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September 19, 2001     The Malakoff News
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September 19, 2001

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PAGE 4A - The MalakoffNews - Wednesday, September 19, 2001 Community It is really hard for me to con- centrate on writing this column about everyday com- ing and goings of my friends and my cat, when all I can really think about is the ter- rible carnage and de- spair that was dealt to the people of New York City. The true meaning of the act has not sunk in yet, but is beginning to. There is only one good thing that I can start his kidney. Continue say- ing your prayers for him. He re- ally is trying to .....................  make it. Reppond's Roundup The cousins and kids of Gertie AI- derman and Olivia Teal and all the rest of the family gath- ered at the park near Fairfield this past weekend for a reunion. It seems that they had a very Mary Reppond good time. I think they meet down see that has come from it, and there each year. that is the way everyone has vol- Tonight (Thursday 13th) Dor- unteered to help in so many othy and AI Barlow are playing ways. Our heartfelt prayers go at Palestine, at the Senior Center out to all the thousands of fami- lies who have been affected by this tragedy. I am positive we will all be touched by this, in one way or the other, but let us remain calm and not lose our faith in our gov- ernment to do what is best for all. If you don't already have this phone number, I will give it to you. It is a number that you can call if you see any price gouging taking place (and there will be some) there are always vultures hovering around ready to reap a quick reward. This is the number: 1-800- 337-3928. Copy it down and keep it handy. The news on Dillard Seale is a little promising this week. They say his kidney is acting just a little on it's own, but they are going to use the dialysis machine for a short time to try and jump there. John and Genie and Bob and Olivia and several others are going down to dance and have a good time and to help celebrate the combined birthdays of Tom Emberton and Erv Anderson. This is supposed to be a special time in their lives! (I have no idea what that last sentence meant, but I was told to put it in any- way.) I hope they all have a very happy time. Helen Cundiff called Johnnie Rhoades to tell her that she was going to drive to Silver City, Ari- zona for her Army reunion that she and Oren used to attend be- fore he passed away. His outfit was the CBI (China-Burma-In- dia). Helen is very loyal to con- tinue to go to these. She loves to travel, and I am proud of her. Well, the doctor told me I was going to live at least six more months - it will be that long be- fore I have to go back. Seriously, my health is good, and I am so thankful for that. I am just not walking enough, but I will as soon as it gets a little bit cooler. I really don't like to walk early, early in the morning (I am not awake) but a little later and I can go. That little Harris great grand- son of mine (the cowboy one) won another prize last week. He and his partner won $2500.00 between them. Just watch for him when he grows up, he will really go to town on the ropes! Today, we had a birthday party. There was supposed to be two birthday girls there, Johnnie Rhoades and Thee Teague. Thee was not feeling up to it so Olivia Teel was called in as a substi- tute. We met at the center here in Athens to play. We had two cakes, so the others at the cen- ter could join us. There was an- other lady there who has having a birthday also, so the party was for her too. The ones' who were there specifically for the party were John and Gertie Alderman, Connie Russell, Dorothy Whiteside, Johnnie Rhoades, Belle Jenkins, Olivia Teel and me. We started playing about ten o'clock and stopped for lunch and then played on until near two o'clock. We enjoyed a very good lunch, and I believe we will go back more often. We all had a very good time, and I promised that I would not tell who the winners and losers were, so l won't brag ! ! I noticed a sign posted at the center today that they will be giving FLU SHOTS at the cen- Slzpez" Crossword .ow00GAE ACnOSS =. Wa ..... : lJr0. 1 Proteotion stulfers features 6 Fall bi'dh- 62 Germs -''IIW - Ivory stone 64 Act catty? Way=ms 9 Landon or image 9 Hellman's 66 Make -- of 112 Agatha's Kjegin 44 Rne fiber "Toys in oneself oolleague 10 Pitch 46 Anderson's the ---" 69 Infamous 113 Secular 11 Haler- "High --" 14 Summadze Amin 114 Building leshey 49 Astrologer 19 Impetuous 70 Confound extension item Leek 20 Get one's itl" 118 Wedding 12 Don Juan's ,151 Bernerdo'e feet wet? 71  -di-d words morn 21 FranJde or 74 SylveNer 117 Ablative or 13 Post- S2 Fmr"h spa Cleo Stallone dative Impression- 54 Sixth sense 22 Macabre movie 120 Metal let painter 66 Cold food? 23 Hair problem 78 ,-- measure 14 Ring S7 "A Dandy 25 d. Gells Carouser' 124 Social oounter in .--" ['68 Band hit ,,,hl  16 Erlding for film) 27 Singer 79 .,,....) 