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Malakoff, Texas
November 1, 1935     The Malakoff News
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November 1, 1935

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MALAKOFF AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE Dan Royall H.C. Riddlesperger Office at First National Bank I Pd "[he Voice" of The Lignite City" P. T. KILMAN, M. II. Medicine and Surgery MALAKOFF TRINIDAD Phones 81, 78, 71Phone 341 24 MALAKOFF. HENDERSON COUNTY, TEXAS, FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 1. 1935 NUMBER 10 Help us make this our : Up to this date we have piled up more sales than any year aince we've been in Malakoff. Values like these made it so- Gordon Hose Heart Attack Is Fatal To Tavernale Nite Club lqanager Emmett Cu is, 37, manager of the Tavernale Night Club, died very suddenly at 2:45 A. M. Sun- Let your next pair of hose be "Gordon's," All day as the result of a heart attack, He had retired to the apartment desirable shades and sizes ................ above the nightclub, occupied by Other full fashioned Hose ..... 49c him and his wife, about mid. night feeling as usual, except that he suffered slightly from Jackets Bed Spreads pains following the extraction of ely Suede leather-- Cossack style--zipper front. A good $5.00 value anywhere___ New coloring and stripes. Full 80 x 105 Spread for only_ Shoes some teeth that had been made early in the day. Mrs. Curtis said that she was awakeded dur. inu the night to find her husband gasping for breath. She said that she raised him up in her arms and was thus holding him lqalakoff Tigers Malakoff People Nor- Lose 7-6 Battle. rowl7 Escape Serious To Teague High Injury In Car Wreck Last Friday night the Malakoff Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thomas, Tigers invaded the den of the Monroe Sudduth, and son, Ray- Teague Lions only to be partially mend, narrowly escaped serious blocked out of a district race by injury late Sunday afternoon losing a heartbreaking 7-6 battle, when the car in which they were The Lions scored in the opening riding crashed into a concrete minutes of the game with a long bridge in Cedar Creek bottom. pass from Baccus to Compton. The accident occured when Sad- From that one play the Tigers duth, who was driving, dropped took charge of the game and corn- off to sleep while under the pletely outplayed and outsmarted wheel. The car turned over the Teague crew. Several times twice. the Malakoff boys were headed The party was returning from for pay dirt when some costly a Corsicana hospital where Ches- break would interfere with their ter Sudduth is receiving treat- scoring chances, merit for a hip injury. Mr. Sad- Early in the second period Cap. duth had sat up all the previous i On the Highway Saturday 'til Monday /Vlother's Log Cabin SyrupMaple pint 19c sack Sweet Potatoes bu. 40c Ladies, new patterns again this week! We he died. tain Joe Ady was removed from mght with his son and was dead are keeping our shoe department alive with Mrs. Curtis said that she did p - . the game because of a bad hi- in tired which accounts for the un- O _ J l~ew shoes every week. mt realize her husband's condi- jury. This kid had been a thorn fortunate.accident..-- . . O pOilllu$ in the Lions' side dur "i- -*-"Mr. uauutn susmmeo a sprain- Men's or ladies' tion until his head slumped in ......... ' ..... in the-am- Dr-.Jea DaCK in tne accment, Wnlle up from ._ , jl her arms, then she said she raced ........ Stove Pi"e llc: his sister-m-law, rs, znomas, Children's High Top, all sizes . 