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September 19, 2001     The Malakoff News
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September 19, 2001

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PAGE 10A - The Malakof[ News - Wednes(iav. September 19. 2001 Cornerstone " edfr om page 8A Keeper of the stars Continued fro .m page 8A Students lead others i. a &apos;inging of o patriotic song. It is not unusual to find someone in tears or to. hear ol a problem that needs solved. But the speakers are intent o,t their lessons, and as Jones said. "We hope that having a build- ing especially for religion. ,, building that is not a church, wc will reach young people who would nol tc tuut:lwl in any other '¢GI . b\\; lilt" pI+CSUI)CC of ChrixlianJtv, ht Ivct. this build- me is dedicated tu these young le(,ltlc although we have to be hCl'C it. JcHdcl%. ++ [)t)nltions for food untl other expenses arc not soub, hl bul \\;,,ill alvcavs be welcou,cd. Martha Rogers Taylor. the only child this couple would have. .Tiny Burton at birth fit into a shoe box, and'the Dr. Pulley who delivered her. W.L.. pre- dicted she would die before mormng, in her box she was placed on the open lid of the kitchen cook stove to stay warnt. When morntrlg came. she was still alive. A doll-size hat and shoes she wore. Imndmade. show she was the size of a rcgttlar shoe. Still not oversized. Burton soon had the nickname 7Shorty," which does not bother her in the least. Her childhood was rough: her ixtrenls parted, and other rela- tives were touoh on her. but eventually she and her dad moved into a house in town. "'I was kind of a nobody in school." said Burton. "and l never wanted to get into trouble. One day a boy poked me wi th a pencil from the back, and as l turned around, the teacher saw me. and senl me to the hall.'" Terrified. of the principal's coming by and giving licks, Bur- ton crawled into her locker and then couldn't get out. At the end of the day, a custodian heard her and released her to freedom and a spanking at home. Not too long ago Burton re- vimted that locker and could still fit into it. but she kept the door open. When Burton learned to drive, she sat on books to el- evate her enough to see where she was traveling. She has lived in Arkansas- brieflyas a child, but her family soon returned to this area where her granddaddy Rogers owned large acreage in the vicinity of Key Ranch today. From her school attendance, Burton remembers tough pun- ishent, different for boys (smart smacks to the hand) and girls (sent to hall). She calls Mrs. George and Mayme Jor- dan as teachers, Mr. Robert Taffee as a later custodian. She remembers almost fighting Minnie Lou Counts Dan with the kids urging a fight between the two tiny girls. When a teacher began de- scending, upon the scene, Bur- ton hid J in a trash can. Once when visiting her dad's work as PUBLIC NOTICE BRtE}:: EXPLANATORY STATEMENTS OF PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS Special Election NOVEMBER 6, 2001 PROPOSITION 1 (FUR 52) PROPOSITION 5 +SJR 2 Proposition I .would amend the constitu- tion to relinquish tl state's claim to cer- t-in disputed land in Bastrop County The a..,ndnmnt would confirm legal ntle tO that land, excluding any mineral imer- ,,ts, to the individuals who hold a dm- pnted title to the land. The amendment would prevent a loss of title by people who bought and paid for propel, y that wLs never transferred by the state because of faulty surveys. The proposed armndment wi/I appear on the ballot as follows: "The constitutional amendment providing for the cleating of laad titles by the lease of a state claim of its interest to the owners of cestaia land in Bastrop County." PROPOSITION 2 ($JR 37) Proposition 2 would amend the constitu- tion to establish the process for issuing up to $175 million of state general obli- gation bonds and notes to provide aid to counties for access mad projects to serve border colonias, Generally, a colonia is an .onomieally distressed geographic area with inadequate public services (such as waler supplies, swct ser'vwes. or paved roads) in a county without ade- quate resources to provide such seces+ The: projects could include the cou. stTae'don of access roads, the acquismon of nmtenats used in maintaining those roads, and projects related to the con- structio, of those roads+ such as road drainage, The Texas Transportat.on Commission, in consultation with the Governor, would be authorized to deter- mine what constitutes a border colonia for lm-'Imses of selecting the coumies and projects that would receive assistance TI  t will appear on tl ballot as follows: 111e constitutional atnmdut authorizing the issuance of  obligmiun bonds and notes to provide fimmcial assistance to coun- fiei for roadway pmjeas to serve '6orr colimY PROPOSITION 3 (S JR 47) Ptolosition 3 would amend the constitu. lion to mthorim the legislature to empt ooffe, and raw cocoa held in Harris