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August 25, 1977     The Malakoff News
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August 25, 1977

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Page 2-MALAKOFF NEWS-September 1, 1977 ">: :'" "5:- .%:;'>: ;'>;" "; • '. : ....... :.'X- • +:..:,'.'.>:+ +:.'.: ...... :.:.'.:....'+:.'. ,.',:...'..:.-•..:.4 ,-. ?!i ........................................ :it !i!! Water nnlivUrr,ler s Face Subscribe e New Regulations Rules Telephone 214/489-0531  Call 4894}531 Published Continuously Since 1913  I Publisher ...................... Donna S. Alexander buTstterWa:r:; ay':ito :ulaleTYSaiini : .. OUR INTEREST IS IN YOU Editor ................................. Ann Rounsavali drink? Not if you believe in-Drinking Water Act specifies 00avarro Advertising Mgr .................. Barbara McKee and comply with -- the that city governments or b. Officer Manager ................... Lori Callaway standards set forth in the Nati water system operators can r Hm slster Production ......... Jbou Shelton, Vicki Svoboda nal Safe Drinking Water Act be fined up to $5,000 a day for :, .os. Bookkeeper ............................. Mary Dillard of 1974. • each day of violation. Thelaw 00av,ngs ,o,, :.:. since June 24, the Texas also provides that any system is recommended reading explanatory pictures dicpict- '.i:i Department of Health that does not notify its cus- .-2 >;. Subscription Rates: $4.50 per year in !!::i Henderson and adjoining counties, $5.50 per ::i::i year elsewhere in Texas, and $6.50 per year :i:! outside Texas. Entered in the Post Office at ilii Malakoff, Texas 75148 as a second class :: matter. Published by Territory Times iii! Publishing Co., Malakoff, Texas. :.::':: ::::::::::. ...... TEXAS1977 ASSOCIATIoNPRESS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ad lib by donna scheibe alexander Trinidad's peaceful "sleepy nothing more intimidating little town" reputation was than stand by the side of the shattered this week by big road and watch the bingo bold newspaper headlines de- players pass by. daring an ape man was Local lawmen weren't too running around loose in the alarmed about the ape man... area at night, in fact Sheriff's Deputy The nearly seven foot tall Choice Lovelady hazarded a "hairy-man looking" appari- guess that it could have been tion was alleged to have been a black angus bull grazing by spotted by several women the roadside...but Mrs. A.C. who were returning from a Gun Barrel City bingo game last Tuesday night. "The Creature" who seems to get taller and hairier every time the tale is told was alleged to be standing along side of Highway 274-so close, said the Corsicana woman, that she could have touched him Big Foot's Brother, per- haps? Cedar Creek Lake's own Abominable tourist at- traction? We can't conjure up Gray, who called Lovelady, said she knew the difference between a four legged bull and a two legged man. Deputy Benny Rolison more or less confirmed the bull story---at least he dis- covered that one was loose about the time that Mrs. Gray spotted her ape man. And when another car full of women, also returning from the bingo game, allowed that the "thing" might have been Resources (TDHR) has been enforcing the federal law passed in 1974, and on July 1, the department sent out a 17- page memo to all public water systems advising them of standards they must meet. Feedback from many city and privately owned water systems indicates that -- like so many other federal protect the poor people legislation -- it is almost impossible to be in compliance with federal standards for pure water. Certainly not for the small towns and private systems .operators. Adding insult to injury is the law, now en- forced, that compels each water system to test the water each month for several contaminants, including 10 inorganic chemicals, six organic pesticides, murkiness, radiological contamination and microbes. A sample must be sent to the TDHR for chemicaland bacteriological analysis, and if the water fails to meet federal standards, the water company is in trouble. Back comes a letter from TDHR that advises the water system operator (city or private) that the water is not quite fit to drink. They, says the government, all water customers must be advised in writing that their water lacks the government seal of approval. What is a public water system ? Any system, privately or publicly owned that serves 25 or more per- sons or has at least 15 service connections that are used at tomers that its water is inferior can also be fined $5,000. The Safe Drinking Water Act is not without its critics - in fact, at the moment it can claim few proponents, but especially critical is James M. Rose, executive director of the Texas Water Develop- ment Board. Rose said in a recent press release that there wasn't enough time to thoroughly study and analyze the com- plex set of options about water quality. As a result, he said, "the effort lacked clear direction and suffered from insufficient coordination." Rose charged that the lack of standardized criteria, and the inadequate and inac- curate techniques used by the various federal agencies for measuring environmental impact is hampering and seriously delaying water resource planning and development• "There is reflected a great readiness, almost im- patience, on the part of the from me to all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or friends of the family who has children. The book was brought to my attention last week by Lu Sutton and Jeannie Walker, friends of the library, as they were pouring soft drinks and preparing cookie trays for children who completed the summer reading program at the Malakoff library. Lu had seen the book when one of her children checked it out from the library. Jeannie checked it out for that day. Steve Sutton, it was report- ed, had nearly wrecked the family car while Lu read from the book to him on a recent trip. My curiosity was aroused. I checked with Jeannie the following day to see if the book had been returned to the Library. It was there. It is classified