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October 20, 1983     The Malakoff News
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October 20, 1983

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U--Yss Mslsk m lsy, Oct. N, ByLEWIS TULL YellowJacket lead. The Cool/dge YellowJackets ran up The Trojan defense put the game in 315 yards en the ground in Trinidad the hands of the offense two plays later Friday night en route to a when Stacy Boyd pounced on a FereU 15-13 District II-A victory over the fumble. about, A high snap forced Hiler to run for it, and he made it to paydirt before the posse arrived. Jackson added the in YeUowJacket territory, sweeping the right side for eight yards. James Boyd added 17 yards on a crossing pattern to put the ball on the 30. A three-yard Jackson run and a one- PAT, knotting the score at in- termission, and setting the stage for the O THE On Sports By Benny Rogers TrialdadTroJans. The Trojan offense ran aground after yard H/ler loss brought about a third second half. Coolidge was led in the runningdriving to the 34, turning the ball over and long situation, and THS boss Tom Trinidad will take their 2-5 season . . rampage by Phflllp Ferell, who ac- ondowns. Holcomb reached into his bag of tricks and l-41oop record to Leon Oct. 21, fora I7-AAA: Suddenly it's mterestlng ,_ counted for 181 steps. Fitzgerald The Trojan defense paved the for the next play. 7:30 p.m. kickoff against the state- This was to have been the wesk l tel] you bow Texas would end SMU' Thonms added SO yards to the Yeliowjacket road with thorns allnight, Hfler hit James Boyd on a long ranked Cougars. march. But things have suddenly become interestlng in District 17.AAs, "'- YellowJacketcause. keeping Coolidge off of the board until lateral, who in turn tossed a scoring c, mm aTaO warrants our immedlate attention. Mors on Tmms-SMU later. ""AA Coolidge racked up the winningthe 2:11 mark of the second quarter, pass to Stanfleld. An illegal mouflon Downs ................... CeeU e14 Just when it looked like something would finally go true to form points in the third quarter, driving 83 Following a 16-yard James Boyd punt, penalty erased the points, but Holcomb Ru ni Y, aSe .............. 3IS ...... m Crockett pulls off a 28-7 shocker over Rusk in Rusk Friday night..Cro . s ,'v yards on't3 plays. Ferell kept the drive Coolidge set up on the Trinidad 41. had yet another play ready. Pu w Ym'd,se .............. 12 ...... SO coupled with what transp/red in the first week of loop warfare, maXes alive, sweeping the right side for 20 Thomas and Hutchison ground the Hiler h/t James Boyd on a seven-yard Pu amm p dTUd Yard.S, ................. ............. rTS ...... ...... ZSSX, interesting with five of the district's six teams still in the playoff hm t. y _In, Is on a third down play, moving the ball down the field, with Thomas get- out pattern, where he turned and ............. I ....... 7 After two weeks of play Crockett tops the I?-AAA standings a ballto the 44. Ufng the nod from the eight. Carlos lateral/ed to a streaking Jackson. terce nsy ............... 2 ....... 0 The Tigers, Rusk, Fairfield and Teague are one game back at 1-1. Only WeStw T~ltmy Hutchison gave Ferell a Sanam/ego booted the PAT, staking the Jackson made it to the five before being Cunts/Arrange ................ lf~.0 ... 24.3 Zumb s/L t ................. 4/1 ..... at 0-2 appears to be out of the picture. -., AA/t In breather on the next play, plunging up 'Jackets to a 7-0 lead. forced out of bounds. W ,am.rds ............... S/SO .... 7/~ .o The po ..ibiliufes are numerous as to which two teams will .re the middle for seven. But it was FereU Trinidad came right back, moving 55 Three incomplete passes brought up scoaznY Aa ms who once again came to the rescue on yards in II plays. Jackson put Trinidad a field goal attempt, which never came C lld ..................... 