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October 13, 1933     The Malakoff News
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October 13, 1933

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MALAKOPF NEWW R HABITAT OF RHINO EROS MEN l[Iraces, Found m Hill of Mys- =|[. tery in Transvaal. I Cape Town.--Sensational finds of l~Iden ornaments and other relics of i:| vanished native race have Just been J~ade in tile northern Transvaal at a l(thce called Mapungubwe---the Hill of ~stery ears, long have :!~The natives Itiappf "s- r but l owo of the. il o e, l~tY feared the place a d " " i~10red It. Thirty years ago a while I aertnit named Bernard l,otrie lived ~:aear the spot. tle lint] accompanied ~D0etor Livingstone on the famous il~urney to I,ake Ngamt ; and l,otrle un- !]|d0ubtedly climbed the almost lnncees- Etlble Hill of Mystery. But at that |time there was no suspicion that a P~historlc settlement existed south of the l,impopo river, and I,otrle's sto- ries of strange discoveries attracted ao attention. Now that vahmble relics have been i~aearthed, men who remember Lotrie I ave recalled Ms story of a rich [~*treasure chamber" in the dense bush near the hill. The golden treasures already found have whetted advert- . t~rous appetites, and thel~untis on Meanwhile, the Hillof Myster. y Is belug guarded by police, while a party from the University of Pretorla car- tles out scientific research untroubled b~ Intruders. A PoweHul Tribe, The most valuable find was a small rhinoceros. A very small clan of natives whose ancestors worshiped the rhinoceros still lives in lthodesia. It Is regarded as practically certain that the people who inhabited the Hlll Of Mystery and smelted gold there, Were "rhinoceros alen." Discoveries have been made not only the precipitous ltilltop of Mapun- gUhwe, but also in tim surrounding COUntry The rhinoceros men were evi- dently a nowerful tribe in their day, for the bush is impregnated with evi- dences of old hunmn occupation. Pot. and heads, besides the gold and copper ornaments, have heen fimnd OVer a wide area. A skeleton wearing a tectal hehuet was among the most g discoveries. - it has t)cen suggested that the Hill Of Mystery was the burying ground of the foreign lnvade/'s who carried off the gold from the ancient mines of Ilhodesia. Sonm of tim beads ~ind or- ~, llaments appear to be of Egyptian ~, OH, gin di ion alon the Lim- lhere zs a tra t g l)Opo that a small yellow people Worked the gold and copper mines a~ar the river, trading with travelers Who wore white cloth around their heads and rode on camels. For the r~son already mentioned, the sclen- tl~ts have had great difficulty In ob- tainlng native guides. Every one Who goes up that hill dies," say the satires. "We don't know why--but they die." A Formidable Fortress. . The Hill of Mystery Is a mass of :hard sandstone rising out of the trop- ical bush of the Llmpopo valley. It the only hill in the neighborhood tol~ped with grass, and It is now clear that the rhinoceros men carried hun- ~eds of tons of earth to the summit of their secret place. The sides are r~gged and overhanging, and the sclen- fists only climbed it with the aid of , ropes and ladders. There is one great Oblique cleft in the rock, however. Which offers the least difficult path to the summit. The entrance to the cleft is hidden by trees and a stranger ~lght never find it. Holes were cut In this cleft by the Sncients, and once, no doubt, there ~aere wooden rungs forming a sort of dder to the summlL At the top of the cleft were boulders, evidently Placed in position so that they c'ould be toppled over in the event of an invasion. This same terrible form of defense was found at other p/aces Where the cliffs might have been . climbed. The stronghold of the thin- men was impregnable. . No other walls were needed--indeed the only sign of building found on the summit was a small stone enclosure "-Possibly once the chief's residence-- occupled by baboons. Braille Books Are Now Being Mailed to Blind New Orleans.---New Orleans blind i~Ople who love books will not have to risk the hazards of traffic to go to the public library for their litera- ture Under s new system inaugurated for their convenience. SPecial cases for the fragile Braille editions have heen prepared. Tim books will be mailed to siglltless read- e~, who. when tt~ey have finished reading them. have only to hand them ~o a 0ostman to have them returned 0 the lihrary. No cost is entailed t- the reader. Tbe address is on the WOOden cover of the hook, and the borrower Is not even required to ad dress the book before mailing it back. Pearl S. Buck's books, the librarian ~eported, are most popuhlr with slgl|i ~ss reatlers. Tourist Increase Shows Return of Prosperity Albuquerque. N. M.--lh, turn to nor ram conditions of prosperity was fore )ast in anouncenient here that tourls* through Albuquerque Is altuo.~ ~Uble for the lasl three months who Was for a like period a year ag~ ny of the tourists are en route t, e A Century of Progres: :"Bottomless Pit" a Hazard of Great Pike's Peak Race 'Glen Shultz, 193~3 Pike's Peak Winner. going into a hairpin turn--dust enshrouds him as the rear of the car begins its swing around. Inset shows closeup of the victor. ' '.