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August 18, 1977     The Malakoff News
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August 18, 1977

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Page 2-MALAKOFF NEWS-August 18, 1977 :::.U.:,:.:.:.:.:,;.:.:.:).:.:.;).:,:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: J::.:.:.:.:.:.:: :.:::.:.:-: : :.&apos;.:5:::: "5 :: ..... :.,: .... :., .:.:.," ii M00aka00 !i P.O. Box 509 Malakoff, Texas 75148 Telephone 214/489-0531 Published Continuously Since 1913 Publisher ...................... Donna S. Alexander Editor ................................. Ann Rounsavall iiil !!7 iii: Advertising Mgr .................. Barbara McKee Officer Manager ................... Lori Callaway Production ......... Lou Sbelton, Vicki Svoboda Bookkeeper ............................ Mary l)illard i:!: ii::i Officers Sonny Miers, Eddie :::: Miers and Caney City Chief ::ii! Herman Kite joined forces in iii solving a theft and trespass i::il last week from the Dean !!ii residence on 90 North. Cash, a iiii pillow and blanket were taken iili from the house.Later in the :::: evening the officers appre- i::i:: hended a suspect who was ii::i chalJg ed with theft under $50 !i!i and criminal trespass !iii August 10, Officer Eddie a 1970 Volkswagon driven by Melissa Hughes and a 1973 Chrysler driven by Beth Ree- ver collided. There was minor damage to the vehicles and no The man was apprehended after a two-mile foot search through the woods. August 14 Officer Eddie Miers was dispatched to the Subscription Rates: $4.50 per year in Ilenderson and adjoining counties, $5.50 per injuries. Officer Eddie Miers and County Deputy Reserve Offi- cer Charles Gilbert placed a Malakoff man in county jail for lunancy August 15 follow- ing a disturbance call to a residence on St. Paul Street. Joe L. Miller residence on Hwy. 31 west to investigate the report of a stolen pick-up. Upon investigation officers determined the truck had been borrowed by the son without letting his father know. Package Store N0. 2. Gibson Shopping Center Seven year elsewhere in Texas, and $6.50 per year ::iii Miers was dispatched to a Malakoff,matter. Texas 75148 as a second class wherereported.a AdisturbanceIVlalakoff manWaS 1.75 Liters Windsor 1.75 Liters. l.W. H Published by Territory Times ii!i was taken into custody and iiii 'ublishing Co., Malakoff, Texas. C di Strmght charged with disorderly con- ann an !i!i : TEXAS PRESS :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: duct and public intoxication.  iii>.:::: ::::r ::::::::::/ ...... 1977 A$,IATION A two-car accident on Aug- BI nd ust 12, resulted in only minor e I damage to one vehicle and no injuries. A 71 Ford, owned by ' Sonita D. Marshall of Mala- 80 Proof  ad lib by donna scheibe alexander Malakoff Rotarians, that group of usually staid and stable knife and forkers, were subjected to a unique pro- gram Tuesday replete with "dpan humor." Duke Doyle Trusler, re- cently rejected from the laby- rinth of Baylor Hospital where he was incarceratd after suffering a heart attack, gave a full report on his "skimpily underfinanced and poorly paid vacation." Uncle Duke arrived at the meeting with great fanfare, sirens screaming and folks rushing out to meet him as Jerry Hinkle, providing the ,: services of Paschal Funeral : Home delivered him by ambulance to Rob's Kountry Kitchen, nightgown and all. Good buddy Joe Gerard,  -assuming the weighty respon- sibility of his office of Star Harbor mayor, immediately pans, general mistreatment, and callous nurses had Rotar- tans weeping in their iced tea and diluting their barbecue sauce. No angel of mercy was one of his "revolving door" cadre of nurses. In response to his helpful hints about improving care and feeding of patients, he was horrified to report that one even responded with a callous rhyme, "Do not let your heart harden," she told him. "We didn't promise you no rose garden." The final indignity after days of cruel and inhuman treatment was the time of reckoning with the bill. "Only after my pockets were com- pletely emptied, 4he check signed, the bank called, the check verified, identification again produced -- only then were my shackles and hand- cuffs removed." i handcuffed Duke to his hos- iital bed, in ord$ooprotecb But no for long because !ellow R,,ta,riar oW: "Vh] 19 was shack]ednd , knows what ' of St/ir Harbor s bound again Tuesday. His rformance was magnifi- cent in spite of the handcuffs -- ranging from poetry to bursts of song. No one can sing like Uncle Duke. Few would even try. Last we heard, Joe Gerard promised to produce the key if Duke promised to stay away from Rotary. But don't bet on it! Seems that Rotary is launching a big membership drive and you can imagine who is going to be the star recruiter. most unpredictable resident, : Gerard then introduced his guest of the day, neighbor  Roy Pitts, apologizing for bringing him to the meeting. "I promised him that Duke : wouldn't be here," he said. After all you'd expect that a man experiencing his 6th g:heart attack would have the i: decency to stay in the hospital for awhile. < Ah, but Duke's sad tale of ):hospital food, slippery bed- 1977-78 MALAKOFF SCHOOL CALENDAR August 18,19.22,23 .................. lnserviee-work days August 24 .............................. Students start September 5 ......... [.l.l.nfi.13/] ............. Labor Day September 30....