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July 26, 1935     The Malakoff News
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July 26, 1935

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IS STILL RICH IN TREASURE s Greatest Store of Gold, Soviet Says. U. S. S. R.--Tlxe world's treasure house of Told, the fields In Siberhl, despite 100 of exploltathm, still contain as of the yellow nletal as has been from It, a Soviet analysis lies POwerful electric dredges now are frola the I.ena fields thousands of gold each year. The ex- ~tt Prodaction there Is a state secret. t it is known to I,e In excess of tile yichl, about eighteen annually. 'l~he ouiput of the l,ena fichls Is Of the nmhl sources for buihlin" the Soviet gold reserve, now esti- at aronnd 1.1)O0,O~X).0(O) gold or sufficient to stabilize the currency whenever tile So government considers that deslr. many ~ears durin-g the czarist tile l.ena flehls were worl.:ed elude, ancient methods. Thousands and convicts were employed the mines. After the revolution a coull)any wit3 given a conces- to exploit tile Lena regi(m. In 1930 the Soviet government be- mining operutions, introducing electric dredges and modern of mining. ACCording to recent official estimate tons ef mild have been taken the Lewt fields dllrlng the lust Years and an equal amount still to be mined. EAT BUTTER-KIST BREAD Made in Ilenderson County THE GREATER Athns, Texas TO-DAY A return engagement! JEANETTE MacDONALD and Nelson Eddy in Victor Herbert's With Frank Morgan Saturday, July 27-- RICHARD DIX in RKO Radio Picture mh._ Saturday Night 10:45 Show And Sunday Matinee With William Powell and Louise Rather COme at 9:30 each Saturday and see two shows for 25c Monday and Tuesday July 29-30th. JAMES CAGNEY in "I With Ann Dvorak and a huge cast ach Monday and Tuesday an outstanding picture Wednesday, July 31-- '. N With Lionel Barrymore, Arthur. Chester Mor- ris and Lewis Stone Wednesday is 10e day. !. Y / Lunch Counter on Rails Is Latest Tim hlnch corn lob characteristic of America's busstlin~ ~hit-an(l run habits, has at last invaded tile railroad train. With tile su'e:u.lined coach el the B. & O., it shares hmnvation honor~ on the run bclwecn St. l.ouis and ('hicago, snd is popular witil the patrons of tile train named The AI)lahanl l.incoln. ....... IMPR UNIFORM iNTERNATIONAL SUNDAY L SSO" CHOOL By IIEV. 1". B. F1TZVrATE].. D. I).. Mtn)bcr of l,'actll'3, M(,otly Dlblo e~), Wc,~teI'II Nt-W~t)dprl Union. Lesson for July 28 AMOS LESSON TEXT--Amos 7:7-17. GOLI)I:~N TI';XT--Dut let Judgment run down as water~, and righteousness as a mighty stre0.m.--Amos 5:24, PRIMARY TOP1C--A IIero Preacher. JUNIOR TOPIC--When God Needed a llero. INTEI~MI~DIATE AND SI:~NIOR TOP- |C--Standlng for the Right. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOP- IC--God's Plumb Line and Our Social Order. Amos was a her(lsman called of God to be a I)rophet. A I)rophot Is one who Sl')eaks forth tile messq;zc of God. lie convicts the pe,)t)le of their sins. I)leads for tilenl to get righl with God. The only effective way to cor- rect wrnng SU-Cial usage Is It) bring tl~e peol)le into right rclathmsl~Ip with God. I. The Call of Amos (1.I). He WaS a her(lsinafl and gatherer of sycamore fruit (7:1,1). ile was not a prophet by snccessh)n, neither was he trained in ttle prophetic scho,ds. II. To Whom Amog Was Sent (l :1) Thongh he was froln .ludah, his min- istry was to be primarily to Israel III. Amos' Message. 1. Sins denounced (2:6-8; 6:l-G). a. Avariclons greed (~:68). (1) Sohl the rigltteon.