~ , l' i !,i I i .... -~ , : In ........... I State Fair Auction Lt~ I i I L PAYNE'S DRUG STORE Ill I l -:- HOTEL-:- OU1HLAN NEW-- FIREPROOF Joe M. Hallaman, Mgr. RATES $1.50 to $3.00 per day Every room with circulating ice water, Lavatory, bath or shower. "ITS IN DALLAS" I PROFESSIO MALAKOFF ' l INSURANCE AGENCY I GENERAL INSURANCE I Dan Royall H.C. Riddlesperger [ Office at First National Bank [ J. A. FOWLER, M. D. PltYSICiAN and SURGEON Office in Skiles Building MALAKOFF, TEXAS J. A. BALLARD UNDERTAKER Embalming--Caskets Hearse and Ambulance Service Day Phone 100 Nite Phone 25 DR J. H. BURTIS DENTIST X-RAY DIAGNOSIS Spencer-Carroll Building Athens. Texas E. O. DODSON, Transfer and all kinds of hauling Prompt and Satisfactory Service GUARANTEED! In Office Kihnan Hospital Building Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday EACH WEEK P. T, KIhM, N, M. It. Medicine and Surgery Malakoff, Texas Trinidad, Texas Telephones 81, 78 and 71 DAN GENTRY NOTARY PUBLIC Deeds and Papers Properly Drawn Office THOMPSON BUILDING , i EAT BUTTER-KIST BREAD Made in Henderson County D. B. 0WEN, M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Office in McDonald Bldg. M ALAKOFP. TEXAS Buy It "lhe Lignite City" old fillies m the United Stat~,s in 1."3(t, out of Flying Day by Flitter Gold, hrother of Fair Play tim sire ol Man O' War, is to be auctioned nt the Sta.te Fair of Texas along with four other yearling fillies and five unbroken two-~car-eld fillies and four or five fillies in training and ready to race. Date of the auction, io take place in the L~ve Stock Arena, will l)e announced la'~.r by John W Carpenter, director in charge of grounds and live stock ~(l agriculture of the Fair. Arrangements for the thoroughbreds, to h~ brouuht here from Kentucky, were made by Carpenter with E. K. Yh~)mas. nationally k~.own breeder of Lexing. ton. Thomas is known by race track men througl~out the countr.v. In Memory Of Mrs. llerman Moore,I Dear Ethel'is sleeping t the silent sleep of Death, I Her withered hands lie crossed I upon her marble breast. I She was a lovely girl indeed, Coleman Mantles So pleasRnt were her ways Altho we knew this precious one was bound to give her praise. And altho she seemed to suffer The most distressing pain, None s od by her dying bed, That she would dare disdain. But with a voice so gentle. Would reach the hardest heart It grieved bo h friends and rela- tives When forced with her to part. Her sparkling eyes looked up- ward, She told them all good-bye, She told them all to meet her [n the sweet b: e and bye. -- By Mrs. Effie Rose. Spiders Patiently on Watch for Any Victims ~plders are small gods. living soiL- ~lry, unsocial aml predacious llve~ They sit in their webs or near their webs, watching for tile iuno(.ents of the insect worhl. They contemplate their surroundings with eigi,t or twelve eyes and enmesh their victims wi~i~ Is- numerable stra~ds of silk from tiny spinnerets bene:lth their abdomens. lost spiders lmve seven principal silk glands with whici~ to weave, tie vic- tlms and go ballooning. "The young spider," wri{e.s a natur- alist in tho Kansas City Star. "liings out a strand to the wind ~,d is car- tied away: When he wishes to make tt landing, he siniply hauls in his sail." Perhaps the only practical a~l)ect of spider study is in its rNation to the silk industry. Silk worms are com- munists. Spiders are dan~erm]s indlo vldualists wit() cannot live toe ether in community. They devour ot~e anoth- eL One proi)ably wouM survive a com- munity of spiders. Perhaps It ls too expensive to maintain separate stalls for spiders. Silk worms are produced in mass. "It Is possible to weave good silk from spiders," he says. "If you wish to try it. tie the spider to a table, seize the strand he always wears be- hind him and keep pulling. It Is pos- Idble to pull strands from several spld-" m ~nultaneously.' .............. t ARE BUILT t TO LAST LONGER The amount of light you get from your gasoline lamp or lantern depends largely upon the kind of mantles you use. To be sure of longer service, better light and more light, always use genuine Coleman Mantles on Coleman Lamps and Lanterns. Coleman Mantles are scienti. ficallv made. They are correct in size, design and texture. ~o side seams to sptit~ Reinforced across bottom. Saturated with highest grade light-giving cherry icals. They are made stronger to last longer. Look for the name "Coleman" stamped on each mantle. Always ask for the genuine. (MILS) ASK YOUR LOCAL DEALER o~ wri~ Th~Colernan L~smp and Stove Co. Wichita. KansL; Chicago, IlL; Philadelphia, pn.1 LOll ~ngelem. Calif. ,=.Y,%Y4~, = ; . , on't i Let Your Feet Defeat Your Appearance Rightly or wr0n ly, you : are judged by appearances. _= Keeping your shoes well-, ' heeled and well soled is an inexpensive way of insur- | ins favorable judgement. -' Bob .Johnson! Shoe & Harness Shop , ' | MALAKOFF. ' % Illl I | II II II III I I I I ~ Ill Ill l I ii L I I I _ I III I Ill J II