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September 22, 1932     The Malakoff News
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September 22, 1932

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: /!//i : ! * TffE MALAKOFF NEW = "( Ill I II II I IIlll I I I I I I IIll I I I I II I N ,T'l J ' I I I 9 "After being telephoneless for more than three years I am about ready to throw up the sponge and admit that I am licked. "It may appear simple to dispense with a telephone as either a desire not to be both. ered or as an economy measure, but just try to do it and see what happens. "You may think that, when you cut off your telephone, you are merely doing some- thing that concerns yourself and family. You may feel that. after all, it is your busi- ness whether you haven telephone or not. If your failure to hace the telephone incon- veniences friends and acquaintances, that is just too bad, butafter all they do not pay for the service. "Imagine your surprise, then, when the world declines to admit that you have a right to dispense with telephone service. Unable to reach you directly, by telephone, kind friends Ou not take the trouble of ma- kinu a personal call or using the United States mail, but they call up the neighbors and beg them to kindly call you into their homes to talk over their telephones! Or -they ask the neighbors to relay messages. "Even members of your own family, de spite your orders, will surreptitiously use the neighbors' telephones, The net result of all this is that you are placed in the pu- sition of saving ttre cost of a telephone at the expense of your neighbors. "You intimate to the neighbors, as po- litely as possible, that you would like to have them refuse to be bothered by tele. phone calls from your friends, You inform them that you authorize them to use any excuse they lille to.evade the necessity of acting as your messenger. "Does this make any difference? It does not. The neighbors assure you that it is no trouble, they are glad to accomodate, and insist that members of your family use the telephone as often as they like. And all of the time you know they are thinking: "Well, he ought to be paying for his own telephone service." "In conclusion, let me state the 'phone fellows kin put in the biggest 'phone they got in stock at my house any time they see fit. The sooner, the better!" (From the Lewistown, Pa., Sentinel.) TELEPHONE SERVICE IS ALL WE IiAVE TO SELL ul i|ii. l |l Make Apples Blush By turning the ultra violet rays of a mercury lamp on green apples, using a filter of some special glass, the Boyd-Thompson institute of plant re- search has been able to speed up the action of the sun and turn the green fruit into a beautiful red color in 40 to 96 hours without burning or over- h6ating. In other words, the fruit is colored quickly by improving on the sun's methods. If the peel Is too old or crushed no "color results, as Dr. .Tohn M. Arthur. In charge of this in. vestigatlon, found that only living cells of the apple peel will respond to this treatment. Temptation for Pepys Black MonJay ~as surely as neath ing to the Tue~dy that follows an Easter bank hcJid~y, writes a colum: 1slat In the Manchester (Eng.)Guard- inn. Mr. Pepys felttbe strain of it even under the easier conditions of the Seventeenth cen[u;T. "To the office," he recorded on tim Tuesday of Easter week, 1666, "but, I,ord, what a conflict I had with myself, my heart tempting me a thousand times to go abroad about some pleasure or other." For the encouragement of many he was able to add: "However, I did not budge, and, to m~ great content, did a great deal of business." Livingstone Souvenir ~Ihere is on exhiLition at the l,iving- stone memnrlal. Blnntyre. a very di lapidated copy of a Sechuana Bible that has on it two of Doctor laving- stone's signatures. One of these is dated "Tete. ]~7otU' that is. just before he left on his first furlough. The book has been badly damaged by white ants. The chief interest, however, is not so much the hook as a little slip of paper that tt contains, on whlch, well printed In blue ink. is a picture of Hamilton palace (now demolished). It seems clear that It must have been long used as a book-marker. It's Startling , [ .e e. sow ! -oP. fWY pA T-e "TH' , ;'LL GIT , St)R t.!t ," 1 k PETER DISCOVERS THE SECRET OF RATTLES p I,YrER RABBIT was so excited that he almost forgot that he was spy- lng and that if he showed himself he might miss the very thing for which he had waited so long. There was Battles the Kingfisher coming straight down the Laughing Brook with a min- now in his bill, and of course he was bringing It to hls babies in their secret home! In a minute or two he, Peter, would know the secret l In his excite- ment Peter started to sit up so as to see better. Just In time he remem- bered that he wasn't supposed to be there at all. If Rattles should see him he certainly wouldn't go to his home In spite of the hungry babies Peter knew must be there waiting for fish. He wouldn't be so foolish as In show where his home was by en- Then, As If Satisfied That No One Saw Him, He Shot Out Into the Air. terlng it when be knew that he was being watched. To do such a tiring wouldn't be good sense. So Just In the very nick of time Pe- ter ducked down among the grasses and, peeping between them, watched Rattles. He could see tim sharp eyes ~f Rattles looking suspiciously at both banks as he came swiftly on. Peter knew without being told that Rattles was trying to make sure tlmt no one was watching hhn, and lie cbuckled as he snuggled down a little closer to the warm earth among tbe grasses. "I wonder what be wouhl do and say If he