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October 28, 1976     The Malakoff News
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October 28, 1976

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Oct. 28, 1976-NEWS.BANNER See 'n' Tell By Lois Williams I was young and full of girlish ideals and I had never been west of the Mississippi and from the moment I met him he started educating me to be a Texan. He told me of the wonders of the west where every thing is bigger and better and said that in some places you can stand on one spot and see three days ahead I believed him because the song "Don't Fence Me In" was at the top of the Hit Parade and didn't it, and every other westerner I ever met say just about the same thing? I listened to his tall tales of the wide open spaces for almost two years and when he told me he was distant cousin of my child- hood hero, Gene Autty, I decided this was too .good to MABANK Meat Packing Plant Sale of Beef and Pork Freezer Packs or by lb. Curing and Smoking of Pork, Scalding and Scraping. 887-0071 Mabank Kill Monday thru Friday Kill and Chill miss-so I married him We were in Heidelburg, Ger- many at the time, both members of the United States Army on duty with the occupation forces soon after the end of World War If. returned to the states and I found myself west of the Mississippi at last. Specific- ally in El Paso, Texas. We quickly rented a small fur- nished apartment and the next morning he drove off to report for duty at Ft. Bliss while I walked to town to look the place over. I could hardly wait for him to come home to tell him about the sights I saw. "This is a big modern city", I informed hzm. "Yes ma am , he sazd. "But there are tumbleweeds blowing right down the middle of the main strestI" I added. "Why shore," he drawled. "Now you are learning about Texas" A week later we drove north through the West Texas desert land to visit relatives in Oklahoma. There seemed to be no end to the sky. Mile after mile of sand, salt flats, cactus and Of A Ling Room Set, SPECIAL THIS WEEK SLEEPERS q98 up Open A Convenient REVOLV-A-CHARGE or Get $750 instant credit if you have a Master Charge, Bank Americard, American Exprees, Carte Blanche, or Dinars Club Card. BqN! Plenty Free Parking "E-Z" Credit Terms Lay-Away 319 N. Terry -- FM 90 N. Malakoff -- [214] 4894090 on electric ranges 1. When using top-of-range utensils, cover tightly and cook with minimum of water. Cooking's faster; less energy'S used. Food looks and tastes better, too. 2. Use flat-bottomed utensils for best contact with heating surface Use proper size utensils. A 6" pan on an 8" heating surface wastes energy. 3. Preheat oven only wherL needed and only to temperature stated. Normal preheat is 10 minutes; any longer wastes energy. 4. When broiling, do not preheat. Leave door ajar.., air circulation insures proper broiling. 5. Use oven fully. Fill it with foods that cook at same temperature. Freeze extras for later use 6. Center pans in from oven sides, staggered above each other (no overlap) for best heat distribution. 7. Keep oven shut. Opening door drops temperature 25 or more; wastes energy. 8. Thaw frozen meats before cooking. jack rabbits and I eudted him if this was the spot where you could see three days ahead. He grinned in delight andk said, "Yeah, isn't it pretty." Two days later we drove hack to El Paso over the same route. We drove for tortured hours at a snails pace through a thick sand storm. Great shadowy shapes came out of the whirling dust and shattered against the car where I cowered in fear. "You aren't afraid of a few ol tumble weeds, are you?" he laughed. "But some of them are as big as the car!" I yelped, "And, by the way, where is that spot where you can see three days ahead--right now we can't even see the car radiator." He insisted that I was going to learn to love Texas. We roamed the world for twenty five years. Produced and raised two sons and finally it was time to retire and he told me I could live any place I chose as long as it was in Texas. So here I am. I've lived through all the Texas seasons for the past two years, l've seen my first blue bonnets and Indian paint brush flash their colors. I've watched the sky with anxious eye during tornado alerts. I've shivered through several "Blue Northers". scraped green mold from my shoes during a long, wet spring and sur- vived some dry Texas heat waves while I yearned for the comfort of my childhood in the cool. green mountains of West Virginia. Ive screamed in horror as I watched a huge, angry bull try to trample a young Cowboy at a local rodeo. I've listened to ranchers discuss all the gory details of cattle breeding, l've seen a calf being born. I've voted in i ..................... "" ............... "''""""" ...................... m .............. !i;i ill! By A=y ,,,wu Pumpkins, apples and heat. Stir in cereal and' for trick or treats. Indian corn, cider and cara- mel apples--they all seem to go with Halloween.. ,.and so do trick or treaters. The pint sized spook brigade will be out terrorizing the neighbor- hoods this weekend, knock- ing on doors, loaded down with those shopping bags and all their Halloween loot. Give the little ghosts and goblins a real treat this year with some home made good. ies instead of store bought candy. An old standby that is fast and easy are the cereal crispie bars. RICE CRISPIES 4 cups miniature marsh. mallows 'A cup margarine 4 curs crisp dee cereal 1 cup crushed peanut brittle [optional] Melt marshmallows with margarine in eaucepu over low heat. Stir occasionally to keep from scorching, ud until smooth. Remove from w0#/e00 ./Veers candy until well coated. And of course, here's that Press into gremmd 9-lack old standby everyone loves. square pan and let cool Cut in squares and wrap each one CARAMEL APPLES in plaAc wrap for non- sticky treats. 