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September 28, 1934     The Malakoff News
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September 28, 1934

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:e8 ag ly rl~ is. H. t I I I A CONSERVATIVE Bank -- and no other bank is worthv of the name- must be cautious in making loans. It cannot afford to take even the ordinary risk of the business man. The bust. ness man in extending credit is doing so with his own wares. But a bank is loaning money of its depositors. ' The safe bank--the conservative bank - the one that must be assured a loan will be promptly repaid and is proper. ly secured is one that is a benefit to the entire community--absolutely safe for its depositors--wholly just to those who borrow. Malakoff, Texas STOP TIlAT ITCIllNG I II J] If you suffer from a skin trouble- such as Itch, Eczema, Athletes Fool Ringworm Tetter, or Pimples. we will sell you a jar of Black Hawk Ointment on a guarantee Price 50c --PAYNE'S DRUG STORE THE GREATER Athens, Texas TODAY! One Day Only! Admission 10c and 25c II Saturday, Sept. 29-- JOHN WAYNE in West of the I A New Show! Saturday Night 10:45 Sunday Matinee, Sept. 30-- WILLIAM POWELL in With Edna Best and Colhn Clive Come at 9:30 Saturdaj night and see two shows for one admission I II Monday and Tuesday, October 1-2 BING CROSBY in We Are Not With Carole Lombard An outstanding musical attraction Wednesday, October 2-- With Frank Morgan and Lois Wilson Admission 10c to everyone taking up a seat. Every Thursday Night is Bank Night Use of Mint Leaves Was Known in the Bible Days 'When an analyst of London was giving evidence in the Sheffield police court where a grocer was being tried on the charge of selling dried mint which were not of the nature and qual- ity of the article demanded by the purchaser and contained a foreign leaf, a number of int,..restl~g facts about the antiquity of thls i)lant were brought out, say s a writer in the Cleveland ]Plain Dealer. It was stated in evidence that a sample of dried herbs co~tained 80 parts of mint qnd 20 l)arts of foreign leaf known as ailantims leaves, or leaves of the "tree of heav~'n." Mint, according to the authority, owes its culinary properties to an es- sential oil. anti is (~ne of tile oldest herbs used for cooking pnrpt)ses. It is, perhal)s, not illenl~(#iled by ll:llne ill the Old 'l'e~i.mlt-nt. bu~ it wa,~ prob:lbly one of [ht! biit*.,r herbs wiih which Israelih~s wore iil~l'llcl(,d I~y M~,S'.'S to drc~:..3 the I:i~lb of the l'assov~u'. Thus to(l;~y lanib i~ sol'vt!d wilh mint fill tl re. Mint is tnontiont, d in the New Tes- tameut both by Si. M:ltth(~w and St. Luke, aa(I |~lle vel'so SHid: "\Yoe UntO you. Scribes aml l'hariset, s, hypu- criteul for ye pay lithe of mint aml anise Iln{] Cllnllll]~l y~)ll h:lxC oniitted tlle weightier matters of tile l'Jw." Overture, Instrumental Music Before the Opera "Overture" was origin:lily a F~ent.h word, "'ouverture," meaning to open, says a writer in the Montreal Herald. When instrumental music came Into fashion it was often used merely to strengthen the effect.of dramatic song, hut, as singing nnd playing turned in- to opera, naturally tts music grew in Importance. One of the earliest composers of opera, Monteverde, bad the idea of an Instrun|ental flourish before the opera actually began. This soon deveh)ped into a quite separate piece at tile out- set of the opera. Glu(.k, a reformer of music, thought of making tile over- lure like the mood of tile opera itself. but It was Mozart who lnclmicd one of his ~)pera melodies in ttle actual over- lure. Wagner built into his overtures most of the leading themes found in the opera to which they belong. Sometimes overtures are quite lade- pendent pieces of orchestral music. and often enough they are Just a frame for a composer's musical thought. Kind Werds for the Raven Many old writers refer to the raven in terms-Of oulinons reforolJcp. ('or- II __ ] -- i tainly, with them. It was an unhal- lowed bird. associated witb death and lhe grave and all that is "woe-betld- inc.' But the raven, as tile naturalist knows and respects him, Is a hand- ~ome. courageous bird of tile wild Inou nla i 11(}[i S pin ces--a domestic lover and a lrtttern of conjugal affection. 'l'i~c raven pairs for life, though when l mate is killed tile "widower" will s(~ek out for himself another *'wlfe." l~oth ma e.and female take their share in ire'abating the eggs and iu nurtur- Ing tile young. They frequently give an exhil)ition of wonderful aerial stunting hqviug a habit of soaring a~.d circling high up on tl~e mountain- side and then suddenly "tumbling" headlong through the air to eventual- ly lhttten out" and recover equilibrium. Labrador and Britain Labrador extends across nearly the same latitudes as the British Isles but tlm shores of Britain and Ireland are washed by a current northbound from the troplcs, while the icy waters of the Arctic flow down past the irregular northeastern coast of North" America. There Is, therefore, a vast difference In climate. The British climate Is for tile most part comfortably temperate, with winters usually milder than those of our north. The Labrador climate Is described as very severe, cold and stormy. Toward the north its forests gradually diminish, the upper part of the country consisting of bare tundras. The Labrador winters are, neverthe. less, rated bearable and healthful, due to their dryness. The Minie Ball Tile Mlnle ball, an Invention of the French soldier, Claude Etienne Mlnle, a~d used in ttle $iinie rifle, was "a conical rifle-ball with hollow base and a plug driven in by tile explbslon of the charge to expand the lead and fill the grooves of the rifling." Although the name Is colloquially pronounced mia'i--tirst i as in bit, second I as in habit--the correct pronunciation Is