County from pmpem/taxes in order to qualify Hml4s County as an exchange Imtt fof €offtm by the New York Board of Trade. The autborizmion of exemption would not apply to any other county, 'l  armndnnt will appear on tht ballot as follows: "The constitutional mnttalnmnt to morize the legJsfature to exempt from ! valofem taxaon raw and green coffee that is held in Ranis County." PROPOSITION 4 (I-fIR t) Pmlmtion 4 would amend tim constitu- tim by rating the tmrm of the fire fight, ett' Feamion commissioner at four years, constitution currently provides that the denttion of all offi not otherwise fixed by the constitution may not exceed two ytmrg. The  amendment will @pear on the tmllot as follows: "The constitutional mmmdnnt providing for a four-year tram of offiot for the fire fighters' pen- don commissioner." Pr{posnlon 5 V, Cq.l]d iHnelld the 'onstltU- non to MIo a mumcipahty to donate outdated or sttptus equipmeut, supplies, or other materials used in fighting rims to an tlnderdcvclopcd countr¢ Current state lay, d,,x+s t,ot allo air}thing of value belonging to the state or its politi- cal suNlivis+,:;ns to be dotmted to another nation The proposed :mmndment dl appea on the b+d/ot a tbllo,, s "The constttuhonM mendment autho[izia municipalities to donate outdated or sur'lus fir€fighting equtpmem or sul+,plics-to underdeveloped COUhi[rles PROPOSITION 6 tbl , 15) Ptoposmon 6 wmld amend the constitu- tmn to require the governor to call a spe- ctLd so+stun ol tlm legtslatu[e so that the [eghslatutv cm appoint presidential elec- t,rs when the governor detern}ifles l|lat it is +'ea+R,')u3bly likely thal the +utcome u[ the clectirm for a pros+OPal! al cz+dldatc's electors ;. dl not 1>2 clcau-h' determined m r+me t;t the apprcpr+ale electors to meet ,tore the federal dcadhne to cast their votes, Under current |;re, when the Wo + pie ,+ore lot 4 partlcula+" camhdate for president, tn reality they are voting tot" that candidate's electors who will meet to cast their votes for president, If the dec, w,r,; are not determined by the certifica- tion date. no electoral votes may he cast for the state The propod amendment cnstlles that the st;tic's; electoral votes itl te ca'd propod arnendnsent will  on the ballot as follows: 'q'he constitmional atnendmeatt roquiring the governor to call a special session for the, appointment of presidential electors under certain cir- cunistanccs." PROPOSITION 7 (I-fiR 82) Proposition 7 would amend the constitu. lion to authorize the Veterans' Land Board to issue and il up to $500 mil- lion of additional general obligation bonds to fiac additional hotrm, aloft- gage loans to veterans. Additionally, the proposed arrndrnt would authorize the Veterans' lAmd Bored to use assets from the land and housing assistance funds to create, operate, and improve vet- erans" ccrrtelxes. The proposed ,'unendment will appear on the ballot as follows: "The conStitutional amendment authorizing the Veterans' Land Board to issue up to $500 million in general obligation bonds payable from the gner'-A revenues of the slate for vet- erans' homing assistance and to use assets in certain veterans' 'land and voter+ mrs' housing assistance unds to provide for veterans cetrr4ene " PROPOSITION 8 if/JR 97} Proposition 8 wouM amend the constitu- lion to allow the legislature to authorize the Texas Public Finance Authority to issue and sell up to $g50 million of gen- era] obligation bonds. The proeds of the sale of the bonds would pay for con- struction and repmr projeos or for the purclmse of needed equipment by the General Services Commission. the Texas Youth Commission. the Texs Department of Criminal Justice. the Texas Department of McntM Health and Mental Retardation. the Parks th't Wildlife Department. the adjutant gener- al's department, the Texas School for the Deaf. the Department of Agriculture. the Department of Public Safety, the State Preservation Board. the Texas Department of Health. the Texas Historical Comimssion. ,at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired The proposed amendment will appear on the ballot as follows: "The constitutional amendment authorizing the issuce of up to $850 million in bonds payable from the general revenues of the state for con- struction and repair projects anti for the purchase of needed equipment "" PROPOSITION 9 (HJR 47 Proposition 9 would amend the conshtu- tmu to authorize the legislature to pro- vide for filling vacancies in the legisla- ture without an election if only one per- son is a qualified candidate in the elec- tion to fill the vacancy Under .current law, a spec|al ekdion must be held to fill a vacancy in the legislature, even if there is only one qualified candidate+ The proposed amendn:ent ill appear oft the ballot as follows: "The constitutional mendtnent authorizing the filling of a vacancy in the legislature without an election if a candidate is running unop- vased in an etectmn to fill a vacancy." PROPOSITION 