49 [14 ounce bag] caramel or chocolate caramel candies Here's a variation on the 2 T. water above that combines the last 4 or 5 medium size apples [try to find good crisp ones] Wooden sticks here's a variation on the Melt caramels with water above that combines the in covered double boiler or taste of caramel. You can cut these in squares or roll them D-" -- in balls and insert a popsicle o, ns stick. Kids love them. Lady Shoes To Gun Barrel CARAMEL CRISPIES 49 [14 ounce bag] caramel candies 2 T water 3 cups crisp rice cereal 2 cups corn flakes 1 cup coarsely chopped peanuts [or other nuts] Melt caramels with water in double boiler or eaucepan over low heat. Stir occasion- ally until sauce is smooth. Pour over combined cereals and nuts, toss until well coated. Press into well buttered pan and let cool before cutting into squares. Or moisten your huds with cold water and form mixture into medium sized balls. Let stand until firm, then insert wooden pick or stick in each ball, Wrap in plastic wrap the ' "-., ,  , - ,..  pearl culturing. He had produced cultured pearl buttons {not round pearls) prior to 1916. n jeweler's ' . - wife By Martha Williams 5-10 saucepan over low heat. Stir occasionally until sauce is smooth. Insert a wooden stick into stem of each apple which you have washed and dried. Dip into hot caramel sauce; turn until coated. Scrape off excess sauce from bottom of apples. Place on greased waxed paper; chill until firm. Keep in cool place. For variation you can roll the apples in chopped nuts or shredded coconut before completely cool. Pearl bearing oysters (or mollusks) thrive where the waters are tranquil but flowing. Strangely mollusks which produce the finer state and county elections nacre are not so edible as " and den called for ]pry t o.. producing poorer duty. l've madeawhole new quamy. In bygone days pearl batch of Texas friends and think they are pretty special people. But, this past weekend was a red letter day I attended my first Dallas Cowboy football game and my feller says that any day now I'm going to qualify as a full fledged Texan. 9. Do not use oven or surface heating elements for home heating. 10. Turn range off immediately when finished. Conserve electricity and you help conserve one or more of the fuels needed to produce it. Conserve fuels and you help assure that there will be enough to meet essential needs for electricity in the future. When you pass a TP&L office, warehouse, generating plant or other facility, you'll see that we've turned off all non-essential lighting. And, in as many other ways as possible, TP&L is reducing its own uses of electricity. If you would like additional information on conserving electricity, call the Customer Service Representative in the TP&L Office. TEXAS POWER 8 Li(;HI" COMPANY A mx-pJytnO, mwtor-owned tr bearing oysters were found throughout the United States and produced a va- riety of pearls of various hues including metallic green. Of course men used no discretion in harvesting these pearls. As soon as a find was reported, pearl seekers swept into the area and plundered the beds. leaving nothing behind to replenish the streams. As nature's bounty was de- pleated, a new source had to be found. In ancient times men considered pearls to be gifts of the gods and to interfere with their mysteries was nothing short of sacrilege. In the 14th century a Chinese missionary reported seeing cultured pearls grown by inserting rolled leaves into pearl growing mussels. There are other reports of sporadic attempts to dunli- care natures pearls by ar- tifical methods, but the first important break came about 1904. A young man named Mise was seemingly success- ful in growing cultured round pearls by transplant- ing a bit of the mantle from a pearl gearing oyster into another oyster at the same time a pearl neculus was inserted. Another man named Nishikawa also was success- ful by following the same procedure. Some think their source of information was the same. Nishikawa av- plied for a patent in 1907 but was turned down. Another man. Mikimoto lai claim to the discovery "and was granted a patent in 1916 It is disputed as to whether he learned the secret from one of the two or developed it independently. Mikimoto had done extensive research and experimentation with All Jeans SHARON'S SPORTSWEAR lS N. BeaCon co.-,,.H NYWAY Tuesday thru 9:30 to 5:30 Ladies Dresses Pant Suits Blouses & Skirts Misses Sizes Junior Sizes 6 to 3 to OANKAMERICARD 3120 H/. 85 Distinctive Fashions for Juniors and Misses Next Door To Gun Barrel City Hall Also Store In Athens, Canton, Carthage, Chandler & Gun If you smell natural gas, follow tliese 3 steps to safety. The natural gas industry has one of the best safety records of any energy source in the United States. The fact that you can smell natural gas is because we add a harmless chernical to it as an extra safety feature. Otherwise, it would be completely odorless. If you detect faint whiffs of what you think may be gas, investigate. It may be something that is as easily and safely corrected as a pilot light that has gone out, or a burner valve that's partly ope00 If your equipment seems to be working properly and the odor intensifies and seems to be everywhere, please follow these precautions: I DO not switch any- thing e on or off. Dont use the @ telephone in your own home. Do not stre a match. Do not do anything that might cause a spark Have every- one leave ately, leaving doors open to help ventte. Go to a nearby telephone and call Lone Star Gas Company. Wit until we have found the . ,sur of the odor to determine whether it s safe for you to return to the house. You may never have a natural gas leak, but we want you to be infomt in case one does occur. Please make sure your hrny is aware of these precautiomly steps. And we suggest tlmt you keep this message for future reference. Lone Star Gas Company 6