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Malakoff, Texas
October 23, 1930     The Malakoff News
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October 23, 1930

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?HEIMALAKOFFNE.WS THE MALAKOFF N'EWS " " Shopping Was FOUND'AT 71 . '.: the r, matte;. I | ' VERY ? IEDItiINE 'i I m Price $1.00 a Y ar Advertising Rates on request.I I.-:. 2. , uLsv t /',. " L( Venerable C Of San Anion. f io Tells What Konjola Did in I and Cards of Thanks must be paid ior at regular rate. [ '/ / Sz'r 0, \ His Slllbborn Case It' L ease of error in advertisement this pat)er will not be re- [ )Ibte for more than the cost of the advertisement. [ numbers last Saturday and we note that before the shades ] 'ht had fallen their wares had practically been disposed of. [ " 6':" Ig as our people patronize these fly-by-night peddlers that ist See these Used Cars l'oday! Their attrac. ow long they will continue to invade our city. Malakoff is not[ iW " ,orated and therefore cannot charge these people a llcense ofI - - live appearance and reliable condition, t0- Nor have.we the right to say whether or not they can park [ gether with a low price, offers the utmost ehicles in our streets and alleys. If we had such a bight they [ | [ sin from comina, here but would go elsewhere to com-I [ aatwerepowerl ss todefend themselves against such[ / ,, MR. WILLIAM D VIS in Economical Motor Car Transportation. petition. People who patronize these wagons are in no[ [ It was nine years ago that I to the merchants who have made Maiakoff what it is. If / .......... i ...................... ---=- _. _ began having trouble witl con- 1928 Chevrolet Coach ................ $325 ms our business men were forced to discontinue bust- [ Wins Canadian Marathon Chic Fall Costume stipation, indigestion, bloating 1930 Ford Standard Coupe ..........$450 Id mean that a large number of families-your friends---] and poor appetite", said Mr. 1930 Ford Standard Coupe ..........$395 to leave Malakoff in order to obtain a llvelyhood. By [ William Davis, 7t, of 732 Kayton your home merchants you are helping to keep some- "I taok several 1929 Ford Sedan at work. By buying from the peddler you injure your met- your town and yourself and are helping no one save the ped- out to make a living for a family residing in some other Think it over and act according to the dictates of own conscience and the peddler'will quit stopping here. r u Grand Jury Report !;L :.: FOLLOWING THE Recent report of the Grand [ :*: , of Henderson County places].-. GOAT :,::,: law enforcement authorities " ' :': rather a bad light. They re.! Br THOMAS ARKLE CLARK 'actically no effort is] D,an of Men, University of ;,*; in the county to en- I ~' ~ " Illinois, :o:~;! prohibition law and I :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: It-was sheep shearing time when I t slot machines are being op- was in Montana. All through lhe Gal- all over the They also state bawdy being permitted to without interference looks bad for the y and the Sheriff's ent it also places the ury in a r ther oeculiar they adjourn- going to the trouble ' out a few bills in some Istanc, s. Loyally Needed ate receipts at the foot- ne last Friday were in- at to pay off the visitors was necessary to take uP itional collection. This is hat of a reflection on our ship, It shows all too our indifference and lack blie spirit We don't blame iople fl'om staying away , he cheap shows thatswoop upon us with a lot of bully- i bunk, but this ia differ- [ ,these are not our sons sons of our neigh- hould at least man- terest. day led. that Malakoff and trust another election BIBLE QUESTIONS . at is in store for him uotes the Bible? What was the scourge Christ drove of the Temple, of beast did n? many years did God raise eontihuous crops on rround? How many days did Mir- have.the leprosy ? :o Bible Questions 22-18, 19. whip chords. John beasts that parteth and cheweth the cud. let the year. latin valley the sun was shining, the buttes were green from the abundant spring rains, and the sheep were feed. lng, thousands of them, tens of thousands,~ln Marguerite Rav|er of Philadelphl: :tlasted a fau\ous field of women en tlt~aee swhnmers to win the $10,(X~ :,nadlan national marathon swim ,~ ',~o~to. ,act, ready for the yearly sl~ear- lng. It Is not an "Men don't under- easy matter to stand women"--per- get t h e m into haps; and women tbe pens where th~ shearing is done., don't understand They listen reluctantly to the vo'lce of why a man likes the shepherd, but they are followers, baseball--and limburger cheese. If there is a leader among them with- out thinking, they will follow him any- Lg'~'~'X'*'~"X'~r~'~'~'~k~k~'~g"~ wbere. On one of the big ranches. I . $ POTPOURRI noticed a goat wandering about among , , * the sheep, and I remarked on the fact. .~HH~-~-,~-~-X-~-~.-~)~.~.,- "The goat is trained." one of the i A r" in the Lun s .,*.* natives explained to me, 'he can be g A normal person breathes led anywhere, and the sheep follow f~emmi-xteen:: him, peacefully one after another with- to twenty times out thought or questioning. It is [ p ute. Each act of Dreath- , quite easy." ~ ing exchanges from twenty to , thirty cubic inches of air in the ~* Very much like human beings, these ~lun~s.~, Exercise of co~rse in- ~" sheep, I thought. Most of us have a ~ creases the amount. During ev- goat or two which we follow wlthout ~ ery twenty-four hours about working our brains at'all, ~ 686,000 cubic inches passes , l~lora is smoking. Now she doesn't ~ through the lungs of an adult..