0 z s o--x me pinyons. Tne omy thing that's certain is Crockett is definitely m -'- .................... 0 7 0 s--x seat. third down, running the sweep for 14 The Bulldogs have two big wins under their collar. If Crockett's yards, putting the ball on the Trojan behind win over a ood Fairfield team in the loo opener didn't caWn y Coolidge began flndin real ,estate tonufon!,the convinc win over Rusk have. Eagles appeac #, tough to come by, with Trojans Mike district s only real power after the season s first six weeks. But Hornbuckie and Stscy Boyd leading a makes you wonder. _ _,., defensive charge. Momentum, Although Tiger coach Dale Norrts said Crockett's win over the however, was in the YellowJackot really surprise h/m, he did say he was shocked at how easily the u huddle, aliowin Coolidge to push their able to dominate. "After what they (Rusk) did to us I thought the gas= ,,-- way across the scoring stripe. Forell much closer than 28-7," Norris said. ott got the call on third down from the one, All things considered, Norris probably wishes the Bulldogs had if bulling in to break a 7-7 tie. Thomas act together. The Tigers face the Bulldogs the last game of the F dd ) vised in the two-point toss from Henry things fall into place -- meaning the Tigers d ,_eat Westwood and , setting the score at 15-7. lplayO~f berth would be on the line on the season s final Friday .... -- The Trojans were not to be out done, The picture should become dearer after Fr/day night's slate Teague at Crockett, Fairfield at Rusk and Malakoff at Westwooa' ". . l, Crockett beats Teague, Rusk handles Fairfield and the Tigers do ., 't0p-IM the standings would find Crockett (3-0), Rusk (2-I) and the Tigers - act _with a ulne play, M-yard drive. erry uffleld kept things alive, working Ms way into the open behind the secondary. Brent Hfler hit Stanfleld with the tOSS, moving the M yards to the 27-yard llne. Jackson found three yards available on first down, setting the stage for Stanfleld to run the reverse. standings. If these numbers materialize and Rusk and the Tigers win games, which would mean the Tigers beat Crockett, there deadlock at the top and the district's Ufe-breaker procedure would decm "- playoff represenaufves. - tern .. According to Norris, when two teams tie for a spot the winner head-to-head compeuffion. If three teams are tied for a playoff ferenufal in district games determines the winner. The second ue-o would be a coin toss. , Under the point differential system it s the margin of victoryt the max/urn number of points a team can get is 15. For instance, Teague by 27, but only get credit for a 15.point win. On the other lost to Rusk by 28, but officially it goes to down as a 15.point loss. The'1 "" as far as the tie-breWer goes. ,,i. The Tigers are tied with Rusk in the point differential systom..x _ 15 points for beating the Tigers, but were slapped for a l pomt o ' Crockett, which evens RHS out at 0. Crockett is 16, having beat point and Rusk by more than 15. .--- In a s/x-team district a lot can bavnen. There's still more district schedule remaining. It's likely't e race for the two playoff NICE TRY--Trinid~d's James Boyd went to the ground trying to catch thls pass from Blent Hller in the Trojans' game with on different looks from week-to-week. The poss/bfl/t/es are num 0us" _ Coolidge in Trinidad Friday nlsht. The YellowJaeket8 ran up 315 yards en route to a narrow 15-13 victory over the Trojans. The only sure things is that the two teams, of the five still in the~heC~ IM~ The Trojans (Z-~ and I-3) travel to Jewett Friday night to take on the state-r~nk~l Leon Cougars. Leon blasted Cross Roads, take care of business the rest of the way will be in the playoffs. St.