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November 11, 1976     The Malakoff News
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November 11, 1976

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Page 2-MALAKOFF NEWS-Nov. 11, 1976 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :S:.:.;...:....:.:::..:.:./..-:--:. -.-.. ....:...-+y...........>A.;+ +:-....:.:.:;........ ...... ill! ghe/00alak00 ....................................... 00eum i!i P.O.Box 509 MMakoff, Texas 75148 ii' Telephone 214/489-0531 PubLished Continuously Since 1913 }i Donna Scheibe Alexander, Publisher :?, ii!i Editor & General manager ........ Tom l lerline :': Advertising .......................... Bar|tara McKee ! r luetmn ............................. Sharon Carroll :::: Subscription Rates: $4.5(I per year in iii Henderson and adjo|ning ounties, $5.50 per i!i year elsewhere in Texas, and $6.50 per year outside Texas. Entered in the Post Office st >: Malakoff, Texas 75148 as a second class :::: matter, Published by Territory Times i!!' Publishing Co:, Malakoff Texas. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: i TEXAS PRESS :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: t edit0rial ::::::: :: : ....... ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ...... :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: {ii But Who Pays Final Bill? .,.ii*' Malakoff News ii i:': Local tax payers may be cheering the good news that Marles and Nannie Drake Mrs. Carrie Rather of Port ::: Gov. Dolph Briscoe will propose an education finance bill spent week before last with Neches visited Idellah Fow- iii to the Legislature next year increasing state funding to their daughter's family, the ler in Malakoff last Wednes- local school districts. Ronald Brownlows at Mc- day through Saturday. i!i The governor's plan would increase the state's financial Allen. Accompanying them Carl (Red) Tanner is shak- : contribution from an average 75 percent this year to 90 on the trip was their grand- ing his head over a birthday percent. The Legislature reportedly is considering even son, Blaine Drake. card sent to him at Malakoff iii 00a,mon00 fance 100 percent of state supported programs. Owens and Kelly went to listed, but with his name and Whatever olin is ultimately adovted, chances are Shreveport last Thursday to Malakoff clearly inscribed on :::: excellent that education in Texas will receive considerable spend a long weekend with itl which cost him 33 cents to iii their daughter and husband, read. Seems it went all the financial enrichment from the state during the next Mr. and Mrs. Duane Wha- way to the dead letter office :.: biennium. i!ii Furthermore state officials tell us we will receive all this ley. in Dallas because it had no !ii money without an increass in state taxes. Where is the Mr. and Mrs. Marles return address. Seems the iii! money coming from? That's the best news of all. Texas Drake, Chris Drake and original stamp had fallen off. will be blessed with an estimated $1.6 billion above the Blaine entertained Mrs. It cost 20 cents "handling" projected budget, and approximately $850 million of that Clyde Rose at lunch at fee and 13 cents postage, and windfall may be set aside for educational spending. K-Bobs last Saturday, then it was late besides. More of Three cheers for the state! Hurray for the overburdened returned to Mrs. Rose's the Post Office's "effi- tax payer! And a plethora of thank yous from school home in Trinidad for the ciency" that says send a districts suffering from the hardships of House Bill 1126 afternoon, letter to Dallas to get a thrown together in the last days of the 64th Legislature Bi00hday Dinner handling fee, then send it on that has doubled local taxes and aroused the wrath of back to Malakoff and deliver weary taxpayers. Mrs. Dona Carter was it anyway--plus 33 cents But what, we ask, happens in 1979 when the present honored with a birthday costs. .