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Malakoff, Texas
October 13, 1933     The Malakoff News
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October 13, 1933

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! q'W E M ALAKOFF NEWB THE MALAKOFF NEWS i - " Dr. Joe B. Williams'" .... I I ~peclanzmg m Iil~~:~liim~SI I i Subscription Pries Rates on request"I Eye il N I ......... Kelrac[10n ana lasses I I Resolutions and Cards of Thanks must be paid Ior at regular rate. i jm . mnmmmJl u J t;orrect, n Illegal I I In case of error in advertisement this paper will not be re- Prescription, Quality and Price IIR I II sponsible for more than the cost of the advertisAment. Difficult cases solicited [ I b J At MAIN HOTEL in Malakoff I - " il l Ill " nd the Town YEARS o she;ii,'.s l:- [Ar0u 'II ,--AGO.-- II " I Vo seC q I w--, unAeCCOrding to Kopald-Quinn, lI ,, , l[STATE OF TEXAS ( i l W| DO OUR PART', _ mpmyment nas )een reaucea]|IN THE LIGNITE CITY" |I COUNTY of HENDERSON ) ] & Malakoff Lod e No 759 A [ Ma ' A.M. meets the ..nd. rch. 2,800,000 men have been , That b irtu f " _ . . S.A. Hall s 4 1-2 horse power Y V e o a certain Or Thursda, " " re mght m each month. National Recovery and are now operating -employed mnce that..tlme.._, engifle has arrived and is ready der of Sale issued out of the Visiting members welcome u.w. ucas paymg up ms ewslto pump water for the new hotel, l Honorable District Court b f I Wa) n Evans W hl " ] under the agreement I00 percent. subscription with sweet potatoes/ --o-- I EIenderson Count .... o,,- / , " ' " " / , ......... n | J.E. Morrison, Secy. ] ::__Th.eI. O.. O. F. game .on] Roy Weir, the popular drug-/day of October 1933 by Kate| -- [ vemaerl7tlL llas oeen,,ueslg'|gist, went to Dallas Monday and |Nowlin, Clerk ofsaicl Court for| Malakoff Lodge.' 885, ql T NATIONAL BANK nated as sweater game ---that|bought an elegant line of holiday [the sum of Eight Hundred Eigh- I. O. O. F. meets every istsaythatailprfits fromthislgoods forFlagg'sDrugStore. teen&12-100 Dollarsand costs/ uesday night in Odd Fellow'sI M akoff, Texas contest will go for the_purpose ozI ---a-- |of suit, under a Judgment in|lml!, W. O W. building. Visitingl purchaslng sweaters for the foot-I Last week a petition was circu-]favor of J. F. Wood in a certain |members always welcome. ] al! team. veryDoay m expect-listed and well,subscribed to for[Cause in said Court. No 2022 and | C. W Pharo, N G I , ed to bt y. a ticket for this game. lthe purpose of grading up TerrylstyledJ F. Wood Ts. M.A.[ I.W. Nolen, Sec'y. .... luamzo sectors nave aulStreet lasher, Mrs. Maude Saviors, In-l I' abandoned the custom of officingl " ---o-- |die|dually, Mrs. Maude Saylors, IREBEXAH Lodge, No. 300 meet ', m drugstores .... ManYya'a l A full equipment of oil boring/Cmmunity Survivor of theCom.[every Monday nizbt at I. O.O.F.t i peop|e.le. mwn me nrs. ,WO[machineryhas arrived here and|munity Estate of tmrself and her | riall. Visitors welcome, t' Good cmysofthls, weektoattend c r-lwill be put to work shortly at a /deceased husband, A. J, Say-I Mrs. Lloyd Ha!:ris, N.G. l" cuses in Athens, tyler ana t or lots Gold]e Sa lor Ruby Ma tm, Secy , "[Iocation about 4 miles south of| , " y s Barton and| " " / sicana .... Prof. Boone filling in t^__ lhusband, Bryan Barton A j I , / ', .... ] --o--. / rry and the Henderson/mun ty St rv vor of the Commu. t , Clothes an extra day Saturday at Weir's , Castlebe ' " ----" ........ - ............... - " ', 'narmacy._._.A new sign has/ W.E. Gill sold his cotton, yard|CountyInvestmentCompany,ii / [a[nitvEstatef lierself and ller] ', . Care een crewed on the awning at|here Monday to J D, Clay Corporation, placed in my hands deceased husband, A. J. Say- ' "... . - .... .' / I for service, I, .less Sweeten as/lOTS, Goldie Saylors 13arton anJ [I ray ne s conomy Store we h see you lwonaay at the football| Dr. J. L. Evans was transact-ISheriff of Henderson County, lhusband. T ryan Barton, A. J I game T , : " ling business in Athens Tuesday, I' exas, did, on the 9th day oflCastleberry and the Henderson ] IS V,tal to Your (;arm .................... ................................... | ]October levy on certain |County ]nvestment Company, a!' Real Esta Towns and Stores .. r.,, I: re, situated m Hender. |Corporation, and that on tlh [ MeKinney Courier-Gazette;--The|l |010r maers WillIson County, Texas, described aslrirst uesday in November [, reputation of retail stores gi' es/ Race For Tonllv I llws' to-wit: |the same bei, z the 7th day o';I :i We clean, press and repair ..... r- J All that certain , a village, town or c ty their char. / [ "act or pa -oel |s id mo,ti , the Court House them i. a most painstaking acter and ratl_ng in thegood .w,,,/ Dallas, Texas, Oct 13-Officiall_e !and '.". Hender,s,t?n Cunty'/dr',f Hendersoa County, in and esteem of the~,*'eo~'le~, of their sanction by the American" Motor--" lana eonsm ing ot Iu . Ju acres onlithe (,i y of Athens. , Texas, be IllaflflCr , trade territory L i v e wide , _ Ithe J M. Eakin Survey. tween the hours of 10 A. M and , " :, "lcyeleAss n has been received I BEGINNING at I: ........ awa. e, mercnants using ad-lhere for tim motorcycle races e eorner r', uy virtue el saia lee _% vert,s, ng columns of thmr pro- Iwhich wi. be held on the new I f said Survey and running, land said Order of Sale I will sell The Way You L ke It gresslve, pubhc-spxrited homelilat surfoeed ,, , THENCE'-W" 648-2-5 vrs to the |said above d; scrilJed ]?teal Es- ............ '---:,-, ............ " ' "2 ...... E eor. of Block 6 on said sur- late at ublie vendue for c sb, v u.u owns o/.ispeedway in the State Fair tSta. I..__ 1 . P . , , a., Villages ana cities out of towns. 'ldiu, .. ......... alvey; Ire highes~ biader, as ~t}e The reason why a village goes]ni~ht;d r n':t :i;;3 tat; THENCE-S 905 vrs to the S E property of said M. A. Asher, Malakoffn,, ry Cleaners backward sometimes m because]o?Te as s |cor. of Block No. 6 and the N W lMrs. Maude Saviors, Individu- the stores go backward. Thei( Hi Xhg p:'oint w'nnor'1 , In ....... one six ITHENCE[cr" of Blk. No 4. latly, and Mrs. _ Maude Saylors, N.C. VANDAGRIFF, Proprietor , merchants of a town make almot ............ . ...... --E 648.2-3 vrs to the/Community Survivor of t h e oreycm race progr,,ms E B, line of s i town a good one or a poor one. l )e declared the o, .... t a d Eakin Survey ICommunity Estate o f herself . -" - - -- " - , T* ,u ..... I-- : .........-, I" ...... and also the S E cur of Bloc and her deceased husband A J - ,- .na e a.puur use, Ipion. oints will oe awardedNo 2 . ....... .. . mainly because theyare not good [the first second o,,a ; , aytors, omie aytors ..... .... I" : HENCE--N with the E B line and nners of the final nanolcapana of Block N 2 t ] one, it is mainly because the)'arel eratch ra-eo o .... h ....... ; o the place ofJ Castleberry and the Hender not poor merchants The timel:. ." BEGINNING the land sold here son Connty Investment Comps " " ITle mall winning me most points in i has passed when any retad mer" [:n the six nro"ra' " "m """' " P " ' I Service be ng Block No 2 and 3 on ny, aCor oratmn " " ...............said su v n wn ahttu in fl l ; hltgO [ !h:af MI iAI C::ff:n:d the cash land co:v:Y'ednbdy bttl: h:t giA::h:: :: i::lab;e She a .... ..... I" .... . . ' , Bank of Murchison, Iexas, by in the English language, once a Experience and careful tra n- "' Po'" / Some of the best gnOWll risers .......... : hie customers. Advertising re. / ann tnrougn its wasnier. M..4. week f o r three consecutive mmdg the people of their needs, | weeks immediately preceding ing make it possible for ns to invites them to where their needs | sa'd i day of sale, in the Malakoff give you the utmost' in service can be supplied. A store that| News a newspaper published in and quality at pricesthat are nobody mentions is a store that | Henderson Counts, Texas, does no advertising. A store Witness my hand. this 9th moderate, that everybody mentions is a store that advertises consistently. This is invariable. There are no exceptions. Today's merchant must be modern or cease being a merchant. If he doesn't know how to advertise, he should ob- tain the service of some one who does know. Advertising in not a fad, it is not a temporary devel- opment, it is not a racket, It is a genume and indispensible force in twentieth century business. The business man who deals with the public and is too timid to ap- proach the pubhc by the approv- ed methods, is out of line with his times. He is a hold-over from the past.--Dallas News. WH ITE'S ForExpelhnq' 3t orms PAYNE'S DRUG STORE t ,,i ,,, FOR Cut Flowers, Funeral De- signs, Bride's Boquets, or any thing in Flowers. Call 178. Sanders Floral and Evergreen Company Athens. :-: Texas ., L i r r II .Jl~L day of October, A. D. 1933. We offer a . excollent conditlonand most of erty o f M; A, Asher, Mrs, JESS SWEETEN, Sheriff, the riders who have avpeared Maude Sa)lors, Individually, 'Henderson County, Texas Complete Service here say it is the fastest short and Mrs. Maude Saylors, Corn- By J. W. KARNES, Deputy ....... track in the entire country. ! P" r "" " I ": J.A. 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