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August 3, 1934     The Malakoff News
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August 3, 1934

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.... q'l-IE ALAKOFF NEWS ..... : • .i r ill i ii , , iii i u ~ I I .... 1 ..... r " i • .... " ...... i , 171 I--- ' ' I "--~**V~'~*" I ] I[ [ i [ [ I. ill II]~ ..... i i i [ ' " ~ ..... In Run-Off For State Senator E O. DODSON, Transfer DR. C, H, NASH THE GREATER Manifold Ways in Which the VENrm • )lXl[ BanksAreServingtheNation ' P,nmp, ,.d Sa,isfa¢,o,y , .. . Handling Millions of Transactions Daily for Individuals, Cor- GUARANTEED! EACH WEEK porations and State and National Governments---The ' , ' T .... ',i ' iiI . i i ' J I J .iI Structure Strengthened and Deserving of Public Faith Athens, Texas By FRANCIS MARION LAW, ] /[[ PAUL~S PLACE ,,,, President American Bankers Association ' ., TODAY! rlqttE hanks °f th° natl°n pr°vid° the terest rate ever been s° l°w" Every Pies, . Sandwiches,Next to Jackson's Garagecigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos. ! i, machinery through which pass sound buslnoss In the country today ~ I We always carry a complete line of Cold Drinks, Candies. ;! laily man,' millions of checks and can get what money it needs. ~:-.~'. ~ili!i~ lhe Bi~ Parade of 1934Z drafts, aggregat~ .. A Return of Normal Lending ii Viva ~ tiunnreas oI t~anKs are badly needing lo&ni for millions of dol-revenue purposes, and now that coati. Cakes, lars. donee in banks has been largely re- ' The banks are stored they are naturally returning to Paul s is the only place in town where you can get a i nuin " " " a o o.o ma, ,eo ,o poi,o 1 Ge e Calf Sandwlch i Villa oo.o_ o, .::'~::... .:::::!:):;.. ~ ~:~:!:" ernment in its Re- people was shattered, The thought uP- We also handle several flavors of-- covery Program,permost in the minds of depositors was £ In v olv In g the the safety of their funds. Withdrawals Velvet Ice.Tream With greatest p e a c e- from banks became Increasingly heavy --and serve the largest helpings m town. time expenditures and general. Under such circumstances CnLth: ::::~:r' ~P::::tln;e Jth~jA~is: ::~'~2:h :fh:hte WALLACE BEERY ever known, the banker, mindful of his primary re- i Likewise t h esponslbility to his depositors, was more I nate from rl re Admission 10c and 25c F. M. LAW banks are largely nce[ tdhel:atl c°ItleCeUw° o° sl° maining candidates are from Anderson county. Mr. Cotten led the financing the cur- "" rent credit needs of states, counties, result was a severe contraction of'trod- ticket with the total of 8109 votes with Mr. Greet second with 7197. Saturday, August 4-- cities, public schools and other pollt- it. For this the banker should not be Except four boxes in Kaufman.county, the returns are complete. • lcal sub-divisions, all of which have in- blamed. He simply performed his mAul- . ~ " , BUCK JONES in- timately to do with the dally affairs of feet dutY'sBanker at this tlme are very prop. ' g Jailin~ for Debt I! all 0f the people. ] [ The ~a~h day banks throughout the eoun- erly viewing the credit needs of btud. ~ Dal;+;aal ~xl~,,,,.i ,,d Ol, lai~o~a ~orhtd j.. try are making hundreds of thousands hess with serious and sympathetic con. I "qY ~UJ|LII,,GA "-'~= | for debt for fines or penalties. Jailing lV[ T il of new loans and they are renewing sideratlon. Applicants for loans are .or , I except where there Is presumption of an ra e .o~ extending old loans for the aecom- always familiar with the rules govern. I I i., fo,l.ldOe. ,n A~l~o.a, A~k,.n. modatlon or a vast number of borrow- lag-bank credit and constructive and ] #J, ILI|UUL|b~ILL~IILt ] sas, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, A Columbia Picture ere, these borrowers belng Individuals, Interested help on the part of tire bank. I " ~ Kansas, Mlnnesota, Nebraska, North I corporations and partnerships and er will bring about the making of many " ,. I Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio and their loans being incident to agrlcul- additional loans, without doing vlo. Per Congressman, #th Dist. I Wyoming. 3"nIllng for debt In civil so- i A New Show! ture, industry and trade in every com. fence to,~uy principle of good banking. I ~oflller Fl'izzel[ [ tlon is frowned upon by the statutell munity in the land. Certalnly no one would advocate the [ ~, .... I of Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Mls. Saturday Night 10:45 The banks, through their trust de.making of unsound loans by banks. The I Na| Isa||ol]l [ slssippl, New Mexico, Tennessee partments, are eontinuing the work creation of a large volume of unsound I Rooer [)/Ivi.g [ and Texas. There is no constitutional --1, --1-----.Sunday Matinee' Aug" 5-'7 whlch they have faithfully carried on loans would not only weaken the banks ] ----e, ....... [ provlslonfordebtlmprlsonmentmadelI Lumber, "IC throughout the depression and are pro- --it would prolong the depression and I -- lit, Con.eot,o,,t. Lo,,,s,a,.. Shingles, Window (ilass, Bottoms U! tectlng trust funds placed In thetr care wipe out 3omo of the gains already i[~or County Superintendent: i Maine, Massachusetts. New Hamp. against the worst shrinkage of values made. It is to be earnestly hoped that I .