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October 9, 1930     The Malakoff News
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October 9, 1930

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T] E,MALAKO F/ W ONLY INE THAT DID ANY GOOD | I of [tim Of Rlleumatism.No Longer a.n, IICeds Crutches.-See Whar lod- ][ern Medicine Did For Him Chy E owI p / :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ..:,:,.: +:.:.:::::!::,::.~" i MR. A. J HAt RYMAN ; !:%,. l - me olnce March I was on l tches had rheumatism an'd ibadly that for three months : uld not my close has de," L Mr. A. J. Harryman, 4109 Galveston. My knees were tweak they gave way that I stood, and My ankles " :l twere sore that I could 1 walk so ten feet. My kidneys i :the so weak that nightcrislngs frequent, 'Of all the medicines I tried, ola was the only one to do good. I have taken four and no longer have to crutches. I can now open close my hands and I walk pain. My kidneys are better that night risings the longer necessary. I on. rse Konj9la becanse it is the I lY medicine that brought re- "l lllts, nit is such records as this that made Konjola the most iked of medicine in America. --w Konjola today. i onjola is sold in Malakoff xas at Weir's Drug Store, and all the best drug is in all DWns throughout this entire i tion. I By DuB Sorry but we cant say much this week for the Forest team t ok all the talk out of us. That Fore. t crowd is just about the huskiest crew we have ever been up against in the three years that Malakoff Tigers have been 't blaying foot ball. They d dn fail toknoclx our Tigers for a loop. They ran over, knocked us down, kicked, stomped and walked thru us to the tune of 0. We didn't even hope for alakoff to win but we were not only surprised but disappointed that they were able to pile up a top heavy score like they did. The game was played in a driz- zle of rain which had been falling all dayand continued thru out the game That mud was awful and it seemed to only give For , st a big advantage for the boys that we were really count- ing on to show some stuff have not been able to seand u0 yet. When Malakoff was at)le to get off a nice puut our ends would rush down oa the safety man only to fall and see him scamper down the field for anywhere from 10 to 50 yards gain each time. Malakoff was not onIY out classed hut out weighed by a ide margin. Each and every time the ball came in Malakoff's possession they were always in the aanger zone and were forced to punt and R. E. had just plen ty of trouble in getting off his' punts for the Forest line al ways gave him the grand rush and too it is hard to kick a water soaked bali any distance with plenty of time. Due to the rain and the big | games being played by Texas _ lteams only a r ere handful of Don't Miss the Show peop!e came to the game and we ^[ |are not sorry for we really did , .. |make a bad showing, but even aore. du-ltho we were out weighed, "out ear2onal---mor~ .l~,l /c!assed and outplayed the score should not have been so toy- l~IJl~Rl~ OF OTHER ATTRACTIONS includin~ Huge Poult~ Show Lm~g~t Agrt~ult~ Dtsl~lay in the South Fine Arts Show Intereolle~iat~ Football ~ ~knmn & Geretf~ Sho~ saUamoth Cyclora~m Of the Battle of Gettysburg . I~ Itadio Show ~[ a~ Ctre~ Acts Band Coneer~ Ul~r G~and Stand Show and Flrework~ Spectacle heavy. There's only one ex- planation of this and that is poor jddgment was used by our boys on a number of dcoasions. Neither can we say that this game gained the bo2 s any ex- l erience other than to toughen them "up for they did not even furnish Forest enough opposi- tion to cause them to have to open up anythiug other than straight foot bali. Forest play: ed simple foot ball all the way not even trying to pass once. Some smart boy said after the game "FAKES" was the reason for the big score but the only fake that Forest use.1 was to make an end run when Malakoff was expecting a)ine plunge. So tkfter all our boys should be pretty tough for they reared up liken 'jack in the box' every time the ball was snapped only I to get promptly knocked down and rnn over by the Forest line. The only two boys that we are going to hand any bouquets to are Volley Robertson and Col- lins Clampett for they both reaL- ly fought aii the way and were really hurt over the outcome of the game. Volley made about 50per cent of the tackles for M alakoff and was in almost every play. Collins Clampett was on the firing line for most of the F rest plays were made thru A By E. V. McCollum, Ph.D., Sc.D. Professor o] Bio.Chcmistry, Johns Hopkins University. Author o] "The 2Cower Knowledge