[gT. 10;tJ .... First reporting period ends October 10 .... LL)itriO. ,I.,T,L ]. In-service for Teachers November 17 ...... End of second reporting period-33 days November 17 ................ End of first quarter-60 days November 18 ............................... In-Service November 24-25 ...... [ Itqli(ly] .......... Thanksgiving December 19-Jan, 3...ilolidas[ ............ Christmas January 2, 1978 ................. In-Service for Teachers January 20 .......... End of third reporting period-32 days March 2 .................. End of second quarter-61 days March 3 ................................ In-Service day March 23,24,27,28 ..... [[l,oJ[ilq/] ........... Spring Break April 21 ............. End of fifth reporting period-31 days April 24. ,. .............................. In-Service day May 25 .................... End of third quarter-59 days May 25 ............. End of sixth reporting period-28 days May 26 ................................. In-Service day Student Attendance 180 days Teach In-Service work 1o days Note: Students will not attend on In-Service-Work days. Teachers and students will not attend on Holidays. Sue Barnett For: HOME COMMERCIAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE Reorcsenting: Fmployers Casualty rmi/::s National. Motors Insurance Corp. ,) Agency Ph. 480520 Malakofl 510 W. Royall Blvd. koff, parked on 90 South was clipped by a '75 Chevrolet driven by Lorene L. Halford from Mabank as the Halford vehicle was attempting a left turn. The Marshall vehicle suffered minor damage. An Irving man was taken into custody August 13 when the vehicle he was driving on 31 west nearly ran head-on into the Malakoff police car occupied by Chief Wilson and Sonny Miers on patrol. The man was charged with driv- ing on the wrong side of the road and drunk in vehicle. The Athens Police Depart- ment picked up two Malakoff men on seperate warrents held by the Malakoff Police Department. Both warrents were old traffic violations. Officer Sonny Miers res- ponded to a call on Barron Court at the Williams resi- dence where they reported the theft of a child's riding toy. Later in the night the toy re-appeared at the home, The Department is investi- gating obscene phone calls that are being made to Mala- koff businesses. Steps are underway to apprehend the caller who will be prosecuted. A battery and starter were stolen from a parked vehicle The dread of the return to school after a fun summer is not left to children and tea- chers. A part of that dread belongs to parents as they prepare to send their young off to obtain an education in clean, match- ed and un-blemished cloth- ing. Even before drawers are cleaned out to make room for a new supply of matched socks, un-holy underwear and enough jeans to make it through five days without washing, a decision must be made on what to buy. Someone must decide whe- ther to buy clothes cool enough to wear to school until January, or to buy what the stores have to offer in winter styles. Children want the new styles in pretty fall colors... along with the heavy-weight material and long sleeves. By the time those clothes hang in the closet until it is cool enough to wear them they have become old clothes, and no one has a thing to wear.. Then parents must face purchasing jeans for a seven- year-old boy who will have the knees out in six-weeks or less. wear Eleven year old daughters (if ours is an example) want jeans, various tops to wear with jeans, sundresses, tennis shoes, sandles, dress shoes, knee high socks, coulettes, a coat, a dress or two, panty hose, and scarves to wear around the head when the hair won't do right They also need several pairs of shorts for gym (with tops to match) a few records to do exercises by, and a new haircut before school starts. Other necessities include three kinds of shampoo that won't last a week, fingernail polish that is applied and removed before ever leaving the bedroom, Charlie Per- fume by the quart, and a different brand of bath soap than the rest of the family uses. Any mother with household budget problems should insist that father go along for at least one shopping trip. One look at $12 cotton tops and $16 jeans will merit an immedi- ate raise. Another dread stems from removing the crud from ears, neck and fingernails. In addi- tion, bedtime curfews will have to be established and on the lot at Royall Chevrolet A pair of jeans for our son hair will have to be clean five sometime during the week- cost as much as we alloted for days of the week end Estimated value, of the 0gries for art entire week: School days are definately theft was$t70. '  not sO long ago. ' wa . eyer3body August 8 Sonny Miers in- At least boys are contentready ? vestigated an accident at the with five pair of jeans, match- Dairy Queen parkinglot when ed socks and un-holy under- Smith Drug & Variety Binders q.' to s2. * Filler Paper SPECIAL 89' Construction & Manila Paper 49' Satchels s2.98 & $4.98 3 types Floders 29',39', & 49' Composition Books 29', 59', & 98' Pkg. Bic Pens Reg. q.09 SPECIAL 59 All Incidentals Needed S & H Stamps Layaway 0)) Malakoff t, .LUMB Open ti, 4:00 ER Saturday W. R. MCKee Lumber Co. Hwy. 31 E. Phone Malakoff 489-0527 For Call Out Ordm 489-1895 t 69 Thursday is country ' BasKet gay $ 19 86 Proof ilNiiOil s10.88 s1247 Smugglers Blended Scotch 86 Proof Gal. s 1047 Woffschmidt 80 O Gal. s 8.99 Schlitz Beer Cans & Bottles Case 6 Pack s6.6s s 1069 plus tax plus tax Kaufman K-Bobs NOW serving the e steaks in Southwest. Owner-Levon & Margie Potts MANAGER - Ruth Owen Former Owner & Partner & Manager of K--Bobs In Gun Barrell ( m