as a child- ren's book. I recommend it to adults. Rather than attempt to do a book review I will give you excerpts. Andrew is the baby in a federal government to in- tervene," he complained, to the editor Wise words, and worth listening to, but in the meantime, what about all these water systems who are sending in their little sample each month to the TDHR? Most of them couldn't pay the $5,000 fine if the government enforced it. In fact a great many of them wwould have a hard time scraping up enough postage to mail notices to their customers that the government doesn't approve Most of the news that we hear and read consists of murder, greed and lust. How- ever, there are good things happening also, and I'd like to report just one of the many nice things that has happened to me recently. I lost a money bag last week that contained cash and checks. Within thirty minutes a call came from Chief Wil- son. Mrs. Lonnie Wallace had ing the scene by Randall Enos. She said, "Just because Andrew is the baby, he gets to sit in the front seat. It's not fair." "He touches valuable things like my peach pit collection. One time he des- troyed my entire pipe cleaner village. It took me two whole days to make that village." "He can wreck a person's room in eight seconds flat. If I even go near his toys, he screams his head off. It's not fair." "Sometimes he bites me. He pinches too. When I hit him back, he hollers as if I were killing him. My mother says: It's wrong to hit a person who is smaller than you." "Andrew is a pig. You should see him eat spinach. He spits it out and gets it all over his face, his hands, his hair, everything. My mother has to keep scraping it off with a spoon. All she ever says is Oh, what a wonderful little spinach eater Andrew is." "The other day I acciden- tally happened to knock over my bowl of From Loops and sliced banana. I got a two hour lecture on being messy and not paying attention. Nobody called me a wonder- ful little Front Loop eater." If you have children, know children, or occasionally visit friends who have children, visit the Malakoff Public Library and check out "It's Not Fair". While you are there, look through the other selections that are available. qll O O dll O O Ill O O I1 O 41, Ill a O Ill al, O O 41 Association M#akoff 502 E. Royall FARMERS & SUPPLY FEE&SEEDRRTIUZ[R Call Collect 214-396-2881 or CUSTOM FERTILIZER Kenneth Lewis Owner KerenS, PASCHAL -We Honor All Burial Poi Malakoff PHONE 489"1,00 a Loch Ness Nessie, but a an animal, the mystery seem- least 60 days during the year• of their drinking water. " ed to have been solved found the bag and carried it to real, honest-to-God Ape .. This includes campgrounds ........ .., ,, " wmen needn't lau h, .  % ,  Mr Wilson's home Man, m bound to have La g and other pubhc ac- /z.-, \\;., /44 " • curiosity seekers running up however. Some of us can commodations that serve /f_ ,.- . I was happy to get the and down Hwy. 2741ooking for remember a few years hack tourists and special groups a -t.(/7 Nxv  I m.oney%vack, but the nicest our own specialS, when Henderson County s for a limited time each year. fT/  ____/ mmg aout this experience is  Maybe som ensing finest we. p uu!ng some 30oayspasSandit'stime /qA: "".."'J t o pp'tunity -to me sm will set u an strange objects that were e le  meet Mrs wallace bus' s an " p ' . to send in anoth r samp to (._.'w"7 /...,[  " • all-night stand, selling re- flying around Cedar Creek TDHR. What happens if this '- ,k. ., freshments to the hunters Lake in.weird•aircraft corn-sample again falls below The name Isaac means CarvaBeidler who will surely hunger and plete wRh bhnkmg !lghts. federal standards? Then laughter. Malakoff, Texas thirst after their quest for the That was when somethmg or ,m.-- "-.AAAAAA -- latest mysterious monster, someone was mutilating cat- [, "v'v''r''vrrr'v''v''r'"v'v'r -I Old timers aren't taking tle and leaving their car-   • , casses m the pastures minus this too seriously--after all it s " ' I  •  I been only a couple of years or tongues, brains, and sexual ) H I ,.   SO since Boogie McCormack oran.s.  ..   ff ,B'JVJVJV • and his Caney City cronies lnen, oz course, mere coula   ,P',P',P'IIdF'JP'P'P'' u % • "1 a 25 be a perfectly natural ex- clmmed to have kll ed ([  ff ff •   W' 4[ foot rattlesnake, complete p!anation. Some Trlnldad!ans  V    "" ! claim mat me appanuon with so many rattles that .  r J I • , probably was any one ot Boogie couldn t count them Jb ]b all and sent them off to some several local joggers who just . 1, museum happen to like running in the ([: The snake's scaly hide was CO0!.of the nigh! a!ong that f n 1 0 I q  . n-i'ed to the wall of Boo-ie's parucmar stretch oz roao.  m  J .... m _, m ,--, ....... r mlneralwaterandsocialing mB: ;hnata:°Ul:n2t bemaaS $ JNOUtrlCK S lealltl > parlor, and thrill seekers . pe , , ]b would it  came from miles around to • . [ q[ see the gruesome sight for | ............ [  themselves, quaffing nume- [ GllUr MAUl]  (Formerly Hobbs-FreemanCleaners) 4 rous bottles of soda pop to I I ]P 1 take the edge off the ghastly | The Malalmff News [  ) sight Boogie was just doing his I .... I ) 410 E. Hwy. 31 489-1535 ) duty by warning the world I 00uoscrme I • . about Cedar Creek Lakes ! 489"0531 I  £ gargantuan rattlesnakes ...... 7i...i_:j d' i after all, a snake expert J assured us that where there  eRA Rnd Iqnal_ [ k was one snake, there was " ................... ¢ , always another....and we I Grand Saline € dr needed to know that another  u,u,,- ,,,,,,,,, } Ir  n e--  • -- a ) such serpent was lurking in I &m ,, ,.., , $ James rata uum00zon - uwners ) the bushes waiting to take I rm K, oA " mpu o  . ) vengeance on the villains who $ ,, .... ,,,_,,..,,_,_., i k had done away with his mate.  tans :l mgnw  { One woman even swore she   u _ -- _--: E q[ found the snake's | l  ) was so big it stretched from _  , one side of the road to the 1  / ( other...and so thick she was I llk  Oleta Morton- Manager ( afraid to run over it with her I  P ( car. Now that's some snake... 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