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Malakoff, Texas
July 19, 1935     The Malakoff News
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July 19, 1935

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Glenda Farrell, Ed- Horton, Leo Carritlo and 100's of others Each Monday and Tuesday an outstanding picture Wednesday, July 24-- BERT ROB'T. WHEELER WOOLSEY in RKO Radio Picture Wednesday is I0e day. Inventor Claims Many 'Ad- vantages for Ship. Berlin.--The disaster to the United States navy's airship Macon has re- vived speculation here as to tile ulti- mate worth of lighter-than-air craft and has t~hrown hlto sharp relief the plans of a German inventor for a 170- passenger heavier-than-air flying boat designed to cross the Atlantic from Hamburg to New York in 16 to 18 hours. The designer is Engineer E. Rump- let, builder of the famous Rumpler- Tanbe fighting planes of World war fame and of a dozen other types of: plane. Air Resistance Is Feature. The chief advantage chdmed for the Rumpler transocean plane is its lack .of air resistance. Viewed from the front, it is merely one enormous wing mounted on two pontoons, which taper back to the fail-steering fin. Equal load distribution is the second Drime feature of the plane. Engines-- there are ten, each of 1,000 horse- power---passengers and express are all Inside the wing, which is high enough to accommodate a man standing, and which has a spread of 289 feet. The wing is 41 feet from the front to rear. Doctor Rumpler says he has achieved decentralization. Instead of a cabin in tile middle, with other weights such as motors, fuel, pay loads, as in the average plane, which puts too much strain on the wings, he has built a whig strong enough to carry the en- tire load equally distributed. Interior Like Pullman Corridor. The interior of the wing looks like a pullman corridor. It is divided from end to end. On the port side are pas- senger accommodations much like those of a train, with portholes facing the direction of flight. Behind are the ten engines, each with its own atten- dant and operated Independently, with its own four-blade propeller. The plane would cost $1,000,000. The second and third would cost approxi- mately $S00,000. Such a l)lane could reach Honolulu from San Francisco In 12 hours with a useful t,)ad of 7e-tons, and could conceivably .push on from there to ManEs in 22 hours. It also would be invahmble to British Interests as a link with India and the colonies, a fact which recentty has attracted a British syndicate to inquire abot~t the paEents. Students Test Capacity of Soil for Moisture Lincoln, Neb.--Confronted with th~ problem of studying the effects of rainfall during the driest period in Nebraska history, Dr. J. E. Weaver's graduate students in botany at the University of Nebraska have turned rainmakers to continue their experi- ments. For 18 months they have been en- gaged In a study to find the absorptioL eapaclt~ of uffbroken sod, of whe~ stubble fields and of fallow lands. Du lag the greater part of this year anti a half there was no natural rainfall and an artificial application of water at the rate of an inch every half hour was used In the experiment~. Do~r Wea~er'= students went to !:?! MAI,AKOFFNEWS tarms near Lincoln 7or [lm|r experl- ments. When it failed to rain they hauled truckloads of water to the fields. These they sprinkled over the test area. Areas three feet wide and 33.3 reef long were inclosed by long boards place on edge in tile sell. These kept tile water from getting out of the experlnlent lot. Results of the tests showed that na- tive prairie sod held the rain actually tun times as well as stubble field and fallow land. From the prairie the water which ran off was nearly clear, while from tim fields it was muddy be- cause of soil erosion. High School Freshmen to Have New Handbook Philadelpllia.