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August 25, 1977     The Malakoff News
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August 25, 1977

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Page 2-MALAKOFF NEWS-August 25. 1977 ,:. :.:..:::::::.::::::: :.:,.:.:..:., .:..:...:.:>,: .... :. +:..:+:+ +, .:...:.. + +:.. +............... ....... .. i:i: ::i -2': i:i: !iil F:. :4: Officer Manager ................... Lori Cailaway Production ......... Lou Shelton. Vicki Svoboda Bookkeeper ............................ Mary Dillard P.O, Box 509 Malakoff, Texas 75148 from page one Telephone 214/489-0531 Published Continuously Since 1913 to--and if the road connected with a county road or was a Publisher ...................... Donna S. Alexander lateral road that had been Editor ................................. Ann Rounsavall used as a thoroughfare. Advertising Mgr .................. Barbara McKee The law. however, does not :::: say that a county commis- N. :i:! stoner MUST repair any Subscription Rates: $4.50 per year in llenderson and adjoining counties. $5.50 per year elsewhere in Texas, and $6.50 per year outside Texas, Entered in the Post Office at Malakoff. Texas 75148 as a second class matter. Published by Territory Times :i:i Publishing Co., Malakoff, Texas. :.., ----,B 1977 ASSOCIATION ad lib by donna scheibe alexander i:!: roads that lie within the limits .:.: of incorporated towns. !i:i "'It is strictly optional on iii:: t par, of the commission- :::: er." said Judge King. -N i:i: Les Cruse. president of the :i:i Cedar Creek Lake Chamber i::!:: of Commerce. suggested that ii:i the best way for PPOA to :': approach the commissioners I wish scientists would go back to worrying about relativity, cracking the atom, and such esoteric in- - vestigations that most laymen can't understand. The trouble with today's o scientists is that they're - messing around with subjects that we CAN understand and I'd just as soon they wouldn't - bother. The latest of their i eggheaded the discovery that milk isn't good for human beings -- cow's milk, that is, Dr. Frank A. Oski, who just revealed his shattering discovery to the , world, didn't mention goat's milk or any other mammal's - - and I assume that he ap- proves of mother's milk for :human babies, But don't count on it. Anything that scientists start investigating eventually turns out to be bad for us. Just consider the havoc  science has played with our diet over the p years. Pfined suga r refined flour enough fiber; breakfast :cereals are nutritionally deficient; red dye used by food manufacturers causes all sorts of diseases that nobody I i know ever died of - or even suffered from. Obesity is a sure killer and overburdens the heart, but for goodness sakes don't try to cut down on calories with saccharine because Canadian rats were force fed tons of it and died of cancer.  Cyclamates were banned years ago because there was something in them that didn't agree with rats either. Eggs are full of cholesterol, but that isn't as bad as it used to be because a new scientific ' discovery revealed recently : that some people need chop Y esterol in their systems to counteract other alien sub- stances that probablyhaven't I been investigated yet. Too many vitamins are a  waste of money and don't really help you that much, so i you might as well stop the pill popping. You can't even trust the comfy old pajamas you used to crawl gratefully into every night because they HEAD from page one One commissioner said he had read in "the paper" about a trip to Europe that Mrs. Vaughn had taken recently. The hospital board sets salary and policy for hospital mployes. In other business Monday commissioners approved a plat in Holiday Hills; ac- cepted the resignation of lnley Ferguson, constable in Precinct 3; tabled a request from the Caney City Fire Department for a portion of revenue sharing funds allocated to county fire departments until Com- missioner Jim Blakeney has a chance to talk to represen- Latives of the department; and authorized County Judge Winston Reagan ta set up a neeting with Sieriff J.W. Brownlow to discuss a report received I recently [tom the Texas ommission on Jail Standar The rep,,t made 4merou: --'o- Matior to th might be made of triss and there's a good chance there'll be a hot time in the old bed tonight. Liver, that our mothers bribed us to eat at least once a week so we could get our quota of iron, is now round to be bad for people who have a tendency towards gout. Do you know anyone who has gout? I'll be glad to make