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October 13, 2017     The Malakoff News
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October 13, 2017

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The News- October 13, 2017 - Page 5B 15 WORDS ~ 10 903-887-451 Public Notices Public Notices Public Notices Public Notices PUBLICATION GUIDELINES: Please read your ad the first day of publication. Notify us immediately of any errors. The Publisher assumes no financial responsibility for errors or omissions of copy. We reserve the right to adjust in full an error by publishing a corrected insertion. Liability shall not exceed the cost of that portion occupied by the error on the first insertion only. The advertiser, and not the newspaper, is responsible for the truthful content of the ad. The newspaper reserves the right to request charges, reject or properly classify an ad and must approve all copy. All advertising is subject to credit Malakoff ISD is looking to contract with someone or company to provide brickwork at the High School Baseball field. The work will consist of bricking a protective wall in front of the dugout. Please contact the MISD administration office at 903-489-1152 for more details. Published in The News 10-13-17 STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP, or Holding 1 Percent or More of In-County Copies included on PS MANAGEMENT AND TotalAmount ofBonds, Mortgages, Form 3541: 0/0. 15d(3). Free or CIRCULATION; 1. Publication or Other Securities: None. 12, Tax Nominal Rate Copies Mailed at Title: The Malakoff News. 2. Status. (For completion by nonprofit Other Classes Through the USPS Publication Number: 1150-8937. organizations authorized to mail at (e.g. First-Class Mail): 0/0. 15d(4) 3. Filing Date: 9/28/17. 4. Issue nonprofit rates) (Check one). The Free or Nominal Rate Distribution Frequency: Weekly. 5. Number of purpose, function, and nonprofit Outside the Mail (Carriers or other Issues Published Annually: 52. 6. status of this organization and the means): 177/301. 15e. Total Free or Annual Subscription Price: $29.00. exempt status for federal income tax Nominal Rate Distribution (Sum of 7. Complete Mailing Address of purposes: Has Not Changed During 15d (1), (2), (3) and (4)): 177/301. Known Office of Publication: P.O, Preceding 12 Months; Has Changed 15f. Total Distribution (Sum of 15c Box48, Henderson County, Mabank, During Preceding 12 Months and 15e): 580/1,078. 15g. Copies TX 75148. Contact Person: Susan (Publisher must submit explanation not Distributed (See Instructions to Harrison, Telephone: 903/887-4511. of change with this statement): N/A. Publishers #4 (page #3)): 434/22. 8. Complete Mailing Address of 13. Publication Title: The Malakoff 15h. Total (Sum of 15f and 15g): Headquarters or General Business News. 14. Issue Date for Circulation 1,014/1,100. 15i. Percent Paid Office of Publisher: P.O. Box 48, Data Below: 09/29/17. 15. Extent (15c divided by 15f times 100): Mabank, TX 75147.9. Full Names and Nature of Circulation; Average 69.49 Percent/72.08 Percent. 16. and Complete Mailing Addresses No. Copies Each Issue During Electronic Copy Circulation a. Paid of Publisher, Editor, and Managing Preceding 12 Months/ No. Copies Electronic Copies 22/22. b. Total Paid Editor: Publisher: John Buzzetta, P.O, of Single Issue Published Nearest to Print Copies (Line 15c) plus Paid Box 48, Mabank, TX 75147; Editor: Filing Date. 15a. Total Number of Electronic Copies (Line 16a)425/799. Pearl Cantrell, P.O. Box 48, Mabank, Copies (Net press run): 1,014/1,t 00. c. Total Print Distribution (Line 150 TX 75147; Managing Editor: Pearl 15b. Paid Circulation (By Mail and ptus Paid Electronic Copies (Line 16a) Cantrell, P.O. Box 48, Mabank, TX Outside the Mail): 15b(1). Mailed 602/1,100. d. Percent Paid (Both Print 75147.10. Owner. (If the publication Outside-County Paid Subscriptions & Electronic Copies) (16b divided is owned by a corporation, give the Stated on Form 3541, (Include paid by 16c xl00) 70.60 Percent/72.64 Percent. I certify that 50% of all name and address of the corporation distribution above nominal rate, my distributed copies (electronic immediately followed by the names advertiser's proof copies and paid and print) are paid above a nominal and addresses of all stockholders exchange copies): 25/25. 