| U NelsonI ,'o,.. V,,n,a .nO ,,'o,t Paint,Lime ement, Doors, ever known. Included In this activlty Is no banker will yled under the pres.---' " - - . . ] Virginia. ArreStnndln CASES where thei]i With Spencer Tracy, " Pat" the service the banks are performing sure of his dfislre for earnings, or for I Frank J. Daws (re-election) [ debtor has made an assignment of his Patterson..lohn Boles, Har- In connection with administering the any other reason, and make loans ofI I assets In benefit of hls creditors ex- Screells, Etc. ry Green and Thelma Todd. affairs of widows and orphans, the wrong sort. John Ottley of Atlanta t~,,,, 11=, ....... to,;,,~. ] eept In fraud or tort cases is forbid. The banks, throngh the medium ofin a recent address, sald--"The plan of ,-v, ~,,~,~-~,~ .... , I den In Cz)lorado. Illinois, Kentucky, Come at9:30Saturdaynight their savings and thrift deposit depart, lending freelyand hoplng for the best J, n. (Jap)tucas I M°ntann'N°rthO~"°'""°""""°"'" M if I b C ments, are furnishing safety for the has never proven wise." Glvnnp. , slake .um er , I and see two shows for one accumulations of many millions of There are many needs for credit oil --..7 ........... I stltutlons of Oregon. Utah and Wash. admission, people and on this class of deposits kinds which are not within the province -- ] tngton limitarrestto nbscondlng Malakoff, Texas , ,, reasonab'eBanks arelntereStprovidinglS aPaid'service for the ofthereCOmmercialare manybankStypest° meet.of credlt,LikewiSebut ~OrTomDistriCtpickettAttorney: I] debtors. I I , safe-deposit and safe-keeping of the there are also many types of credit Ca- | , ,,, , ' ,~,., ~i~~ Monday and Tuesday, possessions, papers and securities of a cilities available--enough, It would ~ ] " very large number of people, seem, to meet the requirements o~ all ~or County ,Judge; August 6--7 The officers of banks are unstiutedly classes of worthy borrowers. I Zlio. W. Ballow (2nd term) and unselfishly giving advice and coun- ] ~L sol to the people of their communities,The Duty of Every Banker thereby to a considerable extent guid- It is clearly the duty of every bank. ~or County Attorney: ing their daily financial and fiscal at- er in the country to perform certain With fairs during tlds most difficult period services. The most hnportant are: l Miles B. Smith of disturbance. 1. To afford perfect safety for de- __ John Boles, Claire Trover posits. Tl~e Banking Structure Strengthened 2. TO grant credit to those who do- ~or County Treasurer; and Harry Green The banking structure as it is today serve it. I D.R. Cartlidgc (2nd term) - has been greatlystrengthened and the In the matter of credits the public Wednesday, August 8- process of strengthening still goes on. must In fairness remember that com. [~or Oount.v Clerk: Banking is not a closed science. The merclal banks are not lending their LAUGHS GALORE! banking system which we have had own money but the money of their de. W.H. (Horace) Johnson was not good enough, and l earnestly posltors, represented very largely by MrS, M. E. Edgar (Eustace) believe that an able and non-partisan the earnings and savings of the poe. commission should be set up to make a ple. The people who own these deposlte study o'f our numerous banking laws have accumulated them through years [?or Sheriff: Party's Over to the end that a properly correlated of labor and sacrifice, and In many Jess Sweeten banking system might be worked out cases the deposit represents their all. • A Columbia Picture and submitted for consideration to the These depositors have the right to call next Congress. for their money at any time, or at most ommissioner PreeiBot 2: _ Admission 10c to everyone A good system would Include rigidon short notice. Deposits constitute a requirements as to management, in- sacred trust. ; M.C. Andrews (re-election) taking up a seat. telllgent and Impartial supervision and, There are certain basle principles In ~ In due time. unification of supervision, sound banking that must ~e held onto .Iustiee of Peace, Precinct 8: / .. Such a system, composed of banksoven in this period of change, but the W.F. Y0Ull (re-election) adequately capitalized, capably man. progressive banker mu~t be responsive ,, aged and conscientiously supervised to changing conditions and he must be - - would ellm!nate any possibility of a actlvv In seeking proper oPportunities ~or Constable, Preciuct 8: I recurrence of what has happened in the to meet the sound needs of his cus- I W. !1. Chapman D. B. 0WEN, M.D. past,oor.a , tomers. The temporary Federal deposit tnsur- In a recent message to Congress, the • PHYSICIAN and SURGEON anee plan under which deposits In President sald---"I am greatly hoping banks up to $2£00 /or each account that repeated promises that private In. Public Weigher, Precinct 8: . .,. Office in McDonald Bldg. are Insured has been in effect for six vestment and private Initiative to re. Thad Stacy (re-election) months and has