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November 8, 1968     The Malakoff News
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November 8, 1968

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The Hearlbe, at of Pf .re ve Territory of ,N i 's Mint V,n k Locat at the Dam of Texas' Largest Lake YEAR Malakoff, Henderson Catmty, Texas 75148, Friday, November 8, 1968 Number 45 In the largest voter turn- Residents in Malakoff, Trin- lected enough electoral votes Nixon polled 155 in Malakoff; ~-~ ~ out in the history of western idad, Payne Springs, Cross to assure him of the next pre- 89 in Trinidad; 22 in Payne Henderson County, the major- Roads and Tool preferred Hu- sidency. Springs; 39 in Cross Roads :, ity of the citizens lost their bert H. Humphrey over either Preston Smith, favored over and 36 in Tool. Wallace won : vote in the presidential race Richard Nixon or George Wal- Paul Eggers as the next gov- 211 in Malakoff; 112 in Trini- in Tuesday's election, accord- lace. However, around mid- ernor, received the nod of area dad; 55 in Payne Springs; 96 i ing to figures received from morning Wednesday, it wasresidents and their favorite in Cross Roads and 41 in Tool, i the polling places, announced that Nixon had col- candidate was approved byIn the governor's race, i other voters over the state. Smith collected 519 in Main' i In the presidents race, koff; 243 in Trinidad; 3 in x Tr " ~ Humphrey received 364 votes Payne Springs; 127 in Cross ' OlanS Face in Malakoff; 183 in Trinidad; Roads and 62 in Tool. Eggers i ~ ~ ~ 36 in Payne Springs; 68 in balloted 142 in Malakoff; I24 i -- ~ A/J " " Cross Roads and 34 in Tool. in Trinidad; 22 in Payne ! The Trinidad Trojans jour- ney to Aquilla tonight in O li search of their second win in Both the Citizens State P P I District 9-B play. For the sec- Bank in Malakoff and thelie accounts; James as the 1 ~J'.% ond time this entire season, ~. [] IlL - :~ they will meet the enemy m First State Bank in Trinidad state treasurer; Sadler as I ~ 1 ~ : : .~:.~;~ full force as no injuries had inWillobservance be closed of n VeteransM nday commissioneroffice; White as f generalthe commis-land 1 " ~ ~ ~ ~ " been reported at this writing. ~ ~ 1 Day sionerof agriculture and :~ . Scouting reports indicate -. . ~4~, ~,#/,& ~~, ~4~, /~ St. #0~ ~U. ~. ~. "~M,0,~ ~4t4N/M f~~g that Aquilla will be the team ~ 11 I Business will resume asLa.ngflon as the railroad corn- -- a J ~ a o/ " to beat if the local boys hope ~ I 1 usual at both banking houses m~smner. ] G#~ ~ G664f C,/, X/X@ to get a shot at Federation~t ~ 1 on Tuesday. r'ractically all of the amend- | ments were turned down by | honors. NEI C tv Forms At CanRv districtmeetB th Trinidad and Aquillaonisequal, concernedterms aSasfareach as ~~l~ " "''' area citizens. ~] .m --.J ------ --" " has won its opening tilt, how- ~ ~ ~ /V~ ' O (~ ew city has incorporated residents of Coney City, a the request of the Seven votes had not been canvassed the manpower. . >CnO0| -- ,t re for an election of~.- Coney Creek Bridge on High- that the area did not contain It was rumored that Travis of 10 men agmnst Aquilla's Marles Dr e xes TO 8e Honore ration of a second city way 90, 2 miles North of Ma- the 200 persons necessary to Matthews, who is credited 22, and they. are. 10 to 15 Cedar Creek Lake area lakoff. The decision for incor- incorporate a city. The decis- with the leadership toward the neavmr m overau II I AI " The Malakoff High, School the ex-graduates. At this time, ] een denied, all since the poration was almost unanim-ion was reached folloffii-, a Caney City incorporation, wilL~ weight. Trinidad will be over- r]{~u~,~ L{~{~{,~| has designated tonight s game a discussion will be held on ] o.--.o - ' in " and h~blication of the News. otis as-only two of the ~ vote-~ -- h~ at which Jack Hob in aH probability be a eandi- ~wed " . .sine, ~ with ~ Msbank Panthers as the possibility of organizing an ] task of electing a mayor cast in the Coney Cit~ elect- land, attorney for the oppon- 1ate for mayor of that city. aepm, out no.t m sprat. ~t. A.