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August 4, 1932     The Malakoff News
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August 4, 1932

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TH E M ALAKOFF as they have been in 30 years every one can Prices, but no one can match our Values and Here are a few of the many items and reasons why Pen: ney's business is better than in 1931. You Can Always Do Better At "Penney's" I I 36 Inch Printed .Percale yard 36 Inch Bl ched or Brown Muslin I I I II I Full Fashioned Pure Silk Hose The pair Men's Fa y Dress Socks The pair JESSE MITCHAM THANKS VOTERS I take this mettled of thanking my friends for the loyal support , given me in the recent primary. V0L [ No man ever had more loyal Trinidad, Henderson County, Texas, Thursday, August 4, 1932 No. 32 friends, and for your many kind acts,my heart is filledwith grat-Ownership That is lnher. 'l Methodist Revival To itude, o 1 have conducted a clean cam- eat And indestructibleI Begin Sunday, Aug. 14 The Baptist Meeting Closed Sanday Night: With the service last Sunday night the revival conducted by the Baptist Congregation came to a close It was indeed a re- vival The church membership was greatly strengthened, and encouraged. Quite a few who had lost their identity with the Church were reclaimed aod re- united with the Church, were some sixteen or el conversions. Foarteec joining the Baptist Church on profes- sion of faith and baptism, with paign, free from personalities (Continued from last week) and abuse. I have stayed clear The revival to be conducted by of other contests, both State and By Rev, R E. Beaird tile Methodist Congregation, and County, and have tried as best'I The meek really inherit the for all the people of Trinidad could to advocate a constructive earth because they get the best and surrounding communities, program in order that the State's outer the earth. The people will begin Sunday Aug. 14th 10;45 A.M. and will continue affairs may be more economically who own theworld.are the pep administered. - 01e who enter into the most solid tilrough two weeks, with servi- I shall continue my campaign unselfish enjoyment of the world ces held only in the evening. on this high plane, and earnestly You need not worry over the Children and young people's solicit thesupport of the entii'e small matter of legal'title. You song, prayer and preaching set- citizenship throughout the run- can, for a few cents or dollars, vice willbe held each evening of off primary, command she services of ithe the meeting at 7:00 o'cloclx. A Sincerely yours, corporations, that we comp:ain fifteen minute illustrative ser- JESSE L. MITCHAM so much about, which cost the "men will be Jelivered for them WHEN iN ATHENS Eat at Murrell's Cafc On Highway No. 31 Just Off Square. THE -:" HOTEL %- OUIHLAN , ,,, , ,, ,, owners millions of dollars and at that hour. Every child and two going to t h e Methodist and2'oung person up to the age Church. l dies' Fast Color Men's BEN DAVE DICKERSON the management many sleepless of 1 is urged be with us in Bro. Blalock, who did the this their service of the meeting, preaching, was formerly pastor Summer Wat'h t Fast Color THANKS VOTERS hours, and not be bothered with the responsibility of its opera Every one of all ages are invited of this Church for quite a while. tion or its gain or loss For just Dressds. 3 for I m Dress Shirts I am deeply grateful to my a few dollars per month you can to this service for the children He knew the people and the con- DAY AND NIGHT Dresaand Apron Boy's n friends over the county for the call into you," home aten million and young people, while the distorts, and from the very first m splendid support and vote given dollar servant who will light children are urged to attend, sermon, dug into their fortifica- TheCheCkyardGin II. a I EachDress Caps ] i l nothingme in thebutPrimarY,the kindestand Ifeelinghave your home, cook your The messages delivered to the fleas and pressed hard upon the sweep your floors, ash your children will be instructive and battle li e with the messages --~: ........ I toward every person. It shall clothes, keep you plenty of ice, helpful to the grown-upsas well thattotd at every service that , , be my aim, when taking the of- and performmany other duties, as to the children, Every rues- battlelines of the wicged one Men s Men S rice to which you havenominatea For a few dollars you have ac. sag? will be illustrated in such a would not hold agaiust the Gos- R Athletm Unions - ] f me, to put forth every effort to tess to tbatransPortati0 facilt- wa3 as to thoroughly impress {oel of Christ. indeed it was a Al| sizes I make you:the best tax collector ties, costing millioas* of :, doUars, tbethughtfthemessageupnlgood meeting;agrest revival- =mum-== , - , =, that it is in me to do. without any ownership or man- the mind and heart of all whoI Reporter. ? . , Sincerely agement for which you ar, to be hear him, ] .