In three syllaf)les--min-i-e (e as in prey). --Literary Digest. Dividing Night and Day F'rom ancient Babylon came tlle practice of dividing day and night into hours. The Greeks learned from tile Babylonians. Througl~ the Greeks this knowledge came to Europe. Nabon and his wit'e used l.he crudest sort of wPter cluck. Five hundred years later an Egyptian perfected one that was both automatic and remarkably ac- curate. Check Time Once a Year Discoveries among the architectural rem'm~s or the Maya civilization show that Maya scientists had an astron- omical method of checking time at least once :J year to tile tnstaut. To- day our only al)solutely accurate time Is determined as tlle Mayas deter- mined It, from the rhythmic movement of the stars. Uses for the Rhinoceros The nncient Chinese had some strange uses for the rhinoceros, accord- Ing to a report by an American arche- ologist. One form of torture was to wrap a political prisoner in the tilde of a freshly killed rhinoceros. As the hlde dried it contracted and slowly crushed the victim. Another use the .ancient Chinese had for rhinoceros skins was for covering fl, neral cars. Also the armor of the Bronze age warriors was made of It: The Letter "D" Alrhou~h tile souud which "D" rep- resents and its place in the alphabet remains unchanged from earliest times, tile form of tile letter has undergone much develop:sent. The rounded form. as we know it, passed into 1,atln from tile Chalcidic alphabet. This form has come down r~, ,.q. In the early l'hoenicia~ and Greek, as tile chart shows, the form was quite different. Quivering Aspen Leaves One of tile oldest legends in the Christian world concerns the constant quivering of aspen leaves, even in ap- parently still air. writes T. B. Lawrie, Winnipeg, Canada. A large uumber of persons believe tile aspen tree sup- idled the wood for tile Cross and llas never ceased to tremhle or the part that it played Ill tile crucifixion. "v,4 M ALAKOFF NEW[ Burro Stages Comeback; Montana Orders Carload Albuquerque, N. I~I.--'l'he horse may not he coming back. but the burro is, at least In Montana. Sawyer Stores, Billings, Mont., firm, recently sent aa order here for a car- load of burros, in sound health, broken for riding, and sultahle for children. A search of Albuquerque and sub- urbs resulted in a shipment of less than half a dozen of tile beasts of burden. Brittany The English Brittany Is now general- ly written with the French spelling Bretagne, and was the name of the former Celtic kingdom now incorpor- ated in France. An inhabitant Is called a Breton, and that Is also the nmne of the language. The adjective has the same form--Breton.--Literary Digest. I iii I i i There was a time Century of Progress Closes Forever ---when old'-[asbioned heating systems blistered your face while your bach ~iv~r ed. I But now... -Days are growing shorter, nights longer, and the first coM days of winter are on the way. NOW is the practical time to check up your heating equipment while winter is still "around the corner." Don't let obsolete or inadequate heating rob you of a pleasant indoor climate. Improved gas heat- ing equipment and your dependable gas service will g:ve you care-free, inexpensive comfort at the touch of a match and you'll find just the type heater to fit your particular need on dis- play at your gas company or appliance dealer's, If this were a gasless community, the next order of business would be laying in a supply of coal or wood. Of course, This is the airman's view of the World's Fair In I most spectacular of all Fairs will live only In mere. Chicago which, having broken all attendance records ory.The Fair will remain intact until closing day. for international expositions in America, will close its gate~ for all time at midnight Oct. 31. The striking ;~uild. lags, gay theaters and cafes, quaint foreign villages, lively Midway and miraculous ex. hibits will fall under the blows of the wrecker's axe and the your dependable gas service makes this fuss and bother unnecessary. All through the summer months your gas company has been "keeping your fuel serv- ice faithful" -improving facilities so that you may have the safety and security of a dependable natural gas supply again this winter. ... If for any reason your gas meter is not connected ready for winter, call your gas company NOW and avoid the rush of that first "norther." An ample gas supply has been provided . .. pipe lines and distributing lines have been checked over . . . compressor sta- tions have been overhauled.In fact, every detail of your gas service bee.a care- fully perfected to assist you in stopping ]ackFrostat the threshold of your home. LONE STAR. BUY ' (' 99 BUTTER-NUT BREAD From Your Grocer EAT BUTTER-KIST BREAD Made in Henderson County J. A. BALLARD UNDERTAKER Embalming--Caskets Hearse and Ambulance Service Day Phone 100 Nite Phone25 DR. C. H. NASH DENTIST In Office Kilman Hospital Building Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday EACH WEEK FOR Cut Flowers, Funeral De- signs, Bride's Boquets, or any thing in Flowers. Call 178. Sanders Floral and Evergreen Company , Athens, :-: Texas DR J. H. BURTIS DENTIST X.RAY DIAGNOSIS Spencer-Carroll 13uildivg Athens. Texas Read tbe Advertt men .... Bol Johnson's ELECTRIO" SHOE SHOP Expert Shoe and Harness Repair Satisfaction Guaranteed D. B. 0WEN, M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Office in McDonald Bldg. M ALAKOFF, TEXAS J. h. FOWLER, M. O. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Otlica in Skiles Building MALAKOFF. TEXAS ANY DAY NOW may see the Fall rains and sleet come sweeping down. And a leaky roof is not only" i, comfortable, but will surely bring interior reDair b -. See to it now lest it cost a great deal more later. , , See Us For Materials and Estimated Cost. Malakoff, Texas i i ill i i L