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November 25, 1981     The Malakoff News
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November 25, 1981

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The Malakoff News, Wednesday, Nov. 25, 1 1--9A Cayuga takes over in fourth | - ogets ~ent'l'~ . By ANN R OUNSAVALL overcame their 13 int deficit to tak had two Leading the attack was senior . PO ea . ppjnnm ... ........ A win sxlppc=d ,ro...m the grasp of !he 51-44 win point and play caller Vicki Bell ?yowler, .......... rojan IrL s team rrioay night via me The Trojans racked up 27 team fouls The Trojans took an early lead ., we enter me upcomlIlg mmuay mul route against t;ayuga, on the night against 1Q sinking four nasKer.s eetore t;ayuga b~s[ teht b~ fl i tshe~ :o9n8:8: sM~,kH'; !~ee~!~do~ d~ r ~! d~i ~i~ii~ ....... " ' Dry mistakes and outscored the Tigers 16-2 .......... _g_ ..... Y -'-P~- --Ig ..... n .... .... grist, Jones had four and Livingston period ending =.u aurlng file season s i, th,, e,=,.ona , riM to l,=sd @A lo st the let 5 nut zor[$et why wv rv uvR ur tl $. ua[ulng one man aown, me group Inaugural portion the half. Take the time to. give thanksh f" Wel have composed of freshman.. Tara Thorpe jj-'-"~ =t .~ ;. .. t----"-~.. II Tigerettes combined for a 2- The Tigers were not without their s muchfrwhich!bet_t ,?mfUHl'orns and Barbara Liwngston.. and II Df V I n I] bright spots, however, as the inside U,,,-,,,u~Lxu,-I~u~...nuuK= ... sopnomore.s Amy ttounsavau..ano IL II~J/rtLL I I~l~JUllrtl~l~/l_ r'tULIl~,// II Laurie tsraaiey were ame to noln me }rettes opened the season game via the performance of Richard r,_~,,:"-T .... _--';-~Z_-- .. ..... ~ HNIUII=PFII~/IMI=DPI^! /tlIT/~M~DI/I~ IIMCIID^MPC ]K ytough LaPoynor team and Blair was brilliant at times and the 24- ass nt o rrosSatU thenS l]ena , mpe cnew ayuga zroma s.enous scoring [[ V,,,L IJUIVIIIILI~IrtL--rlU/UIIIUUILLIIIOUIU~IltJL JJ ' " ' F v at tJA~ u ~ ucA~ uua qmuu h-lrea[ un[ll rum-way Into me zourm 48-38 declsmn. And yes, polnt effort turned ln by Russell Tarver .......................... II Re resentin-' EmN .... rr' ..... '*" II sa ..................... t;oumry tuo m ueuevue, wasn, non wnen ttounsavanlmtfilegameinjurea , ~ p E, p uyc ~ ~,o~uorty, ~n me Lavoynor team [nat also was a nor, aDle mgnngnt rne pray " . i'4 mark last year and advan- of Clint Clements out trait'hints that getalotofbnsiness. _ ..... Fweonthreeprovedtoomuchforthe Employers National, Motor Insurance C0rp state tournament beforethe Ti-ers ust ma,, have stren,,th in Tnew names are t'eer nanK ann remamaer oz me contest ann uayuga fl l =T'pJ, Amm ' II J a v Dave Bogie inated by Nazareth, thethat area, an area that has been a ' UJ ~ ~,, ~-~ [~ ^ ~.--,,~.~..l- JJ ~lass A champion Next up weakness in years past !- 1 ~ u~ o.... _N IN IkaI"% ;,41 / iN Ik.a l/ .U Fly Lady Lions of Kaufman. By this time next week Tarver will I ~'~Q Pdf'~'B'1t~'11~l111~l::~ ~'n IAT11,t f]' OCt... ~U~a NU/I I~,a t.I. I ladies had little trouble probably have surpassed his 1000th li.~.4L ~v ~.,4MIbl~ ~L~P'IIII, JLJLIIL4L~ IL, U~qrill II489-0 2n M~l~l,~ff RlO ~^1 D,~,,,~II DI,A JJ ~lvz- ............ .. ~" [[ ~J U IVlQIfl[~U// O~-U el. I~U~OII UIVU, [J mzs, aulman,60-22, career point. Liolng into action tnls h II the Tigers of Coach Willie week, the 5-foot-10 senior was the owner ...... ~ "-" "-~= :~ "-: ~e _': .... :'- "-:. _~l icy debuted in Mabank last of 951tallies and needed only 49 to pass EUSTACE--The Cross Roads Lady pl~i~lunnei~her.gusn,eag.ea out C.O... ~ - /.............