proven a potent factor lleve the gowrnment In the Immediate , . MALAKOFF. TEXAS In restoring confidence. Only two small future of much of the burden which banks out of over fourteen thousand It ha's assumed w lll be fulfilled." ,, holding membership Io the fund have Repeated assurance has been given failed during this six months' period, by the Administration that there Is no " BUY - The temporary plan has been extended deslre on its part to continue govern- M~~ d ~'" ¢¢ ')9 very wisely for a year, and the amount meat lending a moment longer than Is BUTTER.NUT of the Insured deposlt hae been In- necessary and that at the earllest poe. creased to $5,000, thus insuring in full sible time the government will gladly ~ making smar BREAD over 98% in number Of the depositors give way to the banks and other lend- in the cou,try's banks, lag instltutlons. This. of course, IS as the From Your Grocer Hoarded money ts ret~Irning to the It should be and we are all earnestly ~//~g O $ .-. • banks and depeslts are showlng a vast looklng forward to the tlme when prl. ' - Increase. Banks everywhere are super. rate Inltiailve and enterprise shall have _ __ - , , ~ , - ~ j llquid, meanlng that they have an un. recovered Its vltality sufflclently to -- DR J H. BURTIS usually heavy proportion of their de- throw government erutehes away. $'~1~-- • poslts In cash. There are two kinds of Numerous bank fallures have ere- DENTIST ploymentUnempl°ymentof menlnandthlSunemploymentC°untry-'unem'ot aggeratedated In the IdeamlndSas°ftomanYthe lesseeS grosSlYof de-eX" and It costs so little to operate an electric fan.., lc will keep the average X-RAY DIAGNOSIS dollars. These men and these dollars positors In closed banks. The record ~4ff$|'~ fan going more than four hours.., in hot weather it is a good plan Spencer-Carroll Building must be put to work. Banks In strong indicates that deposltnrs In bankl and hfghly l,quld condmon are pre- which closed in the past three year, 3implici have a fan running in every occupied room. ~l his enables members of Athens. Texas pared and determined to do their prop- will realize on an average about 65e er part In t, utttng money to work. Onof ,%%.the has Thatbeen esttmatedW°Uld meanthata d~r.l°es ". the family to get their minds" off the weather in the daytime and sleep Requisites [or Grants ot Bank Credit lng the depression the average value I better at night. 4 That bring~ me to the all Important of Investments In stocks lost about FOR Cut Flower , Funeral De- question of the granting of credlt by 90%; bonds similarly decllned approxl I i signs, Bride's Boquets, or an) banks. Two things are necessary to mately 60% and commodltles I]5%. "~ It's thing in Flowers. Call 178, lncreaselst. ThebankhanksCredlt:must be liquid and toDep°sitShe worthln1007os°undthroughouthanks contlnuedthe de. SMART Shut the heat out of your home .by keeping the windows dosed Sanders Floral and Evergreen conndent in thefr own strength. , in the morning when the sun firstY s de of the house.., on the.e 2nd. Buslness men mast farther lay pression and 9O% of the bank deposltt to the shades drawn on the suns ast Company their fern's and regain confidence to of the country were not affected. [ " S~W I Athens, :.: Texas the point where they will dare to think Bankers Des2rve Confidence cOtlle$ up, and on the west side in and plan ahead. The country can have frill coniidence , The first requisite Is accompllshed, tn the integrity and competence ot the afternoon until the sun goes down. Open up all other windows l'lleseeond [sin process. Bank eredlLs bankersof ti~ecountry. Oui of the les- 51MPLICITY DR. JOE B. WILLIAMS ,.lu Increase and money ,,,ill go to sons of the last few years has come doors and keep the fans running. You will be delightf work as soon as business men get over experience ,hat will be raluable to the ully~ Specializing in Fitting SOFT-LITE their disinclination to borrow and this banker and to his community, ice can C T ~ ~ ~ at how much cooler this will make your home. LENSES. You See Longer Without will be when they begin to see profits be counted on to show a proper appre OUAIAMTIIO PilF|~I, Strain. Glasses in a new up-to-thewithin their reach, elation of his responsibilities and ob rp.inute Frame at one-half regularIn past depressions the real move. ligations and to take his place among price, ment of the ~xpanslon in bank credit those who are maklug earnest and un OFFICE IN MALAKOFF EVERY has ahvays come after general business,, seliish effm t to PromoLe recovery. He am recovery got nnder way and not before. Is not infallible, but with every|power MONDAY..At Main Hotel the nnmber of good credlt risks Is In- that lies w:thtn him I believe he may Athens, Iexas creasing daily Not in my time have be depended upon to fulfill his duty ns good borrowers been so warmly wel. a custodlan of the people's money, a~ corned at banks as they are today. Nov. a dlspenser of credit and as a God er before has there been seueh compe- fearing American Citizen Imbued with loans, nor ha~ the In- slncere regard for the common good .... -- ~! ii~ i ~: ~/i?!~i¸