98c frantically down the darkened Icy, a speedy httle halfback, re- "" ..... ms 90 laced the elusive Ad and took sur erea severaJ minor curs aria stairway to the telephone and p y . called for help. the game into his own hands He bruises. The other occupants of O0FI sFF Dresses I Purses Mr. and Mrs. Curtis had only turned on the heat with a power- the car were ,uninjured. The ' Bright and [ arly lb. blues and browns-- been living in this community a ful double win back formation automoDim, wHicH nemnged to I Blacks, Outstanding novelties short time, having come here and had the Teague boys backed , " . otted a 8 c ns 25c I Lon aamageu g ...... meeve prints uar- " " ' s from Dallas just six weeks ago. up on their own goal line as the ,. ,,. ,| 25C,m lad es purse49c, 9"C The body was taken to the Bal- half ended, STEAK A anteed fast P @C [ . ,t . ,, Color .............. lard Funeral Home early Sunday Proving that a team can come Knee Action To ny cut 2 Ibs. and prepared for burial. The re- back in the second half and play . ^ Men's Hats 1.95 I Corduroy Pants mains were carried overland in football when they are behind n e[alnea un 5c the Ballard ambulance to Grand was not a hard thing for the Ch wal t Cars Beef Roast, fore quar. 2-lbs 2 / An outstand- I Men's corduroy pants. In Saline to thehome of Mrs. Curtis' Malakoff lads to do. Teague .............. " ,s--linglinef hats l allsizes'heavy quality" BluepeOple' MOnday afternOOn fOr kicked ff tO MalakOff' and the .... ..... l nee acl;lon--'T ",..iS Here o stay-- (i40 il for men. Genu- I leather brown and tan. funeral services and burial. Tigers began choking their delay- _^ L .... , ..... , ..... No, 3 _.= ine fur felt nov I ll41q The news of the death of her line bucks and tricky line plays wc,avc, . .cu,. V[cu : -nd a ch " the ..... men mill:ring 1 Irom wnevrolec .......... Master deluxemodeis for 1936. Rib Stew Meat lb. 10c -- -2.=_] elty or staple, l I , son was telephoned to Mr. Curtis' a m r ea up nero omy re ,, mother in Pine Bluff, Arkansas loose the I all on an ln ercepteu .~ . ,,. . . . .Whu um ,,. nv,,cr, v,cc- early Sunday, and it was said pass. xeague punceu ana again . ] : R ed !: W h ite.:ore s ; ......... presldent and general sales man- YRUPm that she collapsed at the tele- rne i]gers openea up, aria cms ........... Hone drip . . ager oz t nevro e om- phone. Further news had not time, behind the beautiful block- " "i II ta" th --'e Sor um gale i f rl " k r ..... pany, empna ca y s Member Federated a d " been heard from her at the time ng o tJa tmc ne , onny imc. , . ......... ,, company s new cars, to be intro. 1 the party left with the corpse cne L t ramey, anu, pec og.. ........ ........... uuceo ovemner z, woula o er . j Monday afternoon, era, carrleu nail [ne nve .......... .._,._ ..... .... . ,,, ,,inOlvluaal Irene wHeel suspen- .... ; Beside his wife and mother, yara nne, zrom wnere bpec ...... i " ......... slon In l;ne line. Pa:gn s the dceeased is survived by one t ogers carrma lC over for vtam- , .............. -- . ,.., .... - .. uur l &b mooels Will o er me small son by a former marrmge, z0r S 10He zoucnaown, yacoen ....... ...... same opnon m sprlngmg as me who lives at Lindale. zanea convert ............ .... ........ xu o moaem; mat is, the Master ~VlalaKOIl: KICKeCI OIl: T:O league, . . . ....... deluxe cars will be available w th .... .... rather knee-actmn or conventmn- M^_,, Bible Class they were uname gain . . . mrough the x ger nne ann were .......... ........ al springs, aria one canaara moo- Entertains With orce. o ,c . ogers m oe a ECONONY STORE ........... els w th conventmnal springs DeaulIUl run one eagueHi-; :_,. ,, Chicken Barbacue o,1,,, teen yard hne only to have the ........ A Complete Line Good Merchandise ............. , tJnevro e nab make many Da. ca.ea Pack to zne au yara . . line because of ste"in out of great changes m plant set-up The Young Men's Bible Class ..... .PP g . for manufacturing leaf springs, of the First Baptist Church en- nounas. ramey men maue a and has also purchased much new tertained its members and a few beautiful run followed by another ......... machinery ior cne making leaI invited guests at the church Fri- day evening with a chicken bar- (See FOOTBALL GAME, page 4) springs. The reason is that we needed these facilities because b becue. The occasion marked we will introduce a greatly im- Pure Cane first of a series of monthly socials proved design of leaf-spring SUb. Cloth Bag lbs. being planned for the class dur- pension in the 1936 Standard me- Peanut Butter Foil quart ing the winter months, ill:.' ,, ,.. dels. The effect is to improve ' 3Z-ounces The special speakers invited to .... the ride, by changing the layout address the group were: Editor tf:'8"l H and the design of the leaf springs, For Ladies High grade Madras and Northern 2[ cans for , [ Pack W.M. Covey and T. L. Jennings so that they give more nearly e, Just the robe for Broadcloth shirting in of Mabank. Rev. Herbert Miles, !qual front and rear action, reai service stripes anal figures Heinz Beans BakedOven 3 Russom Mallory, and Smith Eads On the 1936 Master deluxe, SPECIAL SPECIAL also of Mabank were guests at the Chevrolet type of all.enclos- Maryland .Large the occasion. Rev. J. L. Brant- $1 319 12c yd Early J une cans Icy, pastor of the church and edtainedknee-actiOnunaltered,UnitSexceptWillforbemin.re- Heinz Spaghetti 3 cans 25e teacher f the class' acted as the "[;;;t II r changes in assembly methds" .. ] ,, "--- Master of Ceremonies. Twenty- ...,,,,, Even if we could obtain, with No. leans - -- eight men were present for this e conventional leaf-aping suspen. ,ve [[[ es vress , without beans ' i~ cans 29c first social meeting, sion, abide as soft and as smooth ! _ _ -- - : UJ ~ . lglmaa . Campbell's 4 27c , PMar l nd wltLgnaath II as knee-action provides, w e In =k .~kl~ilill~lb~P ~l~ll~.~l~ 14-oz. can cans Lightning Strikes II back bec um hey hmm |[ would not drop knee.action be- , ~,~.~,o,..~o..~ ,, =u~,o~,~, ..n, o~,= .d..ot $ Reduced to ,[i r and LESS ~------w, 16 ounce ~ cans 25c Nabank Residence " ,o~ these ha~d times, l] i~ii~ White Swan 11 Monday ~ht thin t~tl. l[ ages--especially shockless steer. ~ --this means a considerable saving. Don't miss this II daughte took d.aly I| ing, which contributes so greatly II ill. By the use d tlm II to safety and to driving ease. low price sale on Ladies Silk Dresses UCE Firm heads-- Iceburg 4c Mabank, Texas, October 28- [l phone, she was able to II ........ Lima ~lam Essco cans The home of L. B. Hale, railroad II get the do oz at II 'The Chevrolet type of knee- , , aotion has been a success from Children's Unions Ladies' Hats ~'li* Fresh garden ~P 25c section foreman here, was struck ira. tod.,., by lightning Sunday anddamaged the start. Today, more than U..++ o o,,o Every ladies' hat in stock .... ... _u reaucefl very nat new. Sweet Potatoes 8 Pns 25C considerabl,. A southwest per 1,000,000 knee-action Chevrolels uu, .... " tion of the house was burned and are in use, and during the current Regular 98c Recipe for 28-oz. several windows were broken by year, more than 96 per cent of ' pie on can can the force of the bolt. The mere. purchasers of the Maltter deluxe bers of the family sustained no models chose knee-action cars, injuries but suffered from shock, gladly paying more for them than the price for the identical ears The original Arkansas Hill Billy with ordinary springs." Band will appear in person on the " "Where the Customers Boss" stage at the Dixie Theater at GULF "STATES W.C. Payne was a business November 2ad. TELEPHONE CO. visitor in Dallas Wednesday,