- ----7-- ( , |NO BEN DAVE DICKERSON responsible The peoplb who The regular preaching ,hourI C hfHI .rffsllll,lt I'- ATHENS' TEXAS To The Voters Of Mal- own the world are those who get will be frbm 8;00 to 9:00 o clock ........ b Next Wednesday evening at The Christian man, using the ing was a great success, but the akofF-And Trinidad most real good out of the'"world each evening. The Baptist meet- _.. a ......... .L__ ,___ :. _, 8./)0 o'clock every one, who will lle,i world and not abusing iL even gub tm uuue .as jusu . help in the work of the choir ......... I wish to extend my sincere t~ough he has nothing, yet pos- begun. Every one is invited and Misses Ethel Dee Noble. Clara thanks for t h e splendid vote sesses all things, urged to attend these services during the revival meeting, is in vised and urged to meet at the fle!pful as a Bruce Perry and Francis Ed- given me on July 23. Goldsmith, standing ou the May ourpeople pray much that Methodist Church. Those hay. wards of Athens spent several In this first term I served sunTmit of the Alps, exclaimed." the Lord shall take the lead in days in the city this week the you honestly and faithfully and "The world, the worldis mine. ' this meeting, meet with us in ing instruments are urged to . Disinfectant. Like Ham iches? Well, guests of the former's aunf, Mrs believe I am ins position to ren- " " ee each service, and there point bring them alonm We arc very Jesus salt|: -The m. k shall in- " " " " Helps to -control Then try one of Mrs. L, J. Scholl and family, der a greater service in a second herit the earth." St PauPsaid: out the way that we may be wil- desirous of having as many in struments to help out in the term. 'tAll things are mine." ling to follow after the voice of vork of the choir as. practical. Flies and Insects, ...... Mrs. Clifton Vandagriff left I have always stood true to our It is our privilege to enter our heavenly Father to our own Russell Owes was enrolled this the past week to join her hus- grand old Southern Democracy, intothe possession of the church- good and his glory, at this meeting we will organize new subscriber to the bnad in Arp where they will I have always stood ready to es, all the churches. Take the R.E. BEAIRD, Pastor. the choirsothatthe very best Kills odors make their future home. flight for the rights of the people great churches of Christendom, service possibly will be obtained. About the Place, Mrs, S J Hall and little daugh spent several here with relatives the H.H. Cunningham of Celina speat Thursday and Friday here with his mother, Mrs. M. J Cun- arm family. While in Herbert handed of I shall continue this race be- and each of them has made an A Call To The Children Your el,, is needed, please us.- The success of the lieving the people of Henderson invaluable contribution in giving very much l().pound County will reward a faithful em .0fthe hoir. sacks servant with a secon '- and Iam asl : Aqg. 8th. 'our faithful servant, LET'S ode Ber- J.H. TOWERY. muda Hay for calves or anything. What have you?--PEEL DOD- To The Voters Of Precinct tS SON, City. .... I wish to express my sincere Mrs M. J. Cunningham left appreeiation f rthe splendid vote Tuesday for Waco for a visit with given me in the July primary. I her daughter, Mrs; LeRoy An- also want to thank you, good pep. derson and family. )le for the splendid vote I feel you will give me on the next Mrs. W. T, Eustace and Mrs. election urged to meet at the Methf list R E BEAIRD, Pa tor. narrow that Church for the purpose of br _ one eyeglass, a monocle, will do ganizing for service during our Mr. George Reagan and tm for both eyes: It would take a revival meeting. Much depends left'last Monday for their vaca- dozen of them to make a shadow upon the work of the children tion. They will visit several They are so small that a thous- and young people. I am sure all return and of them could hold a jubilee of you want to have a great and NEW-- VIRFPROOF Joe M. Hallaman, Mgr. RATES $1.50 to $3.00 per day Every morn with circulating ice water, L~vatory, bath or shower. "ITS IN DALLAS" in a hustard seed and never good meeting. Prayer is one of touch each other. You would the essentials to a revival of not jodge all apples by a crab the Christian religion. Possibly apple. I judge t h e Baptist the good Lord will hear your Church by men like Spurgeon, prayers and answer more readi- the Presbyterian by men like ly than he will the prayers of John Knox, and the Methodist we older people. Your voices in hymen like Wesley, All these song will encourage and add R, L. Hicks of Athens and Mrs A. L. Scarborough and son of Poyner visited Mrs. R. Mel. ton Tuesday. Misses Helen and Annie Laura Hayden a n d Mms Margaret Young of Fairfield were guests of Miss Blanche Granberry last Thursday and l,'riday. John Bankston renewed his News