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August 22, 2001     The Malakoff News
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August 22, 2001

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v AGE 4A - The Malakoff News - Wednesday, August 22, 2001 e iCommunity• !: Like a flirtatious girl, sweep- i,g around the room lightly touching her lips to all the ea- rly waiting young men, Monday morn- t,g for a few brief ˘kinutes, the rain came, sparingly, and then moved on, leav- |llg behind it's warm, ltry breath to tanta- lize the grass and flowers that have es- Caped the scorching n and heat.  Just as flirty girls like to re- tgrn and flaunt her charms, so ill the rains return, hopefully t- stay longer the next time. We really do need the rain, lint not as badly as the people |t California and around that ea where the wild fires are reading their devastation. is thing happens so much ot there, it is hard for me to gure out how there could still Iso much left to burn next time. If I lived in that part of the €untry, I am afraid I would h!lve to move back to good old East Texas, even with it's heat, and allergies. 'AT THE CENTER: Not much! The crowd was small again Wednesday, but I didn't kear of any sick people, ex- cept, of course Lacy Hall. I ltaven't heard anything from her since she went home. I w her in the hospital the day before she was to be released and she was feeling good then. Let's hope she is on her feet really soon. Thee Teague is feeling lots better.  She is able to get out Reppond's Roundup and go just a little now. Recently her son, Thomas was down from Penn- sylvania with his family to see her. I know she was happy to see them. Mary Rcppond I love to tell you when our people are on their way to getting well. Johnnie wasn't at the cen- ter on dance day this week. She had a Sunday School lun- cheon she had to attend. Dorothy Whiteside has been in Dallas all week, visit- ing her son and daughter-in- law, Jack and Judy. She car- ried Jack's granddaughter, Kirstie up to be with her grandparents before school started. Dorothy's friends all miss her and will be glad when she is back at home in her own nest! When you get older you like for all of your friends, and "stuff" to be exactly where it should be l Well, those old wedding bells have rung again! This time they tolled for Tina Segler and Mark Reynolds. They were married in a private ceremony earlier this week We all wish them many happy years. Con- gratulations. Dillard and Mabel Scale were back from visiting Jim and Betty Browning and so were Ivan and Louise Peebles. They brought back pictures of the new house the Brownings moved into when the left East Texas. They have a lovely place in Nogal, New Mexico, and a fantastic view of the mountains. They have built a huge deck out over the side of the canyon, facing the mountains. They can sit out there and enjoy the sun going down or coming up. I couldn't tell by looking which waythey faced. But it is beautiful. When Dillard got on the bandstand to sing, he asked everyone to pay attention, that he had a story to tell about Mabel, that happened while they were on their trip. He said that Mabel was very good about wanting to help anyone in need. So they were walk- ing down the street when they saw a man holding a sign that said, "I NEED HELP." Mabel saw her chance to assist someone, so she asked the man what his problem was. The man looked at her and said, "Lady, I haven't had a bite in two days," so Mabel bit him! She is a helpful lady, Dillard. There is one sad note this week. Dorothy Barlow's brother passed away. I am not sure where he lived but it is up north somewhere. Dorothy and A1 were up there for the t ACROSS .1 Resembling - 6 Lowdown lit ' 10 Small shot . 13 EIIlllle "- 17 Prompts  18 Sheet of :-. stomps 19  league  !1 Send _: payment ;IS Buenos -- -: =4 Computer Image :IS Non-stereo -: 26 Praise for -. 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Lae's tion to  one govt (16 Opens the 101 Effigy 31 Part'of DA mail 102 Like a judge 32 Scores in 67 Discernment 103 Man of steal? ores 68 Hunker 104 Jeweler's 35 Best down weight 36 Hitter Hank 69 Serve a 105 Afdcan 37 Sail purpose scavenger through 70 Fate tll Tolkien 41 Scarecrow 71 Impish creation stuffing 76 Bern/sweet 114 Form 42 Monsieur stuff?, furrows Matisse 77 Funny 116 Cookbook 43 Precise Philips phrase 22 77 78 70 71 88 91 g6 97 m Nm tll 7 121 See answers on page 7 funeral Wednesday. Our con- dolences go to you and your family. Well, my youngest grand- daughter has announced her engagement. Her picture along ,;vith the young man she is going to marry, is in this edi- tion of the paper, so look for it. Her name is Stacy Nakohl Harris. She will be married in October, in Houston. There will certainly be a picture of her in her wedding gown, af- ter the event takes place. Right now, the weather forecasters are saying the rains are coming this evening. It is nearly 10 o'clock now and it doesn't look or feel like rain. Maybe it will be here by night, who knows? The weather men are just hoping, I think. If the creeks don't rise, I'll see you next time. Cross Roads school will start August 23. Some are happy, some are not. They know how hot it's going to be the first day of school with some new clothes. I remember years ago when I was in about 4th or 5th grade, we got new shoes, socks, dresses and a new win- ter coat! One time my coat was grey with a lined hood in red. I would have wore that coat in July. I was so proud of it. DO you remember our school lunches that were made with bolonia or scrambled eggs. Never heard of anyone getting sick from them. In my mother's school days they carried biscuits and syrup in a bucket. Some times a baked sweet potato. There were five brothers and Betty Reeves reports that like most of us, she just can't take the heat and only gets out when she has to. I have no update regarding the quilt mentioned in Eustace News article last week. Vivian Clark reports that her husband Richard has nearly completed the building of the addition on the private school in Tool. I would personally like to see the News list the 50 best men in the Cedar Creek area. I also think Richard Clark