130 Barbecue "mountain" 58 More aloof Made pencil fare 16 Deceil 58 =I could -- 211 Regarding stuff 132 Make 17  Sernple horsel" 30 Use the 81 Auction arnen McPherson 61 Senator remote action 133 Patdot Allen 18 duJ Hatch 31 -- -de-lance 82 "Merrmtid' 134 Work in the member 63 Wing il 32 Part of CEO star lab 24 Alrporl 68 Fanatical 34 Leon of 83 Presslng 135 West Coast vehicle 67 Adjective "Life with /need ooll. 211 Piece of suffix Father" 85 PmCta 158 A! -- (cook- ferng? 68 Barnyard 38 Void ingrediont ing term) 29 Stroke's birds 41 Win the 87 Use a 137 Puclnl Implement 71 Final lottery 33 Scrapes by, 7= Put on ard 135 Yearn wlth "out = 73 46 -- kwon do  Exolnged 139 Prophet 36 Mike of |)rpu 47 Apiece 94 Refined Piazze'$ primate 46 TV's "--- . Mexican DOWN glove 7S Saw Amazing city 1 Formerly, 36 llarcissus' 78 Dracula's Animals" 99 Hardware lormedly nymph option? 50 Cooper's item 2 State 117 Restaure- 77 Jedi tool 100 Brawl  teur Toots instructor , Preoccupy 101 Julia of 3 Pmsque --, 31) 18th 80 Spacecraft 56 Clcero's '?tavana" ME pr=resident segment field 1011 "--- been 4 BOXES 40 Rattled 84 Velo 58 Smttten agr' bruise one's cage 8e Divulge 60 Rone of 104 Vallwlla S Be In debt 41 "Elephant 88 Jel "fin Cup" villain 6 Cure-all Boy" acter 90 Haughly ::: : i 124 42 73 104 I 111 1114 I 1124 I 1132 I ter on October the 10th.i Write that on your calendar. They are asking people to fly their flags for at least 30 days to show their support for our coun- try. I hung mine when I came in from our party yesterday. My daughter has had her's flying since Wednesday morning. If you have a way to display yours - do it. I would like to close this column with a prayer. Our Heavenly Father, we come to you in prayer to ask for un- derstanding and strength to go about our daily lives in a normal way, yet never forgetting the pain, suffering and grief of the ones who were affected by the devastation, whether they be the ones in the huildings, the work- ers trying to rescue them or the families of all of the above. Please keep our President and his men and women in Your great hands so that they can lead us out of this dark wilderness of hate. We ask for all of this in Your Holy Name. AMEN C ........... ; ................. - .... "7 ......... More sadness in the Cross Roads area, another 17 year old "student was killed in a pickup truck accident. Joseph Ferrell was traveling on 753 and he hit the back of a "We Haul Trash" truck that was stopped for a school bus that was picking up students. We are sorry these things happen! Carl Lee Matthews, from Rusk, came by to check on his sister's-in-law. I'm his wife, Bobble (Morrison), sister, Lettie Matthews is his brother's, the late Willie Clinton Matthews, wife. It's good that he sees after us. Mrs. Gertrude Mattingley has been back in the hospital with a leg infection, She too, has a pace maker, the same as me. S.E. Hopkins of Cayuga will have both knees replaced today, we wish him well. Bill Green of Malakoffhad two by-passes of his heart. We were late in finding this out, he is do- ing fine. T.C.'s birthday finally took place. His birthday was Septem- Cross Roads News Notes Clara Jo Davis ber 10th but we had to wait until Sep- tember 15th. His sister Mutt Rodgers had pictures of T.C.'s grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents. T.C. was ready by 7 a.m. for his party, it was close to 12 before his friends began to get there. Thirty-nine people, later ate grilled hamburg- ers and brisket roast, cooked by Danny. Special guest was an army buddy, T.A. Moore and his wife, Linda. They live in Fairfield, T.C. and T.A. have been friends for over 50 years since World War II. They shared war time duties together and have Continued on page 7B There's been a lot going on at the Watson's household. Mark has recently been attacked and stung by a swarm of bees. Ouch! One aliment is apparently not enough for Dotty. She went to her doctor last week and was di- agnosed as having a spinal in- fection, spur on a heal and a growth on an artery on a wrist. Prayers and get well wishes go to Dotty. A new calf was born into the Watson's black angus herd of cattle last week. This calf was apparently born very feisty and full of energy. The last I heard ""'SI on  Ik Tracy''O la for ..... :egarding this event was Matt !t For fea .0:1  te ,=,. _ .ol * and Mike, Sr. had already chaed me calf tlfr0ugh two fields and 95 Czech dver 58 -- -do-well all three were still running. 97 TV's "To -- A sad note is that one of the the Truth" 580rm of "the Three Sisters" 100 Disposition 102 Rease Rover 105 Actor Dullee 107 Eaay nuclear agcy. 108 Freshwater fish 109 Aviation pioneer? 110 '71 Jane Fonda film 111 Singer John 114 "My wordi" 116 Aware of 118 Hammatt hound 119 Engineer's directive 121 Pealla Ingredient 122 Skilled 123 Obsolete title 126 Cable channel 12tl Shoe width 127 Religious abbr. 128 Candidate's bicker 129 Doe in "BambP 1:11 Hwy. 16 m 31 51 78 9O 100 121 See answers next week! Watson's family pets, one of their doggies, has passed away. Their other doggie appears to be very lonesome and depressed. He misses his friend. I have just learned that there is a gathering for Christian fel- lowship taking place the third Monday of each month begin- ning at 6 p.m. This is a covered dish dinner and during this gath- ering those attending pray for one another. Those of all churches are welcome. It is hoped that the monthly gather- ing will grow and be a light within the entire lake area