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Malakoff, Texas
September 1, 1983     The Malakoff News
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September 1, 1983

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The Malakoff News, Thursday, Sept. 1, 1983--IIA :erans Memorial ,H. lkll t 'Tme t133 ~inbeh Welle t lu Suds Mr. and Mrs. Dadls) $. DailM Mr. and Mrt Gary Lewis Ida ~ LMIs UcA Mr. end Mrs. H.C. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Dan McKinanrow Maffit Me. and Mrs. Malian Daman Charles M. Jackson Melody and JeweH White Mrs. Albufl Evans and Charlotte Dill Edwin and Manr{~ Hdliman I,C, BalPHS Dave and Ban fierce Mr. and Mrs. W.O. GnNm Mr. and M~ Homer 8man VFW Put 4133 I.O.O.F. Lndp Ha 233 J.R. K Maxian PrueU Is)mend and lamn loans Mr. and M~ taanerd E. Tantz Nervelle M. Drrick Leonard and Lois Harris Mr. and Mrs. Charhm ilerndt C,R. Whitman Evelyn Drake Nolen and Katherine Utchfldd Mr. and Mrs. W.L Omm Mr. and Mrs. Erred Allen Jack and Ode Humphrim Die Humphdu Russell D. Brooks E~/n E. Barton L Kay Graham Robert E. O.ick Mr. end Mrs. O.H. Franks Mr. and Mrs. William B. franks Mrs. Elizabeth Franks Kidd Clinton F. Haynes Thomas k Johnson Mr. and Mn. Gary Spire Mr, and Mrs. Waiter L Jach~ Mr. and Mm William Cerffidp Mike Chamhan W,O, & Ruby N~ hth Cuds Broohlns huisan Ralph Carter L L.L0, Eqane Garter Mr. and Mrs. Chilean derden Malohoff Insurance Aipmcy American Nmdnas Womens Assn. Mr. and MrL RaDafl B. Van Buran A.M. "Buddy" Thompsan M~ G.H. 14o1( N.C. and Datly Vandelffiff Ralph McCormick, Jr. Mr. and Mrs, Edwin E. Cude Harvey Brown W.L TRtz Johnny Diohans) J.W. and Carol Riddluperlp, RaY. Henry Iedic, Jr. Rex and Jeanette King Bill Oradehaw J.A. Mctain a Wayman Johnson Dr. Leo Orr Jack A. Horn Alonzo D. Nlckman Gled~ Rainwater Huhart b BS)d Willie V. Sims Jemla & Ida Tanner Dilly It. Piece Hy~ H. Cede, Jr. John Loft Oreda Jackson ~rah and Bob Rohertsan Joseph L hdan Erma Manma Dean and Elizabeth Frizzel Mr. and Mrs, Ray Weeks Ned Lav~ ~th Infanby Division Ann.. tadiss Auxiliary Donors M~ Ruth Cede Sam and Elle Man ~man Mr. and Mrs. Rabed McCleaq Healey Badersan Mr. and Mrs. Delian Amnt Mr. and Mnl. Cedis S. SMith Vera W. Smith Mr. and Mrs, Rayalt J. ItOipln Mr. and idra. Elwand D. Cede Mr. and Mrs. Edwis L. WIllhanlu Bill and Mettle Lee ikalrd LC. & Boherta Smith Malohoff Rotary Club M~ Elmer Itdseb Francis Rahab Miller lira Richard D~ Ve~ W. Ps)ae Mr. and Mrs, US)d Tianr En&4~ la~um Mr. and Mrs. Ueyd tam VictOr and Fay Lewis Travis Mattham Mr. and Mrs. hul Powm Kohefl and Cassette Indn IJ Wiillem Ead Gantry Mrs. Dan It~all, S~. Mr. and Mn. James Stflnlpx Joe and Frances Monroe Jo and Alton Chamham Ross Chamhan LL Dixon Gandd Graham Fr~Klle Cude Mr. and M~ Wddan CaniP, Dr. and Mrs. P.T. Kilman Hal. Maria Drohl MrL Ruby Pdce Walter M. St|rk~ Mr. and M~ J.P. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Luman Baipn Mr. and Mrs. Nell Brown Mr. and Mm Wlilerd Curry Mn, tale Bell Dadean k~le M~ Joh~ Mr. and M~ Jan Fanlk Smith Mr. and Mn, Bobby R. HudMd Mr. and Mrs, Leran Cook Melvin Lanals) Edwin L AdBas Bannte RaWers bd Cede Lannie Ho~im Hmhel P. Smith Gamis k Garratt Lansir R. Trammdl James E. Meredith Lerkln W. Irreoho~r Um J. Bowmen Jam~ A. ~r Whlm M. Crtst J~ph R. Yunc~ Lucian Lm Lind~ O. Itlpins Altrnd C. Bowman Gerald Owen Itanald W. Lewis Leon 6oterd David Gotha Jack Daerd Lunde Brown Mr. & Mrs. H. Harold Brown I.T. Whitman Mlilem E. Clay Beatrice Rabduih Lodge No. 44 To~ Shdtan Manta, (Lo i i Billy and Bstty Norwood Dan Norwood A DAY OF CELEBRATION--Members and friends of the Trinidad United Methodist Cburch held groundbreaking ceremonies Sunday evening for