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Malakoff, Texas
October 22, 1931     The Malakoff News
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October 22, 1931

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o I Medicine and Surgery I GENERAL INSURANCE ,, i Office Phone 81 Residence Phone 78 ! I Office; Skile.~ Building ..... i "'['he Voice of The Lignite City" MALAKOFF, HENDERSON COUNTY, TEXAS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1931 NUMBER 10 ;day; Oct. 21..Earthquake Ii!iF, Children,sl iWSweaters. .............. oflT inii dm :e 'i "i:ds: ]e]lOs:l =: : Dallas.Rev' E' L' R" Whiddnl Every Odd Fellow is extend between these teams in this city " d ........ o o .... o" Suth"'" " IONI Sh K ~iTIltnllllilnlillllallliInlmlllllllOlalUlllllllI in this city In a two day session ! .... ]|The great inventive genius |i high school football team from I flds last Thursday and Frldav The ' I | died peacefully at his West ]the thousand percent column in many as highly successful, and , - I shortly after 3 clock Sunday }] back yard Friday afternoon. The from the standpoint of atten ante and Interest, wnlcn was [iee'yallMEat20FirstH'NationalC" RiddlespergerBank lug ~ecretarv At~er the sisal:Ion et o th County Baptist As. T +. ., ... I Malakoff Tigers Lose . s thomas lva r.,alson 1 I .... , SOClatlon Holds An. I| Dies At His Ho eln t l l o Kerens By Narrow [.t=l nual Session HerelI We.t Orange, N J [[ Margin 0f7to 61 Member Federated Home Owned Stores -- f I| The entire world today is in | [ The regular annual m.eetmg o / t mourning because of the pat- }l By the narrow margin of 7 to 6 the Henderson County Misslona;I|sing of the world's greatest ]tthe "Bobcats" of the Kerens PIECE GOODS ry Baptist Association conveneo !tinvefitor, Thomas A Edison t High School eradicated the local Jl " " re tom iI Our dress goons section is me - plete today than it has ever been, and sessions were proclaimed by l |Orange, New Jersev home, |la practice game in their Own with prices at the lowest level in 15 ,, Z-i~. years. 54 Tweed, a most complete variety of patterns ..... "] |mrnimz' following a serious |Icontest was staged on the high . l tillness of several weeks. |I school gridiron and due to the o " manifested, the meeting proved nch Silk and Wool effects Rayon mixed Suitings__:49c I: - _ fact that Friday was anniversary ieepln9 to be one of the best that hasI ]day in "The Champion Cotton PRINTED SUITINGS ever been held in the cotmty I. . ....... I City" a large crowd was on hand i Early Thursday morning the]Henderson County Odd [for the occasion. Music was fur- Old Dyed in rich Fall patterns. Colors of Brown visitors began arriving froml., .. ,e . . Inished throughout the game by .k and Green, New low price per yard ........ H-ll every section of the county arid] l e!lOWs lO [101fl Inter I the Texas University hand by the time the activities had[ City Meet Here 0ct 271 Thegamein its entirety was BLANKETS , gotten unuer way practicallyl I the poorest exhibition the Tigers I . " A brand new line of very choice first every Baptist church inthecoun-I Odd Fellows from all of thelhave put on this season. On ty was represented I Henderson County I.od res willIthree former occasions they have quality Blankets. Our extended line The Moderator, Rev. M..L. tassemble in Ma]akoff on thelemerged victorious over opposi. /#4//] //l//f offers the housewife, style, sizes and Fuller of Athens, called the meet- f,r tion which was much stron er, /J// if// weight to meet every need-- ......... ]evening of October 27th thel g lug oraer iv a. m. ano tne] fourth regular monthly me tin Ithan was afforded by the "Bob-I 66_x 80 plaid o6 x 80 part wool!ollowing officers elected[o th-einler. ityL-o ]ge, o-- - en[Icats". Thegame. started with] NAIl At BAN 29 Ior me.ensuing term; t .ev Ul-iderson County, The meetinglbth teams playing a.fairly even] , 1,98 was re'elec e as l era'r; [ wlll be held in conjunction with [game, but before the mmai quar-! Membe Federal R..serve System 1 ev. o.2 VVlUl Ora oI _ .us.r.ace, [the regular meeting of the 5Iala-Iter had progressed very far, it: . . , t, lera; rana o. lJavis of Athens, Ikoff Lodge No. 885 ith theIwas seen that the locals were de- Part Wool SWEATERS ,Treasurer,. and Rev D. R. Car!