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October 19, 1934     The Malakoff News
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October 19, 1934

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q'w E MALAKOFF NEW8 Letter "S" Plays Important Part in This Team's Life FOR GREATER It Sure--- l GIVE IT ONE TRIAL! Have You Tried ? Accepted By The American Hedical Association. Your Physician Is Your Guarantee A special representative will be in the following stores to explain the merits of these Canova pro- ducts on Saturday, October 20th: Harbour's Grocery Gentry's Grocery Gulf Grocery and Narket Canavo Coffee is also obtainable at x Elmer Roberts Grocery LONE STAR BRAND COFFEE .. ,_ . ,} OLD ,. , ---- _. Are More Valuable Than You Might Imagine! To have them properly cleaned, pressed and re- paired means that they will last a longer time and we make them look like new ones. We sterilize them too...that helps to pro- long their life. May We Call For Those Old Clothes? Malakoff Dry Cleaners N. C. VANDAGIIFF, Prol)rietor h___ i p II A CONSERVATIVE Bank and no other bank is worthy of the name-- must be cautious in making loans. It cannotafford to take even the ordinary risk of the business man. The bust. ness man in extending credit is doing so with his own wares. But a bank is loaning money of its depositors. The safe bank--the conservative bank -the one that must be assured a loan will be promptly repaid and is proper- ly secured is one that is a benefit to the entire community-absolutely safe for its depositors-- wholly just to those whn borrow. J 1 'i iI::/i: " zi :::i.?:!ii'il :: ' :i:i~-.! ::. :!:;:~!~ ; ::: .::i ; -:'::i!,:i:::: :!3" ::: :. !:::::;': -" :,- :::.: :~;!i:::;!i:~;ii::'i;:: ~:::'.:~:i:!5;i;:::i:~iS::ii'~!:!i;!!;i?iiii! "(!~!i!::-:',~ :" " ': : ": :' :: "':: : ' .... ": '. x : ":' '::"~:" :':~: :5 "~:::. "'~:;':::"~:::::: .$::::. =========================== 'iili ' Brother -- Sister Girl's ! ~:: ::::~ :':! :':~ ........................... 1 Jersey Suits pit ............ ..................... Sizes 2 to 6. See them. Good quality Broadcloth Here's ~outhern Methodist University's "S" team. and ti, e name isn't any misnomer. From left Only " A good buy at to right, on the line you see Stewart, Sanders. Stamps, Stufflebeme. Scottino, Spain and Smith. In the backfield, from left are Startzcll, Sprague, Smith and Shuford. Every man is in his regular vosi- tion, and Coach Ray Morrison says he wouht pit this team against any of them. Incidentally S. M. U. has scored 66 l)oiqts to none for ~,pponents, and 39 first downs to none fl)r opponents in its first two games this year. (Texas News Photos.I Ladies' All-Silk Boy's Slip-Over Old English Sheep Dog First Recorded in 1771 The picturesque, affectionate Old English sheeI) dog's handsome shaggy coat completely hides his entire form, even his eyes that peer out from be- Idnd the loose hair. tossed freely as he ambles ah)ng with his bear-like shuffle, observes a writer in the Los Angeles Times. His hindquarters, most exces- sive in profusion of his coat. are rounded like those of tbe bear. The fore and hlP,~l legs of each side. mov- Ing forward simultaneously affects the curious rolling gait, peculiar to fl~e breed. However, when there Is business elsewhere and he starts off in its per- formance, he develops almost Incred- ible speed, Moving almost effortless, he covers ground at a pace quite un- suspeeted of a dog so compactly built . . . the long hair el)out his face flying to the wind and parting, to re- veal a pair of I)right, intelligent and friendly eyes that bespeak his honest countenan6e. Tisey vary according to the color of tlm. dog. . . very dark being preferred. Nevertbeless, in the blue dogs, pearl, china or wall eyes are typical. With all Iris beauty, affection and the acquisition of show-ring manners, he is Just as sagacious, when pressed into the service of a working dog, as were his progenitors for centuries past. First recorded in a Gains- borough palnting in 1771, he, and vari- ants of the breed developed throughout European conntrles, are known to have been employed since time immemorial as herders and guardians of flocks and herds. Clean Spark Plugs Will Insure Best Performance Motorists who get tim best per- formance from their automobile are the ones who give proper attention to the cleaning and readjusting of the spark plugs among other important details. This observation was made by prominent engineer, who has given much study to economical operation of automobiles. A spark plug, he says, fires more than 5,000,000 times during every 3,500 miles of car operation. The spark plug firing points, therefore, must be kept at proper adjustment. If they are not the engine will miss. This means uneven engine perform- ance although the driver may not he aware of It. On the other hand, a coating from the combustion gases forms on spark plug insulators usual- ly after 3,500 miles of operation, which also causes missing and a waste of one out of every ten gallons of gasoline. It is quite natural that the