup diced ham % cup mayonnaise % cup smooth or crunchy peanut butter Combine vinegar, oil, salt, the and pepper in bowl. Add hot cucumber. Chill. Lightly 1 teaspoon cinnamon diced potatoes, mix lightly, brown peanuts in butter; stir /4 teaspoon salt Chill. in cheese. Just before /2 cup [1 stick] When ready to serve add serving, toss chilled vege- Melted celery, onions and ham. tables with dressing. Combine mayonnaise and Sprinkle peanuts on top. Arrange apple slices in peanut butter. Add to potato Serves 6 to 8. shell. Combine mixture, toss lightly. Makes graham cracker 6 cups. Peanut Butter Pancakes chopped Dry Roasted ish Peanuts, flour, Peanut-Crunch Slaw 1 cup pancake mix men, and salt; 1 cup milk thoroughly; sprinkle 1 egg 4 cups cabbage, shredded 3 tablespoons peanut butter apples. Pour melted 1 cup celery, finely cut garine over the peanut , cup commercial sour Combine all ingredients ping. Bake [350 F.] 1 or Until apples are cream and beat until smooth. Bake Makes 9-inch pie. z cup mayonnaise on a preheated, lightly I teaspoon salt greased skillet or grill. Fashions For Fall 4 cup green onion, chopped Makes two servings. Feminine fashions 4 cup green pepper, '76 will feature a "field chopped Peanut Crunch Apple Pie % cup cucumber, chopped stream" approach to ares, including 1 tablespoon butter 5V2 cups apple slices [6 jackets, drawstring ,2 cup salted peanuts, medium apples] jackets layered coarsely chopped 1 9-inch unbaked pastry trousers, knickers, 2 tablespoons Parmensan shell  legged pants, and jura cheese 1 cup sugar in traditional red, a/4 cup graham cracker blue hunting and Toss cabbage and celery Crumbs plaids, Beverly together. Chill. Mix sour :% cup chopped dry roasted clothing specialist cream, mayonnaise, salt, Spanish peanuts Texas Agricultural onions, green peppers, and Vz cup unsifted flour sion Service. TAMARACK ....... 10% Off On All Mobile Antennas bleeding hands and torn nails, the thing looked better jeweler's INN Gun Barre, and unused. That wiped the sneer from that chauvinist !'!i   :: gent's face fast for the wife : inspecting officer asked him why it had never been that A Place To Relax And Enjoy clean before and to maintain . :ii ". " : ' i the gd example in the BY Masapphmiu "Pail5 future. A Good Nights Rest. "It Look these little ladies res to show you boys how the job really should be done." Any sapphire stone dis- gilled or simply treated with He smiled. He also added playing an asterix can be r, ail polish t. cover the Public Boat Ramp Near By .... that, theWhC's .1 ein@  a/ata:L: ,spphire'" inclusions, tIubbj}!g Lh.eba  we would have our own bands whicli form the si* ordinary lcact pencil will Reasonable ill ;I,. Rates. .,.on would no longer pull KP sapphire is often called 'the appearance. duty on the general duty roster. My friend and I dragged ourselves back to our bar - racks, weary but proud, to accept the sympathetic and complimentary comments of our mates. (The word had ,/ / spread that "01' Archie" had. been proved wrong again  and it was a source of gleeful - -> satisfaction to see him put in his place by a pair of skinny, Electricity from the Sun? useless girls., Even our Commanding Officer, a very The basic technology for utilizing solar energy has understanding lady, sought existed for some time. In fact, simple systems for heating us out to say "You did well, water andeven heating and cooling homesare in gain, if I could I'd pin a operation today. However, such systems are extremely medal on you," and saw to it expensive, low in efficiency and usually cannot be relied that we had easy duty for upon without a "back-up" system, several days while our Producing electricity by harnessing the energy of the sun, wounded hands healed. wind, tides and other "exotic" sources is under intensive This bit of my past leads research being conducted by the electric industry and the up to the fact that I had to Federal government's Energy Research and Development Administration. Millions of dollars and the efforts of many clean my dirty oven this scientists and engineers are committed to the task, but week. It was necessary be- the crucial problem is converting energy from these cause there's a repair man sources to electric power at a price people can afford, coming to replace an inoper- Economical. efficient, targe-scaleproduchon ismany alive thermostat and, of yearsaway, course. I want him to think Since 1971. Texas Power & Light Company has been my stove is always sparking reducing its dependence on costly and scarce natural gas clean. After, all, he may be and oil by building and operating generating plants which related to that "Archie use lower cost lignite coat. An abundant supply of this coal is available for operating these plants. Bunker" Mess Sergeant and TP&L and two other electrm compames are also building I've got my pride to think of. a nuclear power plant. The first unit of this plant is So. I'm nursing skinless scheduled to go into operation in 1980 and the second fingers and snaggle nails in 1982. again. It's a miserable chore We're working to assure alITP&L customersa but modern cleaning com- dependable supply of electricity. Today, this is being done pounds ease the task some- with proven mettods and reliable sources of energy, but what and everytime l do it. I we're looking to the tong-range future, too think of that dark day in that Mess Hall grease pit and somehow it does:t seem quite so bad. Even so, if I really had my druthers. I'd choose to go fishing. TEXAS P( )WER & I.IGH'I" COMPANY A tax-paying, investor-owned electric utility "Ruling is easy, governing difficult." Goethe === ===== = =====-% .| July | | Shore Line Steak House is | II FEATURING Top Sirloin n i} Served Family Style 1 ! F (includes salad & baked potato)'4i) [f All You Can Eat =4-' i  Hwy. 85 in Seven Points I (Formerly Show Down Saloon) |i||i|Uln|mllillll|lill stone of destiny." The three Sapphire of all types is cross sections comprising  worn equally well by women Lhestar are said to represent or men. The stone is very faith, hope and charity. The hard and durable and comes most desirable stars are in a variety of colors. senti transulcent and display' .qapphire mounts well with a six pointed star which is diamonds and many other prominent when displayed stones which enhance its under one bright light source color. and rotated slightly. Genuine star sapphires come in many colors with orange, yellow and greemt being the most rare and espensive. Blue stars vary from a rich deep blue to blue gray to almost white in" color. Dark brown star sap- phire is called black star sapphire. It is always cut into thin cabochon (rounded dome) stones because of the growth pattern. Genuine black star sapphire are about the same price as synthetic star sapphire in colors. Al- though very popular, black star sapphire is not especial- ly rare or expensive. The largest natural star corun- dum ever reported weighed 1156 carats in the rough and 733 carats when it was cut. It measures 23/16 x 127/32 x 1.32 inches. It is cut into an oval. Most star sapphires are far smaller than ;his of course Fradulent methods are frequently used LO enchance the appearance of natural star sapphire. The stones are sometimes oil treated, wax Ask About Our Custom Made.Drapes Loveseat Sleeper e $198 '249 PLENTY FREE PAIKING E-Z REDIT TE $ U Haul It Weekly Rates Given , ;' Call Collect For Reservations 214-887-1333 DairyQueen ishavin9 a Super 49 mile on Malts and- ShaEes sla-awbeTfles, or 9olden chunky_ pIfle or Dairy Queen anilla. Eh and every o ha the thick, rich and eamy te of the Mal and Shakeh of the  old ! .'i "; i i ' . : r T I R I[][ JULY 18 THRU JULY SUNW00Y THRU THUR00Y