~ for silver Iv. 6). The Judge, for a ' ibe of silver, declared the innocent to be guilty. (2) Sold the poor for a pair of shoes (v. 6). It doubtless referred to the practice of selling into slavery tile debtor who could not pay for a pair of shoes which he had been sold on credit. (3) Pants after the dust of tile earth (v. 7). So avarlclous had these men heeome that they even grasped after tile earth which tile downtrodden poor cast upon their head In timlr mourn- Ing hecause of their mlsery. (4) Turned aside tile way of the meek Iv. 7). These grasping rich men turned aside the meek. that Is. those who did not stand up for their rights. (5) Licentiousness {v. 7). So no- torious were the h,n~o,'alitles prac- ticed that they were even guilty of Incestuous prostitntion, llow ade- quately this pictures the Ilcentiousnes of our present age. b. Reckless security (6:1-3). Timy closed their eyes to tile approaching Judgment predicted by the i)rophet. c. I,uxury ((;:4-6). Their luxury ex- pressed itself in: (I) Extruwlgant furnilnre. They had l)eds of Ivory, which means, donbth,ss, wood lnhfld with ivory. (2) I,nzlness Iv. 4). Many stretched tlmlnselves on tilelr couches, thus liv- ing lives of Indolence. (3) Feasted mi delicacies Iv. 4). They hou'..qlt wlmI they desh'cd, re- gar(lh'ss of Its ('()st. (4) Ad.rne(l their feasts with music Iv. 5), They idle songs, even in- venting nlilSiCll] inslrlllneIllS [or tills pu/;pose. (5) They drank wine Iv. 6) They drank from bowM, lndicaUng excessive drinldng. d, They failed to grieve fm Joseph. Mauy are today Indulging in luxury, entirely indifferent to the crying needs of otherS. 2. The reined2 .proposed (5:4-9). The prophet e'lllerl upon them to re- turn to God. The time to repent Is while divine Judgment is stayed, Ia their turning to God they were to re- BOll nee : a. hlolatry (vv. 5, 6). They were to turn away from the places of hlof atry--Bethel. Gllgal. and Beer-sheba. b. Seeking to pervert judgnlent (v. 7). Turning Judgment to wormwood hnplies the bitterness of the perver- sion of Judgment to tile Injured. c. Seeking to dethrone righteous- hess Iv. 7). "Leaving off righteous- ness" Is thought to mean that unright- eousness was allowed to t'dce its place. IV. Intercedes for the People (7:140. The prophet stands here not merely as the proclaimer of Judgment, but as the intercessor for the people. V. Opposed by Amaziah the Priest (7:10-17). 1. Message sent to Jeroboam (vv. 10, 11), Tile priest songht to hinder the prophet by Informing the king of the Jt,dgment which Amos proclaimed. 2~ ~ to $11eace the pr('~i)h'&" Iv\:.~ f~: l:~). 3. The i)roldmt's bold reply (vv. 14- 17). a. IIe declared tbat he had received Iris commission from (;od directly (vv. 14, 15). The one who {,as heard tile ('all of (led faust be f:lithful ill tile declaration of hts message even ihon~h el)posed I)y ecclesiastical and political leaders. b. Doom prononneod (vv. 16. 17). lie set forth the shame and distress of tile B'th:0onlan captivity, which came upon theln berallse of their tin- faithfulness to God. An Overwhelming Thought ltow could we bear thnt overwhelm- Ing thought '"rhou knowesr'--the thouTht that there is certainly some- where, unless also we lind tile eonvie- tlon warm at oltl" hc~,qYts, "rl'boll forest" --tile certainty that tile deepest eer- t'tlnty of all is the love of hinl who of ders all.--W. Charles. Better Thoughts A single gentle rain makes tile grass ninny shades greener; so onr pros- peers brighten on tile inilux of better thenghts. Church of Coral In historic Kawal:lhao clmrch, lI,mo- luhl, built of coral l/locks cnt and hauled from the reefs in an early day, ttle one hundred and tifteeath anniver- sary of ti~e arriwfl of tile first Ameri- can Protestant missionaries in Ilawait Is commemorated. Tile first nflsslon- ary party came from New England and anchored off Kailua on April d, 1820. 78 years hefore the Islands were an- nexed to the United States. Americans List Gasoline as Necessity of Life Washlngton.