motorist who twice a year has his spark plugs cleaned and adjusted gets more miles per gallon of gasoline ; gets better car performance; and reduces repair ex- pense to a minimum. Hiking lSO Yurs Old Hlkil~g is not modern, according to information revealed In London. It was called "pedestrianlsm" over a cen- tury ago, but the pastime was the same, according to a description in the Sporting Magazine, published in 1792. The opening paragraph of the article on pedestrlanlsm declares that It is "an exercise which .. . has lately risen into much notice." It re- lates that Foster Powell, of Leeds, for a hundred-guinea wager, walked from London to York and back in five days, in the middle of November. He after- ward accompllshed several similar feats, and In his fifty-seventh year was still taking on bets. In 176,5. accord- ing to the magazine, "a young woman went f#om Bleneogo In Scotland to within two miles of Newcastle In one day, which Is about 72" Must Be Natural Born Citizen No person who is not a natural boris citizen of the United SPites can oc- cupy the office of Preshient of the United States under the Constltuth)n; consequently a Cabinet officer not s natural born citizen, in line of sue- cession to the office, would be passed over and tim next eligible cabinet oIfi- clal in line would succeed to the office. Pronunciation of "Thither" The only pronunelatlon of thither that is recognized by any lexlcograph- lcal authority in l:ngland or America Is that giving each th the same value as In this. then. that. the. etc. None show the initial as thank tldnk, or the like not even a ondary ch,dce.--l,lterary Dig 1 Confederation Articles and U. S. Constitution The articles of confederation cou- ferred upon congress none but the delegate-~ powers amI recognized the absolute sovereignty of the st:ties, notes a writer in the ~leveland Plain Dealer. Aside from the rigbt to make war and peace, regulate foreign inter- course, receive and send ambassadors, control and coinage of money, and set- tle disputed boundaries, congress had no power to act without the consent of nine of the states, eacb casting one ballot. It could not levy taxes, and before 1787 the war debt had de- stroyed the financial reputation of the United States abroad. The states were divided in their In- terests, the last Colonial con- gress hut eight of the states sent dele- gates. Not the least of the weak- nesses*of the confederation was the nonprovlsion of a chief magistrate, or for a national Judiciary. To meet these needs it was found necessary to frame a new Constitu- tion, systematically organizing a per- manent form of government. This document arranges the powers of government under tbree he'tds-- legislative, executive and Judichtl--and places the supreme power in the pen- Ide of the whole cotmtry, instead of vainly endeavoring to maintain a mul- titude of independent states. It re. placed a disjointed confederacy of jealous states with a nation. Means Ringing of Bells The word "tlnthmal)ul.ttion" is ap- proximately a hundred years old. De- I rived from the Middle Latin tintinna. I-:,lum It r-~o.~*:,~ "'110 r|aLrJtl~ of a bel| or bells; the sound of nnlsie so pro- duced." Tiutinnal, uiar was first ent- Idoyed about 1767. Tintlmmbulum ls found in the language as far back as the end of the Fourteenth cevtury, taken directly from the I,attn and de- scriptive of a small tinkling bell. From It a vavlety of derivatives have been formed.--IAterary Digest. Andorrans Remain Poor to Save Their Treasures Andorra, the Republic of the Pyre- nees, has been preserved intact since the days when Charlemagne crossed the almost impassable mountains to aid in driving back the Saracens. In g~f5 A. D., he gave to a handful of mountaineers supposed to be Vlsl- gothic refugees, a charter for the pal. ley of Andorra in return for tbe pro- tection and assistance rendered to him and to hts armies. Content with their mountain territory, they enacted laws and established s republican form of government. They built settlements, and called the|r small capital An- dorra. When the passes of the Pyrenees resounded on all sides with the noise of war. the Andorrans tend- ed their fl~cks and cultivated their flehls, and observed a strict neutrality, which has never been violated, Although the mountains inclosing the snmll country are rich in valuable ores, they have never been worked because the philosophy of the lnhab- Rants teaches them that they must remain poor, so that other countries will not raid them for their treasures. For some reason they remain ignorant. Only one out of 100 can read. They" are Christians. and have a few learned men among them. Crepe Slips Bias cut, at Penne s, Only Boy'sHickory-Stripe Play Suits Men's Cape Skin Leather Cossack Style, only Colonial Bed Spreads Size 84 x 105 Priced Assorted plaids, solids and stripes, priced 59c and 79o Our Oxhide quality. Sizes 2 to 8 I All-Silk Flat Crepe Wanted solid colors. The yard Double Terry Size 22x44, common tow els, striped borders INE. 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