15b(2). price. 17. Publication of Statement owning or holding 1 percent or more Mailed In-County Subscriptions of Ownership: If the publication is of the total amount of stock. If not Stated on Form 3541. (Include a general publication, publication owned by a corporation, give the paid distribution above nominal of this statement is required. Willbe approval. Some classifications may require names and addresses of the individual rate, advertiserfs proof copies and printed in the October 13, 2017 issue prepayment, owners. If owned by a partnership exchange copies): 117/100. 15b(3). of this publication. 18. signature and or other unincorporated firm, give Paid Distribution Outside withMails Title of Editor, Publisher, Business the names and addresses of the Including Sales Through Dealers and Manager, or Owner: Susan Harrison, individual owners. If owned by a Carriers, Street Vendors, Counter General Manager; Date: 09/28/17. I partnership or other unincorporated Sales, and Other Paid Distribution certify that all intbrmation furnished finn, give its name and address as Outside USPS: 261/652. 15b(4). on this form is true and complete. I well as those of each individual Paid Distribution by Other Classes understand that anyone who furnishes owner. Ifthepublicationispublished of Mail Through the USPS (e.g. false or misleading information on by a nonprofit organization, give First-Class Mail): 0/0. 15c. Total Paid this form or who omits material or its name and address ) Full Name: Distribution. (Sum of 15b (1), (2), intbrmation requested on the form MediaOne, L.L.C., P.O. Box 48, (3), and (4)): 403/777. 15d, Free or may be subject to criminal sanctions Mabank, Texas 75147; Van Zandt Nominal Rate Distribution (By Mail (including fines and imprisonment) Newspapers, L.L.C., P.O. Box and Outside the Mail): 15d(1). Free and/orcivil sanctions (including civil 319, Wills Point, Texas 75169. 11. or Nominal Rate Outside-County penalties). Known Bondholders, Mortgagees, Copies included on PS Form 3541: and Other Security Holders Owning 0/0. 15d(2). Free or Nominal irate #//BI L AII$# f4 2013 t/BSM JYn lmt/ l PWfflAI (903) 669-3998 j (903) 669-3998 | (903) 669-3998 I ~1 (903) 669-3998 | (9631 669-3998 | 2009 TOYOTA cmmM ZOO31:IM# F IS# me SIERRA 15#0 CMSS JITACOm4 $3 750 $9 000 $10 000 $8 750 (903) 669-3o~JS ~ (9O3) 669-3996 j (903) 669-3O98 j (OO3) S69-Z~S MEVROLff E 111111 JmEs HODGE tttVt 003) ~9-~98N~t,llqJ~J~J 2007 CffEI OLET SUBURBAN 2011 J URNEY 2011 DUKIE Nl O MUMMER !13 MER EDES-BENZ M- L4SS ,,,, $9 000 $8 500 $9 500 $11 000 $4 500 (903) 669-3998 ~1 (903) 669-3998 | (903) 669-3998 | (903) 669-3998 (903) 669-3998 ~1 APEX BY COACHMEN 191RBS2 18 APEX BY 4 ffMEN 191RBS 2012 ATALINA RV 32BHD$ 2018 ilIIISE LI1E 171RBXL 2018 CRUISE IJ E 201BILL ROBBINS RV $14 995 ROBBINS.V 995 ROBBINS.~ $12 995 ROBBINS.V $14 500 .o..,.s.v $14 500 (866) 286-6551 | (866) 286-6551 | (866) 286-6551 | (866) 286-6551 | 2#18 llll E LifE 201BILL 2017 SPORTSMEN 2017 SPORTSMEN 18Mll 2016 $1 lff SMEN 19Bt1$ $14 995 $11 $11 $10 995 995 (866) 2e6-6551"1 (866) 286-6551 995 (s6s) 28s-655~ ~ Z 11 IIBII LET SIi)IERA O ; SQIEWIOLLrTSUEilA Im $5 991GREENVILLE CHRYsLER $9 499 (855) 929-0832 | (855) 929-0832 | I #BSE liiTil $4991 $8991 (855) 929-0832 | {855) 9'29-0832 | $3 991 $8 992 (855) 929-0832 | (855) 929-0832 ~1 m nW $7 991 $3 991 (e55) 92o-o832 ~ (8s5) 929-o632 2818 SPOMSMEN CLASSIC I INI B ROBBINS RV $12,500 200"1TOYOTA TMMA $8 994 (855) 929-0832 | 2O05 TOYOTA //#NER $5 995 (855) 929-0832 t