--J AJ r~t,t = the anmml Homecoming game Ex-Students Association and] vo councilmen faces the ion Saturday were in opposit- ents, contested 44 of the 211 No indications were given as If the Trojanscan .pull ~ ~L{~-{~{~{,~ L]r|O~ and the classic is expected to all "exes" are urged to attend .| ion. The voting turnout repro- inhabitants furnished-- Judue to the likely candidates for one out of the nre, mey wm draw a capacity crowd, and express their opinion of sented I00 per cent of the qual- Lee, at his request, by thethe two councilmerL face V.en~ next week ~ Marle~ Drake, Malakoff All ex-graduates of the the program. =--- ifi~[voters, even ,h ~,~v, some pemioners. play. Rio v~sta mr me nnatbusinessman and civic work- school have a special invita- Everyone is invited to come urs gges = adults of voting age reside Attorney Jim Balding of tilt on the calendar. In the er has been atmointed local tion to attend and join with to the school this afternoon at opemng game of the regmar in Caney City. The total pop- Athens represented the Seven " . . ulation exceeds 270, including p,i,f=,iH--ers and testifim, Slates Remual season, Trimdad clobbered for Henderson the fans in cheering the I968 2:43 and participate in a pep | Count. Assoemtion fo - 1 | ~ w" v " " r Retard Tiger team on to the firstrally to spur the Tigers on to }IA ~tf" ~*~D the children who live at St. to the accuracy of the 2tl re- Venus 49-6 a.nd fl.l be out to ed Children drive set for the ulass "'A'" ULSt~et unamplon- victory. "The Tigers nave an I -.~ ~ am. -.~-,~,v Paul School. ~id~t-,~ w~.~ Rill.v Rav, trey u u tOOK, pastor at give. tria repeatla Whenpert rmaneevenus andre third week in November ship in Malakoffs history,outsta~g team this year, Judge Lee received the pet- Stevens, William HGreen- dis ct p y. The objective of the" 1968 A section of the stadium on but we re going to need tre- | -- r ":" the Assembly of God ChurchRio Vista met earlier in the drive is to raise funds toward the east side has been re-mendous support to aecom- F l lon lor me L.lgy u -o - MW am it. A. 3toc unan, au . "--- announced r ~-rfw-7,~w "" Oct 8 and con o m mma~,~*.~ year, me game enaea m a ue re. . of mldi to us ry ! ~j[~ //Idl~,lg/ porauon ar~er - businessmen m me ~cven ~ho~ ~ho church will be in a ,t ~hA o.o. ; ~;^ ~. m~ huge b " "n~, ho eserved especially for all plish this much needed victo I ~---:-" "" ="- -"-"~i ,-~ ,=~ =w.~ =,= ~ ,~ ~, the Jack and Jill day schoo : . I mum~ u, ma,~, u= -~- rotors area " " a - " 1 exes' whether they graduat- on Homecoming Won't you " r . pre~homecommg reviv l fromthe Tro]aus will be put to the Presen I the sc oo is bei ea hast year or ~o years ago pmase De a part m it*'' the services were con- dents called the election fo Meanwhile hack at Caney ,w-mt r " ""'"h" operafltlyted from h el Optin ' t One of the highlights of the Homecoming Committee urg, I i Thursday at 2:30 p.m. Nov. 2. Oct. 22, Judge Lee re- City, a resident told the News ;h,~,'~'o~'~'~Nove"-rr~ber ;7' ,~Lv:~',~'~ m"":,~ ;~,7 ~,:,'~" ' ' "ion r, ~ - Cen r evemng will be the announce- ed Corley Funeral HomecelVed a second such petR early Wednesday, that rest- yoatetter -f i, ,-,Youth te near the en- ' " . . rsicans for James C. for incorporation bearing 25 dents there had not been able "'~- "-"-~-"-"'i''-'- -va-Z-'::-7 ~ ,*,~ o,v.~.- ?- --,-~ - ----. trance of the Henderson Couw ment and presentatmn of the Between the hours of six and I[' "r'/ .f OOO M,~-th qmlth .;,~t,wa~l$ fv~rnth= ~vtn t~* ~* " h *h,~;.- ,~ ~ot~# wm.q~rvi~ue me willVm tUtgbe eholdt~geust ~oh ,~,Tn se~thoesu'mg, h to amare~,-o metn. tv J,nior College in Athens1968-69 football sweetheartseven this evening, each e~- : ! There is no charge to the . .will take place on the alumm of the school m re- | Malakoff, who passed Points area on the West sMregarding the pocedures for st ,7.1 with th ~.