knew he was being watched," thought he. But Rattles didn't know, and he saw nothing to mak~ him the least bit sus- picious, He came straight on until he was right opposite the big sandbank across from Peter. Then he turned and flew straight toward it, and a sec- ond later had disappeared. Peter couldn't believe it, but it was so. It seemed somehow as if that bank of sand Imd swallowed Rattles the King. fisher. He had disappeared so quick!y that Peter hadn't seen exactly where he dbl go. Peter raised his head and stared across at the sandbank. It was yellow and smooth, and nowhere could he see a hole. "Great Jumping Jupiter r' exclaimed Peter, and rubbed his eyes that he might look better. But this didn't help him any. Rattles the Kingfisher had disappeared as completely as If he never had been. Peter was still staring foolishly when he saw a few grains of sand trickle down from the very edge of tim bank where some grass and weeds hung over the edge. Without thinking why he did it, he ducked down out of sight and then peering between the grasses watched the spot from which he had seen the sand trickle down. Was there a dark spot there Just below the edge of the bank half hidden by grass and weeds~ Peter Blinked and stared again. Yes there certainly was a small dark spot there. Could it be a hole? It might be. Peter decided he would watch it. He didn't have to watch long. In fact, it was hardly a minute before he saw~ something nlove over there. He l~eld his breath. Then what do you think lie saw? Why, he saw first a big stout spear-like bill thrust out and then a head with a queer rough top. knot. It was the head of Rattles the Kingfisher! There was no doubt about this, for no one else had a head like hls. For a momen~ Battles was per- fectly still, looking this way and look- ing that way up and down tim I,augh- ing Brook. Then. as if satisfied that no one saw him, lie shot out into the air and was away toward the Laugh- lng Brook, rattling as only lie can rat. tie. There was ~lo doubt In Peter's mind now. tie had found the tmme of Rattles, and it was in a hole In the ground, Just as he had been told. "I never l" exclaimed Peter as he sat up and stretched, "I never! Can you bed~t that? A real bird living la a hole in.the groundl I never !" What more Peter might have said will never be known, for a movement down below the Laughing Brook caught his attention, It was Billy Mink, and It was very clear that Billy had also discovered the home of 1~ ties tim Kingfisher, HIs bright, b~ eyes were fixed on that bole in the bank, and he was swimming ~tr;,,ight across to the shore Just below, Peter wondered what would bappen next. (~, 19 3 2, by T, W. Bursess. )-:- ~VN U Sorvl ct~ Thls black and white beret, made of ostrich feather stick and embroi- dered with peas, was designed by Gaby Moan of ParJ.~. ........ - - U~ DAY AND NIGHT STAND Open Day and Night W. H. SONENDRIKER Proprietor OF THE ICY BLASTS OF WINTER NOW Make your repairs on house or barn while the price of lumber is DOWN. Our lumber yard is quip- ped with everything you'll need, is of the quality you want, and at a price you'll like to pay. Keep Value In Your Investment I _..~ Is Lo=s by 5nil Ercslzn The idant food removed from the fields and pan/urea of America every year by ero:~ion Is at least twenty-one thnes more tl|an that removed by the crops harvested, says the United States Del)'trtment of Agriculture. The plant food taken by crops can be restored In the form of fertilizer, but that taken hy erosion cammt be restored, because tbis ruinous process takes the whole body of the soil, plant food aml all. Land hnpoverlsl|ed strictly hy plant food depletion, as ,, I Plymouth Brethren The sect known as Plymouth Breth- ren was founded by an h'lsh clergy- man, Dr. John Derby, in 1827. The headquarters were made at Plymouth, England, whence the name. Mission- ary efforts were highly successful In Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and the United States. The doctrine, besides being evangelical, believes in predestlnarlanism and millennlumlsm and the body does not believe In a ministry set apart, believing all men are equal In matters of faith and doe- MALAKOFF LUMBER COMPANY Malakoff, Texas I I I .... sometimes results from continuous trine. growing of the clean-tilled crops, is not worn-out land; tim only worn-out ~ ~ ~ ~'= land is that which has been so badly L~k at these fe=lure=~ washed by erdsion that It would be l.'Husky, h~nd~ome, h~vy entirely futile to undertake its recla- tong-w~rin~rre~d. mation. 2. Center Traction Safety. m ,~, k~atonte:! SUpertwis~ ...... Cord C, azca$~. 4. Full Over,~ze iu all all* ,, , , , rrse~O~~, ALhens, Texas Thurs.-Friday, Sept. 22 William Powell and Kay Francis in Jewel i Children 10c Adults25e Saturday, Sept, 24-- BUCK JONES in SOUTH OF THE RI0 GRANDE Admission: 10a. m. tel r 1 p. m. to 9:30 ..... 10e, I I ill IL~_ Saturday Night 10:45 A New Show! Marion Davies and Robert Montgomery in BLONDIE OF THE FOLLIES Come at 9:30 Saturday night and see two shows for 35e, Sunday Matinee, Sept. 25-- Blondie of the Follies Shows at 2:15 and 4 p. m. Admission 10c and 25e II I I I I I J Mon.-Tues., Sept. 26.27-- Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell in [llJ I[] Wednesday, Sept. 28-- with Maureen O'Sullivan BARGAIN DAY Ladies' Matinee 10e-- -Men's Night 10e Rand the &dverU~em~nta. A BARGAltN--COM SEE Goodyear name end house-fl~t on sldow:*tL ~uaranteed for |ira world's largtm rtlbbet" company. ~. New In ewry way. Lifetlme Guaranteed SPEEDWAY Supertwist Cord Tires AsLow ACH As IN PAIRS 30x3~ Re~. CL I I II II I . 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