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August 14, 1930     The Malakoff News
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August 14, 1930

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I~'~! ~::. ~ 7! ~- ~: :~.. A. : ~ -~. /, .~,~,., ,' ~.~ " ~ :.. ,~ : i~: : i J FUL LADY Sa,red Chinese Temple .. S.J.R. No. 7. . S.J.R. No. 2 l Taken Over by Band rroposmg A consumtzonal Proposing A Constitutional ] "| PAYS TRIBUTE Mo ot Lushan, une of the' twel Amendment To Be Voted Amendment To Be Voted I 'tk ofUt iemcred mountalns of Chlna, fam~ I ii ,NeE TO NEW KONJOLA for ,he lety o, ,,s men. and on November 4, 1950 On November 4, for the beauty of its scenery, has been 1 Giving Thi New And Differ- o ce sacred g otto., formerly gl,en ,, read, yea oy ,.he L glS,a over to the contemplation of immense lure of the Sta, t,~ of Texas. eat Medicine To Her Children carved images of Buddha, or to the Section 1. That Section 1! of ! -Read Her Statement Article VII o the Constitution new section to be known See-/ I i,~ declare that Mount Dushan w. IO of the State of Texas be ,mend. tion 3a, to read as follows: I l _ " mil ,hlgh and 240 miles In clrcumfer- ed so as to read as follows: "Section :3a, The Su premel ~ ~f~: ,.~.~.:..,x.:~:~:::..:::~:.~.:.!~ race. Today Lushan rises only a ........ more than 4.000 feet, but it a,- ec lon ,t. ,n oraer to ena- Court may sit at any time during I fords an unsurpased view southward ble the L gislature to perform the year at the seat of govern- | over the gulf of Pechlll and eastward the duties set forth in the fore- toward the Llaotung" peninsula, on ....: ..... . . ._. . meat for the transaction of busi- | which the Russians built Port Arthur t4~-g ~t~lOu, ~ I~ . reoy ee hess and each term thereof shall | andC~pY luDalren'olden Lushantimes everyiS verYcliffrugged.waa arty heretofore, set apart and. ap- dar year." | _ ro rlated for the estabhshment ornamented with a temple, xehUtuyu, - - . : ..... Section 2. That Section 3 of | the famous Chltan who rose to power and mam enance of univer- Art. 5 of the C onstitution of Tax ], the proceeds of sac the devotee of Luskan and legends have it I s of that he selected this mountain to be . _ . . ing the sentence of said section "the eternal trustee of wisdom." Ae- same, hereto[ore maue or here- which reads: "The Supreme cordlngly he is supposed to have after to be made, and all grants, buried 10,000 sacred books in a ear- a re riati ns Court shall sit for the transac- - donations and pp p o ern under the peak of the mountain. ......... tionof business from the first and then to have erected over his r~- tna~ may nereaater oe made 03' Monday of October in each year pository the temple which today a the State of Texas, or from any until the last Saturday in June MRS RHYME of the next year, inclusive, at here is a reason why Konjola and become a permanent Unlver- the Capitol of the State" I America s best known medi- Old I tglmh Custom of isity fund. And the same as Section 3. If the Constitution I e, and that reason can be sumWassailing Apple Trm realized and received into the shall not have been previously I up in just three words-- During the month of January, Sea- Treasury of the State (together amended so as to proviae that !i njoia makes good, even whenerset (England) farmers partlcipataIn with such sums belonging to the the Supreme Courtshall be open ~ll else tried has failed. Consid i;i ~!~~i:~~~~!;stt!i,~alltimes, then. in thatevent i " @~" aa a typical example of Ken- the foregoing Constitutional \ 3oia's 3"2 ingredients at work, the amendment shall be submitted Above, the stylish, extra-sturdy All-Weather. ease of Mrs J.. D, Rhyn , 616 to a vote of the qualified electors At your left, its lower-priced teammate---th ~t E~eventh street, Amarilla ~ !!!i :!~ thDfi r tir?~Gh:::;::!