- I inter City officials taking charge Icidedly off form. For some rea. lluge OI Atnens as orrespona son the r Men's heavy Sweaters: 5-gauge ribbed ........... "lat theconclusionof the regularl Tiges were unable to cuff and bottom, 3-piece shawl 4 [order of business of the local or-lg t ge er on their running collar, sizes 36 to 46 ............. I ,lO .f fficers' !etters frm the va" I ganization. Iplays and even their here't'fre -- [WIj popularYUnd" KennedYad rttsed & Yund,brand, amOStnow._ iiOO @ Off andchurchesrlUSthirteenCnUrcneSln theutWerecounty,f theCalleapresenSiXteen rIt I oruerl ......... ThiSotInter-Oityuaa P eiiows Lod e ain , ":laenaer- t new I successful. I click, passing game failed to The edencou_raglng reports for the ] this city in July and since thatler team having scored. In the Mean" g, ershakethe I " "lson County was organized inl The first half endedwith neith- pat: year s orK l ne reports snoweu one nunare. anu wen yl been held in Athens and CrosslSucceeded in putting over a ly renovated, and carefully checked for repairs, You will be i . ,'." .... l time monthly meetings havelthird quarter the Kerens squad moth balls from that then, have it thorough I five baptisms during the past I Roads. Each of these meetingsltouchdown on a series of running agreeably surprised at the small cost i _ -- _ -- _-. , year I Among promlnenl; speak u WEEK IN HISTORY .. ..... lhaveattrae ed a large attend.lp)aYsand thereafter on a line , ....... " lance and increased interest is be. IPl nge they added ,he extra" Malakoff Dry Cleaners era WhO I;OOK par in wOiin manifested at each succeed-lpoint, which placed the score at day program were; Dr. Calvinlin z meeting The meeting here l7 to0. Malakqff made their lone Julius Fowler, Manager MaJakoff, Texas I ,Oct 19--Cornwallis sur- Nelson, pastor of the First Bap- I next Tuesda'y evening is expect- counter about the middle of theI :red at Yorktown, Vir- t st. Church at Palestine; Dr:led to draw a good attendance last quarter, but were unable to - -- _ t-crier ailes, pastor el the virs ......... score the extra "oint Thu the ................................................................................................... , 1781. _ . ......... l rom o ner organlzauons " v Oct. 0--Spain ratified Baptisi; t, nurcn yler; l)r. U. ] Athens and Cross Roads as well final whistle found the score at :t 8=ding Florida to the V..Edwards,i : jBa lOKeC l lege : /as a good representation from7 to6 in favor of the "Bobcats" t elton, and ' Ithe local lodge A return game will be played SON'S ......... ,T_ ..... "" " e a or l v tlon to vls n Frlday, N vember 6th And -- --owing sermon Frlday morning ca I Pacific Cqast, 1868. . ]d c d'ai in ita" "it " m, . " .... /Malakoff Lodge on this accasion, both C ch Wal er and his team ay, Oct. 22--Beginning "" I ,. are confident of sweet revenge lunch and droner on Thursday n thls occasl n a ' Cecil Shirey Injured o " "o . Thi g me is a , nd Pan American Con- and lunch on Frldav at the Swan , ~.~ity O~ Mexico, 190~. ~~i:~,, " I &. o1...I,' , regular scheduled conference son bulldlng The meals were an utomonne wrec I I .. o . ... game, and w'llfigure materially of the new Oct 23--First boat made . prepared by the ladies of the, l lear I aurman "unsay in the standing of the two teams Fall Coats sage on the Erie Canal, STAIGERS local church. "I in the District 14-B Conference. Cornet soloist platy "Princess It was announced that the next[ Cecil Shirey of this city was ...... -'.