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August 19, 2011     The Malakoff News
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August 19, 2011

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I 1 I Page 6A - The Ma.lakoffNews ........................................................... , .................................... !........J. ....... Fr;day, August 19, 2011 We are entering the season whm peoplede- , i clare 0 eir intention to run for the presi.de0cy of The United States. These people appear on pro- grams like "Face the Na- tion" and answer ques- tions from the host of tile show. They answer questions fi'om the audi- ence at "Ibwn Hall meet- ings. '%1hat are you going to do about jobs?", "What are you going to do about the deficit...the debt, warm- NBA lock out?" "[hese questions are pointless and .seem to ig- nore the fact that the president's hammer has gotten smaller and that of the Congress has got- ten bigger. These ques- tions ignore the fac(that the doubling of the pop_ ulation has doubled the size and number of groups, once called fringe groups, vying for a voice and power~ These groups now make a minefield that the Pres- ident has to get through... The global warming boat has'sailed and the Jeff Davis "The Fogy question should be what to do about it, not how to stop it. 1 would ask. "How do you plan to deal with rising oceans, drier droughts and big- ger hurricmaes and torna- does tlkat are going to come our way?" I am amaz.ed that our current President gets anything done at all. When a candidate says that they will do some- thing about, say the debt. what they mean is that they would like to de- crease it and may even have aplan. Unfortu- nately getting it through Congress is buta dream. There is many a slip twixt the cup and the lip. And then, when the candidate gets elected, the ,supporters suppose they have elected Merlin the Magieiml and the wave of a wand is all that is needed and they whine when the wand doesn't work. If.I were the modera- tor my questions would try to see if the-candi- date had a brain in his or her head. Since the President will be concerned with atomic warheads, nu- clear plants and their possible maltimctions the President sl~ould be- lieve in mad have a gen- eral knowledge of mod- em physics and believe it is correct. They should know what radio active decay is, like u~d in carbon dating, and the basics of how the nu- clear weapons and nu- clear plants work. I would question the candidate's knowledge of history and how it re- lates to the histo~ being made now. I would ask what connections they saw between the federal budget and a fi~nily budget. Thus,Spake The Old Fogy, thinking that he doesn't want a Presi- dent like himselL he wants a President that's smarter than he is ... if there is one. * Tax is Included in the Sale Price[ * Hurry! Sale Ends Monday, Aug. 22f SIT.& SLEEP GUN BARREL 314W.Maln 903/880-4125 U rniture Since 1896 CAN TO Nr GUN BARREL Open--f14 2095. hf~lo 416 N. Gun B~ml In. 903/5674123 903/887'4125 Surely television view- ing affects our lives more than we can possibly know. And as the media interprets news for us in different ways whether on national or local stations. one particular aspect of the news I've noted for the last 20 years is how, a spoken wordi used often, suddenly gets changed in pronuncia- tion or definition, almost overnight on any news ac- counting we view. Is there a secret school for broadcasters in rite dark of night or a special code that signifies, "Say this word with this sound or else." The first word I noticed occurred under the late Peter Jennings. "Harass- ment" with "rass" empha- sizec~ suddenly was wide- spread, but Jennings and others said "Harassment" beginning with the sound of a name. "HarrisY A few of us were puzzled and kept saying the word the old way. Of course, there were more changes through the years but I di&ft writ[ them down. At the time 1 was happy to hear news- men saying "veterans~' the way it is spelled. Then as swift as an eagle flies, those in TVland began giving us the term as "Ve- tran.",l didn't change. PronoUncing words has never been easy for me; a i~w I won't pronounce as they come out quite comi- cally. Whenteaching, one sharp class, mostly senior girls let me know I could not speak "mimor'; or Emily L.undy Escapades Erni "error" correctly, at the end. I became afraid of those words. Also, two said I was vocalizing "au- thor" and "Arthur" alike; southerner or not, I cor- rected that speech embar- rassment immediately. "Aristocracy" threw me one day when I was read- ing a sentence with this word which divided itself at the end oflhe page. 1 thought I might faint. Then words have a special .sound for dift~rent people, and