the plan- STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS at MHS will be responsible this year for flag our home football games. Pictured are Diana president; SonJa Streater, vice president; and Randy Lee, senior council sponsor. (Staff photo by Lisa duty on school days and also at Meyer, representative. Mrs. InN Hall is student Weeks) Patrol checks county wrecks The Texas Highway Patrol in- vestigated 29 rural traffic accidents in Henderson County during J y, ac- cording to Sergeant Scott, supervisor 1or this Highway Patrol area. T~ie ac- cidents resulted in 16 injuries. Total rural traffic accidents for Hen- derson County for the year is 209, which have resulted in 13 deaths and 127 in- juries. The 22 counties which comprise Highway Patrol District 6A have had a total of 3599 rural traffic accidents this year which have resulted in 114 deaths and 2196 injuries. ned construction of a new sanctuary. begin this month. (Courtesy photo) II II III Ill -- II II Tips III Editor's Note: The Texas State Teachers Association wants to become partners In advancing quality education In our Texas public schools. The following is the first in an eight part series to assist pareents in helping children learn at home, as well as in school. The first series focuses on "reading." Read to your child often. Make a pleasant experience of the event, making sure the session is relaxed and unhurried. Let your child choose a favorite story and explain pictures and answer questions about it. As time goes by you can stop in the middle of a familiar story and ask what happens next. This encourages memory skills and reinforces the material in the text. Begin talking to your child from in- fancy. Make sounds, call attention to sounds and connect and explain ac- tivities as you perform them. Listen Malakoff ERRYS Work on the new building is expected to I I IIII { SCHOOLS IIII For Parents II II I { and encourage conversation with you. Answer questions patiently and as promptly as possible. Play listening games with your child. A good bedtime game is to listen quietly and identify as many sounds as possible - heartbeats, breathing, traffic. Listening attentively is essential in learning. When your child is learning to read, try "labeling" household objects with the child's name printed in bold letter on masking tape. Encourage the reading of the signs, posters-every- thing l Besides regular children's materials, read aloud from ordinary books, magazines, newspapers, adver- tisements. Your child will begin to recognize the fact that the printed word is a part of everyday life that conveys useful, interesting and amusing infor- mation. O GUILIANO -- A five-pound was recently Johnny Mattingly of her family on her on Hwy 90 South and Cross Roads. was accidentally left ograph crew working Corp. of according to S.G.C. (Art) Galley, who Bonham, Texas. to a driller out there," "He had made an that one case was five of dynamite. Vehicles that to drilling trucks special magazines con- One charge must've going from one location to said Spindletop had made a "written 'd see us first, pay and They didn't. We were we didn't run over or it would have blown up in the pasture." called the Henderson Department and responded. was volatile ) to retrieve it. phone call since Monday when a Mrs. Mattingly contended that the seismograph crew had been doing explorations between Malakoff and Cross Roads, going everyplace where there's going to be coal mining. "They do a seismograph, blow a hole and can tell if oil is there," she said. Galley explained further that the crew was working in essentially the Mnlnkoff area in Henderson County, along with other areas