o! Nutrition," etc. THERE is one type of war which neither disarmament nor naval limitation treaties ever affect, Its battles are numberless and are fought daily in the nation's dining rooms by conscientious mothers seeking to make their children eat needed portions of spinach or other leafy vegetables. This type of war deserves serious consideration. Its effects, while neither immediate nor fatal, are important to the future of the race, For they concern the physical and ntental health o[ our children. And this kind of war must cease. No child should ever be disciplined at mealtime because of the unfavorable effect on digestion. Urging the child to eat something it does not like produces a run of-unpleasant emotion, which has an equally bad effect. Psychologists and physicians are all agreed upon this point. Few adults have escaped the ex- perience of suffering from a digest- ive upset as the result of an emo- tional crisis at mealtime. Fear, pain and anger interfere both with the secretion of digestive Juices and with the mechanical function- ing of the digestive tract. The speaker who frequently pauses to take a sip of water is moistening his mouth because it feels dry. It is dry because he is not at ease before his audience. especially if he Is conscious that his debate, sermon, oration or lec- ture is not going greatly to his credit. Under such .conditions, the salivary glands do not produce much, if any, saliva, The stomaoh and other digestive glands also are affected in a comparable manner. For digestima cannot proceed until the proper secretions are p~ured out. Discipline Is Harmful It 1~ thus apparent that discipline at mealtime is not only ineffective but harmful. The most that should be done to cultivate a liking for necessary foods is to ask the child to taste these foods when they happen to be ~terv, ed to others. It should be explained that the foods E.V. McCollum in question are good for people, and that the child will later like for the diet of children than do them. Thus no offense Is given either corn or oats. Of these and no artificial distaste aroused, grains, the cefiulose of rice is the Pronounced changes in tastes softest and least i:ritat!ng. will often be brought about by this method in the course of a few P~vvents Bad Habits months. But If the child is madeIf' taken in sufficient amounts. unhappy by being compelled to eat the cellulose from :hess souree~ a food which It does not like, the distaste for that particular food may become Intensified rather than overcome later in life. Wben the proper amounts of milk, eggs and meats are given to children the vitamt~ content of theh" diet is pretty well safe- guarded. This Is especially true If yellow vegetables such as car- rots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, etc., are Included for their'high vitamin A content.When the leafy vege. tables are:g:dilted, the cellulose content ofthe food may well be provided by including in the menus suWclent whoIe- cereal foods to furnlsli indigestible cellulose. Whole wheat and rice furnish eel- ~.ulose in more sati~f~wtnvv farina a hygienic condition of the colon. This will prevent the formation of bad habits which amy eventually i~jure the large intestine in ways illustrated by the enormous num- bers ~ persons m middle or later lifo who have subsisted too largely upon refined foods. over the physical 0..~.; of success side of the center. Our Tigers are to tm compli- monied in one respect and that is in blocking kicks for extra points for on nine tries at this Forest succeeded in kicking one. Ctampett was the main factor in this but R. C. Orrick blocked the last one and , BOY what a kick it was. Well anyway Malakoff is ira- proving. You know we wrote Bill Parker of the Dallas Times Herald that Malakoff had the stronttest team in the history of the school this year and no doubt he believes this for on our last appearance in Dallas against the Bryan Hi Tea we were beaten by the score of 72 to 0. We did at least lower :the score bY 10 points. Bow's that for a record. The Tigers take on Kerens here on their own field next Fri, day and this should be a little better game for those two teams will be more evenly matched than Forest and Malakoff wdre last Saturday., Mr. Willis has a rule this year that any player being absent from school more than one day in any one week will not be elgible for the game on Friday so if Coach Baden has enough elgible .players for the game with Ketene Fridag we think Malakofl wilt win this tilt. And we are NOT picking any heroes before the game is play- ed. After watching I. O, O. F. and of