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September 22, 1983     The Malakoff News
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September 22, 1983

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The Malakoll News, Thursday, Sept. 22, 19 I--15A Henderson, adjoining counUee developmental wells to be drilled in Hen- Tri-Cities Field, with of Athens as the designated as the No. 2 in a 274-acre lease in Sylvestor Survey, 5.8 miles of Athens, and the No. 8 situated in a 638-acre Jose Ybarbo Survey, six West of the county seat city. production of in either the Pettet or Peak formations. ~Utman Coounty wildcat, located ~es west of Prairieville, has ~"~ dry at 3,661 feet and has been ~ and abandoned The venture v:~lO Alll0w_wn a_s the No. 1 Dan Pomykal. at Van was the operator. ~,_,. City Refining Inc, operating "~Li betty, has filed first production a new producer in the l _VUle Field, Kaufman County. ~t~-~gnatod as the No 5 Jesse Hen- ~,, the well flowed ~} barrels of 35- ~'~ o~ and 27,000 CF gas per day on ~_~ Choke It registered 190 PSI tubing'pressure . , . ite in a 553-acre lease, tmL..y UeVore Survey, two miles "~IW~t the Prairieville townsite, ttomed at 3,650 feet and will ttm gram Woodbine Sand per- ~ts 3,533 to 3,537 feet into the hole. June 13 and bottomed dry at 9,800-foot total depth in the John Chairs Survey. A total of 15 developmental wells are scheduled to be drilled in Anderson County's Slocum Shallow Field from one to two miles west of the Slocum townsite. W.H. Doran of Alice is the operator. All wells carry permit for total depth of 600 feet. They are designated as the. Nos. 700 through 705 J.R. Vickery, located in a 151-acre lease, W.R. Wilson Survey; the Nag. 705 through 704 H.N. Huddleston, located in a 60-acre lease, W.R. Wilson Survey; the No. 701 and No. 700 C.L. McKinney, located in a 151- acre lease, Wilson Survey; and the No. 5 and No. 6 Ethel Vickery, in a 73-acre lease in the Wilson Survey. Four Square Oil and Gas of Palestine has plugged and abandoned an un- successful developmental well in An- derson County's Camp Hill Oil Field, eight miles southeast of Palestine. The well had been spudded June 13 and went to dry bottom at 745-foot total depth. The West Tyler Field will see more developmental action when Lyons Petroleum Inc. of Shreveport starts making hole for the No. 2 Bankhead 5.5 miles northwest Of Tyler. The operation will be in a 206-acre lease in Smith County's S.W. Davy Survey. Aimed at oil production in the Paluxy Sand, the well carries permit for total depth of -- 8,105 feet. l Reeves, a 6,500-foot An- wildcat venture, is Tyler-based Texxan Oil and Gas has drilled three miles east given up hopes on making a producer Petrus Operating Inc. of out of the No. 1 Warren J. Head, a well is aimed at oil wildcat venture located three miles It is in an 86-acre lease in west of Mount Sylvan. The well was County's Philip Martin spudded July 8 and went to dry bottom at 7,710 feet in the T.G. Brooks Survey, ktl% da Expl-ooration Co, overatin Smith county. has given uP hope-" ?producer out of its No. 1 John {t _Anderson County's Beaver 'ield. The well was spudded O of Texas, billed as Shows," offers the best of nd new to this year's variety of not-yet-seen- acts, exhibits and en- the same time it retur- which have delights! Fair of Texas is ex- nearly three million run, Oct. 7-23. attractions is "The Great "a multi- which combines slides, and special effects with 215 songs that encom- of rock during the a and large displays are exhibitors. They are a an F-16 Fighting a truck-driving school for rides have been added to to quicken the pulses of the most spectacular Le Ride, floats UU'ough a 78-f~tro~ a splash; the Lo~ng which makes a loop; the simulates the sen- in outer space, which gives the on Saturday, Oct. and the State Fiar rodeo will run of Tyler is the operator. The operation will be in a 64-acre lease in Smith County's Theobald Fries Survey. Pitts Oil Co. and Dallas Production Inc. have staked drillsite for the No. 1 Meyer Estate, an 8,700-foot develop- mental well in the Upper Rodessa section of Smith County's Chapel Hill Field. Location is in an 81-acre lease in the J.S. Cromwell Survey, nine miles east of Tyler. At a wildcat drillsite 15 miles east of Fairfield, Saxton Petroleum