for sure should be named as one of these special men. Vivian also reports that her Aunt Ernestine Moore is criti- cal and needs our prayers. It has been reported that the building on Hwy. 175 in which Hernandez Mexican Restau- rant was located will be re- built. Please continue to pray for Jack Tye as he is still not feel- ing well. All who know Jack Tye know he is a Very active member of the local Pigeon Club. It seems that one of Jack's feathered friends de- cided to pay a visit to Troy Allen's pigeons. Jack quickly went to Treys and brought his misguided pigeon home. The Cedar Creek Lake sisters in my mothers family. Grandma would have to bake an extra pan of biscuits just for lunches. They walked three miles to Cross Roads. May have rode a • .. Cross Roads horse part time. News Notes A little rain fell in Malakoff last Friday. I was there and saw a lady at a business open the door and look out in the street. I couldn't Oara Jo Davis believe it, it was raining but it didn' t last very long ! Bobble Karan (Davis) Feagins, my daughter, had an- other birthday last week. As she gets older, so do I. I told you last week that I would see my doctor. Well, I'm sick! Have been trying to be sick for eighteen years. When I drove the school bus, I never missed more than three days a year. Never used all my sick leave, you can't make money that way, when you don't miss much. Anyway, I wore a heart monitor Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday I had some more test made. I have a blockage on my left side, about 50 percent and about 85 percent on the right. So today, Monday, I will talk to a surgeon. Looks like I will finally have a scar to show and tell. Pearl Williams will see a doctor also today. Mrs. Jessie McWhorter of Malakoff died Friday. She is Area C.rimestoppers did not hold their regular monthly meetinlg for the month of Au- gust as when the members reached their regular meeting place at the Dairy Queen in GBC, another organization was holding a meeting there. A new location for the CrimestOppers meeting will be decided and announced soon. Rick and Jack Ransdell fell very blessed when two of their nephews, Bryan and Greg, who live in Montana came to visit. They could only stay for a short visit because !-ljlda Jo Anding, "Punki" scheduled to.p'on BStty) Jeanie and Kethgs "cg . .,: .  .. . . 0 was a mission trip. Bryan visited" mother. I visited her last week for three weeks. Jan says that in an Athens hospital. not only: did the boys have a great time as she and Rick also had it great time. Among other fun things they enjoyed a trip to Hurricane Harbor and Medieval Times. Congratulations go to my very "special" friend, Michael Watson, J:'., who has recently received a muchdeserved promotion, at work. Thanks r:o Betty Reeves for calling to remind me that the new tea room on the Eustace town square will open August 16th. Of course, I plan to be there for Tcrry's big opening. Til next time, let's pray for each other. The people at the Willow Springs Baptist Church hired a new pastor Sunday. They have been without a full time pastor for several months. Carva Beidler and I talked by phone last week. We don't even know each other but are becoming good friends. Margie Summers visited Patsy Kale of Athens, Patsy has had surgery. Eddie Downey has a knee messing up with football prac- tice, had surgery on knee last year. News is really short this week. Thanks for reading! Please pray for little neigh- bor Dea Barnes as she passed out last week while playing bridge and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Please pray for Annette Baley and entire family due to the recent death of her husband, Dick. Windol and I send our love, sympathy and prayers to Annette and her son. There is a container at Cozy Corner Cafe for donations to help with Dicks final expense.. Dick had no insurance. Again I say "a little from many can add up to a miracle for us in need." Annette had visited with Dick in the evening and all seemed Well. They both agreed that Annette should go home and get some rest and return tot he hospital in the morning. The hospital called Annette around 3 to inform her that Dick had become worse and she must get to the hospital. Annette ran out of gas and started walking from Kemp to Kaufman. Annette says that she appreci- ated the nice man who stopped to help and took her all of the way to the hospital. Dick had passed away before Annette arrived from a heart attack. Annette real ly needs the love and prayer of all of her friends. If you didn't have the oppor- tunity to ejoy Lee Park in Malakoff this summer, too late now, as it is now closed for the season. Jessie Harris reports that Wal-Mart donated a gift certifi- cate which was used to pur- chase a few things. Please continue to pray for Ruby Meeks, Bob Harris, Mrs. Hanson, Don Ford, Jackie Surles, Joyce Roy and Molinda Greenwood. Prayers and sympathy go to Doris Mann and family due to the death of his beloved mother, Effie Sheats. This precious little lady should have become 90 years old in October. Doris spent several ,:lays each week with her mother. Tommy Mann was a very loyal and caring son- in-law to Effie. Prayers and sympathy go to Ronnie Gilmore and his family due to the recent death of his step father. P:rayers and get well wishes go to Paul Moore as he has several health prob- lems. Belated birthday wishes go to T.J. Greer. Be and Julia Hyde and Melodie Greer took 10 young people to Six Flags last week. All went well until two boys, Bobby and Josh, wandered off and became lost. They soon found their way back. This groups was at Six Flags from opening to closing. Randy and Carla have now returned from Kansas where they were visiting Randy's grandmother who is gravely ill. Without a miracle, this special lady has only a short time to five. Precious little Kaemen Avant has gone tot he dentist for the first time. Have not yet heard what he thought about his ex- perience. You should see Michael, April and Austin Asay's new home. It is so beautiful! Auston's nurs- ery is decorated in cowboy western decor. My cousin Rita finally made it to our house from Mississippi. She had to stop in Jackson, MS Continued on page 6B