terial for a team and that with the proper coordinktlo , team work and aggressive fighting spirit, Malakoff would win a number of games and this still stands but as yet the team still has the same weakness and try as he does Bowen has not been able to remedy this. We are at aloes to know just what andlhow he will ever do this, if he does hulas a solution we suggest that he feed them gun powder and red pepper. That's ALL. Read the Adver eement . At Mealtime normal nutrition and where the chemical substances necessary to a complete diet are to be found. Mothers, and especially Ameri- can mothers, are taking advantage of this opportuulty. They az'e ap- plying the established facts of the modern science of nutrition to the feeding of their families. As an evidence of this, some future his- torian well may write of rickets and scurvy as children's diseases tmpplly long forgotten. In de- scribing their eradication he will point to the popularization of salads as a national characteristic of Americans, acquired during the second and tidrd decades of the twentieth century. He will almost certainly mention, as a result of this, the heightened resistance to certain infections, the prevention of goiter, and the increase In size aild sturdiness of the first genera- tion which had the good fortune to profit by the new discoveries about foods. Vast Improvement In Dist He will not fall to emphasize the perfection of processes In the can- ning industry. A part of the race's physical gain he will trace to this. because it made possible That the way we Clean, Press and Re. pair garments of all kinds will more than meet your every expectation. Just Try Us Once Then decide tor yourself. Phone 9 a vast Improvement In the Na- tion's diet through the colder months of the year, by providing in wholesome condition a wider variety of foods than were ever "--"gO~S where it is invited and stays : before available to mankind in any .art of the world. This proration where)it is well treated. : of healthful vigor he will contrast with the widespread Illness of the past, aud the need for "Sprins Give us your Banking Business. We will show you by : medicines," "blood purifiers," and "3pring tonics" which were taken the way we take care of it how much we abpreciate it. : by nearly everyone a generation ago, But knowledge of the modern " " ..... ' "~" ~ ..... I I science of foods is one thing "and Its applic~,tlon to the needs of First State children quite another. Every modern mother must therefore combine her knowledge of diet- Texas stirs with some of the tact of a lwamKo~z, seasoned diplomat. With this equlpment size should succeed in making her children eat sufficient quantities of all the kinds of foods necessary to health. Leafy Ye~etablaa Valuable t The leafy vegetables are of spe- cial value in furnishing indigest- ible material which serves as an intestinal regulator and promotes elimi~:ation. And this problem of iutastinal hygiene is especially ira. portant now when so many of our foods are highly refined and con- I [ Y ~In llttle or ~o cellulose. Milk, meat or eggs are all So completelyWe are now receiving a fresh shipment ; tklzestlble that they leave little residues In the colon and hence are con, tipating. " of fresh Chesapeake Bay Oysters ever As a first step, however, in the Y Improvement of children's diet, tho week. Prices on any quantity are ver dining room wars must cease, t They are quite as fruitless as any other wars.~f a child is properly muucratc. managed it ~vlll eventually acquire mal to adults. It will appreciate the flavors of everything it should eat. And this ideal condition can never be reached through force, but only through tact and diplo- macy. I l I I the dietary habits and likings nor- .m.. Meat Prices Plate RIB ROAST, ib i6c Read the AdverttsemeutL Chuck STEAK, Ib 20c , STEAK, per Ib 25C Thursdays and Mondays Shampoos and Sets 65c Permanents.. $5 LaGrace Beauty Shoppe Cafe,- Market - Grocery J. A. FOWLER. M. D. ID. B. OWEN, M.D. PHYSICIAN an: SURGEON I PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Ofltc with Weir s Drug Store I Office with 'lagg Drug Co, MALAKOFF, TEXAS. MALAKOFF AFTERNOON AND NIGHT II TRAINED WILD Elephants, all kinds at Animals, Horses, Ponies, Brass Bands, Cal- liope, Beautiful Ladies, Clowns, Acrobats, Aerilists, Jugglers, Etc. PRICES REDUCED--CHILDREN Cents, ADULTS 50 Cents LARGEST 25 AND 50 CENT SHOW TRAVELING SOME OF TilE FEATURES--The Christy Family of Aerilists, Little "Rubber", smallest per. formingElephant on earth, Cap't. lilenn's many groups of Trained Wild and Domestii: An. imals and many others.