that sacrifice, however. Since everything I eat is bad for me, I'll give up liver and eat steak and eggs instead. Dr. Oski says don't drink milk. After the first year of life. no child requires milk of any kind, he says. The diet he does recommend is not to be tops on your kids' list - or mine. What we need/he says, for calcium and all those good things, is plenty of spinach, sardines and other fish. Scientists might be better advised to spend less time Why does modern man,, who daily poisons his system with dangerous additives, synthetics, cholosterol and red dye, have a life ex- pectancy that is twice as long as his grandfather whose diet was unadulterated, un- polluted, and full of nature's vitamins and minerals? Makes you wonder, doesn't it? New Roads Pete Dodson, president of courl was with moderation. "Let's go there as reason- able men." he said. "If we start talking about legalities. five years from now we'll still be talking about the same thing., and the roads will still be in the same shape they are now ) "" Connally, engineer from Tyler. ventured the opunon that when a road is taken in by an incorporated city. the city should maintain it Con- holly said in Smith County the county road crew did not do any work in cities-only on county roads. Connotly also pointed out that Smith County has a budget of $1.600.0) to main- thin 940 square miles of road. That is al least twice as much money as Henderson County has to maintain its roads, and the number of miles in this county is uncertain because the different commissioners did not measure the roads in their precincts according to the same standards. Some eommissmners measured every road in the county, including those in the cities. while others measured only those roads outside incorpo- rated cities. PPOA has receommended to the court thai the roads be measured by someone ap- pointed by the court, a mem- ber of PPOA. and a third impartial person in order to .get an accurate accounting. This will be one of the many matters discussed Sept. 6. Fish Fry V.F.W Post 4133 of Trinidad will host a fish fry Saturday night beginning at 4 pm Following the fry, game night will begin at 7 p.m. and and free dance will begin at 9 p.m Proceeds from the evening will go to the Post building fund. m 1 13- ! pUBLIC NOTIC E 1 ANNOUNCING 4" a  ¢' " 1 Separate sealed bids for the l _ - : -- . I reroofing andrelated WOl:k at  I i N/l[ll0000 II 1100' aO/ J  | Malakoff tligh School will he  ,£e"]ll IK IIJLJ, -- v,00,v 1 received by Malakoff I.S.D,  O v | at the School .Administration  IS NOW AT Building until September i,  l  b ann rounsavaH 1977,. 7:00. p.m. and. then at " stud ofDce pubhcly opened [  I !' We have passed through the her tried and true remedies I and read aloud.  I lllllllll gl0 r age of the generation gap am convinced that she was The plans and specifiea- i .i..j Ll.l,,,llb#J nicely now. right I knew that anyway, tions may be examined at the Our senior citizens have because she and mother us- l'oilowing locations: Office of 11  t • again been placed in their uallv managed to pull me the Architect, tSt5 W. SV D Allilr 51ilnnlV rightly position of learned through Loop :123, Tyler. Wx.  .--__v -'rr .1 through experience and res-. Through the years I have Copies ot: tbe plaits and petted for endurance, seen no reason to keep her specifications may be obtain-l[1 • _ • Our good uncle has aided in home remedies a secret ed at the office "of Jackson  He invites his eustomel this effort by supplying untold After being asked last'week Cites Associates located at IN activities and programs di- how to cure an ulcer in the 115 W. SX' Loop 323, Tyler, IJ O see '-" .... • - retted at benefiting our elderly mouth I quickly suggested thai Texas 75701. Upon l)aymelt of  [ II.lllll a[ uuiiane and placing them in positions a small amount of shavings deposit of $25.0t, for one set.  flill day Monday that allow them in turn to from a raw lrish potato applied additional sets may be par- I[i " J d benefit society, to the sore would aide in th chased for $Z5,00 " l thrauoh Friday I never felt the generation, healing process. .Malakoff l..S .... I) reserves [ ..... ,- d gap. My grandmother did not Hysterical laughter broke the right to reject any or all N _,.1 Il..--J ..... ,rR.*.,m allow it. out" in the Malakoff News bids and waive formalities. IN ilIlll 31i:IILUIUII" lllil, illllll ' She. until the time of her office They all assumed I was No Bids may be ithdrawn I.i ,t • • e death twoyears ago, had more joking. , 'ithin thirtY' days of Bid H lVlalaKOII energ, new ideas, .and s!a- lf you don t want my advice, Opening.  