--To avoid embarrassing questions a handbook will be given to freshmen at Lower Morion lligh school next fall that: will guide them in the ways of scllool activities. G. H, Gilbert, principal of the insti- /ution, announced the issuance of the booklet. It will c6ntain explanations of courses, clubs, athletics, plan~ of the school and other information. I,'re~hmen always bare had the trouble of getting early experience by asking many questions. School offi- cials said thls method took so much time and t~ouble that it: eventtptlly became embarrassing. So. they be- lieve, tbe new booklet will be a great help to the new students. Former Largest Barn in World Being Torn Down Kearney, Neb.--What once was the largest: barn in the world, a 3(~)-foot-long building constructed to convince mid- land ranchers of the value of alfalfa as live stock feed/is being razed. The old barn has been ordered torn down by Its present owner, William Wright, because he is convinced it Is unsafe. It was built by II. D. Watson, pioneer advocate or' alfalfa, Dimensions of the struclure were 300 feet long, 100 feet wide nnd 56 feet high. It was located on tile old "1733 ranch." o Dog Adopts Orphan Kitten Gillette, Wis.--Peggy, a dog owned by 3oseph Seppel here, adopted Felix. a six-months-old kitten, and suckled it dally after ber litter of puppies dle~ Canadian Valentine Causes Family Row Montreal.--Mrs. Aldei CIouatre Is suing her bi'other amt his wife for $199.99 because they allegedly sent l~er a valentine. Mrs. Clouatre alleges tlle valen- tine bore a picture of a "fanny- faced" woman, whose featnres were partially bidden behind a massive pair of spectacles, and at the bot- tom In writing the caption: "She looks very much like you, oh? She has glasses like yours." On the re- verse side wdre other insults. Mrs. Clot~,qtre dechlres the valen- tine "injured her f,,,lings." ller brother and his wife deny sending the valentine. L.-----.. CLAIM WEIRD CAUSE OF SHEEP DISEASE Experts Plan to Seek Proof This Summer. V,'ashht::ion.- Agrlctllture depart- nwm officials will seek proof tills sum- mer that coal oil we,.d, or sl)lnelessI horse brush, has been reslmnsihle fur, I M/head, a sheep disoasc which lilts I eo~t Wt'St( 1'11 'a sers treul('ndous ]()t,~.~ ) " ~ "~;:~ Arthur l,. (~lawsol] of the ~ lent air( ly has gone to the live stork ranges in Ut:d~. Idaho and n,,lghlmrh~g states, lie will be assisted by E. A. 3h)r:m and W, T. Iiuffman of the bu- I'O,'lU Of animal industry, and Milton A. 3lallison c,f M:lnti, Utah. Ileadquar- ~ers will be at Salina, Utah. Definite slndy of l)i=h(,ad b(,;~tln a year ago. M,,st st,rhms ontbro'lk~:, the depart- lll('nt said, ol.cur ill fairly definite. I!]a('cs 'do];: the tr.ils, or on tile bed ~round.~ while she( p are l)ctng nloved fronl will [OF l'illiges to l;lIn})illg grounds. It has been l'(mnd that either coal OI] ~*V('Od or sl)]nel/,Ns horsebrush was ubnndant in every area where bighead was particularly dangerous. On other ranges, however, the I)]an|s Wi.Te fonn(~ only in small isolated patches. Tim l)eriod when the plants were i)olsonous che(,ked with tile season wllen blgliead appeared, the department said. Sheepmcn have found tlmt In some outbre:d~s of bigh(,ad a considerable l~ortlon of the sick sheep showed little if any swelling about the bead, and tlmt fataliti(,s anlong such nnlnmls Wl,re nlueh higher tlnln anlong eases whi('h gave the disease its name. MtHly raisers I)elieve bighead Is caused hy we-lther conditions, as it seems lnost prevalent on hot, sunl~y days following cohl, st,)rmy periods. Belief timt tile disease Is caused by wecds tits In with the weather tlleory, ]lt)'weVel', file depal'tnH.qlt said, because it is known that when animals eat cer- tain plants tlley beconle exn'emely sen- sitive to snnltght. i BURNER takes the place of all moving parts in I II It is this fundamental difference why engineers say gas is the logical method of refrigeration. It is why Electrolux is recognized everywhere as the cheapest refrigeration money can buy. Any won- der when Eleetrolux operates without a single moving part to make noise or to wear and need replacing? Because of this simplicity Eleetroluz saves enough on operating cost, depredation and food bills to pay for itself. See its modern beauty . compare its advantages, then you'll know why 500,000 have bought Eleetrolux! LONE STAR. 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