~ the "~ s school for use of the facilities. . . gh :! at 11:40 a.m. Tuesdayof Cedar Creek Lake at electing officials as he (Bill eeotion of Sa N '" tieKl at "/ p m quested to be in the Hi " " tat and been ct~ ttuuay, o set-- to tllllSooro aria men talce Athens hospital, intersection of S e 274 Kugle of Athens) had ic,~ wl,; h~ hela o- Chat ~ o ~ ~ ~ o, ~ ~ maw, The Jack and Jill School, Football sweetheart repro- School auditormm for refrer&. " of fih of o sentatives this year are Miss ments and to register in the Jtm Steenbergen, pas- FM 85. Tuesday morning t~ed up vnth the general elect- date now m its fit year P Ma | the Malakoff First Bap- this week Judge Lee deniedion. The spokesman said the " ~.a s'~.v~n~~ r~'~,~,usJ,r~ ~u ,ration is th, only such faeili- ~arolyn u~xes, tresaman; lagoff Alumm Roster (for arch, officiated and bur- " ty in I-Iende son "County, and Miss Tina Graham, sopbo- use in future years) by the i'm the Oakwood Come- . . a,~ ~ r~, r~, west on a farm ran mcu like other schools is faced with more; Miss Velda Cook. jun-StudentCounciland Beta | ' Corsicana r,wm mem to aqtmm. v-- ent fa ill- :- . . gs I r~ l r " n ser TF, er Panthers In uo o e v strict ior and the Misses Rosemary Club At that time, name to raz'e had bee - ties are no longer adequate to uu es, Laanne 'n'ammeu and wm De presentea arm attached ill for the past year and aecomedate the enrollment or Vicki Knox, all candidates to the garments of aU ex. a- :| "0 f ~ to expand the progra to m- " I ~. ~d m ~ t r :~, m " from the senior class Fromdents ~' Hospitalhad lived fOrall ofthreehis Battle Here Ton, h Be.o e Exes Crowd ,i,aclude therapy and for care o 1.n ears, of toe themeSe'reigning ne WmsweetheartDe cnosen, as theiraU familiesexes'" ana mem =rs ofare asked to I Roane until a year ago Jack' and Jill now lim " Immediately following the come early and they will he he moved to Malakoff. Tomght s game between theShould the Tig s win, .jr out of the .rm.nmng. L t year, t, game, a reception will be held directed to their special seats ehi ren. a retired rancher and Malakoff Tigers and the Ma- would be t fu's!rome mey succ .m mcrang out between the ages of 3 and 10 m the auditorium in honor of m the stands. er. hank Panthers will be no place history ot me sca .L to over m.e local noys 16-6 and years of age. They are con- survived by his wife, for the faint of heart as act- ca.ptur ed a ass A cnampton- mey win out to p.rove they ducted daily from 8:50 to 11 ~er Miss Minnie Corn ion between the two power- ship true Am you ca.n De S U~. are even stronger, tins year ~:.~ ~dueted daily from 8 30 a m to Marvin" Andrews Moved i of Roane; one son, A.houses is exoected to raise that nothing in tins worm maoarm ptayen /~agewooa 11 am. during the regular Zier of Malakoff; avethe blood vress" ure to a fever would please Coach Ronald last Friday night and swamp- .~ ~ ~ W school year. : ~| ,A V Frazier of vitch of anxiet, and to keen Speed and the 1968 squad any ed them 16-0. Earlier in the ~*'~!: : Supporters of the Jack and four sisters, Mrs. Alli- ~e capacity ~'owd on more than the first t~eir wSea~nm#~e~ aindn Edg~ Jill School are negotiating for TO Medical Center Monday ~es of Corsicana, Mrs. edge of near hysteria ,~o wring tins nonor m mg n a 14-7 a building with ample play ~ ~;| " -- " " tO " " Lee Jones of Luling, It is the game of the week alma. mater:. A.iso, the vie ~ vactory for the Tigers. These space and future growth po- Marvin E. Andrews of 610 driven by Bobby Nowlin of woUld De all tile more sweet and Fluker of Roane as far as football fans and other statistics indicate tential at 200 Frizzell St. in Withrow in Malakoff, was Corsicana who was traveling I rs Homer Bentley of svortswriters interested in as it win ve wimesse~t oy nun- that the two teams are fairely ew and es are Y . g,Athens, located near the West moved Monday from the Me- south, struck the 1963 car ~ m-snd~,m I)i~riet 18.A aetiviti dreds of loyal ex-students who evenl matched Toni ht's bat Eelmentary School, and are modal Hospital in Athens tothe left front with it's left: l~razier of Malakoff. concerned, have returned for Homecom-tie will prove the difference ~~ hopeful that the 1968 drive will the Tyler Medical Center Hoe- front. Both the car and the ear I rs were Tommy Both ball clubs are uncle- ing in the two. . ~~i~ : ~ be helpful in securing the pro- pital for treatment of serious being towed were headed iI Charles Frazier, feated and untied in Federa-On me omer nana, me ran- Manamt s personnel includes -i~ .~ ~=;~ perty, injuries he received in an auto north on the highway. ' i,~ .