Ph, 489 - 1533 Hwy. 31 mma than t, ana met t all wtn don't ask for it. • "" -, 51) years more experience. Following my grandfather's death some 20 years earlier, Tle lll ABp T 0 5tLb¢,aeil4.7,, . my grandmother eased into the position of head of the -,--'l  " DON'T(.[::[ family with grace and ease.  I'' v _ i at l|(,l't "rlill _ . _. . .  -- _, .,I-- // xl _ We all admired and stood in awe as we found ourselves doing things her way with her standing over us all the while wondering aloud where we got the idea We never questioned her position, and never found rea- son or need for replacing our leadership with a younger person, She preached energy con- servation long before it was the vouge. Her reasoning was simple. If the gas stove was needed for warmth, it should be shut off. If there was no need for an electric light to be burning, the switch that said off should be used. She. like many others Of her electricitygenerati°n'hadlivedthr°ughtimes whenor theregas available,Was no Close Out On Roll Ends and felt one should save what Over 30 Room Size Roll Ends My grandmother ',,,,as also an = = =':2:=÷- "- organic gardener before the i' At 30% ?ff idea hit the bulk of the pop- ulace, tier reasons were two- 0000ILI We Are Now Car!00,.ing Area Rugs fold: The amounts of garbage ,. E "" and trash that she buried in her  -- ---- garden spot did not have to l.t" Rl . . . .......... " ; ;, i 4_ i hauled to the dump; and why , in All Sizes ' hay fertilizer when egg shells, eoffee grounds and leaves  2hl' 16-[q08 l--: worked better anyhow. She also believed that the only time to see a doctor was when all home remedies had failed to cure the illness. As doctors are now turning back more and more to some of Sue Barnett For: HOME ID ID g the Malakoff Cemetery Association, said this week that the road to the cemetery has recently been re-worked by Commissioner Jim Black- eney and his crew Dodson said that the associ- ation would like to express their appreciation to Corn- COMMERCIAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE Representing: Employers Casualty Emplo00rs National, Motors Insurance Corp. missioner Blakeney for his Royall Insurance Agency [ assistance in the project. "Nothing is more common 489"0520 M than a fool with a strong Ph. alakofl 510 W. Royall Blvd. memory." C.C. Colton ;iS;5;5;szsz 152 - : ; - - - : 2 The llmda Nawk : ltt fhe blke the  would build, if they only knew how. The Hawk II is here. Its the ftagshlo of Honda s new mO-range SuperSeries All the Hawks feature a revolutona' bg-bore, ultra- short-stroke engine that makes high performance ossble m i Production machines One ride on the Hawk II and you II forget the old motorcycle concept: "bigger is better. The Hawk I| feels hke a Four both m and smoothness. Yet t handles lke a hghtweght the features of a Sperbke- new solid-state CD ignmon wth electric starter, ComSta(" wheels, full instrumentation and more-w}th the successful rac- ing technology Honda has built into the Hawks The Hawk lI turns r;rtng mo fi,¢mg But before you can ride t you have to see ,, And the to do that s right at our dealersntp lg/7Amerclr- ttodaMotorCo nt Price q,298. HONDA, 874-5181 CORSIcANA HONDA 829 N. Main Corsicana, Texas 75110 P The ELLIPSE IV * SJ1951W - Space Command  1000 Remote Control with instant ZOOM close-up. - 19" diagonal Chromacotor ] Decorator Compact Table TV. Color Sentry Aulomalic Picture Control. EVG--Electronic Video Guard ring. Earphone. Unique, ultramodern elliptical design. Beautifully finished simulated grained American Walnut with brushed Aluminum color accents. 00619. P h I P S A s41 The MANET * - 19" diagon Decorator Compact Table TV. Super Video Tuner. Beautifully finished simulated grained can Walnut on top and ends with color trim. \\; -- a ;51 The SENTRY * JO91L - Lightweight 9" diagonal black-and-white portable with energy saving 100% solid-state chassis. Custom Video Range solid-state tuning system with Perma-Set VHF fine-tuning and 70-position UHF channel selector. Quick-on Sun- shine ® picture tube gives full. bright picture in just 5 to 6 seconds without energy drain when set is off. Handsome Beige molded cabinet. 489-1529 GMAC Terms color ]1" Decorator Compact Table TV. Color C Automatic Picture Control EVG--Electronic Guard Tuning. Choice of simulated can Walnut (J1938W) finish with brushed e COlOr accents or simulated grained Pecan with brushed Nickel-Gold color accents. Open Mort.- Sat. Malakoff 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.