I never knog~whieh I'm expected to use. "Scenario." This is re'al- ly a powerfial word for someone who enjoys writ- ing. But I say "scenario" with that broad, dragged- out "a." Someone else will say "sceum-io" with "nar" rhyming with "ear," some- time Seelning to do so pur- posely if ! have just said the word my own way. One granddaughter has taught to say zero for number 0 while I taught her 'T' usually does notgo at the end of a sentence, but "me." Then through time I've learned words around me and from my lips mispro- nounced and dofft know if change will ever come: fi- nances,-librat:y, dictionary, February, some we like to slui'. "Fee' nance" is the preferred way, I've read. What has bothered me the most on television news is the new meanh~g of"troop," one military word I thought I .under- stood. The news uses troop for not one group of soldiers but one soldier, all alone. "Five American troops were saved today in a daring rescue." When did this change9 Should it have? Am I in a new twi- light zone? lsn three troops of fighters three. groups, not three men? 1 need to lie down. I simply cannot stand this misuse, but again, what do I know. Could it be that Mr. Web- ster of respected fame isn't right after all? Friends often pronounce words funny to be humor- ous. Then when I met my husband's family, I heard words spoken with exla~ vowels. I could cope with it. But on a long'trip across Texas to a weds!inS, one of my husband's rela- tives kept saying we wet:e going to "Oleney.7' I thought the town was named "Oiney." Finally becausel was fired, hungry, and crowd- ed, I said. "Why do you put an exqt~ e in "Ol~i~"' when it d~sfft hav~ One? My clever husband shut me up quickly by using a naughty word indicating me and in that middle of thai well-known expres- sion, he put an extra "e." "I don't know,". e :" He' WOn, So glad someone couldhelp the museum with the trains I am So happy. I asked for something in this column, and somebody l responded. JerD' Lin- d~,n0od contacted Pat: lsaaeson and is going to take charge of setting up the model train room at Malakoff's Historical Museum. Pat is over- joyed. This is actually the second good response I've got for the museum, which is located in the historic Fl~gg House. Pat was looking for a H. L, Flagg, the original owner of the house. Martha Thompson called' me, giving me the nmne of somebody who might have a picture, We had a real nice visit. Turns out that person didn't have a picture, and Pat still has- n't found one, so I didn't really get her any results that time. But it just makes me feel good when somebody tries to do something I ask them to. It doesn't happen often. Let's see ... Fran Estes found me some guineas. She did some- thing else I requested in this column, and now I forgot what it was, but that makes her my num- ber one reader. Then several people did, at my Loretta Humble 'Around About request, remind my daughter Tina to bring ' me the goat manure she had promised me. I 0 know .there must have been something else through all these years~ bur I can't think now. Usually you just ignore me. If I asked you to do something and you did please let me know. I want to give you due credit, plus I'd like to think I have some effect in the World. i'm sorry to say Birigo, Carl's trouble-prone Shi- htz.u, didn't get to keep the eye that got knocked out of its socket When he p~cked a fight with the little b.rown dog l've been trying to get one of you to adopt, and you haven't. See--you never do a thing I ask. You may recall it cost Carl $550 at the doggy emer- gency room just to get it patchedup, hoping to save it. Then when we saw it wasn't going well, Carl took him to our reg- ular vet, only to find he's gone on vacation. Oh no, Doggy eme/gency room again! We" figured it would be double or triple that amount to get the eye out. But Karen Abbe Thornton, my friend and administrator of Cedar Lake Nursing ' Services, got usjn W.i[h her team of vets.- lmag- ine Carl's relief when the whole bill, with overnig_ht stay and nieds, was, less titan. $200:Carl ! ' ~ . . felt like hed got a rinse. Bingo seems, to be doing fine. He never could see very well anyhow, with: all that hair in his eyes. Have you had any Fairfield peaches this Fear? If not, you need to hurry and get some. "lilaey are wonderful, nearly like eating peach pie, only better. I've picked up two or three boxes of over ripes at Corsieana, and the other day we drove to Fair- field and got a box. The gas to get there cost as much as the peaches, since 1 get the over ripes, for just $15 for a big box. They are just right for eating or cook- ing. I never cook with them, just stuff on them, and share with friends. iII 1 llllllllll lllliil ' l ]]' ' [ ............