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October 7, 2011     The Malakoff News
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October 7, 2011

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Page 5A - The MalakoffNews Friday, October 7, 20 t Living II Blending s cial media and the newspaper Forgive m.e newspaper column. I have hardly Lore[t8 given you a thought. I've been lured away, having a HLlfNble tling with a :flashy new- Around comer. Guess I haven't to- tally forgotten you, since About I've been calling him an extension of you. Yep, of the Around the Towel he's Facebook page, the more visible my page would be dthetown, to more people. Amazing- I've been in a thcebook ly my numbers grew fiist o t craze going on two weeks the first week, mostly now, As soon as Michael thanks m Britt Thompson heaped me create a Face- and Michael Hannigan, book page, I was out on both of whom were kind the street talking to any- enough to share a btmch body who would talk and of my nonsense in their taking a picture of any- various groups and pages. thing that would stand I was hooked-I expected still, and posting eveu m find an extra ten more photo i took, bhu'ry or Likes eveD' time I nok and eve 'thing that checked the computer- crossed my mind, some of which was about every that probably kind of blur- ten minutes. I would look O'. Then i learned about tbr something else to post, "Likes"-- that fl e more to see if that would get me people who click that a response. Then I would "Like" button on the top be depressed if the hum- ber hadn't changed. So Pd glad thai: 1 ihad started about what. is going on in people better is almosl at~ go nag somebody,' to writing Around The Town my personal life, or in my ways a good thing. "Like" me. My kids tell again. I first thought he hea& and online I 0write Why my silly personal me I got a lime aggressive hadn't been reading tile about what tblks really are lit~ is interesting to some about :it. Social Media was Malakoff News, because doing Around the Town.of you, I have no idea, but beginning to bring out I never stopped writing a But over the last: couple of some of you - otherwise some anti-social behavior column, although mine is weeks all that is going on perfectly intelligent peo- in me. called Around About. with me is learning this ple - keep encouraging me t think i m~" owe Face- However. after I thought new media, where you m write about it, so I'll book an apology, too. I about it, I realized I can mn out, take a picture, keep on filling this col, believe 1 have been stalk- haven't reMly haven'twrite a :l~w words, and umn wkh my nonsense. ing it. . been writing about things . have it online, in front of Right new I don't have So now 1 have to figure around the town in years, hundreds of fblks, in just much else to write about. out how to balance my When I moved to the the time it takes to get because I'm still immersed new relationship with countG I started writing back to the computer, in this Facebook thing; but Facebook with my old about my house and gap 1 see how my Faeebook Pll be back to my old self and cherishedrelation- dens and dogs digging up Around the Town can besoon, trying to get you to ship with this column, the garden, and rabbits useful, and sometimes in- take the stray brown dog The two can't be carbon eating the okra, and teresting, if I can curb my off my hands, or expound~ copies, because many of guineas ~md big logs enthusiasm a lktle, and ing on some other joy of you read both. Quite being hauled offto turn not post too much silly counto' living. frankly, when I think ra- into sculpture, and stuff and quit in'itating my And sometimes there tionally about it, I'm not whistling teapots andfi@nds by trying to get will be something good, sure why you would read dropping furniture off the them to "Like" n%. My or that could turn iuto this column, but some of back oftmck:s (more than aim is m just chat about good, going on in town you do. And I thank you once). Or haircuts orthe town ! love, and the that I will want to talk tYr your patience, grandkids, or some book I people who make it up,about at length. I'll wrke After I started the Face- read. and maybe get them to get about that here. "['hat will book page, Britt Tho:mp- So what it looks like is, to Imow one atmther a lit- .,: be a real Around the Town son wrote that he was in the newspaper I write fie betten Getting to know~ column. What to do with money I hear Repubtic ms telling me that I know /I what to do with mv i " UaV S money better than the government does. The Old They are so wrong, at least if they're talking to Fogy me. Even thinking about my money. On retire- what to do with my ment I would have only money makes me physi- ;;cally,ill. The Old Fogy a pension ~md social so- has better things to do curi:ty, letting the gbv, with his time than think ernment do something about what to do with with my money while I his money; like think was tD'ing to do some- alxmt the meaning of thing with my students, life and ifn athematics namely teach them has any place in that mathematics. meaning. My girlfriend told me I suppose that doing what I should be doing something with my with my money and see- money means investing ing how the girlti'iend- in CDs, buying gold, boyt?iend relationship finding opportunities in works, 1 did what she real estate, getting in- told me to do. v'olved in the stock And she did