-... /: ~ .... ps me tle-nreaKer to win file inst the Panthers and held the prestigous barrier. Bobcats contmuod thew w.rang ways .................. .......... ~win Next week's schedule calls for the here Friday night, defeating nnm ~amxon ~ews uootnan t:ontest $ .......... P'~"'" "- .... ~ .... "~ "-"" ~![ of cagers were set to face Tigers to travel to Athens again on theEustace Lady Bulldog, s, 53-34. for 1981.._ . . --In{ormative - Entertaining -- [ e do Mrs t erguson mmse114, as did 'tOugh tasks this week Mon- Monday night, while the Tigers are en- The win was th Lady Catssecon f ...... ' ........... ~A:-'"=.'A'-'':~'~.__.. " ..... the- Dun- season a-ain-t n- ' ..... t'mmps, nut nnCKe(l file uowooys to wm r~e Tigerettes were to face tertaining Mabank Action in Amens y $ _ ........ i MI:NUI:K UN UUUNI s ttornettes, while the Tigers gets underway with a 6 p.m. jayveet~ttn~ was sparze~ vy LOn Barnett, .. -- , ~, .:..- -a ............ v ....... I[ ........................ |: Ling Frankstons Indians On contest. Action begins at Tiger Gym- who hit for a game-high l8 points, uowt ysoyseven. . -, . I[ HI3TOKIC;AL CONtMI,~%ION ,1 light the schedule called for nasium for the Mabank envasion witha It was no contest almost from the ~oyce.toDeros ana ~oDert Gaston :~ -- --- "~ "--~'--~.:'- "." ]~ rtas were a close second with 15 misses UKUI-K N(.JW Ia fJ ~OX/4, LoKue, IX 1311U S to battle their Canton coun- 5 nm ninth ~rade battle The Ti~ers sta the Cross Roads gals shot out to |~.U. BOX[2, LoRuo, Ix. 75770 '[: !Canton After those encoun- an~ Tigerett~s will compete inthe a commanding 15-2 lead and nevereach. . . . local cagers break for the Cayuga Tournament next weekend, looked back. Missing 16 preaictions was tmogene : Pomily Histories O| .~ Phll!, , Letba Moore, Phyhss Rami :e;!l:rsHo:t o:sn / $ 75 ~Ln~holida,, before be-innin- PREDICTION TIME Coach Tom Driskill credited the " " : M~nel,~nn/'n,,m ': ;in~earnes~next week.e, e,Upsets on the high school playoff team's full-court press as being the sey, Leona Le.w!s. and Connie McKin- Hardbock) s497s nerney Jan l-'nilllpS ann ary Lewis YOI. ..emetery Kecoros at ~ests scheduled for this week scene threw yours truly for a loop last major key to the victory. . ., . emetery Kecords at .... e ,, ,, mmsed 17 each unusual streaks attached, week. District 18AAA champion Weunr, aveled them with thepress ..... ! " _ ........ Henderson Co. | !theTigerette-Athensmatch- Crockett's 27-16 win over McGregor and he said.They couldnt get the ball *.rne,uamuy,.L, wmg t:lass at ~le ' mlsseo IB, as (11(] velma l~oxes, ueczy ~, ou tilts have seen periods of Alto s 16-6 whipping of No. 1 ranked across the center line early in the .. . ~ewsl~verRevrinfl ~l ou .R ii~Yl~?diii:fe:i:h!mg:ie!!:i i~i~e:helyt:ip:ed:CrV~;s~i~irebe~k;~ ~~:'~fi:t:::Jh::::::: !i!i~:;~~!:~i it -~;h:::R;:'::l ;O"i~giPi;iii':i~ndt)ed ' i 'O 1 ast seven outings. The forecast: p oyed its press to any . . . |: ru ,u u o ,Ix mc uveo going war with the Frankston Newton 24-Crockett 14, Alto 20- great extent, and "It might have caught ?acn. " " ~" /~.'i .""-f -' ~is~.. i ten one of few victories. Only Hawkins 8, Italy 27-Harelton 12, Texas them by surprise. " k ~ ......... n. , ,,n , III , :1977 have the Tigers came 20-Texas A&M I0, Alabama 27-Auburn Backing Barnett in the scoring n t,,A&'tir, KUli i _ I - 1 And not until the Tigers dealt 3, Georgia 23-Georgia Tech 13, Miami column were Lanna Harton with nine n n/~dr~'~l~'~f'~ | INTRODUOTORY OFFER! n l~s last year had the Tigers (Fla.) 20-Notre Dame 17, Dallas 24- points and Robin chandler with eight. I-H/Jk- /I/J Y/ I I ~.~agles in many a moon.Chicago 13, Kansas City 30-Detroit 20 Neighbors paced Eustace with eight | ~Jg I I ~ack at last week s action, and Atlanta 24-Houston 21. pints, m I n Rtes overcame a 34-11 half- - ' '" wood= .... I Jvantage to make a run at n ..ormos,a,uo, i a't Tnrndad High School , is Corleys Flyerettes. "" " l b"rn'-- ""-" '-'-" I I l entor Jack Kiser saw his Varsity Basketball Schedule 81-82 I ill II1[ UIIUUIJlU[. | . I a ,b Core LaPoynor 27-14 in the Date School Teams Time I Hcmdsome co' '-'ertone ! I :.In the rout of Kaufman, Dec. 3-5 Trinidad Tourney B & G a ..... n ,. [ i eole to play his entire roster I~ A I~pnvnnr V.R U.