10 (S JR 6) Propositmn t0 would nend the consti. tution to authorize the legislature to exempt certain items of personal proper- ty from property taxation by political subdivisions of the state if the property is arehoused temporarily in a location in Texas to be assembled, stored, manufac. toted, processed, fabrited, or repaired and therl forwarded to another location inside or outside Texas The proposed amendment would auth6ize a political subdivision that imposes ad valorem taxes, at its option, to tax this type of proI'rty after a local pubhc heating on the ttmtter The proposed amendment will appear on the ballot as follows: "The constitutional amendmem tO promote equal tax treat- ment for products produced, acquired, and distributed in the State of Texas by authzing the legislature to exempt from ad valorem taxation langible per- sonal property held at certain locations only temporarily for assembling, manu- factmsg, pro.ssing, or other, commer- cial purpotmC" PROPOSITION 11 (R1R 85) Proposition l I would an,end the eomti- tution to allow a schoolteacher, a retired sehoolteach, or a retired school imin- imator who rves m a tremor of a gov- erning body of a school, town. of other local governmental dis- tri inehling a water district, to reve eawopensati fof servinBon sth a gov- aing body. Ctm'ey, mJe empioyes or other individuals who are compensat- ed dimly or indireeay from state funde are bar.A from receiving a slary for such service. The proposed amendment will appear on the ballot as follows: "The eonstituttotl amendment to allow current and retired public school tttchers and nred public school sdmi,istrators to receive ompen- sutton for Imrving on the govaling.bod- ics of school districts, cities, towns, or other Deal 8ovemmental districts, including water districts." PROPOSITION 12 (FUR 75) Proposition 12 would amend, repeal, or relocate several sections of the current constitution to improve the clarity, organization, and consistency of the constitution The proposed amendmeut will uppear on the ballot as follows: "'The constitutional amendment to ehnfinate obsolete, archa- ic. redundant, and unnecessary provi- sions and to clarify, update, and harmo- nize certain provismns of the Texas Constitution " PROPOSITION 13 (S JR 2) Proposition 13 would attend the consti- tution to allow the legislature to author- tze a board of trustees of an independent school district to donate real property and improvements formerly used as  school campus in order to preserve that proper- ty. The board may make the donation if the board determines that the propey has historical sighificance, that the dona- tton will help to preserve the property, and that the school district no longer needs the property for educational pur- poses. The proposed amendment wiil'appeat on the ballot as followS "The constitutional unendment authorizing the legislature to autboze the board of mJstees of an inde- pendent school district to donate certain surplus district property of historical sig- nificance in order Io preserv.he proper-, ty" PROPOSITION 14 OUR  Proposition 14 woutd anmnd tim consti- tution to allow the legislature to amhof- im a taxing unR, other than a g:bool dis- trict, to exempt travel traile from etty tax.on as long as the travel lrallers are lawfully registered with the rote and are not held or ased for the production of Income. The proposed amendmant will appear on tl lmllot as follows:  oomtitutional nt to authodz tim legblature to authorize taxing units other than school districts to exempt from ad valofem tax- adon travel trailers that are not held used for the production of bazme." PROPOSITION 15 (SJR 16) Proposition 15 would armnd th con- lotion to cream the Texas Mobility Fund, wlRch would be administcred by the Tex+!msportation Conmmsi. The Fund would finance d conatmction, acquisition, and expansion of state high- ways arm would pay a portion of the costs of pablic toll roads and other ptii fof tt Fund and may mthodze the Co--ion to guarantee thc payment of aay obligations or credit as with the ftdl faith snd erllt of the stst. TI auomey generM shall determine the legality of My such obligions of credit agreements. The propesci ame ,,,till  t the ballot as follows: "I'm €omtitntkmal ameadlmnt oxuing the  MObility Fend and authorizing grants aad loan of money and muun of obligation, for fmang   fenstmc- tic. Scquiaition, operatioo, and tpun- sion of stare highways, mmpik toll roads, toll bridges, and other mobility projas." PROPOSITION 16 (mR 5) on 16 would atmnd the attthorize the convrsion and tffinatlee of a personal property lien secured by a manufactured hotr to a lien on a home- stead. The proposed amendment will appear on the ballot as follows: "l'he constitutional amendnnt presedibing requirements for imposing a lien for work and material used in the construction, repair, or reno- vation of improvements on residential honstead property and incluling the conversion and