of East Texas over the past five months, checking for oil for Getty Oil Company. "We get permission to cross the property," he said. "Then a survey crew stations itself a safe distance from residences. Electrical detectors record on tape when delivering a thrust into the ground (with the dynamite ex- plosion). It's like a pebble in a pond, you see ripples. A sonic wave hits a Americans spend millions each year for health foods and natural products, yet often overlook the healthful qualities in ordinary foods likd eggs, says Dr. Dymple Cooksey, a foods and nutrition specialist with the Texas Agricultrual Extension Service, Texas A&M University System. Eggs are a "natural" food in part because there's so little interference in he had the contract in the production process. If a hen receives enough proper nutrients, she lad it didn't say anyone will form an egg, and all hens of the t the Mattinglys. same species produce eggs of about the of the permit were to same composition. "It's most impor. per hole (blown). , tant for consumers to realize that when pre-contact was not on the may have told our that both Mrs. were wrong capacity to blow different subservice formations and reflects back." Galley foresees that drilling an oil well wouldn't interfere with strip mining for lignite. "They can respect an area of 50 square yards to keep from ruining a well," he commented. "There's no conflict between com- panies." S.G.C. Vice President Roy Huckaby, reached in Beaumont, commented there was "probably no chance at all" that the dynamite would've been left behind." "It surprised me," he said. "We have a certain amount of dynamite assigned to each drill hole. It's accounted for every day by charge. There's no way dynamite would ever be laying around. State laws make us keep track of it to a tee. It's in a tube container that goes down into a hole with a string of wire." "is an inert substance high charge electric an explosive sub- said. He said not into it could've concern have been left the seismograph ; with bird season starting may stumble across "I don't anticipate there. I've been years and this is it comes to nutrition, an egg is an egg," states Cooksey. All of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K in the diet of the hen transfer well to the egg. This makes eggs a good source of vitamins as well as an efficient and inexpensive source of protein. Even though special eggs, like "organic fertile" and "araucana" eggs, may be sold as health food, ther is no evidence to sup- port the idea that they are any more nutritious than ordinary commercial eggs from the grocery store, adds the specialist. On Dec. 7, 1787, Delaware became the first state to ratify the Constitution. .............. "~+~ Monuments Pre-Need Funeral Insurance 40,1 East Royall Blvd. tSO0 MaiakoH BRAWNY LIMIT 2-ROLL ROLL Reg. 2,'' Assorted Designs 10-PAGE MAGNETIC EACH 64 OZ, SIZE DOWNY FABRIC LAY MAGNETIC ,, pOl~o Ideal for Kitchen Decor 8-OZ. Reg. l.S' BAG CARD 100% Polyester Stretch Gaberdine & Suiting Remnants I 1/2-5 yd. l-ength~ bO" Wide A~st'd Fashion Colors & Strip~ Bottom Weigh! Ideal |or Prints-Jet kate-Skirts Values to $5.99 yard YD. Polyester/Cotton Blends STRIPES Broadcloth Remnants I-5 yd. len,qth~ 45" Wide Good Selection Values to $2,99 yd YD. summer's R[ A[)Y TO lJS[ c (.)I:;PC)SABL[ [ )(J)U(.J HI- ,{ f.:" o., 100% Cotton PRINTED FLANNEL REMNANTS 45" Wide Not Suitable Nor Intended Ior Infants (,r Children's Sieepwear, Playwear V,,iues Io $2,49 yard YD. 100% Po~ester White INTERFACING "Sew In" 22" Wide On Tubes ......... 10-oz. Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion 49 ~i 32-oz. size ~,:.~. Listeflne Antiseptic