subscription this week, Dr E. W. Frankenstein, Dal- lasoytometrist, was in the city on business Tuesday morning, Mrs. Whitehead keeps Ice Cold Drinks Try them. Mrs S A Owens and daugh. ter, Miss Blanche left Friday for a wait in Fairfield. Miss Dorothy Eoff of Walnut Creek is in the city this week visiting Mrs. O. L. Scott. Tinkle! Tinkle! Tinkle! Sounds refreshing, does'nt it? Buy your Ice from Mrs. White. head, Any amount. Darwin C. Prince of Athens sends tm a cheek this week for a three year subscription to the Ne s. Yours respectfully JACK PERRY Why Wants A Beautiful Piano At A Bargain? Piano House, Dallas. Texas. We have in this vicinity a the Methodist Church, It may will be a blessing to you so long splendid upright piano with duet Sound even more presumpti0us, as you iivein the world and give bench to match also a lovely Baby but I own the Baptist and Pres- you hope of the life to come. Grand in two tone mahogany byterian and Christ{an and Epis- Children a n d young people, Rather than reship will sell eith. copsh andother churches, in that please do not fail to attend the er of these at a bargain. Terms I share in whatever good is pro- meeting next Thursday. Pa- il desired. Address a t once. duced by either or all of hem, rents, your co-operation in this Brook Mays& Co. The reliable friendship,, fellowship, love, ben- matter is very much desired. efieial association, and many oth-R.E. BEA[RD, Pastor Trea#urvs in Sa's Depths Parts of the sea are paved wltlt gold. Ships and cargoes whose value In really incalculable invit~ treasure hunting enterprise. Partly as a boast and partly as a threat the German ad- miralty published a unique chart of tha North sea area during the World war. It showed -,?,CO shlDs on the ocean floor as a r~sult of one year's warfare with U-boat~. In the English channel shipwrecks lie sanest on top of one another. Practically all this booty Is unexploited, notwithstanding that Brit- Ish salvage concerns have reeovere4 about I00,000,000 from hulks all ov~ the world. these churches have a glorious much to the meeting. Your eyes history, with heroic characters and ears, the window aud chart who have made the world richer nel to your soul will be there to and better. I do not propose to catch every vlew and word, and limit my ownership. It may be carry it to your heart where it a large claim to make, but I own will find a hearty receptlon and er pr|celess benefits. I do -not propose to Impoverish myseff, by limiting myself to a portioff of Personal Mention the wealth Christen dbm. It is use being poor when one can Mrs. Thee Matthews a n d be rich. If "all things a re yours," then why noVclatm your daughter, Mrs. Payne, haw re- possessio ? turned from an extended trip to Yellow Stone Park and other points of interest. CHURCH BULLETIN ' Bro. B]slock, who has been Sunday School ....... 9:45 A M. here for the past two weeks con- Preaching._10:45 a. m, 7:30 p. m ducting the revival at the Bap- Womans M S.. .30 each Monday tistChurch, with his family, left Tuesday mornlhg for their home Prayer and Bible lecture_.7:80 in New Mexico. P. M. Wednesday, Senior and Jhnior League._6:30 P, M. Sunday World Club__6:B0 P. M. Sunday few people0f Malakoff attended the Baptist revival and were appreciated. Come some more. &@v t#msntL Read the AdvmMs points in Oklahoma and in about ten days. STAND Open Day and Night W. H. SONENDRIKER Proprietor We Carry Rent Clubs. Reasonable Green Fees. ATHENS GOLF COURSE Near Browning's Dairy on Tylel" Road ATHENS, TEXAS OOO As we re-enter the cleaning business we announce a re- duetion in price of all tailor work. We feel that this action will please our trade and that it will result in a greater volume of business. The Following Prices Now Prevail MEN'ff SUITS, cleaned and pressed ........... _ 75c LADIES" DRESSES, cleaned and pressed .......... 75c MEN'S SUITS, pressed ....... : ................... 40e LADIES' Plain DRESSES, pressed ......... _" ...... 40e " All other work in proportion to the above. Malakoff Dry Cleaners N. C. VANDAGRIFF, Proprietor twenty years, the first of th. adv, of Dallas and Bell of Mehssa, r a i n. Remember, Dr. visits Athens, and to advise the Malakoff News that l)r. rankenstein, popular op of Dallas, wilt he in his Stirman's Jewelry Store, Texas, on August 6, 7. 8 As usual there will be for examination, citizens of Malakoff and territory would be as to the wonder- they have derived fitted glasses. Sev- ten persons, re- statistics show, are in need I. Most headaches and are traceable to Mrs. Boyd Sharp left Monday her husband at Carlisle, Texas Oil Field. , will make their fu- , home, She was accomua- sisters, Misses Th:d [ Therma Bartlett. gD-To buy gallons up. Will pay the )rice. Must have not later than Saturday ARBOUR'S, City was shak- hands with the voters here ;ath Tub sew If tnterested, see News office Malakoff, Texaa ~y LAKOFF R COMPANY