community. It has been reported that Dru Haynes will or has become Judge for the City of Eustace. Dru will also remain in her present posi- tion of City Secretary, W'mdol and I agree that the wa- termelon and tomatoes we re- cently brought from Jerry and Scherry Mills are the best we have had all summer. Did I tell you that Dotty Watson has a new black Lincoln Navigator? I haven't seen it yet but I have no doubt that it is per- fectly beautiful. Vivian Clark called to check in today and reported that she has just returned home from Kilgore where she has been spending time with her aunt who is ex- tremely ill. Vivia n also reported 00tha! hp just gotten s,x donated that will be planted on the playground area of the Chris- tian Life Fellowship School in Tool. Groom & Sons donated one tree and a nursery in Tool donated five trees. Cary Reeve is working very hard preparing for the parade of homes which will be held on Friday, December 7th. This an- nual event is sponsored by Eustace Historical Society/ Project Pride. Rick and Jan Ransdell re- cently enjoyed a trip to Mon- tana where they enjoyed visit- ing with relatives. Prayers and sympathy go to the family of Jolm William Tay- lor, Jr. due to his recent death. Happy hirthday wishes go to Jo Todd. Prayers and get well wishes go to Bobby Todd who has undergone several back sur- geries and still must undergo another back surgery. Happy birthday wishes go to Helen R. Happy anniversary go to Bobby and Jo Todd. Please pray for Ray Taylor who is very critically ill. Please add Doug Casper to your prayer list as it has been reported that he is having health problems. Forty one members of the First Baptist Church of Eustace have or will be cel- ebrating a birthday, during the month' 6t: p(ber. Besi wishes go to each of them. Also, nine couples within the church have or will be cel- ebrating a wedding anniversary during the month of Septem- ber. May each couple be blessed. Prayers and sympathy go to Peg Gain and family due to the recent death of her mother-in- law. Peg was always a very caring and loving daughter-in- law and faithfully spent many hours of volunteer work at the nursing home in Athens. Food for thought: Until you value yourself, you won't value your time. Until you value your time you will not do anything with it. Til next time, let's pray for each other, our community and country. ............. :... ..... . .,:. ? .,,-.,.,,, .::,,, Please continue to pray for Helen Adams as she has been readmitted to the hospital and without a miracle will once again have to face surgery. Prayers and get well wishes go to Jessie Harris as she is ill and, in between working many hours on her new church build- ing, she has been going to the doctor. Jessie reports that her nephew Quincy Larry, who was bitten by a dog, is continuing to improve. I Just recently learned that Troy Compton was recently hospitalized but is now at home and doing much better. Margaret Coon Compton, Dotty Watson and I enjoyed, as always, a delicious lunch at Vetoni's last Monday and it was great to see and visit with Mike, owner of Vetoni's. When Mar- garet, Dotty and I get together, there is no such thing as a lunch hour. We have so much to catch up on. The Shalom Riders Motor- cycle Club members were re- cently honored by a very nice, lengthy article which appeared in a Biker Newspaper which serves Texas and surrounding states. Ronnie and Belma Hines re- cently met friends in Colorado to spend and enjoy a vacation together. Dea Barnes is feeling much better, in fact she brought Windol and I the best chocolate cookies I have ever eaten. Happy birthday wishes go to Marsha Meeks, Pete Adcock, Leslie Greenwood, Elsie, John Anthony Hernandez, Sr., Ray Watson, Lonnie Parker, Irene Vickery and Blake McCollum. My heart is broken to find out about the death of Billy Batchelor. Billy was at one time manager of Brookshire's in Mabank. Billy was a faithful member of the Cedar Creek Lake Area Crimestoppers and at times brought his son, Craig to the meetings. Billy was so very proud of Craig and enjoyed watching him play baseball. Billy was a very kind and generous young man. Prayers and sym- pathy go to Billy's entire family. It has been reported that Gall McDonald is now working at Eckerds Drug Store in Kaufman. We all know that a family pet becomes a family member. Sympathy goes to Buddy Wayne Barton as his doggie was hit by a car and was rushed to a vet but passed away that morning. Please add my nephew David Surles to your prayer list as he has recently undergone surgery and it is possible that he will need more surgery at a later date. Jack and Helen Adams cel- ebrated their weddihg anniver- sary earlier this month. Helens' eyes danced with excitement when she received the beautiful bouquet of roses that Jack sent her. Paul and Theresa Moore at- tended the State Convention of National Federation of the Blind which was held in South Texas. Please pray for a complete and speedy recovery for Ray Morris from recent surgery. Prayers and sympathy go to Larry and Linda Fletcher and their entire family due to the re- cent death of Larry's mother. Food for thought: Until we become happy where we are, we will never go where we want to go. Don't forget to say your prayers and to love each other.