--Gasollne now Is as much a necessity of life as shoes and clothing, Leonard P. Ayres, famous economist and statistician, believes. Ayers said one of the most Im- portant economic developments of the depression Is rhe fact that Americans have ranked gasoline among tile neces- sities of life. fle believes that the "vigorous ex- panshm of production by the automo. bile lnduvtry" ha,u been the most Im- porl;lnt factor In recovery thus far. Ayers pointed out that the produc thin of gasoline during tile depression has held up "far better" than that of (.l.thing or shoes, or of processed foods. "Apparently," Ayers s'Hd, "gasoline ranks In llopular esteem ahead of other thln~s that we have become accus- tonu, d [o think of as being the fore- most necessities." Test Shows Congress Is Not So Dumb, After All Washington.--Honest. folks, con- gress Isn't so dumb. To the contrary, it's pretty bright. As proof two eon~resswomeh and one congressman took the intelligence test devised by Dr. David Segal of tile United Slates office of educ'Hlon-- a[ld i)a s~ed. Acc,)rdlng to Doctor Segel, If a per- son Tets three or fewer answers wrong they are entitled to n mental ate ef twenty-one. Each of the rkree repre- sentatives. Mrs. C'lroline O'I)ay (Dem., N. Y.), Mrs. Virglni~ .lenekes O)em., Ind.) and Maury Maverick (Dem., Texas) won that rating, Crow Outcrows Roosters Reghm, Sask.---A crow that ca,l "otltcrow" tile average roosler is owned t)y Dan Calver of BeIlmne. Calver ('anght tile ymmg crow last fnl} and put It In his chicken coop. The crow silent several morHil~ with the hen~ ami roosters, and now can ~row with the best of them. Large Cemetery Opened for Interment of Pets Reading, Pa.--The love of man for his dog is represented m a new eeme- tery established near here. Dr. Earle E. Romberger, of the Read- ln~ Veterinary bospltal, had a "celne- tory" on the lqliladelphhl pike for ....... ,, , ........ but found that It ,,.~ t.- adequate. Another tvuct was obtained. The bodies of more than 400 dogs, cats, a canary and a duck buried in the original cenletery were disinterred and moved to the new plot. Itead- stones for the most part are unifornt in size and arranged tn neat rows. A few owners purchased fairly large stones. Each has the pet's name, year of bh'th and death. equipped in Malakoff THE PEP CAR ARISTOCRAT OF THE LOW PRICE FIELD EQUIPMKNY INCLUDES: Bum pers, Spare Tire, Tube and T;re Lock KNEE ACTION $20.50 ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT INCLUDF : Bumpers, Spare Tire, Tube, Tire Lock and Bumper Guards. Tune o. your Chevrolet dealer's amateur con~est +onigh+ over Station WFAA. Program will be broadcast from the stage of'the Melba Theater, and every Sunday night thereafter, from 8:30 to 9:00 o'clock. If you are an amateur performer and want a chance to wln a free ~ip to Hollywood, wlth an audition over National Braadcasfin9 Company sfation in Los Angeles, go to your Dallas Zone Chevrolet dealer for an entry blank and full particulars evro Telephone 22 lqalakoff, Texas II t i '11 Termites Once Useful 0rlglmllly the terlnltes servcd a use, ftll pllrpoge Jn the ec(~n(inly of nature by destroyh)g dend and dying thnl)er in forests. As trees gave way to houses, however, the termite colony sent up Its foraging crews from the ground nesis Into the wood of houses shmding where trees once s|ood. CROSS CHILDREN' i II Shanghai Great Gateway Shanghai js tile gateway for th~ MAY HAVE WORMS ~at~h far upset little etomachs, bad bresth, fretfulness, loas of weight, itching around nose ~nd arms. Theg may have pin or round worms. Whites Cream Vermifuge has safely and for years, reliably expeUed the worms snd toned the delicste reset. Whites Cresra Vermifuga recommended bl~ deugglsm. PAYNE'S DRUG STORE great Yangtze-kiang wdley, In which dwells half tile poimlath)n of China, Ot 200,000,01XI people. The total popula. tiob of tile world Is estimated at 3,800,. (X~),(X)O, so appro:dnlatcly one person in every nlne on thls earth trades lhr~mgh Shan~hal. i,,i, i,, , ,,, , ,, II II I Ill II I f ]: