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November 8, 1935     The Malakoff News
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November 8, 1935

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: ./! !i i;i:i. i !): "Where Malakoff Trades" I I I I I COFFEE Our Special bib. 15c 20 pounds _ i i ii ii iiiil!lllll iiiiiiiiiii i ii I I I IIFIIIIII SE Full cream 19c Mother's COCOA 2-1bs. 17c II III I I 3 No. leans 19c 6 cans 17c Say Heat Experts Are you a "huddler?" This question has become of prime importance with the coming of weather. It is being ans- wered in an educatio, al cam- paign by the gas company to in- struct gas customers in proper methods of heating and ventilat- ing their homes to protect their health. Huddling is described as the habit of families to huddle in one or two rooms around small heat era with the doors and windows ]]il ![ i i I ii Baptist Church News [By J. L. Brantley, 'PastorJ * 4 A complete line of Even if the weather was very rainy last Sunday a goodly crowd FRUIT CAKE attended all of our services for the day, A number of our people have been sick and some still are. It is our hope and prayer that soon t all may be completely recovered ....................................................... and back in rhea," post of service Fish Are-[lsed to-"Clear The Henderson County B, T. W Lake of Mass of Weeds pro zram is to be had at the Bax Peiping.---The center of the campus ter Church Sunday afternoon at of Yenchlng university, American mls- 2:30 At that time a Sunday slonary supported institution near Pelp- Sa~oo] organization for the Coun- tightly closed during the coldIng, is a shallow ornamental lake. weather, and it has become pre- Some time ago it was noticed that ty will be perfected. As the valent during the recent depres this lake was rapidly becoming l~ T. U. Directorof the county choked with weeds. Ornamental qual- work, the pastor would urge a sion. Gas company advertising lties were greatly reduced, and fresh- appearing in this paper shows men raised objections to being thrown large attendance fro m ou r the danger of huddling and gives into the weedy waters, church. Faced with the problem, the busl- The annual meeting of the on heating with the view Hess department purclmsed a large protecting customers from number of "grass fish." These fish, Woman's Missionary Union of wintercoldsandsimilarillnesses, true to their name, are vegetarians, Texas will be held in Houston spurning worms, flies, and small fry next Monday and Tuesday. At many of which may be attribut-when they can browse Off succulent U"~ ed to imprGperly heated homes seaweed or nibble at grass hanging .~ same time the Pastor and The latest advertisement in in the water. Lavmea's Conference will be go- Like other grazing animals, "grass il]g on there. These meetings. the series states that "fifty per fish" have prodigious appetites and will be followed by the Texas cent of all the disabling diseases multiply rapidly. Within a surpris- THE farmer who carefully prepares his soil-- plows, fertilizes, prepares, but does not sow-- v hat do you think of such a farmer? AND yet hundreds of people in our community are toiling, tilling--plowing without sowing. How can you expecta harvest of money in the days to come if you do not plant: some of it in an account here? Ceaseless tilling of the soil without sowing seed is no more useless than endless work without saving. 10 pounds 19c Malakoff, Texas 25c 2 pounds 4-lb. package ilvllll ii i i i ii It is .................................................... PRUNES start with a common cold. Thus lngly short period the lake was cleared Sta c Baptist Convention. 25.1b. box 95c ' t of weeds, the pastor's plan to attend some ..... he cold germ becomes Amer- Football Game .... PAN CRUST Lar eo " 92e icaspubhchealth' ,," enemy Hum- sessionso :allthreeoftheseverv (Contioued from first page) The Methodist .... ber one. The hibernating hab- The Bond Issue important mzetings. Mrs. W. b. _* .... ] 100 [ itcalled huddling is said by dec- Evans, President of our local run--by Mitchell Is]acing the ball . [By Gee. C. Hardy, OllC{,(l pap sugar cured ,OC tors to be contrary to all rules or ......... W.M.S., will be a messenger on the Teague 30 yard line A ..... 1 ., o ............. we undersmnu tHat some are from cur church to the women's _ As we go to the goou nealm. ~l$~lng In a scuIIy ....... . . Ierence r enuerson, our CHERRIES 3 No. 2 cans 29c overheated room is said to be an opposing me Don(] Issue to com- meeting and also to the convert pass from Bradley to Rogers was ........... intercepted by Compton and a invitation f-r "h ...... plete the gymnasium on t h e tion, pending the action of the " ' ".era are with We.don Moore . . o e corn germs to gain Teague was forced to punt ......... Limit--3 cans to each customer, attack ground that the grade school church Sunday to authorize both ..... reaover rom ms On the return of the punt Rogers , G in ' ....... ' ' ' ' ...... should receive attention first, of us as her messengers, tlon.Onl _od can help 1[ your Home is lnauequa~ely PINEAPPLE 3 No. 2 cans 29c hea ed," says the ad, "if you .Understand, the gymnaslu, m It is good to hear already thatagain returned the ball 65 yards hour like "ths ........ huddle in ne r om dur" ,,.^ project was starteu unuer me some.are making plans to attend down the sideline for a touch- "," ......,,, vii IJlmlt--;J cans m eacH customer, o o lflg bu~ ......... We urge w I " --r ..... t we., unoer WHICH our cmzens timTexas Baptist Training Union down. The play was calledback, I with Bro Brantlev and his P~ the referee saying that Rogers le both Sunda-" - rning X I 1 S:tmure p. voluntarily.raised e.noughfundsto pay :orthe material, and the Convention in Dallas on Thanks- . P had stepped out of bounds. Th s ni ht services We ur e was a tough break for the Tigers attend_your own Sunday S ............... Even the brief time that it takes ...... giving Day.One church plans . g ' - g t overnment was to pay Ior all .... CROSS CHILDREN I George Thompson of Athens to answer the telephone in an .......... to have 500 registered delegates, but they again took the ball rote/and Leacue meetin and th~ ~ne laver IJue I;o complications MAY WOFU S [ was a visitor in this city last Sat- unheated hall is sufficient to ., ." ..... We can have a fine group too Teague'sterritory, and Captain i to hear our good neighbor lurda-- b in ....... ....... in tHe srateano nauonai manage- The writer of thesenotes wil] as- ot it,s ., .o..a I merit over which we had no con Patten failecl to make good a !preaches i a~,, ~ .~,. Th,r ma7 hay; pin o, ~ I ~ many times a day in the average . , .... -sure you of one of the most en- ..... ,.,... ...,.,v " . . trol this" fell through but under place kick. As the game ended i ,qunda~ nit, hi ~-o~her 10{ hOw .. [ Misses Carver. Robertson, AI- home in this termtory ann eacH stan(1 ..... i ;was to oe corn' lec ..... . " jovable and inspiring Thanks- the Tigers were threateningt he there wil be 'a"uni'n" Armlst zenaMrs.Maguire,clariettandThomasJeweli Robert _ . . p ea wtm Teague. goal. line, , meeungDay Programw rn atrneh wo b, arena,,. [ " time it happens the occupan - :iving Days of your life, if you . toe Metb ! PAYNE'S DRUG STORE Ison spent last week.end in the of the house have made them- out any Iunds rom the school attend this convention even for , Church at 7:15 P. M. We - , .... /homeof Mr..and Mrs. Roy Rob- selves susceptible to highly corn- fu d u ust we were informed a single day. ertson of Trinidad, mu g SiOP THAT ITC |ING / nicable winter diseases. . Roger Wayne E ans Bro. Brantley in sending a that the only way to get help to Mexman School If you are bothered by the itching of Ath ] -- In an effort to assist its cus- " cial invitation to Ex-Serv" !! Juana Dommgas, Carmen e letes Foot, Eczema, Itch or Ringworm--| ot,.,.l;,, tom-r m ,,..to,,f, complete this project was to ap- ighty.0ne Makes and women for this servic ..... PAYNE'S DRUG STORE wall sell you a' v ...... . h .... " .................... . pyl to the PWA with headquart- LoDez, Hesiquito Pins, Francisca cial numbers are to be arrant ..._of Black Hawk Ointment ona_.ar. IBrownlow, Floyd Johns, andJus to gas company has enhsted ........... School Honor Roll Hernandez, FaustinaPina. forths hour dedicated to WOI to kill ,heit Pri eS0. d t Itin Shirey were Dallas visitors doctors, public health authori- ers v(ort worm: .. nqu ry ae- : [Tuesday. tins and others in the education. ::,7:( e[ a saPtPeT ) mlst Peace. The Ex soldiers # I ilgp :?p::T! raYet::tha:d a!:t c tUtlo b: !k llth Grade Sore gleedtng Gums nurses are expected to make Only one bottle LETOS PYOR- short talk on "Why I "~J o e Naomi Clay, Vernon White- a ............. HEA REMEDY ~s needed to con- ... ,, - - " b0 : :: enter: a head, Martha Huff, Sara Orrick, vance anyone. No matter how bad 'eace. It is expected tO tained Monday afternoon honor th ' 1 15th " " your case, get a bottle, use as di-ithe nature of an ex ing Mesdames Miller Faulk and e Home "n every room] A book. For safety they increased our Lovers Patten, Vernon Patten, rected, and if you are not satisfied l ........ : "the Mor an both havin been let entitled America s Public .. ' , , , Sara Alice Carson, Joe Ady, Zilla druggists will return your money.-- [ and Mrs. J. hi. Cartlidge rUicently arried g Enemy Number One," gives vat- allowance to $13,636.39, or nearly Jackson, Janice Owen, Belle PAYNE DRUG STORE. concluding with short are visiting Mr. and Mrs. F.B. ' al facts on heating, spume me amount we asze zor. McClure, Alva Marie Tidmore. Of this amount they agreed to Mr, and Mrs. Bob Roberts of Paul McGregor, who has been Arp spent the week-end here in the employ of the RoyalIChev- with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. rolet Company for the pastsever. A. M. Roberts. al months, left Saturday for ......... Houston, where he has accepted Miss Ruth Scroggins of Lever's a position as mechanic with the Chapel was the week-end guest Southwestern Motor Company. of Miss Sulta Hendricks here. giye as a grant free $6,136 36, and will loan to us $7500 at 4 per cent. We will not spend as much as allowed by the Government, and whatever amount less than the $13,636.36 is not spent will be prorated, 55 per cent which will be applied on the $7500 bond is- sue. So while we are under their in- structions we are compelled to vote bonds for $7500, and our ac- tual bond indebtedness will be less than this amount. Old Grade Buildin You will note under this brancb, application had to be made by September 1st and work started December 15th. Some are critizing the trustees JUST WHAT you have been look- ing for--the complete life of WILL ROGERS, famous cowboy humorist, in book form. 300 in- teresting pages together with numerous illustrations. xcel. lent binding and nicely printed. A fine addition to any library. On sale now at only $1.00 per copy. Pay only 25c with the order.- Mrs. G. W. URREY, Malakoff, Texas. Cartlidge of Kerens this week. 10th Grade Harvey Dee Bradley, Doris Mitchell, J. L. Wortham, Clinton McGregor, Winnie Merle Bay- less, Irma Slaughter, Mary Dee *a cy. 9th Grade Martha Carson, Ruth Neal, Helen Neal, Norma Orrick. 8th Grade Billy Grey Payne and Man- rice Sherman. 7th Grade Martha Baird, Vivien Marie Kirby, Erline Smith. 6th Grade Fayrene Dodson, Ouida Owen, Oleta Thomas, Cameron Mat- chain, Lucile Miller, Mildred Perkins, Swift Benjamin. Ray- mond Reese. 5th Grade Bonifacio Pins, Gladys Joe Robertson, Geronimo Guzman, Miss Martha Weller, who is for not remodeling the grade teaching school at Flagg Lake, building which they claim bas spent last-week-end here with been condemned. This building Vivian McGregor, Alice Jane her parents, has been repaired and passes in- Phillips, Audrey Rogers, Martha --- spection; however, we would like Moore. Roger Harbour was a business to have had it rebuilt for corn- 4th Grade visitor in Athens Monday. fortable convenience and to save Bobby Orrick, Paula Molina, ACRES of land 5 miles north of Trinidad; for sale or will rent for cash--Dr. C. H, NASH, Mala- koff, Texas. The Senior B. Y. P. U, of the Baptmt Church was entertained last Friday at the home of Misses Ada Ann and Edith Prince. DR. JOE B. WILLIAMS maintenance. We asked Mr. Montgomery if they could possibly ma e a simi- lar deal and permit us to start the work as soon as our school year ended instead of December 15th, as we had no building to use during the winter months. The answer was that all projects had to be started December 15th in this branch. We could not afford to close our school building for one whole term. Public buildings are being con. structed in other communities. You will have to help pay for tilem; so why not let them pay for yours? Respectfully, W. D. PUTERBAUGH Billy Scholl, Annie Marie Perry. 3rd Grade Jay A. Ballard, Sidney Eaton, Bob Lindsey, Bobby L n k e Sparkman, Era Belle Hayes. Mary Gene Rogers, Thaer Ben- jamin, Larry Flagg, Fred Quill- an, Joan Evans, Louise Reese. 2rid Grade Concepcion Nieto Harold Car- son, Betty Mitchell, Mary Fran- ces Derden, Rosa Belle Thorton, Jeanne Royall, Elvin Taylor, Jeanne Davis, June Hampton, Margare Jo Goodgame. 1st Grade Jack Weir, Sylvia Rozelle, Maxine Dyer, Charles Elm o Bowman, Hubert Dollar, Harold Brown, Clyde Ray MeWilliama, Crackers 2 pounds for-- C Pinto Beans I0 pounds for-- C SUGAR" Imperial Cane--10 CORN 3 No. 2 cans-- SODA Three 10c boxes- C Tomato Soup Campbell's- 3 cans-- C Meal and Hulls 100-pound sack-- C LARD 8-pound carton-- Potted Ham I0 cans for-- C SALMON 2 cans for-- C Free Delivery Telephone 32 ..... Miss Lucille Mitchell and Mrs. John Powers were visitors in Dal- las Wednesday. Mrs. L. R. Anderson of Waco and Mrs. R. E. Cunningham of Tyler were visitors here in the home of Mrs. R, E. Cunningham week-end. : : Miss Catherine Chapman, who is teaching school at Chapman, and Mr, and Mrs. James Allen Chapman of Mount Sylvian spent : last week-end in the home of Mr. and Mrs, Guy Chapman. T:I ii ' I I II I II Miss Ruth Garrett was a guest of friends in Athens over the week-end. Little Royall and Verneli Allen spent last week-end in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dennis of Athens. t I I I iii With liquid soap and holder i1[i I I 3 10e boxes 6 rolls for I I i I A good one 8c iii Two 5c boxes iii iii i I I iiii I I I " H Pay CAS and SAVE Money" Specializing in correcting defects of vision with glasses Every Monday At Main Here| Malakoff, "rex.