@, Friday night. The THnl~d-Leon clash starts at ~ :~ p.m, (Staff photo by Amt Rmmsavafl ) weeks should be interesting. Getting back to Texas vs. SMU. The way I see it, SMU has resc d 'Judgement Day.' Texas 20-SMU 10. As for Malakoff versus Westwood ... M ,nfleld picked ida way for 13 yard& sPotuf the on the 11. Kelvin Bolas moved the ball to the five, and HJler found Stncy Boyd at the goal-the. Hornbuckle plunged In for tha score, leaving Trin/dad two po ts away from a tie. HUer's tom wan knoek down, which preserved the TJH$ loses, ...... O olidge Junior took a 16-0 win fr n Jtmtor High Trinidad 'rroJane Ttmr y a ht. All scerinl[ in the Eame came in the flrJt half. secon half prov to bY a delmgve battle by both turns. Trinidad was tumble to maintain CROSS ROADS JUNIOR HIGH BOBCATS--Team members include SCOtt Anding, Wes Black, James Burleson, Karl Butler, ~ unuf] the hag-time blulzer Mike Campbell, Clint Davis, Preston Doffer, [}ion Emanuel, Robby Egell, Mark Haekett, Nlkki Hall, John Holland, Billy and the Coolidge 11 scored Hushes, Michael Kuhn, Curt/s Lewis, Fred Lewis, Lea Loden, M/ke Lowry, Gerald Marshall, Howard Neill, Stewart ~in with 3 seconds remaining. Again, Rlchardson, Dylan Ruffcorn, Eddle Shoemake, Scott 8hute, Clint Sorrell, Brandon Steed, Shane 8urls, Greg Tunnell, Chad point attempt was good, giving Underwood, Shannon Watts, Victor Rndrlgues, Larry Chandler, Chad Lee, Billy MeKee and Chuck Brown. Coach of the Coolidge the 16-0 win. team is Rlehard Vaashn. (staff photo by L/us Weaks) .~ !;ID|LINE SURV Y!S s I ~lllllll II I -- ~ "-- I II III II I Mill II i Last Week Last Week:, [ Last Week. i Last Week: [ Last Week: Last Week: / 17.7-1 1%7-1 | 17-7-1 I ~-..1 / ~.~.s ~-~-1 1 t|t .mmm Overall: Overall: i Overall: I OveM: | Overall: Overall: _ CromReadsatCoolid e ....... , CooUdse ....... : CooUdse I cooudse ICoolidge l. Coolidge , Coolidge ..................... - .... i- ....I .... ;- ..... MabukatVan Vu Vu [ Vu IVan / Vu Van ............ " , '' ' ' I ..... f ' / ' * _ Hmat xtbem, , ., Atom , _- ch, Imn I. Ath I Athens I ChapeIHIll . Athens _ = at Eustsce .......... . Kereus KereM,,, 1 Kereus , [ Xerous [ Xereus Kerens ,, _ Teq at Crockett Crockett ........... , Crockett [ Crockett t Crockett,, t Crockett Crockett _ Falrfleld at Rusk , Rusk Rusk l Rusk | Rusk [ Rusk Fairfield - KflpreatHcJC' ',, _ ' . Kllgore Kllgore [ Klll ore " ! HCJC I Kflgore _--K/l ore JlWT ItS.F. AUStin SWTexas SWTexa8 I SWTexas I SWTexas I SWTexas SWTexas stBaylor ' ' B ylor .... TCU [ Baylor ' I Baylor .... "I Baylor .... -- Baylor ' - ....... , i"om [ I , . _ : CeloradoatNebruka ........ ,.Nebraska ..... , Nebraska I Nebraska ....... INebraska I. Nebraska .... : Nebraska _ I ! I _ ZO" at MJ_himm l-li hl_ n" 1 ]Mirhi"n | MJ hiwm" L [MUehi_Ean IM[Ichi,all _ .. , . , ,, , , ! ' i- = ,-*-~.*~. ............... : ~,, ,--~ ....... l,, Georg/a ,, |--rm |,Georf0a :Georgia = d Pm St. at Ot/0 St. . L o ost. , o ost. . [. o ost. ...... | O oSt. | O ost. _ _ omost. _ _ USCatNotreDm .......... r Nolrel]qm e i Nolrelkume I NolreDuae I NotreDame [ Notre e NotreDume V ....... ' ............ ' ' ' ! ................ 1- .............. 1 / " ..... i Irg/rdsatPmnSt. WestVlrglMa i PennSt. | WestVirglMa WestVlrghda PelmSt. WestVlrglMa ............ i ................... '- oatPh &lph ,,, :Phl dell , .._ l. PhlladellMa I Phlladelphla l P,hfladelphia ,, : Philadelphla -- ...... ...... " ,-,,'----= [ I ...... _ at ttle ......... ' 8u, ttle Seattle ...... [ ..... [ I . ..... D.,,.. . l I 0"'" . D.,,-. Benny s Bet: Tigers 30 - Westwood 7 Cross Roads falls, 54-0 q i By MARC HARBURG reat defensive slays, scored ~,,~ ;~ ~::i "We gave it our best shot," said Cross tgo uchdown of thee game for Roads coach Keith Tunnel/. "It was an out, making the scorev honor to play the fifth-rated Class A they were still drivinS_fr c . school." ripping off the long ones the Although the score was lopsided the All through the first na ensive | Bobcats gave a good effort in their 54-0 were mounting a great de |, loss to the Leon Cougars. with Robinson and Ma n Clsy# lJ' With the first quarter came most of of these great defensiveP tod the Leon scores starting early when drives like the one which bY |' Robby Stewart took the ball 40 yards to five-yard run to the end zon* t eir J] give the Cougars a very early 6-0 lead Leo ~.'. Hollingsworth giving , ballg ' l |! with more than 10 minutes left in the lead and the last score flrst quarter. In the second half,..o l 0 eY|k ?t Keith Watson took the ball on a sweep started driving but as Mb t( from the 27-yard line carrying it the full hall game they turned they x" distence to the goal llne, again missing committed penalties wt " to the extra point now making the score not afford. . n ed ( with plenty of Ufme on the first quarter The first half be!o be)' clock 12-0. Cougars. Even thoUgn_a' } Not to be outdone by his two backfield many times in the seco- well ~-~ ~---t~- team mates, Keith MeCune ran the ball down, the Bobcats pla.Yel~ t]~_. ]~~t~t 28 yards into the endzone. This after such a good team. Witrt t rter, some good running by the whole minutes left in the third to "" bac ield. The score was now with ran their ' ks to jet still time in the first quarter.Cougar s 38 than - - CroSS ( In no Ufme the ball was resting on the l iBobcats' 41-yard line. Stewart again broke away and raced all the way now extending the lead to 24-0, still in the spirits even mor ads started2 first quarter. Again Cross . orn . Good up-field running combined with distance between the'power sweep gave Leon their first goalline in the to _II11 | real drive in which the Cougars went up a ain a Bobcat shor c? by the score 30-0 now with a Brian g urnOvC'" down produced a t _~aaed,, ,,~ ]i~,,.. Holiingsworth 17-yard run. This was in '"1- ..... 'ties were r?..e%ol# " ~MLY~ x.c l~Sm, .. ,~.,, n Uc~'=.~ ," M.'~llt~ the beginning of the second quarter. Tunnell. "It wasn't re'" .| i Leon was now maintaining good Tunnell went on to =e drives by the whole backfield. In the 'sloppy at times. - | "'a second quarter McCune ran the hall in Jeff Tunnel/had a g_o s twice running five yards both times forMatt Anding and Chris BOI '. li e tl:tl two scores and before the end of two quarters the score rested at 36-0. The 'Cats travel to Randall Robinson, who had a few Friday. Leons is rep as contest ~hal~ I. ona Lewis of Malakoff became the and Miami over .NY season's second two-time winner in The Other results in, News' football contest last week. Lewis, Ferris, Mabank ov! a winner two weeks ago, missed only over Trinidad, _M a. ,six games. Wills Point over Ke For her efforts and the win Lewis will Roads, Kflgore ove receive a Savings Bond. over West Mesqul Finishing in a second place tie with Arkansas. even incorrect guesses were Malcolm Also, Arizona St: Qnattlebaum, Velma Nokes and Erma over Kansas St., Monroe. Forest, Oklahoma, Contestants missing eight gamesDenver over Cinc] were Freddie Colvln, Clayton Sim- Baltimore, Pittsbu mona, Gre8 Gawilk, I. K. Phillips, Dana LA Rams over Wilson, Pauline Ferguson, Gedyee Philadelphls. rt and Tree Winn. The HC, JC-WIm Most often missed games by the field Thursday night ant of 22 contestants were Palmer over the Judging. HC, JU Eustace, Texas A&M-Baylor (tie),Contestants are Illinois over Ohio St., St Louis over must be in The .Tampa Bay, Seattle over LA Raiders Fridaypreceedln