~ says: ,hey ca. end. A .but,el. elder mun|c|paiities, or in bond of n =xe I H:aP; eompames nem, m wmen a sma gany city or this State, or in ob 'I was in a terrible condition piece of toast is dipped and placed la . . - "the first ....... onaay in ovem er, a t 1930 c eatiuns. Values only the worlds many years, with constipa-the branches. Then an old chant is ligatlons and pledges issued byA. D. 1930, ' ... _ ,~, largest lubber company can offer. sung, starting- "Old apple tree old "" ., - . the Board of Regents of the nervousness, indigestion apple-tree, we ve come to wassail .... t "T as or see red correct b,Ply lleavy uuty _ kidney and liver ills. It thee." This song concludes with an unlversl y ex , u " ~'~" T~...~_~. ~ ..... nteed Iff Built fur super.protectlon. For hard drivers. a~ ~. ~v,~,~ f S a IFsdi Orraise r Fur roads hard on tires. Six plies of matchless ' S emed no use to try medicines exhortation to the tree to: by such obligatlons and pledges, .... Secretary" "'^ ALLUMo t te s sc-u. , a dtreatments fdrther, for l grow apples en0w" for the construction of dormito- ' . Supertwist Curd (Goodyear patent) under ept growing worse right along atSfull.fUll. caps, full. three bushel bags ries and other buildings for the: G 89-5 3- ]00 : their treads. Backed by our friendly, all-vault ll0st weight and had headachesnig barn floors full, and a little heap useof the University of Texas, eervicv. tad dizzy spells and bilioug at- under the stair, or in bon ls issued under and by DAN GENTRY tacks. Food caused indigestion, Then guns are fired and the riling- virtue of the Federal Farm Loan UNDERTAKERS drlnk the health uf the trees In .......... et " _ O-pIL' , Ma'akof,, xaRAGE e ,. ,t~d many a night .I lay awake cider. It is a quaint custom, and has ACl~ approves oY the t'resla n htil two or three o'clock. But been kept up for centuries, of the United States, July 17, 1 ,,o,.,:,, ,,,.,, ,,,,,. I, KSON'S and the intertst accruing there Prise over what Konlola did for Fertile Nile ValIo~ ] ' " " i l e. All of my ills have vanish- The waters uf the Nile, which attain ] on shall be sqbject to appropria- ed and now I am giving Konjolatheir greatest height in September, [lion by the Legislature to ac i FUNERAL UPPLIES ........... i:.,'~ l~y children, and my husband commence to recede In October, lear-I, ,: _ ._ . .i S " - ' " - - - - .... - - ' " " lag behind them a rich, fertile soil Icomplmn me purpose neclareal Call ELMER ROBERT .......... which first appears In the form of [in the toregoing section; provid-i DAY - NIGHT ~ habouttostartthe treatment islands. To these the canny F yp-[ed, that the one.tenth of the al.I 36 PHONES Patr0nlze the [nterpnzcs of Your Own C0mmumty--You I1 (]am By it ;; Konjola is a medicine for allliana row out at the earliest posstbl~ I ..... Ln- of the l--ds: me o l n terna e secuo s an ' '" " -- - " family; old and young. That me nt t p a t melon.seeds, so that [ why Konjola is a household melon-plans may mature, and[granted to railroac s, reserved fruit ripen, before the waters begin [by the State, which were seti Word in' tens of thousands of ..... a " -- in "- [apart and - appropriated to the to rise again in June One of the A rican homes, commonest slgn~ m ~sUPC reel ........ Kon la is ,sold in Malakoff spring is a long string uf camels roped [establishmen og rd3e university nose-to-tall, and led by a small boy; [of Texas, by an Act of the' Leg- eXasat Weir s Drug Store, and each animal bearing on Its back a [;~o. .... 11 l~t&~ all the best druggists in huge artful of round green water- e~,tL~.,,-~, melons. [ entities, ' An to s DII8n Wns throughout this entire . ]'the University of Texas shall lion. I not be included in, or constitute Gramdfather Vimdlzate4 | ..... ~-'v-rsit'" fund -- - lock "ust like __ I a part o~, the um e y . 8[8 Mot w . lat 2uu ed wind, ara ;Umru ath I See, 2 Said proposed amend /i GreatekHappiMm later favorites In furniture despite[meat shall be voted On by the ~!~uI~ am so happy since my little boy. ~tha .hundredSon tim market.--4~untryf typed of modemttome. I[electrs.... of this State.. qualified r. ~to ~ '.rancis, gets out and plays with the [ vote on cons~u~wna~ amena- ?~Idren again," says Mrs. G.M. I . ._.. ,. 2.. I ments at an election to be held ,:~'ue'/ ays,. 