Inc. of Tyler is preparing to spud the No. 4 Hill "B." It will be a 9,500-foot probe aimed at either oil or gas pay. The operation is in a 320-acre lease in Freestone County's J.J. Goolsbey Survey. of additional parking has ~ne southwest side of the year. Fee is $2. The No. 1 Fender Fee "A" is scheduled for spudding in Smith County's Drlskell Lake Field, nine miles northeast of Tyler Harris Fender Excellent production potential was posted following completion of the No. 2 Zeno King Unit in the Teague Townsite Field. On a 1.5-inch choke, the well flowed 2,738,000 CF gas per day. On open flow, it was rated at 5,800,000 CFD. Production will be from a set of per- forations in the Cotton Valley Lime, 12,114 to 12,179 feet into the hole. Bottomed at 12,325 feet, the well is in a 604-acre lease in Freestone County's Caleb Maul Survey, about one mile northeast of Teague. Wessely Energy Inc. of Dallas has filed for permit to drill an ll,300-foot developmental gasser in Freestone County's West Teague Field. The well will be known as the No. 1 Alderman. It is in a 679-acre lease in the Maria Cantun Survey, about 5.5 miles nor- thwest of Teague. An ill-fated developmental well in Freestone County's Reed Field has been plugged and abandoned by the operator, TXO Production Inc. of Tyler. The well bottomed dry at 13,274-foot TD at a location in the McLean Survey, three miles southeast of Fairfield. It was known as the No. 1 Denton "A." O" The State Fair of Texas is still the for children aged 5 to 11. Kids under biggest entertainment bargain around, five are admitted free, as are senior with an admission of $3 for adults and III citizens each Tuesday. ~ i, i,~,i['!," QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Q. I have just gotten a notice from the change of payee for the children. The IRS indicating they are having a people wlll thoroughly investlgateyour problem with my social security hum- allegation, make all necessary changes bar and that mine and my husband's in- including terminating the benefits to come tax return will be delayed. I was the mother for not having a child in her married last year and I have not yet care and continuing to receive benefits had my name changed on my social for herself. It is imperative that people security record. How can I get mywho receleve benefits, because they record corrected and with the correct have children under age IS In their name? care, promptly notify Social Security A. Taife the form you have gottenwhen those children are no longer In from the IRS to your local security of- their care. Criminal penalities could fice and request to change your name be involved for incorrectly receiving on your social security record. You will Social Security benefits. need proof of idoutity to make the Q. I have just gotten a letter in. change. You will be issued the same dicating that my benefits will terminate social security number. This procedure in Sept. 1983 because I will no longer should solve the problem with IR8. It is have a child in my care who is under necessary to have your social security age sixteen. When did the law change? I record changedwbeneveryournamels thought I would be paid until my changed. You will retain the sameyoungest child reached age 18. social security number for life. A. Many parents have gotten the same letter. Due to a change in the law Q. I have my grandchildren livingenacted August, 1981, benefits to a with me. They are entitled to Social parent with children in their care and "Security benefits on their deceased who are paid because they have father's record, Their mother, who does children in their care, will have those not live with the children continues to benefits terminated when the youngest receive the checks for herself and the child turned 1O. People who were children. They get no benefits from the already on the Social Security roles at money social security pays for them. the time of enactment of the law had What can I do about this situation? their benefits continue for two years. A. Rush to your nearest 8oclal That two year time limit expires Sept. Security office and request to file for a 1983. By MARY HUNTER Steven Lee McDowell, 22, remains in custody at the Henderson County jail after being charged with two counts of attempted murder in an incident