__ funds are exhausted? Will the state continue to have a $1.6 dinner given by her children Sudden Death billion surplus to share with local school districts? Not on Sunday at the home of likely, predicts Utate Comptroller Bob Bullock. Oilandgas Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Carter. /I  |||au0  Decides revenues are dwindling, he says, and even though the Mrs. Carter is 82 years old. economy of Texas is enjoying an upward cycle, the day Children, grandchildren, and will come when surpluses are no more and Texas will be great grandchildren attend- SH Tourney faced with the same deficit problems that other states ing were: Mr. and Mrs. suffer now. Eugene Carter, Denise and School administrations should look carefully at the Dorothy and Mr. and Mrs. extra funds which may be allocated to education during Steve Resiner all of Lufkin. the next two years. Increased spending for long deferred Mr. and Mrs. Buster Carter projects and needed improvements will surely be Tommy and David, Mr. and tempting, but what will be thebasis of school financing in Mrs. Ralph Carter, Mr. and future years? Mrs. Bo Carter and Michael, State officials have indicated the ad valorem tax will Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Dal- continue to be the base of school financing. So property rymple, Jason and Alicia, owners, instead of basking in the blessing of tax relief for and Roger Starkes, all of the next two years, should realize that both the governor's Malakoff. Mr. and Mrs. and the Legislature's proposals are only "band aid" Gearld Carter, Wade, Wes solutions, and Wendy and Mr. and What we need most urgently to do is to impress Mrs. Walter Starkes, Daryl forcefully on our senators and representatives that a and Trent all of Athens, and realistic plan for state financing must be developed that Mr. and Mrs. Danny Carter, not only provides equal education to all Texas children, Daniel, Angela and Malana but guarantees a more equitable distribution of the tax of Woodsville. burden on the citizens of this state. ad lib by donna scheibe alexander One of the benefits of being a Texas transplant is a proprietary interest in the Dallas Cowboys. Watching the Cowboys on Sunday afternoons is a highlight of the week and our whole day is planned around the time we "suit up" for the game, fill up the popcorn bowls, and gather round the set for the weekly gridiron battle. For three hours we gloat over Roger Staubach's fan- tastic passes, Pearson's and Laidlaw's catches, agonizing when the team lags behind, and cheering when the Pokes pull it through in the last few seconds of the game in one of those fizzle dazzle finishes. Somehow I assumed that all Texans, natural or natur- alized, regard the Cowboys as the greatest football team in the nation -- let's make that the world. So when I learned that Tom Herline was not even a mild fan -- in fact he makes a point to cheer for the other side, no matter who's playing -- it was a terrible shock. Tom, as ost of you kn, is gene,hl manager of our newspapers and edits the Malakoff News. Now Tom is a nice fellow, talented, hard working, and I had great respect for his intelligence until I discovered that he doesn't like the Cowboys. In the two years we've been working together Tom and I have disagreed on many things -- politics, foreign affairs, school finan- cing, local governments, whether steak should be eaten medium or rare -- friendly differences that we have been able to com- promise. Well, at least we never came to blows. But when it comes to the Cow- boys....That's like being against motherhood or say- ing the South will never rise again. He revealed this terrible aberration at the worst possible time. Last year when the Cowboys went to the Super Bowl, we invited Tom and his family over to watch the game. And we suffered fourfold that dark day. Not only did Dallas' finest 1o, but we had to endure the indignity of watching our guests gloat over the defeat of our beloved team. Some things are beyond endurance. I suffered silently, how- ever, realizing that Tom is not wholly to blame for this flaw in his character. He spent a good many years in Louisiana and probably ate too many crawfish. Above all I hoped that none of our readers would discover that in this stronghold of Cowboy fans, we were nursing a viper in our bosom. But Tom, in a moment of complete abandon probably brought on by the necessity to write a