--t-wn C 'cde tvr mr EAl meeting will be held with thelpainfully injured near Kaufman : , ,-, . , ty, Oct 24 ,, --- . tnd associated NBC stations, Wed- church at Martin Springs on I late Sunday afternoon when the t rOWnlee's variety a part of PhiJadelphia) neaday, October 28th, at 8:30 P. M. out, 1683 (E.S.T.). The tune. of which Thursday and Friday aRer the Ford Roadster, in which he was ' Mnw iln Tnwn / londay, October 26 ' Staigers is co-composer, Is dedl-- Second Sunday in October 1932. riding with three other Malakoff ,,.v.,,o ,i , -- c~ted to aoo evelt boys, ran into a Chevroletseda. ..... ,., TO Sat., November6 Advertls ment Longworth ,. The impact threw Mr Shirey tlrownlee'svarle[y Store, wnlcn Anatomical Namc~ hasbeen operated by Mr, and ,'\ll l/I [] I He is a member of a learned profession .... exact- in its requirements .... Your Physician relies on him to compound prescriptions. There must be uo mistake....You call on him for many services--- often when other doors are closed. For his many in promoting public health, he deserves good will and hearty support. Ple to In the body, one might lind a bunch of grapes, a~cuckeo bill. a small pan and" a millstone, accordiug to Lloyd Edwin Smith, writing in liygeia Mag- azine. Many parts of the body were at first named by the old Romans and the Greeks for the commonplace ob- Jects that they seemed to resemble. The bunch of grapes (or its name means that in Latin) is the red lobe of the palate, the uvula. It lmngs down from the soft palate as a bunch of grapes would hang between two leaves. The coccyx (cuckoo bill in Latin) was named because the curvature of these four bones at Um end of the vertebral column were tho(~ght to look like the bill of a cuckoo. The patella is th~ movable bone in the knee. Patella in Latin means a small pan. Claude Smith who recently un derwent an operation for appen dicitis at the Navarre County Hospital and Clinic in Corsicana, was able to return to his home here Saturday afternoon. Mrs. LeRoy Kirby underwent a very successful operation for appendicitis at the Navarre Clin- ic in Oorsicana Saturday even- ing Mrs. Kirby vas strickened suddenly and was taken to Cor sicana about 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon The operation was performed by Dr Newton at 7:30 reported to be ira- against the edge of the wind shield which cut a deep gash in his face near the right temple. He was taken to Kaufman for medidal attention. The other occunants of the car were unin- jured, The accident occured about 5 miles from Kaufman on the Dal. las road as the boys were return. ing from a visit to the State Fair Julius Fowler, who was driving the roadster, stated that the Che. vrolet sedan was being driven by some negros and was traveling in the same direction as his own car. He said that he was run- ning along behind the other ve- hicle and when he sounded his horn to gain the right of way the negro lmlled out to the right of the road, but instead of permit- ling him to pass, the negro pull- ed back across the road to turn into a gate. Julius said that when the other driver pulled out, he attempted to drive by, and when the other came back into the road, he was too close to avert the ceash. Both cars were considerably damaged. Mrs. M. S. Brownies. in the Swanson building on Mitcham Street for the past several months, was moved last week in- to the J. M. Tanner building in the main business section -Mr. Brownies said, in making the change, that a good location )lays big part in the sudcess of store business and that in the new place, he expects to complete many sales to custo mers who would likely never pass the old stand. " " No ore Diptheria! TOXOID PREVENTS Place: Grammar School Time: 9 o'clock, Friday Oct. 23 Price of Toxoid: 25c The preventative treatments for Diptheria are given us at this price through the State Health Department. Dr D. B. Owen will give the serum Parents, if you want this pro. tection for your children, come brin ATHENS, Femininekind hasn't been of- fered such an opportunity in years. What makes it all the more inviting is that the lux. urious coats featured are fash. toned along novelty original hnes.., decidedly more flat- tering than they've ever been. To try on any of them is be thrilled. Styles and Qualities To Meet Everyone's Taste and Prices You Cannot Resist! TO Remember the dates Oct. 26ttl to Nov. 3rd Millinery and Exclusively [South Side of the Square]TEXAS