near hear Friday night. Bond has been set at $10,005 on each charge. Tool Assistant Chief of Police Bob Hughes said that McDowell, whose address is Route 3, Kemp but lives in the Dan's Port Heights (just southeast of Tool), allegedly stabbed Jimmy Hanna, 22, and his sister, Christine Hanna, (a teen-ager) at Hanna's home around 11:45 Friday night. Hughes said that shortly before the stabbing, he responded to a disturbing the peace call concerning the Hanna residence. When he arrived loud music was blaring from a pickup. He had the residents lower the volume. Sugar is in diet from many sources Reducing the amount of sugar in your diet takes more than putting away the sugar bowl, since many sweeteners are hidden in processed convenience foods, drinks, baked items, confections and frozen foods. About two-thirds of the sugar added to foods comes from eating processed foods and the rest from sugar used for cooking or taken from the sugar bowl at home, says Mary K. Sweeten, a foods and nutrition specialist with Texas A&M University's Agricultural Exten- sion Service. To reduce sugar consum- ption, consumers should carefully read the labels on processed foods, says Sweeten. Since sugar comes in many different forms other than table sugar, it may be listed on labels under a variety of names. Terms ending with "ose"-such as sucrose, glucose, dextrose, fructose, levulose, lactose, or maltose are all sugars. Other nutritive sweeteners in- clude invert sugar, molasses, corn syrup, honey, maple sugar and syrup, and sugar alcohols such as sorbitol, mannitol, and xylitol. Consumers should remember that ingredients are listed in order of amount on food labels and that several types of sugar may be used in one product. Processed foods where sugar is among the main ingredients can then b~, avoided, Sweeten says. The longest bridge in the world is the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in New York Clt~. It spans 4,260 feet. Front Wheel-Bearing Pack FG drum or ~ sc type wr}eelhubs Check and insDecl ItOnl beai4rlgs and repack w,lh hlhlurn grease *ln':ipecl rotor~; and drum~J for weal .Does r)ol IrtclLJ(Ju 4 whecI drive Save Time Call Ahead For An Appointment 677-1093 Wilbur Polasak, Tool lives across the street frem~' house, emerged from his ~e ~i~te~ the noise resumed, Hughes said. Polasak said he saw McDewell running across a yard toward the mobile home of Mc- Dowell's brother. Hughes said the Hannas alleged that McDowell had stabbed Christine in the leg and Jimmy entered the room to see what had happened. Hughes said that the Hannas claim that McDowell then stabbed Jimmy in the abdomen and fled the scene. The police departznents of Tool and Seven Points searched the area and called for the bloodhound team from Coffield Prison Unit, Hughes eaid~ "With the dogs, we hit the trail two or three times and then lost said. About 4 a.m. Saturday, McDoWeU's mother, Dorothy McDowell, called and advised him that her son was at her home about two blocks from the scene of the incident. The alleged assailant was not wearing the same clothes at the time of his apprehension, Hughes said, as when the incident occurred. McDewell was transported to the Henderson County jail and was arraigned Saturday morning by Justice of the Peace Raymond Farmer. The victims were transported to Medical Center Hospital in Tyler. Christine was treated and released. According to a Medical Center spokeswoman, Jimmy is in stable but serious condition. Hughes said the alleged weapon, a pocket knife, has yet to be recovered. Come See Our of Dallas : ; Don't forget about the at Harbor House Restaurant Tuesday, September 27th 6:30 p.m. Purchase tickets in advance at donnell's fashions or Turks Feminine Apparel in Athens Tickets $10 each = =C Hwy 31 E. 489-1520 Malakoff Lube, Oil & Oil Filter Change Install up to 5 qts. of p~lg~m~,~r .... oil .Install o waI-Mart "~Ot;t'f::~' cote a chassis ports to i e~,.~Ur: ,~" ers specifications "FREE ~.'!::.~(, Safety Check .... '~ ~" .......... Install up to 2 gal. of Anti-freeze Prioos Good Sopt, 19-24 1111 E. Tyler Athens Open 8:00 AM. 7:00 PM 1 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT & RELAXING ATMOSPHERE Open 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri. & Sat. 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