$, knowsllke it; itsheis doesn'ta dirtydhabltit well,andandnotSheat ~ Contllmed exercise would in. all good for her nerves. ~ crease this amount, as much as "Don't you smoke?" Della asks her. ~ two-fo~d. ~i~((~). 1930. Western Newsvaver Union.) ~k 'Della is the goat, coarse, vulgar, but . . the leader of the flock, the one who ~l~-~*~-~g-~-~-~x-~-~@~ sets the pace, and gets all the rest : - into the corral. "How strange," she says, and laughs a little satirical NOTICE! NOTICE! laugh, and Flora drops Into line and follows the goat. We the undersigned land own, The Glenms did not taste liquor In pre-Volstead days. They had been ers take this method of warning brought up differently. It Just wash t all persons against allowing their I respectable to have liquor about. Then things began to change a lilftle. When they went out to one social affair or another there were cocktails served and tl~e odor of gin in the air, and scarcely a social evening passed with- out a chance to get a shot or two of something stimulating. Respectable people, too, clmrch men'hers and the once-~conservatlve members of society did not say no when the cocktail shaker came into the room. Well. what were the Glerms to do? It would look queer and people would laugh if tlley hutrg back, so meekly aud quite in llne they followed the goat, Lawton had never been a financial plunger. What modest sums he could gather together to Invest he put Into government bonds or tim most con. servatlve of securities. He was wise enough not to fall for any of the get- rich-quick schemes to width some of hls friends hecame an easy prey. When some smooth.tongued salesman expressed a willingness to let him in on something that would net him ~5 per cent, Lawtm~ shook his head. He would not know what to do with the money, he averred, If It came In that fast. But stocks were booming, all his friends we~ taking a chance, and counting their profits. It was the op- portunity of a lifetime, and he was being ridiculed for not l)alng a sports- man. so Lawton followed the goat; he was taken Into th~ corral The bet- hogs to continue running on and in our farms, or on our premises Such stock will b[ promptly tak- and dealt with as the law Dwight Dodson N. C. Vandagriff Jim Cherry Mrs, Kate S Haden (Per J J Haden) C aude E Smith. 1 ) I ere s a chic costume for fall wear. A frock of bright trlue covert cloth Is trhnmed with rlekrack in white pique. An agnes tam of blue is bound with a bond and bow of white grosgrain ribbon. i i ! , ( fi ! i i The increasing use of Bayer As- pmn every year proof that it has no ill effects. It the accepted an- tidote for pain. It always helps; never harms; is safe to use freely as ofter as it is needed. Quick relief whenever you've a headache, or cold; or are suffering from neuralgia or neuritis. The distressing pains of rheumatism yield, too, if you'll only give these tablets a chance. But be sure to get genuine /~spirm. t~ has the Bayer Cross on every tablet. L.-,ok for the name Bayer on the box, and the word "genuine" printed in red. Proven di. rections inside. [ dMldrla is t.ho trade mark of B~yer Manufacture ~1~ 1 /ron~e~st~e.ld~t~* of ~Sali~yl/eacld # goes where it is invited and stays where it is well treated. Give us your Banking Business. We will show you by the way we take care of'it how much we appredateit avenue. Dallas. kinds of medicine but nothing did me the zood that Kovjola did I had to take laxatives daily and gas and indigestion followed practically every meal At times the pain was so severe that I could scarcely bear it My en- tire system was run down. "I read so much about Konjola that I decided to give it a trial. I noticed an improvement within three days and in three weeks I felt better than I had in years I am telling all my friends about Konjola and expect to take it un. til I am free of all ailments " Konjola has done as much for thousands wben taken regularly over a si. to eight week period. It is truly a master medicine for ailments of the stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels, and rheuma- tism. neuritis, and nervousness. Konjola is sold in Malakoff ...................... $425 1929 Ford Tudor ..................... $325 1930 Ford Tudor ..................... $395 1930 Ford Truck and Body ........... $450 1927 Ford Coupe ....................... $95 1926 Ford Coupe ........................ $75 1926 Ford Tudor ....................... $85 1928 Chevrolet Coupe ................. $350 Open Nights 'Til 8:30 O'clock. New and Used Car Departments. Two stores to ,elect from and from which to buy. Store No. 1 On the Big Corner. " Store No. 2 Next to Coca Cola Company. Texas at Weir's Drug Store, and by all the best druggists in all towns ,througbout this entire Athens, section. '" Read the Advertlm.ments. Dealers of Ford Products "PIONEER GARAGE OF ATHENS'" Texas NOTICE I Double $)a ard E( :/le Tire " DIFFERENCE While. Prices are Still at the Bottom, Come in and see about ou) Special RADE . IN We PROVE why G.oodyears are Best --before we ask you .to buy! /, ! ITION! Here is your, chance--with the slipperiest, most dangerous driving months of the year ahead.--to give us those smooth, worn tires as part payment for new Goodyear Double Eagles or Heavy Du y All-Weathers, at the LOWEST COST in history! Drop in--talk it over-:get our offer--no obli- gation, Why risk it? Why be delayed and bothered with tire trouble? A few dollars now will put you on a set of new Goodycars--the tires you can be proud to have seen on your car, , i ,f ' i ' f J ,f , i , First State