~. ,V.,,,.,, a COoineT STyles I [ I ed good efforts from hls Snzes tohe t ~l ' Dec. 10-12 Cr0ss Roads Tourney B&G I " a up6 I I H 5 30 rooms or more darilyn Davis paced the Dec. 15 Scurry V-B,V-G, JV-B : m i i in both wins with outings of ~ Dec. 17-19 Kerens Tourney B & G I Unbelievable f. l . t -*',I i I tits. Junior Jackie Coleman Jan. 5 Scurry V-B, V-G, JV-B T 5:30 ' I economy ' " "'" ""' '"" Burn an kin ~gers, held scoreless agamst ................. .A I y d of wood #4-64(c~, -" u n , tossed in 11 a-ainst Kauf [ Jan. zz Laroynor v-o,v-~,Jv-n na:au il .... ,. i v.- .... L u ....L--.~e ~n,s~, ~,~ .... ... S . .. - [ Jan 15 *Daw- n V B V G 'V B H ='' P UTOmOTE warm hoar i anruui n novomuor uoo u .:l Michelle"a HOyt ~esa .me xeooun~asg ~ " ' " ' J " a:ou 1 I " ' ' ..... " b ower (opt,anal) on I I KiHingsworth Jan. I' *Mildred . . .V-B, V-G, 'V-O H,5:39. a ..... '4="" ' Ashle,/s vers(]file, new Men I ir.ngend, p~numerou~,!~ts. [ Jan. 22 *C~didge V.B,V:G, JV-B TS:'~0 .... I CoDoneTmoae, ,~oo n ~l~0~OOreg" staY' serves as '~a Sire lace I ,uuins ........... came off the bench in [ Jan. 29 *Wortham V-B,V-G, JV-BH5"30' n -,-- i 1"/o0' off (doors open) or radiant heaterP I ana aiaea in me oatue oI . ' ~ " - [ Feb. 2 Dawson v.e, V-G, JV-B T 5:30 I SOS I : (doors closed). Lets you heat I victor over Mabank was ! Feb 5 *Mildred V B, V G, JV B T 5"30 1 I "alllr" with readily available firewood I e sluggish side. Easy shots Feb. 9 *Coolidp V-B,V ,V, n , o, O.SpL,,.0W. n Y , . . . . . v that would not fall, and Feb 16 *Wortham V-B V-G JV-e T 5"30 I nMF n m u I i in A see the complete Ashley line n Ipasses that bordered on the *n:'....,--n.'.,.;o,e.-.. ' ' ' I IIN M[I INKIII/llllll at our showroom. I Le enab n t m u.,,,== , led a Pa ther ea ............ n Tyler-Chandler I! 111 V lllmll lllW l Athen= I ~nferior to the Tigers to stay I;OlO~-UlUe an0 5Ol0 learn Rarne-ffolan$ I 849 "2 ................... .... ~ ! -o ou t-fwy. Jtort/~mrne r P, mens,~exos 675-]]95 I ........ ! t t Fmo Dontal rtonand ]u heslead {FrooDontal i . " . . IHoalth " i i )kittens to ooenm wm I Information, ' L i Just ollh I I ROADS--Lanna Harton and nmnLqg. I I I combined for 21 points to Scurry rallied strong to get to within I I I ,r0 Roads Bobkittens to a 33-31 with 2:53 leR, but Cross Reads I Ask I OVer Scurry-Rosser in both answered with four consecutive, clutch U m,m ,vu uap unuuwuu i I I .Son opener here Tuesday free throws by Hughes to wrap up the I D-I Toothache I I vlctory. J D-2 BabyTeeth I "red 11 points, and HughesCross .................... P,.oads also got strong floor I D-3 Wisdom Teeth i I ..... -"?: \ I ~/~.~i':~"~ll I to l ....... games xrom rym anu ~ur= I_ . .. - ._ -. I I _ ea(] file t;ross =""-'o't D-4 Abscessed Teeth :ade. Connie McKinnerney "=1"l 'e' bkittenswerenotsofortunate I I ........ -- : t I ._, ..... in the preliminary junior varsity I D-6 Fixed Bridaes and Partial J I . , ontest, dropping a 27-13 verdict to Colin Curtis team, which Cross Roads was " I Dentur-estoRePioce- ..... I J at the first quarter s end Mo L c,_ ...... Audrey Davis with four points and I Missing Teeth " | I tLens'71" ltuarterSout.scored. (]omlna escttrry,file second22, threeRbincitoss l o, D8,7; SCUlgW.ROSS J l=each'Avant and Tonya Tally with [ D-71 __" tpDent(]lment-lnsurnCeplansPI and. / I __ [ ndddle r riods enablin _ (girts) D-8 Orthodontics -- What Are [t $tan r " , o CYo u.oa 6 I0 12 9-37 d a late rally by the Sc.rrpRouer ,0,, ,,~ I~ Are [ I But you can't ~-'.w~j ~ I I CROSS Bo/m~ - Barnett 4, Chandler S, Hughes [ D-9 Cold Sores an(] Canker / / r.~g fh