good. l ket stuff like that. had more money when t When I am puzzled by retired. Of course When people who don't see the I retired she wasn't there beauty and impol ance to tell me what to do of mathematics, I re- with my money any- member how I t?el more and I soon didn't about doing something have it. with nay money. Personatly/I think that I had a girlfriend who money :is the root of all w'as shocked that I was- evil. I know that some t 3 n't doing anything with people say that s net correc~t, the root of alt evil is the '-'love" of money. Wrong. If money werefft there to love, there would be no evil. it is motley there at the root ofalt evil. The "love of money," substitution is to allow people to have as much: money as they want as long as they don't "love it." Like it is ok to kill someone as long as you don't "murder" them. And who is to judge that a person is not "loving" or not "muNering?" Of comae money' is just a metaphor for greed. Where was t? Oh. yeah, Repubficans want- ing to repeal Social Se- curity and *brce people to think about what to do with their money; i would rather fbrce the government m think about what to do win my money: Thus Spake The Old Fog% Ninking that he has fi'ieMs who like to do things with their money. My Mental Meltdown A strange title isn't it? Cl0y[ON Then it ihappened, into I know it is odd, but let ' Uddy' the ring came a Roan me explain. On Septem- }7.i3.7 iI Appaloosa mare with an ber 9, 201,1, I told my '*~ Appaloosa colt by her wife I was going to the sale barn in Athet~s. I didn't hook up my trailer arid Tales his hocks down and a because I did not intend red tail. Everything else to buy anything, but just they started on the hors- was snow white. 1 guess to check some prices, es, first thing into the The goats all sold and ring was a black mule. See BUDDY, Page llA Learning how to live with who you really are Once in one's lif it makes sense {br self eval- uation, l realized early I would not be a raving beaut> but this was fine. I secretly hoped my hair would improve, my freckles would Nde, but I was happy. Since my parents had integrity, I supposed I de- veloped some as i did not like to disappoint adults, anyone. MY mother thought lying and drinking the hard stuff were both equal in sin. I thought it: was ok to lie if someone's feelings were going m be really hurt with the truth. Probably I prioritized sensitivity over fibs. Bul 1 usually k:new when to tell the troth and not ever to make up untruths. My genetic makeup made me like learning, memorizing, perform ing, and [ learned studying in school had its own wards. My thoughts have never been exactty as others, but I can keep this to myself, I do have a pri- vate side. Somehow I knew quite early I would probably not be wealthy. This was :not a priority. Of course, the more money, some- times the bette~; but squeezing times have hit us several occasions. And long ago I knew 1 wanted to help those who didn't have as much as 1. One time [n community college, there was a (lance for some occasion. iiii!, % B"nily LI ndv il Escapades of Emily Mother made my semi- formal, a short, fitted bodice with thl~ skirt of imprinted silky material, off white. Tiny strops over my shoulders gave me security', and I wore a stole toosely around my shoulders of the same dress material. My good friend had no dress to wear and no way of get- ting one. [ told my par- ents, who had met her, about her dilemma. Daddy went to work the next da> passed his hal: as he told about this "genius" of a girl who was prow and poor but needed help. The employ- ees put dollar biffs in the hat, enough to let this friend buy a pretty blue dross at Lespa's Dress Shop in Athens. [ couldn't tell my fi:iend where the ffmds were from. From this came my wish to help others like taking unused clothes m others, giving away shoes as I was wearing hand- :me-downs from aunts. I wanted to fbed fish to the multitudes, take drinking water to disaster areas, live iu downtrodden areas of the world and hold ba- bies I did not do much because I was too busy with my own life as a wife, teacher, and mother. Now [ bare the time, but I'm deathly aft'aid to fly, and claustrophobia makes sailiug bad when land cannot be seen in any di- rectiom Our cars have never beet the best in the world, and t am aft'aid to go some places where ob- vious danger lurks. Pm suspicious about mailing checks to people I don't know, I do what l do and let go. But I'm not proud. Even if I wasn't the Mother of the Year, Month, or even Day, ! loved my kkls and let them chase their dreams. I feel fi m]nate to have grandchildren and would see them eveo" day if possible. I regret I've done sWy, stupid things in my lif and left eveGthing I've owned somewhere at some time. Since I've kept some type of diary of my li:tg' since 1976, one son says he'll finance my writing, printing of a book from these notes. I would want a hardback. I'm not too fond of con]- plknents, but I% much worse about criticism as my'sensitivity level rubs noses with the ground. And i really don't like to be told wha to do. It has never been my practice to buy what oth- ers have so 1'11 have one, too, I didn't have a Mou- ton coat. My bucket list gets shorler by the day. I am what I am. t'I1 not be See EMIL ; age 6A BERRY LUMBER "Your Hometown, Home Owned Company" OPEN Mon - Fri 7:30-5:1:)0 Sat .7:30 12:00 206 E. Royall E. Nwy 31 iiiiEi Combo the area om'a e Vour ne!