215.Culquit,, ave- An|w,r, to. l:$lbl, questions [throughout the State on the first [I previous ads of this page, the wisdom of spending your here, has been shown. .,,. For a long hme he dldnt seem o .... .... ITuesday after first Monday in :aave any li e about him and was aw- at. Unly once, Dexore uley|:~Novem~r 1930 Bear in mind that lhe benefit is expressed as yours as well as ours. :~Ully~cross My mother sald he acted found the Babe Matt 2-7, 11, 12] correct co' ) ( like he had round or pin worms. He " ' 3 " PY" : ~ould cry out in his sleep, and grit 52 The Sabbath Day Gen. 2 I - ~is teeth. On my mother's advice I " w ver me theI JANE Remember that you/economize when you our are patronize merchah s, because they able ~u~'gan giving him Whites Cream 53 Yes, it e o o I :- , Vermifuge and he started picking Devil and sin. Rev. 22-14. } 8 530 300secretary of 8rate. t0 give you the same or better for less money. rlght up. He sleeps soundly, isn't 54. Yes. in Rev. 22-1, 2. O 9- - Cross and doesn't grit his teeth any [ ~ ~' ..... ? more. Now my boy romps and plays ~, Right after the flood. Remember that the oney you spend stays rig t here and actually comes back to you. ,~ " ey - ~elop round or p~n worms usually [ .,-- [ 1[ MILLIONS OF i Remember that keeping your money at home ,s the only way to help our community f t become the sort of a place you wish it to 6e. / I I I FRIENDS - I ...... ' : REMEMIIER" BUY lit HERE!, DRJ. IZ BuRTIs., , '- . , " DENTIST I ,,,am X-RAY DIAGNOSIS Athens, Texas hese/ erc ants for Premium Coupons -- - ...... W. E. PH 1 L L I PS Roy I. Weir Mag mre's Dry Cleaners Flagg Drug Store A Pleasure tu Please Clothes Made-to-Measure The Rexall Store 'Pubhc ,.REAL ESTATE: .and I? --o-- Stenogra, her Link's Filling Station Jim Vandagriff Harbour & Woodard Notary Public m Ofhce I~t. uf i~,o~s who think th*y ha~q I _f~//~, ~~tml.~s The Handiest Place lu Town Cage--Market---Groceries l'he Cleanest Store in Town "-'ON" ---O---- ---o--- ~is~ligeation have only an reid eonditio~ I Fifteen years after his graduation Dan Gentry Malakoff Cash Store 0. C. Tekell :Office over Flagg Drug Store which could be eorrect*d in five or t lDr. Caldwell became famous for a Malakoff, Texas minutes. An' efft~tlve anU-add lil~,[singte prescription, which nuw, afte~ ' The One-Pr/~v Store Geo. IS. Thompson; Prop. Up-to-Date Groceries Phillips Milk of Magnut~ ~ l~bSr~[forty years, is still making friends --o-- --o-- --o-- . . dl~stlon to normal. I , " 666 ~ .................. ] Today Dr., Caldwell s Syrup Pepsiv KlrbtfsGroceryStore Flagff s Dry Goods Store Ktrby's Dry Goods Store Phtlnlm ~o~t away wire ~Lt raut~ uou~ I l, tho world S most nonular laxative Yuu Must Be Satisfied Dry Goods and Groeerie~ A Federated Chain Store ne~ and ~ right a/Mr.m~da lpr~ ~'~:.: .... "~'~"~- "~v'" think ~ ---o-- .-~..-- .Do.-. ~ a~tar .ztin~ What a ol~aJ~ usmg anymmg else when C.A. Riddlesperger Johme Sehneek Malakoff Insurance Agenv# _v#~ts the dtatreu so apt to ooour w! ~ ,'-:,,,--o v.',.v-"v,': "- ~,- the " ~a Headaohe~ or Neuralgia ha 30 l~mPa--~-~ion to t4dr~--= "l Ami how L~ lt~i cnstil~ t~, headachy, ~l/ous: feve G~usral Merchandiae Gee ~ Motor Off# You Need It--We Have It tor:tt s.1 mn_ t u nllko a Imraiag or we k; when breath Is.. aa, ton e~ ehe.'k~ a Cold the first day, and --.o-- --o-- ~ --o--- ":~la--~d~ i~ bat ~ftla~r~ coated, or they re su. ring ! Malt kin three &y,. st Milk of bausea, gas, or lack of appeti Florid G of lgame Malalmif Feed Store Dodge Gentry also in Tablets , ~ many ~lmes its volume marie energy. . Sandwiches ant[-'C.0~ Drinks All Kinds of Feed Groceries and Feed Next time t meal, or too w. s "e s' --o-- ---o-- --o--- , diet b, eV,e., ,w- .... *o h, Or Tanner & Tiner Jackson's Garage J.W. Robertson DODSON "-- "--" ....... " " , -*~r-- fromi?e[:s and other Ch.v,ol~ Deal.. Authorized Ford Dealers M,rket and Grocery cases; The Malakoff News T. A. Bartlett, Sr. D. Laeher TRANSFER for women and chil- kinds of-h uUng all, it represents a Printers--I~bgi~hm,~ ,The Store Across the Track The Grocer choice of what is talc for