weekly column for the Malakoff News, hoisted his own petard. Facing that grim and inevitable deadline every week causes many of us to pen thoughts for posterity that we all have cause to regret occasionally after the paper comes out. And one week Tom revealed to all that he was no lover of the Cowboys._ Retribution was rapid and rabid Strangers stopped him on the street to challenge his lack of devotion to the Cowboys; former friends called to chastise him for voicing such an unthinkable opinion; and Sunday after- noon invitations to watch the football game ceased abruptly. Cowboy succeaes this sea- a son have been an extraage" burden for poor Tom to bear. Monday mornings as he makes his weekly rounds of downtown businesses, he faces one smirk after another as people greet him with, "Well, how'd you like the game, Tom?" But worst of all, he confessed to me last week, is the anonymous phone caller who rings his house every Sunday afternoon when the Cowboys have just won another victory. The caller, sadistic villain he must be, breathes deeply, then utters a hoarse, "Heh, heh, heh, Herline." "I can't tell whether it's a man or a woman," Tom said, "but I'd sure like to know who it is." I can't imagine who would do such a childish thing .... but I sure hope Tom never sees my long distance tele- phone bills. I read with interest your editorial in the November 4 issue regarding so called "Toll free" calling between the communities surround- ing Cedar Creek Lake. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as toll free calling. Instead there can be customer pays for the a- mount of service he or she uses or flat rate toll {better known as Extended Area Serviced or EAS) where everyone pays the same amount whether they make many calls, few calls or no calls at all, As you indicated, we have made a survey of the toll calling volumes, of our cus- tomers in exchanges around the lake. These studies were a compilation of toll call data taken directly from the bills of all of our customers in the exchanges involved. I can assure you there was no padding or fudging in order to support any position. There studies did indicate, as is usually the case, that a small minority of our cus- tomers (usually business with interests or customers in other communities) make a substantial majority of the calls. School Holiday " You also suggested, and, wholeheartedly agree, that if there were no charge there would be much more calling. It would be just as true that if gasoline were free there would be a lot more cars on the streets and highways. If thirty foot power boats were free, no doubt, Cedar Creek Lake would be jammed with them. The point is that as the calling volume increases the cost of facilities to handle that volume also increases. Surely you could not double the number of copies of newpapers publish- ed without also experiencing an increase in your costrs which would have to be recovered by additional sub- scription or advertising re- Monday, Nov. 15 will be a holiday for Malakoff school students, but teachers and administrators won't get the day off. Monday is an in-service day set aside in connection with the end of the first quarter of school. Teachers will, in addition to working on record-keeping, also dis- cuss proposals for changes in school curriculum. Holiday Meal, Service to the special Thanksgiving Service has been scheduled venues. We have no objection to by First Baptist Church in Malakoff, according to pas- providing any service a majority of our customers tot Rev. James Cheatham. A special turkey and ham want and are willing to pay meal is to be prepared by the for. We do not feel it would be fair to all of our customers church, and those attending will bring either a dessert, to ask them to share the burden of cost for a service vegetable or salad. Following .the meal there .which only. a few custpmers will be a special prayer [,an arid will utilize 0n the ................ EAS Network. servme. A number of First Baptist Respectfully yours. Church members are expect- ed to attend a Sunday School "Good News Rally" Larry L. Rice District Manager next Monday at the West Gulf States-United Tele- Athens Baptist Church. phone Company Jeanette Johnson and Shonda Robertson demon- ::.:::::::::::::::::5::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::":: strated old-fashioned spinn- '' Malakoff iiii ingin the Senior Citizens iiii Craft Fair at Athens, accord- :i:! Menu :::: ing to Carva Beidler of the ..iii! :.:.:::: Country Fair. MONDAY Teachers It's A Boy work day. TUESDAY Tamales, Gary and Karen Ashlock Pinto Beans, Buttered Rice, are the parents of a new Cornbread, Applesauce and baby boy born Frida" at Milk. 7:39 p.m. at Navarro County WEDNESDAY - Turkey Hospitalin Corsicana. Casey and Dressing, Giblet Gravy, Brooks weighed in at 8 Green Beans, Cranberry pounds and 10 ounces. Ma- Sauce, Hot Rolls, Fruit ternal grandparents are Mr. Salad, and Milk.[Thanks- and Mrs. Vernon Brooks of giving dinner] Garland. Paternal grand- THURSDAY-Steakettes, parents are Mr. and Mrs. Mashed Potatoes, Purple Frank Ashlock of Ft. Worth. Hull Peas, Cornbread, Peach He's welcomed to the Ash- Slices and Milk. lock home by a brother,gre- FRIDAY - Hamburgers gory, and a sister, Michele. with lettuce, pickle slices, French Fries, and Ketchup, Peanut Butter Cookies and sLife 226 N. Teny St MALAKOFF , INSURANCE All Lines of Insurance eHome sAuto eBusiness Jem/A Ganmn CATALOG SALE AGENCY Open Monday-Saturday 9:00 till 5:30 417 South Palestine 675-5664 Satisfaction Guaranteed A "sudden death" playoff between three foursome teams was required to decide the Star Harbor Golf Club's Annual Team Championship Tournament Saturday, John McIntire, ' Chairman an- nounced this week. The tournament, which was limited to the club members and Star Harbor Property owners, was won by the team captained by C. M. Gilmore of Malakoff. Other members of the team were: Paul DeHaes, B. C. Hays, and Duke Trusler. After one year they must defend their champsionship in the annual affair next year: Drawings were held for prizes donated by: Tanner Motors, who donated a free oil change won by Tom Bryun; Hardy's Pharmacy, a gift certificate won by Mrs. Sharon Cameron; Peno Gra- ham furnished golf balls, won by Mrs. Cameron; and Food Fare contributed a gift certificate for food won by Carl Floto. Mclntire said that a total of 26 players participated in the tournament. BOAT STALLS For Rent-- Free Launch Star Harbor Marina Open I I to dark Except Mon. 489-1575 i i i ii BOOKKEEPING AND TAX SERVICE ELEANOR ROBERTSON PH. 489-1335 119 N. Terry, Madakoff ; DWIGHT A. JONES O.D. OPTOMETRIST 220 S. Palestine, Box 889 Closed Wed. Afternoons Pho. 6]5-2697 Athens, Tx. CAMPBELL'S EXPERT WATCHMAKING JEWELRY REPAIR Phone 675-3132 Athens, Texas UMqlER LUMBER * PAINT HARDWARE * SERVICE "EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER" , Open ' til 4:00 Sat urday W.R. Mcl(ee Lumber Co. a 31 East Phone Malakoff 489-0527 Frigidaire Heavy Duty Washer and big-capacity Offer. To help deliver dependable performance, Frigidaire Heavy Duty Washer has a duty motor and other components use Frigidaire Commercial Washers. It keeps shape and stretch in knits longer with gentle wash action of the Frigidaire cycle, helps keep wrinkles out of press items with 3 Permanent Press cycles. Team it up with the big-load capacity of the Frigidaire Dryer. It lets dry as much as an 18-1b. load all at once, provides tender care for everything delicates to denims. laundffPair ,49995 w/l'rade Phillips Ap Meats-Groceries.Barbeque M'alakoff News Rob00 Kountql Kitchen To Publish Santa Letters Hwy. 31 Between Malakoff & Trinidad Malakoff News wzl, again We V. Robertson Owner & Operator this year carry Santa letters in its Christmas edition. We'd be glad to receive children's letters to Santa, which we'll save for inclusion in our special Christmas Greeting Edition. Send letters to Malakoff News, P.O. Box 509, Mala- koff, Tex. 75148. FUNE00 HIND QUARTERS Heavy Fed BEEF SIDES For Call Out Orders 489-1895 HOME 89' Dry Cured lb. BEGINffiffi; WEEKLY FAMILY SPECIALS Emergency HAMS half or whole 5 P. M. To 10 P.M. //,// t lw Under New Management Ambulance Bring Your Deer To Us For Processing Faye Parkins mm am= T, vx=.: Manaeer  Fmr   b  lllllkofl M4 ,__. We Will Barbecue Your Deer 3 Tacos 89 489-1 Rotary Club Eats tter Every hlesday.