refinance of a personal propert lien secured by a manufactured home to a lien on real property as a debt on homestead property protected from a forced sale." PROPOSITION 17 (HJR 53) Proposition 17 would amend the consti- tution to+ allow the state to relinquish claim to certain state land and to clear title defects for persons who claim title to those lands. The proposed atrndment would apply to land whose owners have disputed title to the land. but for which no patent from the state, giving clear title to the lurid, was ever isstm:l. Among other mqirerrnts, all of the taxes due on the land must have 1-,een paid. Under current law, them is no procedure allow- ing the state to settle title disputes with- out a constitutional amendment for each ptece of land in dispute. The proposed amendment will appear on the ballot as follows: "'The cortsdtutionai amendment authorizing the legislature to settle land title disputes between the state and a private party." PROPOSITION 18 (SIR 49) Pmpomtion 18 would amend the consti- tuti to unthoriz, the k.lmurn to cre- ate a program to etmolidate and ram. derdize the colleeaon, delxnit, reponin$, and Imymeat of criminal mul civil court feet. Iffthe le$islatere ere meh a pm- gran troy new fees  by the legu- latme my not take effeet'hefore iunuary 1 Of the following year, wml<mm mm effective date is atleved by a voto of two-thir of thetoendmrs ofeagh honse of t The  amendmt will appetr on the ballot as follows: 'q'he €omtitutional amendment to promote uniformity in the collemion, deposit, framing, and ring of civil mad criminal fees." PROPOSITION 19 (Kin a) Proposition 19 would amend tl ¢otmti- tnti to allow the m r Wa lion of additional illmeral obligation bonds, Tho Bi,l imt boa to pay for water supply pmjet water quality e, nlmm:t Imrjtt. flood m'ol Woj - eels, uate paracipation ia water A wastewtmr f-irtti and IXO, ie for eoonmnkatly distreu,ed amos, Cmnmt law limits the amoeat of bonds that the Bo ¢,un iume. propm anmndtot will aplmm" on ll ballot as follows:  colorer" mioml ame.dmem providi for t m of klitimud  obliic boude by the Texas  Develotmmm Board 4n an amount not to exceed $2 ILUouY F.*toS sun Io+. illf0m eatplmmtmi lm las eamiendei ixolmcmtt at' la mnti6n qee aea 1 hoist el 6 de noviemhm de 2001. $i mted• ha tution to reAuc* the waiting p,ti ngibido um   !o infotmm+in for n valid home  : edtol, po oimtt trim  lien on a  from 12  to 5 iimmal 1/$0or2/11@13t3/terilral €lays. Cofnmtly, a llen my aet itsch to fcmiario de  RO.II0x 12060. a homead f a borne impmvem Ate;TX78711. lcen if the homeowner executed a ooa- . . trsct fof the Is leas thM 12 eas ator #, for t lot,,. I, dai. :, PtLtSmm BY smcmcrAm, OF lion, the  mnendment would STATlgHENRY  PII.D. 1 NEED A NURSE ? Cedar Lake Home Health and Hospice 489-2043 874-4745 887--21143 a carpenter, she became sleepy and crawled into the nail barrel where her dad tbund her when he emptied his work belt for the day. Cora Taylor met David Bur- ton in August of 1947 at a skat- ing rink in Kerens. They mar- fled August 15 in 1949. He came from Corsicna with a bigger family than Cora's. They kept in touch by letters while he moved around the state for work. One day he came into Drexler's Care where Cora was working. She didn't rec- ognize him at first. "I don't know you." she said. then David reminded her of his correspon- dence, and Cupid went to work. "Almost all my children have been born small," said Burton. First came Teresa now mar- ried to Jim Day, the Mother of Nicole and Jonathan, living in Athens. Michael, whose wife is Pam. the City Secretary for Athens mayoral building, enjoy their children Brad and Brook. Ricky is next, the father of Wesley and Krista. Wesley Burton plaYs on the THS foot- balk basketball, and baseball team. ThenKevin, premature, lived on a few hours as someone mis- takenlY unplugged his isolette to keep him snug. The final child is Kenneth who has one daugh- ter Kelsie. a total of four grand- daughters and four grandsons for the Buttons enjoy their com- pany. The Burtons stay busy, espe- cially Cora with substitute teaching at the Trinidad and Maakoff schools: They are + Baptists by faith She also fills " in at Tomlins0nFuneral Home ,+. in Malakoff where David works on a mote regular basis. He retired from TP&L several years ago. Both and individually the couple helps with the cemetery boat:d, the chamber of coln- merce when it operated, and David has been a member of the school board and develop- mental corporation. Together :,. they are recognized as a couple  :" t+ K who helps wherever they can. their energy defying their intro- duction into the Seventh decade of their lives. Have a question about an oc- currence or .a person or a de- velopment in Trinidad? Some- where in a black binder, it can be found in the Burton home. . + 21t NTer00 Mohkoff. ' 903-489-2266 _ Stole Fom Imumnce Comonies He 05c: BI00ming, lllit,is state farm.tom TM . ! k I i 1 !r i, i Y 2 i#. .2 € .