~ws, L. C. Graves, tion play and each will bethers will come to town with Ellis Frankin, 140, right bali- ~:/ ,~ '~ ami Jack Barrow. trying to dethrone the other, the h urmng d~we to. hTiw~l- hack; Mike Hutchison, L~ .~ ,~ ,~ n-- -- theMrS'NewsFrankthat aHoll wellprogram toldhas lng.accident early Sunday morn- theTheroadthreewhileCarSawaitingWere forleftthein thus practically assuring the rote MaiaKott m thew o quarterback; Rodney Harnil- f14/2t494 ~, ~jTO/~g been worked out where L.V.N.DoctorS were fearful thatpolice to arrive. Andrews, i:! winner of the District crown, home town by knocking themton, 150, left halfback. ~ # ". ~: trainees .are. working with the Andrews would lose the sight driving a 1950 car, was headed q ~0f~ #,~ ~ tg~d[ children m therapy each week. of his left eye and were also south and hit the 1963 car She pointed out that there is treating him for broken ribs headon. The impact knocked no tuition required of the stu- (one of which had puncturedthe car into the 1968 car and ! Pbdh u ts R,tes Held Tuesda t F, rst apt st Church drendents' throughoutand that retarded chil-the co~ ty anda lung)bruisesand manYabout hisother cutSface and shoved the 1968 car out of theway. I from ages 3 to 10 are e g ble body, according to a report Damage to the 1966 vehicle :l It is difficult to accept the dinner hour. He complained .to who bapti71ed Philhp, Dr. Rob- M.s maternal grfnd to attend the classes. Most ived from members of the was estimated at $400. andI parents, however, contribute a family, the 19668 car at $300. Both the -" death of a loved one who has his mother of a pain m his ert MeGumness of m.e t:asa Mr: anO M~. ~nelvy. est token of $10. per month perThe accident occurred around 1956 and 1963 cars were de- ! ~ lived a full and useful life of chest and lay down on the View Baptist Church m Dal- Celina and his paternal ~.~- " three score and 10 years or floor. Thinking he was eg- las, officiating and assistS by mother, Mrs. Bertte Mae mts student since the school is op 1:25 a.m. Sunday on State molished. mo,but to give up one in his hausted from the strenuous Rev. Jim Steenhergen. uuria of Gartana. crated solely through contribu- Highway 274 about a mile and Andrews is a brother of A. 1 # budding years is hard to bear by both parents and friends. Malakoff lost such a youth Sunday evening when 12 year old Phillip Suits passed away at 6:06 in an Athens hospital. Phillip died of a heart attack. Earlier in the afternoon, he had been out playing football with some of his school friends and returned home bdore the play, Mrs. Suits suggested that Phlllip retire to his bed- room and rest. He later be- came nauseated and critically ill and was rushed to the hos- pital where he died minutes later. Funeral services were con- ducted in the First Baptist Church in Malakoff at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday with the pastor was in the Malakoff City Cemetery under the direction of the Carroll ~ Lehr Fun- oral Home in Athens. Phillip is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Suits of Malakoff; one brother, Donald Suits of Ma[a- koff; two sisters, Anita and JOy Suits, both of Maiako ; Pallbearers were Ronnie Clark, Joe Faulk, J. A. Mc- Lain, Dan Tom Boyd and Gerald Graham. The entire town of Malakoff extends it's sympathy to Mr. and. Mrs. Suits and aU rela- tives of the deceased. tions," she added. She pointed out that no student has ever been rejected because the par- ents could not afford the token donation. Any parent desiring more in- formation regarding the school are urged to call the Jack and Jill School or contact Mrs. Hoflowell at 515 East College St. in Athens. a half north of Trinidad, There were four vehicles involved. The investigating officer re- ported that a 1963 automobile, driven by Charles Edward Issae of Trinidad, had pulled a 1968 car belonging to James H. Melton of Eustace, out of a ditch. The two men were in the process of unhooking a tow chain when a 1966 car L. Joe Andrews of Trinidad and C. C. Andrews of Hous. , ton who came to town on Sun. day after learning of the acci- dent. He and his wife accom- panied Marvin to ler Monday. Edwin Andrews of Dallas, son of Marvin, was also here on Sunday to check on his fathers condition.